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How Jews Control the American Mind: Part MCMXXXVIIIII

Let's say a Jew-controlled company, ABC, that produces "news" does a TV story featuring work by a Jewess reporter calling a site you like to visit a "hate" site aimed at poisoning your kids. Then all the moms watching -- and 70% of women are driven by emotions, not logic -- pick up the lie that race-healthy ideas are something tykes must be protected from, like measles or diphtheria. And luckily for these innocent but easily misled women, the Jewish "reporter" has a "solution," courtesy of the Jews at Simon Wiesenthal or ADL or some other Jewish hate group: censorware. Or "hate crimes" legislation. Anything that prevents healthy Whites from identifying as such and working with others to advance their interests. There have been umpteen stories done on kids and "hate" on the web, and they always claim evil racist hate groups are proliferating, and they always point to the same one web page run by Don Black's son, Derek, and they always propose the same Jewish censorship as the solution and they always quote the same Jewish-communist-leftist-haters: Chip Berlet, Jack Levine, somebody from Wiesenthal, somebody from ADL. The Jews are the enemy, White man.

Racial Polarization Grows in South Africa

Give the savage the vote, give your five-year-old the car keys. Same thing. Here on savages and farmers in Zimbabwe.

EU: Superstate in the Works

Germans, Italians want closer links than ever, as British euroskeptics feared...

Aggression, Criminality and Sex Drive Vary by Race, Sex

Longish paper proves what it is obvious. But very good if you have the time. La Griffe du Lion is well worth perusing, full of intellectual ammunition.

Peevish Queer Raimondo Sounds Off on Potential Gore, Bush Wars

Raimondo's good when he's not trying to smear somebody and sticks to the facts. Headline here is how he would describe himself if he were opposing himself.

Horror Films: Better, Gorier in the Sixties, Seventies

Could this be a backdoor to debate over who controls the media? The left wants to blame "corporations," especially corporate concentration in the form of a few huge multinationals owning all media, and there is truth there. But the left won't hear a word about Jewish control, and the right is shut out of the discussion apart from religious types complaining about smut and violence. Here a review of Oscar Wilde.

Pamyat (National Patriotic Front) Denounces Attempt to Ban NPD

Russian nationalists support German nationalists... Here on Polish case involving crimes against Germans after WWII. Second report here. Here the dopey German authorities are outwitted by pro-German larch trees.

U.S. Election 2000: Smell the Coup

Taki on gentlemen and Gores... Here Sobran on the quiet murder of the Constitution. "Can the real Constitution be restored? Probably not." Here Southern separatists make their gray case... Roundup of Semitically Correct incidents here. Here Paglia blasts the press: "...the covert power presently wielded by partisan liberal journalists has become positively alarming..." More on Paglia here. Michael Kelly here. Even the Washington Post writers are saying it's time for the socialist liberal to concede to the other socialist liberal. Here on Constitution as 'living document,' which makes as much sense as a 'living' stop sign. On Florida courts and legislature here.

Curtis Prosecutor Urged Mexicans to Rat on Border Patrol

Mexicans are loyal to La Raza. And their Raza ain't our Raza. This is what the people who prosecute Alex Curtis for federal hate crimes and civil rights violations are doing themselves.

Grove City College

One of two that doesn't accept any federal money. Here an article on declining male college enrollments. Here yet another reason to homeschool your kids. Keep the Jewish indoctrinators away from them. Latest idiocy out of schools: getting rid of dodgeball -- a great sport involving pain and danger and triumph, and one of the few pleasant things about elementary school, as I dimly recall.

Mencken on Suicide

And a very short collection of quotes here. One of my favorites, and all you need to know about democratic politics: "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." Education crisis, health care crisis, global warming crisis, new ice age crisis, overpopulation crisis...

Movie on Pearl Harbor in the Works

Stinnett's recent book documented the fact that FDR calculatedly led the Japanese to attack it and knew about the attack beforehand, but that's a bit of history you can bet won't make it into this movie.

Genes and Evolution

Book review of Mendel's Demon...

The Matrix: On Your Knees Before the New World Order

A thesis on the film finds it advocates multiculturalism and warns the White man against resistance...By guest writer Ted Allen.

Insanity in Germany

Hate trees must go...

