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Radicalized Roberts Calls for Florida Supreme Court to be Tried

He still won't touch race or Jews, but waterbug Paul Craig Roberts has become radicalized in the past decade as he sees how corrupt our courts have become. This is the strongest mainstream column yet on Demo corruption and what ought to be done about it. Decent election commentary here. Here on our bombing of Iraq's water supply. Average Americans see how corrupt their country has become. More here. Even the dim are getting the sense that there is something dangerous in our country the election has revealed. Very good stuff here from Noonan, who says we will have to fight for our country. Especially note the Washington Post's vicious and chickenshit personal attacks on Harris. Just like the courtier satirists at Saturday Night Live, the Jews at the WP are low thugs, backing crooks like Clinton to the hilt, while spraying and excreting their venom on defenseless women. But honor has never been a Jewish trait. Although Noonan won't say it, the only country worth fighting for is the country without Blacks and Browns and other colored minorities. And most of all, the country without the Jew-scum that coats the capital. Here Raimondo on our era's dominant ideology, " authoritarian liberalism -- an oxymoron for a moronic age."

A Real Holocaust

The Armenian...

The Hate that Hate Produced

Keep plugging away, Hizbullah. Refuse to be blocked and you'll get the job done...

Amrad Gets Patent for Rad New Manimals

If we're lucky, we'll die before this genetic kaleidoscopy really takes off.

Hispanics Majority in Lexington, Nebraska, Schools

The brown ooze coats the Midwest...

No White Homeland in South Africa

They set up a White town, and so they must be destroyed... A savage is appointed mayor of the last pure-White Afrikaner community. The small White townlet of Orania was created by Whites seeking to preserve civilization in the wake of the abandonment of apartheid after 1990. A few hundred people bought up a few thousand acres in a remote area and kept Blacks out. Now their succcessful community will be forcibly politically integrated with two larger Black towns so that their money can be stolen and given to succor and subsidize savages. All that is necessary for savages and their Jewish sponsors to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Britain: Racism and Soccer Hooliganism

The latest slanted report from The Guardian...

Problems at Oxford

Many of the deeper Anglo problems in evidence in this story of the inability of Oxford to make decisions to establish a business school: notably, the desire to seem without being; the über-desire to risk nearly any problem to avoid offending anybody; the abhorrence of speaking plainly. All traits that have been used against the White man by the Jew, who has only to make the Bushy elite accept that its political arguments are respectable, nay religious tenets and to contravene them declasse to get its dogmas across. Social control is more effective than legal control in regulating behavior, as John Murray Cuddihy noted. "The art of managing a successful academic community involves balancing the need for pluralism and individual intellectual freedom with a shared commitment to the values and success of the institution. The decentralised collegiate structure of Oxford, combined with its inchoate committee processes, sustained that balance for many years. But this achievement depended on a high degree of social homogeneity among the members of the university, a relatively slow-moving environment, and little external pressure. Faced with internal heterogeneity, much greater outside pressure, and a rapid pace of change, this structure has ceased to work. " Much like the White West, the decline of which proceeds in tandem with Oxford's because it is beset by the same problems.

How Many Pro-Germans Did March?

This report says "about 2000" at the Berlin NPD rally...

On W.E.B. Du Bois

Interesting review of man and new book on him... Here, also from the Nation, on Orwell and Rimbaud.

Technology and Big Brother

You were seen driving southbound on I-95 on 10/27. Please let us know where you were going, who was traveling with you. Just for our files...

Swiss Scholar Flees to Iran in Search of Intellectual Freedom

Jurgen Graf is now in Tehran. This is what it's come to in the West: Muslim countries are the only place left you are free to criticize Jews. More on Yahoo here. Pro- Irving, pro-free speech commentary here.

1,400 March for NPD

FAZ report...

