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Cole Attack Analyzed

Read and learn...

Immigration Insanity: Libertarians Froth, Jews Giggle

Open borders furthers Jewish interests. That's the hidden hand pushing it -- the hand that is kept carefully invisible by the kept media. The libertarians (are you listening, Brimelow?) know it's true, but they value their paychecks more than the truth, so they keep still. Of course, perhaps we at VNN ought to be grateful to these white mice; if they spoke the truth, we'd be out of a job! Standard libertarian anti-immigration ratiocination here. The relevant question is: Should we allow the Jewish bullies to keep dunking our head in the Mexican toilet? Our should we turn the tables and flush the vermicious Knids.


Teach your kid at home. Teach him not to be a slave. Keep him out of the clutches of the Jew-ideologues who run public school. Dare to be free, White man. Lynch the Jew in your house, White man -- unplug your TV.

White Archaeology: Ships Preserved at Bottom of Black Sea

Boats stretching all the way back to prehistory are preserved due to a geological quirk.

The Iowa Lubavitchers: Why Jews Are Hated

Everywhere they go, same reaction. Everywhere the reacting party is wrong and hateful. Remarkable, that... The nice thing about the Hasidim, at least, is that they are quite open in their hatred of those outside their disgusting sect; whereas their securlarized brethren, who feel exactly the same, squirt obfuscating lies about tolerance and brotherhood.

More of Your Money to Pay Off Arabs Not to Jump on Israel

Barrels of free money going to Israel, Jordan and Egypt -- money that you worked for, White man. Wouldn't you rather spend it on your family? What does it mean when one group of people, Whites, is forced to work for another -- filthy Semitic roaches?

New Discipline Down Under: Holocaust Studies

Here on Eichmann capturer.

Jews Censor Because They Fear the Truth

Irving remarks on browser filters built to specs of Jewish hate group ADL, which doesn't believe free men should be allowed to access information it hasn't approved. Jews lie to advance their interests, and preventing others from accessing the truth is one way they protect their gains. Jews are liars who can't handle the truth. They have an instinctive urge to outlaw criticism of their peculiar and pernicious group.

Six-Footed Racism

Ants don't believe in diversity. They are hate insects. An ADL insider told us the group is preparing a special "Colonies of Hate" report that should hit the wires soon.

How the Jews Lie: The Global Warming Hoax

If you read it in a Jew-owned paper, and there's anything to be gained by lying about it, you can bet the Jews are. Global Warming is a perfect example.

Pro-Whites Leaflet U Texas

National Alliance gets the facts out in the place where facts are hated most: academia. Second time this year UT has been enlightened. Here Hale's group distributes in New York again... Of course, distributions of the New York Times with their pro-Affirmative Action, anti-White cant are never referred to as hate-literature distributions. But they are.

Photos of Laughing Monkeys Here

A few of the niglets arrested for raping the retarded girl giggling in court. Put 'em to sleep, the sooner the better... Imagine a van driving through an American neighborhood. A van with a speaker on top. A van blaring: "All blacks out in the streets. You have five minutes. Anyone found inside will be shot." The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government. Thomas Jefferson said that.

Random Collection of Savage Rape Stories...

Title in Kansas City. Here in Tampa. And keep reading. Below another nigger rapes a retarded girl, also in Florida. Should I keep going? Or do you get the idea?

Parliament of Savages Approves Theft of White Farms in Zimbabwe

Your future, German, American, Briton, Frenchman... Racial equality is the Biggest Lie. All that is necessary for Jews and savages to triumph is for White men to do nothing.

Mexicans in Georgia, Part I: Illegals Allowed to Attend Georgia Colleges

Whites allowed to pay for them. We are no longer a nation. Being an American citizen is now meaningless. This is how empires fall apart. Mexicans in America have more rights than you do, White man.

Mexicans in Georgia, Part II: Brown She-Gangsters Shoot Two, Kill One

Mexico is wherever Mexicans are. That means Georgia is Mexico. Here female gang members shoot two people, kill one. Wherever Mexicans go, vice and pestilence follow.

Germany: NPD Ban Evidence Lacking?