Whiteness Studies: Latest Academic Fad Aimed at Extirpating the Race

The usual Jewish b.s. about the nonexistence of race is adapted into the political claim that whiteness is a social construct based on unearned privilege, which must be destroyed. The practical meaning is that a new brand of Semitically Correct anti-White hate is spreading through the academia nut factories. Who would have thought Western society would go from Manifest Destiny to this kind of junk in a mere one century?

Principal Fired for Intellectual (Hence Racial) Segregation

He put intelligent kids in one class, and lessers in another. That resulted in segregation, which resulted in his firing. Yet another way Whites suffer from the presence of blacks. Part of what Thomas Jefferson meant when he said: [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. A truth we continue to ignore, even as it kills our society. But it advances Jewish interests, and that's what matters.

Hendrik Möbus: Letter from a Buffalo Jail

Visit this site set up to aid his defense, and read his thoughts about the Brave New Germany and its democratic love of suppression. Here an article on Matt Hale. A somewhat different tone from most reports, despite the standard issue headline. Here on racism on the Net in Russia. Here photos of Eva Braun unearthed.

Romania: Left Trying to Unite Against Tudor

Better to support an ex-communist than a pro-Romanian who dislikes gypsies and "dirty Jews." Here Jews prepare to Haider-ize Tudor and denounce his Romania Mare party.

Austria to offer $150m; Jews and Their Lawyers Want $1 Billion

Rush to get the agreement done before Clinton's Jews (Eizenstat) are displaced by Bush's.

Germany: Teens Arrested for Vandalizing North African Statue

Guilty of "trying to affix" an NPD sticker, which is considered a heinous crime in all civilized lands.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Threatens Farmers

He will kick them out of the country if they don't give up their court battle to prevent him from stealing their land and redistributing it in smaller parcels to his political cronies as a way to stay in power. This is how all African politics works. Note that you will see nothing about what is going on here from Maniac Dan and the Jewboys behind him at the major networks because they are only concerned with the destruction of White power centers.

Intelligence Report: China

Very long, somewhat interesting report on Chinese prospects, including potential for unrest...

Orania: More on SA's Apartheid Conclave

An Australian report... Number of South African municipalities has dropped from 850 to under 300 as Mbeki and savages centralize control. Orania is made up of about 600 people. It was founded by the son-in-law of the guy who created apartheid: Hendrik Verwoerd. Its founders claim the right to self-determination, as protected by the South African constitution.

White Archaeology: Roman "Titanic" Discovered... Sicilian bay...

British Cops Campaign to Log All Calls, Email, Internet Connections

Demanded by intelligence services...

Pro-White Rap

Oy veh, the irony!...

Zimbabwe: Did the Greeks Have a Word for Rule By Monkey?

This is what Clinton was celebrating when at Portland State he told the assembled to prepare for the day when there is no White majority in America: Affenocracy -- rule by monkey.

Archaeology: Details of Hindwell Discovery

Bigger than Stonehenge, located in Wales, dates from the Neolithic period...

The Remnant and the Web

Finding like minds, biding time... No rule of law, says Reese. Hunter Thompson on election here.

Colored-on-White Crimes

Good site for tracking hush crimes... Interesting SS site here. Review of book by Black who blames black problems on Blacks.

On Longfellow

Good retrospective on his life and work...

Of Sharks and Coelacanths

Bruising and cruising...

Austin Gives Free Medical Care to Mexican-Non-Americans

The White man subsidizes his own destruction, as directed by the Jews. And the White WASP elite, the George Bushes, why, they do nothing except encourage La Raza to further depredations. But then White Bushmen are in the way out in their own family.

Whites Vs. Roaches

Food for thought from H. Millard...

Jews in Russia Getting Nervous?

Pol vows to clean up Jewish "filth." About ninety years too late, but a start's a start... The entire Russian prison camp system was set up and administered by Jews, and untold millions perished in it. Ever hear the Gulag Archipelago mentioned in school? Why do you suppose that is? How many articles on the Jewish mass murderers who engineered the Boshevik revolution do you suppose the New York Times and Washington Post published that year (every year) they published 800 articles on the "Holocaust"? My guess is between zero and negative one.

Debate: Nazis, Bush, Rallies...

Read and get a glimpse of how things sort of, maybe, perhaps fit together... Something is evolving, people. Something's happening here; what it is ain't exactly clear. Young people carrying signs. Getting so much resistance from Semitically brainwashed Republican minds...