McConnell's Postscipt on Buchanan Run

He concedes that the D magazine report that a Jew turned Perot against Buchanan is "plausible," and adds that Buchanan probably wouldn't have left the GOP and contended for the Reform nomination if it knew in advance "the very same people who invited him into the party would turn against him so viciously." Thus does the hidden Jewish hand operate. McConnell imagines, probably correctly, that the Israel-firsters and open-borders neocons are now gloating. That he can see. What he can't see is that open, pro-White advocacy is the only way to defeat the gloaters. Colorblind "paleoconservative" dogma is false conservatism and politically ineffective. The big picture is that the right -- which now means little more than normal White people -- continues to hope, pray, believe that the Republican party can save it from the nakedly crooked Democrats. These Whites have jettisoned nearly every principle they once stood for, thrown almost every passenger in their carriage to the wolves, but the wolf's still gaining ground. And as Florida shows, its appetite is more ravenous than ever.

Canada: Immigration Insanity and the Election

It is already to the point that even to question the need for huge numbers of immigrants is 'racist.' Brimelow comments on the Canadian scene and the Jewess Caplan who, speaking to assembled members of the tribe, denounced a major party as full of "Holocaust deniers, prominent bigots, and racists," because it doesn't want to brownout the country like she does. This disgusting Jewess' opinion matters because she is the immigration minister. You know how having a growing brown spot or mole on your skin means you need to visit the doctor to check for cancer? Well, having Jews in positions of power in your country is just such a warning sign. The Clinton administration is the most corrupt in living memory, and its ranks are veritably teeming with tribe-lice. Here other recent Brimelow comments on immigration.

New Book on Machiavelli

Here on new Tocqueville translation. Here an Aussie opinion on Wilde, which may be outdated, as the claim emerges that he died of an ear infection, not syphillis. Here interesting look back at Dr. Seuss. Here on Proust. Here on book reviews. Here on the essayist Hazlitt. The White race is worth preserving if for no other reason that it has produced the best writers -- the ones that make you laugh and see. Here an article of doubtful merit on Heidegger.

Brussels Calls for European Suicide

Open borders for Africans and other coloreds, that big business may have cheaper employees. Here's a street-reality story of Africans-in-Europe. Savages must be kept segregated from civilized folk.

Savages Acting Up in Zimbabwe

Don't want court hearing for White farmers' claims. A rare American article on Zimbabwe here.

Southern Flag Bandanna Wearer Attacked by Negro in Minnesota

This is the accurate headline. The lying AP Jews say the bandanna "sparked" the fight. Here's the Jew's lead paragraph: "A white high school student wearing a Confederate flag bandanna sparked a fight Wednesday that sent a black student to the hospital." What probably happened was, the Congoid started the fight -- and lost. Imagine a White kid taking offense at one of the stupid "It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand" shirts. How would the AP Jews phrase it then? Of course they would say that the White kid made a racist attack on a glorious Negro, who valiantly defended himself. Jews are like that. Blacks are the symptom; Jews are the disease. The Jew is the enemy, White man.

Decadent Weimar

Jewish "culture" stirred the repugnance that smoothed the way for the Nazis, just as today's Jewish culture -- TV-Hollywood -- is doing the same for -- who knows? People don't like innuendo and queers in supersized doses, but that's what TV provides around the clock.


Truckers against election theft. And Clinton declaring himself president for life. Here Lieberman whines that demonstrators are trying to prevent Gore's stealing the election. More on French Yahoo decision here. Good Florence King column on women voting. Here on White self-determination.

Idaho News

Aryan Nations guard to be released. And here thieves to have AN property appraised.

Pro-Germans, Anti-Germans do Battle in Berlin

NPD marches with over 1,000. Similar number of leftists shows up. Government calling for new restrictions on assembly. Democracy is the freedom to do whatever is popular with the majority. Here German experts study ways to prevent pro-Germans from demonstrating at politically sensitive sites -- or, anywhere Jews don't think they should/anywhere that might strike a chord of whatever pro-German sentiment resides within the average brainwashed German's chest. More here from the Jew-liars at Associated Press. Anti-Germans are all a-twitter studying ways to further control speech, the Internet, assembly and anything else you can name. The Jew-intimidated hacks running the Fatherland can't get it through their head that more than one way to think should be allowed. Here the LAT spreads propaganda about German cops arresting more pro-Germans with big arsenals.

Britain: Black Crime

Comments from Taki on the new country built by Blair, Jew Straw and their ilk... Here an EU report claiming increase in crime against minorities in Europe. Note this news article mentions no figures. And no mention of crimes such as those Taki mentions -- Congoid teens attacking White women. Here on diversity consulting in Britain.

Anti-Jewish Actions Worldwide

First up, Bosnia, where grave markers were toppled. Look at the size of the article, and its publishing in the Los Angeles Times. Do you suppose an area murder would have garnered one-fifth the space of this foreign vandalism? One standard for Jews, another for everybody else. Klan to rally in Skokie. Latest on Swiss gold grab here.

On Hollywood and the Jewish Queer Operators Who Run It

Great Taki column... Here Village Voice on Don Black and racism in Palm Beach.... Here Ponte on election theft and vegetable history. Here on Shoah business...

NPD March on Brandenburg

Under slogan "Germany will not be banned."...

Somalis Cause Problems in Maine (Just Like in Denmark)

Wherever they go, problems follow.


The fire in the minds of men burns still on the island.

Britain: Tory Chief Points to Jews as Model

Yet another reason for British social problems...

World Media Reflect Jewish Power, Paranoia

About once a week there's a story in every nation's press about the horrible anti-Semitic indignities the noble bringers of light must endure. Here it's Australia...

France, Germany, Yahoo and Nazis, Neo and Paleo, Online and Off

Yahoo says nuts to French court. Here CNN hypes the neo-Nazi threat. More here. And more.

White Taxes Used for Minority Health Center at NIH

Thanks to Clinton... Here P.C. Roberts on corrupt court system.

UN Slams Denmark for Treatment of Minorities

Bad joke...

Jewish Hate Group Works to Stifle Criticism of Jews, Israel

The Israelis are free to murder whomever they want, but you shouldn't be allowed to voice your displeasure in a web chatroom. The hate group ADL maintains "working relationships" with MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc., to make sure that criticism of Jews is snuffed as soon as it appears.

Hurricane Carter: Where Jews Tread, Lies Follow

Whether it's the Bob Dylan song, or the recent Jewison movie, the lies flow thick and fast. Read the facts about the murderous pug here... Lying is as Jewish as apple pie isn't. More info on Carter and Mumia and other Negro murderers at this pro-death penalty site.

Business Is Good...

....says Simon Wiesenthal Center. Over 3,000 "hate" sites on the web! Good news -- money and income in the offing. And such a noble cause, suppressing all these sites. New Bertollini mailing here. Here Jews will profit $100m from one Italian insurance company.

Anti-White Hate is Good for Big Business

Big business chips in to the Michigan court case, saying that the rights of discolored minorities should take precedence over Whites' rights. The business of America is not business. Capitalism is a powerful engine, but it must be attached to a rudder steering the proper racial and cultural course.

Canada: Alliance Member Quits After Pro-Canadian Remark

She spoke the obvious: that Canada is being overrun by Asians. It's true, but decent people don't speak the truth when they can avoid it, keep their Semitically Correct positions and maintain their respectability.

"Right-wing" Crime on Rise in Germany, Claimed

Up nine percent to 10,000...

Latest On Duke

Outraged at no-charge bust, he's in Russia promoting his latest book, The Ultimate Supremacism, which speculates on Russia leading a global White revolution.

Rural Racial Problems in South Africa

A very confused report from CNN...

The Mathematically Determined Price We Pay to Allow Jews to Surround Us with Blacks

Interesting mix of hard math and solid sociology, in which a White's chance of being attacked by a Black is calculated across the range of percentages (from 'hoodbuster to lights out). Many other such articles at "La Griffe du Lion" homepage.

Vanunu: Technician Who Revealed Jewish Nuclear Secrets

He was kidnapped by the Mossad after his book revealing the truth about Israel's nuclear arsenal came out, and has now been buried in jail over a decade.