Rockwell on Paleo Death Debate

And here a leftist Salon writer affects not to understand conservative indignation at Internet Al's attempt to steal the election.

On Wodehouse

He wrote great stories; read 'em if you haven't. Here Andrew Ferguson reviews "the most successful comic novelist in history." No colored writer anywhere in the world -- ever -- produced anything a tenth as good as Wodehouse. Scant exaggeration in that claim. But the Jews have decided to commit genocide on Wodehouse's race, so don't expect any more stories from that quarter. But who needs good funny books when we can all sit around watching TV and saltating Negroes drinking Dr. Pepper? One dubious claim Ferguson makes: that Wodehouse (pronounced 'woodhouse') has "the most exquisite prose style in the whole of the language.'

Bermuda Triangle Explained?

Giant methane bubbles emitted by whales...

Romania: Right Coming on Strong

Tudor gets 28% in first round of elections...

Germany: Battle Over Who Killed Iraqi-German Child

BBC report... Here Schroeder meets with mother of boy "killed by racists," the British Independent declares, omnisciently.

Savage-Led Army Brats Murder Germans

First read the racially sanitized report. Now read the color version.... The American Army has no business in Europe.

Swiss Banned Gypsies

Smart move, but now they're getting attacked for it...

Election 2000: Madonna, Merle Must Split

Yet another way to cut the country... Gray man battles here. More here. The flag battles in the South, if nothing else, appear to be galvanizing some White resistance. How much is hard to say, but voting evidence in the deep South -- racially polarized -- suggests Whites are waking to their interests... Here a culture clash in New Zealand.

Censored Racist Cartoons

Learn about them here... Here on "Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs."

The Holocaust Industry Posted Online

Read it here... Dig in here for Vidal's opinion of Jews... Netanyahu shouted down at Berkeley.

Jews and the Canadian Election

Everybody sucking up to them. There are 350,000 Jews out of 30m Canadians, and as in the United States and everywhere else, they swarm in the big cities, Montreal and Quebec.

The War On Drugs: A Government Con-Game

The Propasphere's masterly creation of an Evil VNN's R. Belser.

Zimbabwe: Congoids Try to Strip Whites of Citizenship

There used to be 250,000 Whites in Zimbabwe. Today, after two decades of savage dictatorship, there are about 70,000. And the government is trying to revenge itself on Whites trying to procure foreign citizenship.

How Jews Operate: Wiesenthal Levies Pressure on Yahoo

Judaism is a hate religion, essentially a genetic conspiracy that works by parasitism. Part of what makes it successful is the extraordinarily high intelligence of the average Jew -- as far above the average White as the average White is above the average Black -- but just as important is that Jews work together, interlocking and reinforcing, to advance their agenda and censor and crush any opposition. Part of that crushing takes place through the major media, which are controlled by Jews. Crushing opposition is the reason that everything from porno films to country music videos emphasizes blacks-and-blonds as a natural combination. It is the reason that we have open borders: Anything that breaks down White cultural and genetic and racial integrity is in the Jewish interest and is pushed hard on unsuspecting Whites. Not one White in a hundred has any notion that any of this is going on, and that makes it much more effective... The Internet represents the first threat to Jews' intellectual hegemony since they consolidated control over the American media in the first half of the 20th century. And they are going all out to prevent their opponents from using it, as this article shows. Wiesenthal and cronies have a "sit-down" with Yahoo, to let 'em know what's up. What's up is that anying that offends the Jewboys better be shut down post-haste. That's reality White man, and you only get it here at VNN, not from maniacs like Dan Rather gibbering about frogs with side pockets. All that is necessary for Jews to triumph is for White men to do nothing. Take a look at the photo in this NYT report and ask yourself how far we have fallen that smirking yids like Cooper determine the fate of our people...

Latest on Alex Curtis

Trying to bust his high-school teacher mom for letting him use her email. Rank hypocrisy from the Jew-corrupted court system.

Duke on Russia

Is it the great white hope?...

A Taste of Gdansk

An old German city, now Polish...Hier auf Deutsch am Linienschiff, Schleswig-Holstein.

Talmud: What the Jew Thinks of You, White Man

Judaism is a hate religion for a hate-filled race. Read these quotations from the Talmud, compiled by David Duke in a chapter of his book, My Awakening. Some interesting things they don't teach you in school, too busy with the Anne Frank and all that. All you need to know about Jewish attitudes toward you and all non-Jews is summed up in this quotation: "The best of the goyim is to be killed." Ever wonder why you've never seen copies of the Talmud in any bookstore?