Eugenics in the 21st Century

Excellent, pro-White writing, including extensive comments on Kevin MacDonald's work... Here Fred Reed on Blacks and their problems.

Gore and the Democrats' Realpolitik

Here on the electoral college. Here on the Dem mentality: win at any cost. Solid thinking from Horowitz in this brief on the " recounts."

French Court Rules Jews Can Censor the Net

Nobody in France can buy or sell things that offend Jews and "anti-racists." Yahoo reaction here.

Irving Comments on Jew Evans

Jews adopt the nomenclature-coloring of their host country. Here Irving learns that the Jews' paid stooge in his trial was himself a Jew.

Feebs Lie About Carnivore

It can capture everything that runs through an ISP. Here a British bit on Echelon.

One in Ten (1.6m) HIV-Positive in Zimbabwe

It is worse than useless to expect savages to obey civilized standards: their inability is what makes them savages. By 2005, over 900K kids are expected to have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Women far outnumber men among positives; as always, sex with an African -- or an African American -- is an extremely risky proposition. And here an opinion in the Zimbabwe Standard attacking the website, which focuses on savage-on-White crimes.

Jews Shoot and Murder With Aplomb While Whites Cringe and Do Nothing

Brave and apt reporting from The Independent's Robert Fisk, who himself is probably in line for an Israeli bullet before long...

Canada: Why Jews Must Be Eliminated From Positions of Power

Here is a small group of stories (and commentary) posted by the heroic David Irving that shows the intersection of Jews and immigration and White decline. This Canadian example can stand in for virtually every country across the still-White West. The Jews are destroying our White countries to advance their own interests. Whites must identify as Whites, work to further their race's interests, and oppose Jews on that basis. All that is necessary for fat, socialist Jewesses to control immigration is for White men to do nothing.

Yahoo Must Bar French Customers from Non-Jew-Approved Sites

Court decides in favor of Jewish and anti-racist hate groups...

Click Here!

U.S. Politics: A Revolution Is Coming

Good article on secession by Peirce, the ex-Rhodesian fighter. He goes further than most waterbugs in seeing that our cultural Marxists, as he styles them, are on the verge of winning for all time. He steers clear of race, though. Race is the only effective basis on which the country can be split in our favor: class and rural/urban, Southern/Northern, productive/parasite just won't wash. If you saw the county voting map we linked to a few days ago, you saw that Gore's votes came almost solely from the big cities: the Negroes and Jews and Mexicans. We don't need these people in our country, and they don't belong here. There were very few of them here when the country was founded, and we would be much better off without them, as our forefathers intended. The time is approaching when we get rid of these people, along with the White libs who have shown quite clearly over the last thirty years they will do anything to get and keep power. The remonstrating and pointing to law and acceptance of "good intentions" are coming to an end. When the libs meet the opposition their behavior has created (that is, made necessary and unavoidable), I don't think they are going to like it much. What's fair treatment for, say, the Frankfurter Jews who killed White civilization through the illegal decision of Brown vs. Board of Education? For the Jews who opened the borders to flood us with Browns? For the Negroes who commit over 90% of interracial crime? What would be a fair way to deal with these people? There is nothing to celebrate in the very likely probability of the coming revolution -- nothing other than a chance to reorder our society so that political decisions are taken by our genetic kin rather than the Jews and Negroes and degenerates who take them now.

Racist Toy to be Changed

"'A' is for 'ape,' 'B' is for 'black,' 'C' is for 'crack'"... Other examples of Semitical Correctness here.

Kerouac's Orpheus Emerged Available as E-Book

Written when he was 23... Interesting on William Blake here. Here don't-miss review of new book on Boswell, or, more precisely, on his "invention" of biography. Johnson said of Burke, generally considered the father of modern conservatism, he "never once made a good joke." Burke was stung by that comment's inclusion in Life of Johnson. Boswell's fleshed out portrait of his hero was in contrast to earlier "lives" (Plutarch, etc.) that focused mostly on the exemplary aspects of their subject, and ignored the personal details. This was his innovation, and it was not all that popular with his contemporaries. Perhaps now the pendulum has swung too far in the direction his Life pushed it. We can explain, but we must be careful not to explain away.


Yale, cutting edge as always... A good example of fashionable-dimwit mind that has taken over the academy and driven out learning.

Workaday Bilge at the NYT

This is just a good site tracking the daily chickenshittery of the Jew York Times. Here the focus is on its scoffing at Republican claims of vote-counting fraud. Of course, the author of this site is a Jew himself, as you will see at the bottom where he advocates a wider Israeli war. It would serve both Israeli and American interests. Yeah.

Founder of Crips Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

It's funny because it's true!

South African Whites Can Have Multiple Wives -- If They're Black

Polygamy is not a White customary practice, so the White man can't take multiple White wives, only black. Too funny. But what do you expect where savages are given the reins of government? Just like starting a car and then putting your five-year-old in the driver's seat. Here Whites in new South Africa fall on hard times. Short fiction from Millard here.

European Men Descended from Ten Ancestors

More on recent genetic findings...

Falsches Bild der Wehrmacht

(auf Deutsch) More on the exhibit that smearing the German Army...

McConnell and the Detritus of the Buchanan Campaign

My, he's certainly singing a sorrowful tune now... "The politically-correct Bush is not much different than Gore," he says. We say, "The Semitically Correct Buchanan isn't much different from Bush or Gore." Note that McConnell says the GOP leadership is confused, has ceded too much ground to the neocons and Wall Street Journal- open-borders-types. He's right, but he and Buchanan are attempting to fight these forces non-racially, which won't work. The only political way out is open, pro-White advocacy. But the McConnellites won't risk their "respectability" and paychecks because they are, at heart, impotent remonstrators. Fear of the retaliatory power of the Jews is what's going on here, though nobody speak its name. And here are a couple letters to VDARE. The fact is, the GOP has ten years until it's either dead or radically transformed or irrelevant. If you want to live free and civilized, the only option left is pro-White politics -- and even there, it is highly likely things will get much worse before they get better.

Latest on Duke Break-In

He's in Russia pitching new book....

Gusinsky Set to Lose Media Empire

Exiled Jew forced to sell shares to pay debts...

INS Calls Americans Protecting Land Racists Capable of Terrorism

The INS works against Americans to protect Mexican, Jewish and liberal interests. At least it's out in the open now.

Jews at Wiesenthal Name Pro-Gun Activists "Hate" Groups

People are hopping mad as Jews overreach yet again: anybody opposing any Jew is a "hater." And they wonder why nobody likes them. Just another example of Jews growing their market by creating new "haters."

No WWII Slave Reparations for Whites in New York

One standard for Jews, another standard for everybody else.

40% of Jews Admit to Being Anti-White Racists

They oppose intermarriage... It's "cultural preservation" when you're Jewish, and hate-filled racism when you're White. Jews are the enemy, White man. Jews are the enemy, White man. Jews are the enemy, White man. It's one standard for Hymie, another for you.

Texas Cancels First Amendment in Prisons

Prisons can forbid "racist" literature desired by Texas prisoners.

Long March Review

Kimball book follows up Tenured Radicals... He doesn't exculpate the Semites, but there definitely ought to be more on the shitlist than he includes, from what we can tell from this review.

The Male-Haters

Feminist indoctrinated teachers try to turn boys into girls. Will the social-constructionist idiocy ever die out? Not as long as Jews and government are behind it...

The Middle-Class Mind: Insecurity and Self-Importance

Paul Fussell's Class offers a glimpse of the minds that make up the Beanbag Right -- the remonstrating Republican "conservatives" who seem content with losing slowly. Our own Tim Crews teases out the implications for White nationalists seeking to build a movement...

Mexicans Pollute, Don't Assimilate

More debate here. Mexicans just plain suck. They degrade and debase and don't belong in our country.

Pro-Queer Advocacy at the NYT

You can't learn about "honor" from anti-"gay" groups, says NYT. Apparently the bathhouse is the place... Young man! There's a paper to read. I said, Young man! -- it's called the NY&T! And its editors -- Hate Saddam, love sodomy! It's the place to catch H...I...V.