California Miracle

Court interprets Prop. 209 to disallow preferences for women/minorities...

Archaeology: More on Sheriden Cave Discovery

Were the people who used the discovered tools 11,000 years ago White? Were they here before those who, in theory, crossed the land bridge from Asia? Did those Yellow-Reds commit genocide against them? Will any skeleton discovered in these parts be turned back over to the modern-day relatives of those Redskins for literal and metaphorical burial, as Kennewick bones have been? Should we allow Jewish courts and the Jew-controlled federal government to give the Red man the go-ahead to obliterate the earliest traces of Whites in America?... A snippet from National Geographic here. Here some background on the anthropological debate over the origins of the first people (called Clovis people) to settle in America. The regnant theory says that they came over the Bering land bridge from Asia. The competing theory -- Solutrean -- says they migrated from Europe, specifically Spain. The balance of evidence is shifting to the latter, as the article will show. Note the quaint (and apparently non-working) poll where the reader is invited to vote on how humans entered the New World. What a curious modernism -- and in an archaeology magazine, of all places -- that such a matter should be voted on. Two plus two equals four: right or wrong? Cast your vote here! Facts are important, but they pale beside the duly registered opinions of featherless bipeds filled with self-esteem...

Click Here!

Blacks Too Stupid to Vote (Correctly)

It's nice to see the Dems tripped up by their own crookedness: packing in the brownskins, "registering" new voters. Unfortunately, many of the new voters are too stupid to punch a ballot. Of course, we all, including us female newspaper reporters, must pull the long face, and agree that new-voter education is a Very Serious Issue. No laughing allowed. No pondering the nature of democracy, where some 70-IQ Congoid's vote is equal to yours. What a great system, we are lucky to have it... A simple poll tax is the solution, but a poll tax is the one tax the left doesn't support.

Iran Holds "Struggle Against World Arrogance" Day: Focus on Israel

Hard-core Muslims gaining strength in the few countries in the Muslim world that (are paid to) maintain relations with God's pet sanctuary.

Election: Corrupt Judiciary: New Angle on First Things Debate

The Florida Supreme Court's rollover for Gore shows that Neuhaus and friends were right to question the legitimacy of the American regime, and the Jew neocons who opposed them wrong. The next step for Neuhaus et al. is to question the very power of those Jews themselves. Just as an activist judiciary has queered the regime, Jewish individualist ideology has queered "conservatism." We racialists -- openly pro-White -- are the true conservatives, and we only appear radical because "conservatives" have forgotten their roots and are interested in conserving only their paychecks and "respectability."... More election comments here from Michael Kelly, another in a growing list of libs disgusted by the nonstop canting and disgusting behavior of the Jew-surrounded Clinton and Gore. Here a classic article, P. Weiss covering the demonstrations outside the Vice President's house; note his very Semitic focus on the blue-eyedness and blondness of the children he mentions (similar to the Jewish Commentary anti-Brimelow debate where they harp on his blond, blue-eyed boychild) -- that's his cue to his Jew readers to start horripilating... (Go to our book review section and read the review of Ben Stein's book on Hollywood if you need a refresher course on Jewish racial hostility toward the Aryan.) "[S]omething hating government and big media [is out there, growing]," says Weiss, and he's quite right. This Weiss article is a must-read -- it gives you a real sense of the possibilities in the red-blue county election map that shows the truth: this is an us-them battle between normal Whites and the Jews and the big-city savage colonies they have built up with White earners' money. The Semitic media ants are all abuzz, passing their noxious anti-Semitism pheromones back and forth, agitating the hive. They sense that we sense them, that we might be becoming uncomfortable with their alien colony among us... Astute election commentary from junior Podhoretz here. Here's a funny story about a freeper buying lunch for Clarence Thomas, speaks thin volumes about a certain mentality. Note that Thomas just dissented from the recent court ruling that cops can't for no reason other than boredom sick their butt-sniffing dogs on you and your car. Thomas is not a great man, he is merely an intelligent man who happens to have been promoted to an extraordinarily high position because of his color. Not someone to be fawned over and worshipped.