Jews Denounce Kikes

The one Jewish-run site we recommend. These Jews, Kahanists, denounce their enemy Jews as kikes, and regularly call Blacks savages and animals, just as we do. To which we can only say, Bravo! Funny and apt stuff...

On David Duke

Background... Interesting point: virtually every (haven't seen one that didn't) article about the FBI break-in mentioned the KKK in the headline. So much for a free and diverse press. Seems like lockstep to us.

Rudolph Indicted

Means he will be tried as soon as he is caught. Don't hold your breath.

Hush Crimes: Shifflett Murderer Found Incompetent

Competent to murder, but not competent to stand trial.

No Free Speech in Belgium

Man is guilty of distributing a booklet. One standard for Jews, another for the rest of us.

Why Democracy Doesn't Work

A libertarian ratiocinates...

Here on S.C. National Book Awards

Black female wins, Sontag wins, worthies don't win... On Melville, Andrea Gail and awards here. Here Nabokov on art.

Reese on Palestinians

They want...freedom?

Punishment for Gang Rape: 2 Years' Probation

So far 17 have been charged in the Atlanta (as opposed to the Oakland) gang rape earlier this month. The first two up -- the 12- and 13-year-old referred to here -- get two years' probation. So I was wrong when I said these nigger rapists would be back on the streets within five years. They never were off the streets. The niggers have been transferred to a different Cobb County school and ordered to stay away from the retarded girl. In a civilized society, these niggers would be lynched. How long before these niggers rape again? Using the term 'nigger' in Cobb Country probably carries a greater punishment than rape. But niggers exist, whether or not we are allowed to notice the fact. Guard your daughters wherever niggers are allowed to run free. What kind of a country do we live in where the term 'nigger' is worse than the rapes and murders niggers commit? A country ruled by Semites for the benefit of savages. Word.

Corruption in Democratic South Africa

Rape, murder, corruption abound where savages hold the reins... Here on the savages' savagery in Sierra Leone civil war...

Germany: Cut Immigration, Says Stoiber

Even liberal Germans are starting to think immigration has been overdone, a recent visitor told us the other day...

You Can Teach English, Or You Can Teach Diversity

Dumbed-down, diversity-centered textbooks leave kids uneducated, surprise, surprise...

Feebs Break Into Duke's House, Seize Boxes

The American NKVD works with the IRS and Post Office to raid David Duke's house (while he's in Russia) and make off with boxes of something and who knows what else.

Not Even the "Model Minority" Votes Republican

Excellent column now up at VDARE, in which the author nails the last spike into the coffin of Republican utopianism in which everyone, no matter his color or cultural proclivity, has 2.3 kids and invests in the stock market and votes elephant. The Chinese, by most measures the most intelligent of the post-'65 immigrants, aren't even doing that, and even to contend Mexicans or Blacks ever will is to engage in sheerest Semitically Correct fantasy. Anyone with ears and eyes should be able to see from the the election 2000 debacle that civilization means White, and that pro-White identification is the only politics worth pursuing. The individualist-extremist dogma of one-man, one-vote, the colorblindness urged upon us by the Jews and other races which never pursue anything but their narrow ethnic interests, is one of the main causes of our downfall.

How Colleges Use Camera to Lie About Diversity

It's not just Wisconsin; the use of doctored or, more commonly, arranged photo opps is common among colleges discriminating against Whites, and White males in particular.

South Africa Recognizes "Polygamy" and Other "Traditional" African Marriages

You can have savages or standards, but never both. Quoth the "Justice Minister": "It brings to an end the tyranny of dictatorial recognition of civil and other Eurocentric faith-based marriages at the expense of marriages concluded in accordance with customary law," she said. How about that?

Monkeys Make Bad Pets, Negroes Make Bad Citizens

It's in the marrow, and it can't be trained out of them.

Israeli Nukes

Good Army paper on the history of Israeli nuclear weapons development. They are estimated to have over 400 of them today (the ex-technician, Vanunu, who revealed their presence was kidnapped and jailed for over a decade), and may be using them to extort money and gain political leverage over the White West and the rest of the world. Here the Israelis shoot, kill a German married to a Palestinian.

Blacks and Jews, Arm in Arm Once Again in Florida

Thick as thieves, one might say... Here Don Black demonstrates his support for Bush. Note the way the reporter ties conservatism to neo-Nazism. Comments on Gore here. Paul Craig Roberts on Gore's pondering of a coup d'etat here. Here Serbia deploys peacekeeping troops to Florida to help the U.S. establish democracy. Here on Dems' vote-buying of Negroes and fraudulent absentee ballots. Here good Hitchens column on thuggish Dems bullying Nader. Here on the Dems' use of Saul Alinsky's techniques for producing maximum social discontent to further radical aims. Classic con column on the election; brings up all the right data and totally misses the conclusion. More on INS packing illegals into Florida pre-vote. Here National Review Online's Jonah Goldberg blames Jesse Jackson and others (including Begala and other non-brothers) for playing the race card. Note that (see our Backtalk section), the libs are merely doing the same thing to the "conservatives" the "conservatives" do to those who stick to the truth about race -- yell "racist" and attempt to censor/ostracize/criminalize them. NRO censored a post we sent it from Thomas Jefferson: [T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. So keep that in mind when reading Jew Goldberg's puling. Here a good site tracking NYT hypocrisy.

Jews Complain As Catholics Support Palestinian State

Here organized Jewry complains as American Catholic Bishops express support for a Palestinian state.

Books: Review of New Conquest

Reflections on a Ravaged Century... And here on Henry James and women.... Good article on the state of history-writing as reflected in recent works produced for the (British) mass market. Here on Aristophanes and good, honest Greek obscenity. The Victorians who came up with the translations used in the 20th century were sex-prudes the way we today are race-prudes. Here a meandering review of a novel by Houellebecq, The Elementary Particles, a bestseller in France which includes some racism and anti-Semitism, as the Jews at The New Republic define those things. It is a "conservative" reaction against the sixties radicals and their cheap love revolution, says reviewer Berman. Apparently Houellebecq resents both feminism and the market, unlike the radicals of '68 who are fans of the Silicon Valley culture that has made its way to France. Anyway, H is a writer who hates aging, sagging hippie chicks, blacks, and Jews.

Left, Right and Green

Speculation on left-right finding common ground in green, which has always been a top racialist concern.

Brazilian Fire-Ant-Eating Fly Introduced to Southern U.S.

Why can't we genetically engineer a Mexican-eating fly?

Police Dogs Tested for Racism

We're living in an insane world, people... This in response to the video of White cops siccing dogs on kaffirs in the old South Africa. Stuff like this has to be trotted out to the 75-IQ "voters" in the new South Africa to distract their attention from the fact that conditions have gotten markedly worse since the evil White Man was deposed.

Gusinsky on Wanted List

Berezovsky, another Jewish tycoon, will face embezzlement charges... Gusinsky holds an Israeli passport, and is head of the Russian Jewish Congress. JTA story here. More on struggle for control of Russian media here.

BNP and Nick Griffin on the Move in Bromwich

Speaking up for Whites in Britain... Here "race crime" police get set-aside money...

Jewish View of Recent German Events

Far right is growing stronger. Jew makes nasty comments about German culture. Here on firebombing in Germany. Here Jewish leader slams CDU over leitkultur remarks.

Irving's Response to Kempner/AP Smear

Long and interesting...

New Report Criticizes Picture Exhibit Intended to Smear Wehrmacht

It was going to tour abroad before it was closed due to, cough, extensive factual problems. Second article here. More EU garbage from German leaders here.

Media and the U.S. Election

Beyond bias... Bozell here. Here good stuff on Calhoun and his political wisdom. Reese on Gore fraud. Sobran here. Cockburn on voting hijinks here. Will here. Ponte here. And, finally, Paglia.

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