The End of "Paleoconservatism"

Here a celebration of the idea that the forces the author imagines Pat Buchanan represents have been neutralized and dispersed. The author has a glimmer that there might be something harder congealing under the surface, and he is righter there than he knows. But it won't be a bunch of remonstrating Semitically Correct, Middle-American Revolution-preaching fat old men. It will be strong young men preaching pro-White doctrine and not interested in compromise. The Dems are not far from getting the kind of opposition their Ultimate Politics deserve. The Republicans are Jew-infested and have become a me-too socialist party at the urging of Jews like David Horowitz, who are laughing up their sleeves at how cowish and easily led the average White is. Read the very interesting reader comments on the article here.

BSE in Europe: 2m Cattle Proposed Slaughtered

First case of "mad cow" disease has turned up in Germany... Here's a photo of the way the new European Army will look... One of suck's better recent efforts here. Read near the bottom panglossian futurist debunked: the past is always in flux, but the future never changes. Optical fiber equals utopia.

Calls for UN Withdrawal from Haiti

Five years, and nothing can be done. Savages can't be turned into civilized by the application of money or machine guns. Haiti hasn't been civilized since Whites ruled it -- Whites who myopically allowed themselves to be killed off by mutinous Congoids, just as we are doing today.

Jews Whine About Philippines Phone Ad

Hitler has a "final solution" for all your cellular needs, promising an "extermination" of dues... Only the Jew can mock and spoof, and only you can be the target. Him isn't so funny.

70% Drop in Gun Dealers Since Brady Bill

Why, really, should slaves be allowed to own guns? Here's a story about the corrupt judiciary making a former gun owner responsible for a murder he didn't commit. Is there any Jew in Congress who doesn't want to take away your right to arm yourself, White man? The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Anti-Media Demonstration Outside ABC

Give the eunuch freepers some credit for this... Anything that discomfits the Jew-controlled media is good.

Illegals Busted in Canada

From Ghana, Grenada, St. Lucia, Jamaica...

Nyquist Goes Conspiracy Hunting

He can't see the Jews for the Tries.

Race is Real

Taken from latest American Renaissance (Glayde Whitney), some genetic facts-of-life...

White Archaeology: Largest Stone Age Site Ever Discovered in Wales

Thirty times the size of Stonehenge, it's a 4,700-year-old temple, apparently a sacred spot for thousands of years, until the Romans came...

Zimbabwe: A Reverse-Flag Issue

Racist Whites guilty of letting black strip on Zimbabwe flag fade... Here on AIDS in Zimbabwe. Thought to infect about 25% of the country's 12.5 million people. The population is projected to drop to 9m in a decade because of the kill-off.

Republicans Must Become a Pro-White Party or Disappear

Interesting speculation from Steve Sailer, pointing out that if Bush had taken 57% of the White vote instead of the 54% he actually won, the election would have been a landslide.

Gore's Coup


Global Warming As Religious Scare

God is punishing us for our evil ways (over-consumption)...

Auberon Waugh Interview

Interview with the nasty, racist old guy...

Search for Whatever Nazis Left in Lake Toplitz

Fake money, and who knows what else... Here new Hitler photo, sketches...

Jews Increasing Media Coverage as German Extortion Fund $700m Short

A story a day, that's the Jewish policy. The Washington Post and New York Times published over 800 stories on the "Holocaust" in a recent year. Think about that, for a moment. Seriously. Think about that.... There is no conclusion except the "Holocaust" is a burglar's tool, just like a lock-pick or a safe-cracker's drill. It's a big soapy sob story the parasites use to ease the bloodgeld flow. Each Jew family in Israel is subsidized to the tune of over $5,000 -- annually -- by you, White man. Could your family use that money? Do you enjoy being enslaved by the 2% majority; the leeches; the cowbirds?

Israeli Apartheid: Diversity, Multiculturalism and Pluralism the Only Solution

The only way for Israel to be competitive in the 21st century is to make use of the talents of all its citizens, not just its Jews. It must open itself to immigration, reverse its anti-Arab policies and sensitize public officials from politicians to police to professors to minority concerns. In light of past discrimination, contracts need to be set aside, quotas to medical and other professional schools implemented, and special grants made available to Arabs and other non-Jewish citizens.

Guardian Spews Anti-British Hate

Anyone who wants Britain a White country is evil, says this anti-White hate paper, clucking over survey results.

Jewish Censors Work to Stifle Zündel and All Canadians

Jewish haters in Canada try to shut down an American website. Every Jew learns in shul, that criticism of Jews is on its face illegitimate. No surprise that wherever they are allowed to spread, God's pets criminalize pro-White thought, speech, expression, association and assembly -- and all in the name of "civil rights." "Truth is no defense," the Jewish barrators whine in Canada, in Switzerland, in Germany, in France. I can smear and conspire and firebomb, whines the Jew -- but you cannot use the truth to defend yourself. It says something about Jews that they need to criminalize the truth, doesn't it? Jews cannot prevail where truth is allowed. No, the Jew must make his way through darkness by smears. The Jew is the enemy, White man. And there is No Way Out But Through the Jews. And that's part of what we mean by: No Jews. Just right. We must never forget, say the Jews. But I say we must never forget that Jews are the original hate group. And they do hate us -- normal White people -- as nearly every story on this page makes plainer than Bella Abzug.

Jews Abusing Public School Slaves in Denver with Their "Holocaust" Agitprop

Oy veh, the soap, the lampshades, the tatoos, oy, how we have suffered... One reason homeschooling is growing so quickly is that parents don't want their children exposed to Jewish lies and propaganda.

South Africa: Latest on Racist Dogs

Hate canines have no place in the New South Africa, says the media canaille. If the dogs are determined 'racist' they will be destroyed, just as the Jews and coloreds would like to do to the White minority. Colorblind individualism is a deathtrap, White man...Do you realize that? Its pushers are Jewish neocons who took over the right in the seventies, White Gentiles conservatives who are too intimidated to disagree, and libertarians, who are interested in drugs and sodomy, not necessarily in that order. Freedom for the individual never was and never will be an absolute in any society governed by humans; human nature makes it impossible. The widest possible freedom consistent with respect for others is only available in a civilized White society.

U.S. Gears Up for UN's Anti-Racism Conference

Held August 31-September 7, 2001, in the New South Africa. Let's hope the White American government assholes sure to attend screw some of the local savages and contract AIDS. Or get mugged and beaten into a coma. An anti-racist, after all, is just a White man who's never been to South Africa. Anyone who can look at a group of chanting, saltating savages and see his equals is hopefully headed the way of Biehl.

Censorship at Berkeley

Remember the "free speech" movement back in the sixties? That was just the calling card: this article shows you what the Jew-led radicals were really after. The Jew is the enemy, White man. Here a somewhat pertinent collection of insider information about Ironminds and its old parent company, Novix Media. Shows you how young, hip libs and their New York bosses think. No trust, no honor, no money -- and, worst of all, mediocre writing.

10 Months in Federal Prison for a Spray-Painting Swastika

It's political art when Brown or Black ooze sprays its gang tags on your business; but if your "gang" is White, the Jew-controlled courts lock you up and throw away the key. Jews are the original hate group. Mass Media = Jewish Hate Group (c). That's a bumper sticker we'd like to see... Here queer gets eight months for sodomizing boy. It's nice to be a member of a legally protected class like same-sex slurpers. But even a conservative could make that observation. What the conservative won't tell you because his Jewish bosses won't let him is that the reason queers are so politically powerful is that they have Jewish(-queer) Hollywood paying for the spread of their cultural insanity. Swastika equals ten months; sodomy-rape equals eight. Your son could be next, White man. That's what happens when the 2% majority holds sway...

Romania: Rightists Show Electoral Strength

Especially among the young...

CDC: AIDS "Racist" Disease

"I wish AIDS were a person so that we could charge it with a hate crime," said Rhonda Morgenstern, as her center released the latest figures showing that at only 12% of the population, Blacks nevertheless account for 37% of new AIDS cases. Other interesting stats: 4 million Africans contracted HIV in 1999; roughly 20% of South Africans and 35% of Botswana residents are infected. But don't let that stop you from sleeping with Negroes, girls. They're very cool and sexy, just like MTV tells you. Go ahead and immerse yourself in the destructive element. And remember to celebrate World AIDS Day (WAD), which is December 1, 2000.

Jewish NYC Communists in the Thirties

An essay on New York City intellectuals. Note how many are "conservatives" today. Note that all are well within the bounds of "respectability," that paste jewel. Being Jewish means never having to say you're sorry. You just cry, lie and deny.

Medved on Jewish Hollywood's Cultural Pollution

A Jew warns his coreligionists they need to quit it, but Hymie don't want to hear that. Old, but good. (Scroll down a little past halfway.)

Dutch Legalize Murder

Be nice to your relatives, you wood-shoe wearers, because now they can do you in with the connivance of your doctor. What is wrong with you, White people? Why do you care about nothing but aborting your kids and murdering grandpa? I guess they just aren't convenient, and convenience is really the über-value these days, isn't it? Because it's all about you, and your stupid opinion, and your ridiculous "self-esteem" and being a "strong woman" and "feeling good about yourself." Join the aristocracy: think.

Poland Censors Nazi Uniforms

Worried about promoting Nazism, says culture minister.

Evidence Adding that Whites Beat Reds to America

They didn't give our ur-ancestor-immigrants race-exclusive casino rights, either -- they massacred them. Don't expect your kid to be hearing about this in school anytime soon -- unless you homeschool him... The latest evidence comes from tools found in an Ohio cave. Europeans were here first, and they're going to be here last.

Whites Sick of Mexican Scum Invading New York

Woman doesn't like dirtskins propositioning her daughter every time she goes out. Mexicans are scum, and it is due to the Jews that the country is filling with them. Other guilty parties are the construction bosses and heads of the agribusinesses that employ them. May all your daughters be raped, gentlemen, as you were willing to sell out your country -- fill it with Mexican sewage -- to line your pocket. Keep in mind, White man: The Mexican is merely the symptom: the Jew is the disease.

Northern Italians Recognize Germanic Rule Better Than Roman

"Everyone thinks we lived better under the Austrians." The fact is that Northern Italy is richer and more civilized than "thieving" Rome, which is more negrified, hence corrupt. Separatism looms, or at least power devolved into a Swisser-styled federalism. Essentially, Italy's South is like American big cities, which survive on tax money stolen from White earners. Northern Italy is racially more Germanic than Southern Italy, which scummified greatly in the later stages of the Roman empire as the stalwarts gave way to the clowns...

U.S. Election

First Sobran. Here Reese. Good on why we need the electoral college, but waterbugs over the real reason the urban masses are dangerous.


Fred boldly goes and uses slur "frog"; but our heroic good ol' Southern boy filled to the brim with all that good ol' Southern how-to know-how wouldn't be caught dead saying nigger. When will we see FredOnSemiticalCorrectness?

Romanian Right on the Move

Leftist hate group EU quite concerned... Here JTA claims anti-Jew Tudor has real shot at power in Romania.

Canada: How the Jews Subverted White Freedom

The vermicious knids set up a straw Nazi group while pushing anti-"hate" legislation... What soft, duplicit things, non-gentile yidlings are... Here "anti-Semitism" "alleged" at St. Cloud. As though anti-Semitism -- political opinion -- is against the law. And note that St. Cloud has a "Holocaust" Center, and teaches sixteen "Holocaust"-related courses a year. So obviously discrimination is rampant. Here a site against European defamation.

U.S. Twists Austrians to Cough Up More for Jews

Mad Albright spreads hatred of U.S. as our Secretary of State. Of course her real job is smoothing the way for her coreligionists' extortion. Here on latest octagenarian harassed by Jews.

Germans Get Idea to Look for Yahoo Auctioning Mein Kampf

What was that painting by Anselm Kiefer: Geisthelden, or, A Roomful of Air? Are there any Germans without the urge to suppress others in the rush to curry favor with the powers that be? Any hope they will rise to the top? The ruling Germans are like hunting dogs for the Jews that run the U.S... If Mein Kampf is such a repetitive, stupid book as virtually every reviewer claims, then why the fear that someone might read it? The answer, of course, is that it is neither.

Irving Invite Canceled by Cowardly College After Jewish/Marxist Threats

Very funny stuff besides the title, which refers to Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, which goes the way of Cambridge, Oxford and others earlier this year... Note that the heroic historian will soon post or has posted a German translation of the Lipstadt trial documents. (English already posted.) Here NYT article on revisionists on Churchill. The truth is, as David Irving proclaims, that Churchill squandered the empire to retain power as prime minister. It would have been better for the West and the White man and virtually everybody apart from the Jews and the Bolsheviks if Churchill had reached an agreement with Hitler -- who admired the British Empire and did not wish to take it away or destroy it. Those are facts, and no Jewish lying, no lying by conservative American or British Anglomaniacs, can gainsay them.

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