It probably won't matter, but some don't think there's any good reason to ban the party. Second report here. Here on pro-Germans preparing to march in Berlin Saturday. Dig the last paragraph: saying "130" can get you arrested in Germany, that being the number of the paragraph in the penal code outlawing "Holocaust" denial. It's a free and democratic country -- unless you voice the wrong number. Here CDU continues discussion of immigration policy. Here hilarious story: Schroeder in Israel accidentally turns off eternal flame. If you don't think he did it on purpose, you might be right. I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

Oldest Two-Legged Animal Found in Germany

Unfortunately the lizard died with one of its arms at a 45 degree angle, so cops were quick to arrest it as a hate fossil.

BNP Raises Hell in Britain

Calling for new fuel protests... Here Guardian article on Roger Scruton and his book England: An Elegy... One nice thing about the Guardian that other papers ought to emulate is the extraordinary length of its articles.

Arabs Hack Pro-Israeli Websites

Here Israel accused of war crimes.

Duke Comments on HBO's

Our opinion: it's far too late in the game to be upset about Jewish media distortions, lies and misrepresentations. You on the right who talk to them know that going in. Either demand money for your time, or don't talk to them at all.

Rosenbaum on Idiot Gore

Good column rips half-wit intellectual poseur Gore... Aussie view of Weird A.

Jewish White-Slavery

Background info on White girls abducted to serve as prostitutes in Israel. Why aren't our billions in aid made contingent on the Jews passing laws outlawing this trade? Who wants to give the Jews money anyway? Why don't they give us money, the greedy bastards? I'm sure that the answer's not that our government is controlled by Jews... That's crazy talk.

White History: States Rights Book Out

Review of new Forrest McDonald book: Rebuke to Garry Wills and Jew neocons who support all-powerful central government and misrepresent America's origins to further their modern-day political goals...

Jew Chooses France over America

Somewhat interesting... Here good letters to WND, including response from Rhodesian freedom fighter Pierce to LoBaido's column we posted yesterday in which he reported the man in the street in Denmark believes a race war is coming to Europe.

Writers: "New Puritans" Manifesto

Possibly not all bad this new crusade by young English (mostly) novelists, who call for a return to stripped-down fiction focusing on narration and devoid of the idiocies that render most modern novels hopeless and boring. Here thoughts on Thomas Wolfe. Here review of new Wagner study. Here good stuff on Kierkegaard.

Doctored Cartoons

The Oompa-Loompas originally came from "darkest Africa" until the Semitically Correct censors got ahold of them. Now they come from "Loompaland." Several examples of nomenclature retrofitted to assuage Jewish sensibilities.

Dane-in-Street Sees Looming European Race War

This is a must-read. Don't be fooled by the anti-Saddam title, which is a classic example of burying the lead (probably due to Farah's inability to see the big picture because his Arab Christian nose is trapped between Jewish buttocks). The writer traveled around Denmark, and interviewed lots of Muslim and colored immigrants as well as White Danes. Everybody thinks there is going to be a race war in the near future as Whites fight back against their Jew-coopted brethren trying to bury their race and civilization by swamping it with Third World sewage. Try this: At the same time, WND interviewed scores of ordinary Dutch and Danes who all agreed that there will be "a war within 10 years to drive out the immigrants. It will begin in Russia and spread to Scandinavia." Said one Danish taxi driver who voiced the typical opinion, "When the blacks and Muslims get enough numbers in Denmark, they will turn on us and try and kill us. But Danes are not stupid. They see the white farmers being killed in Zimbabwe. We know our government won't protect us. But there are guns all around here. You can buy them everywhere and already the average person is preparing for the war to come."

Latest ATF Outrage

The ATF is a group that shouldn't exist. Talk to any gun shop owner to confirm it is made up of arrogant assholes. The war on guns, like the war on drugs, is essentially a welfare program for ex-high school football players. It gives them a chance to play cops-n-robbers on your dime. Everybody has fun and gets rich, legals and illegals alike. And you pick up the bill, White man. People who worry that the ATF in its raids is ignoring the Constitution don't get the point: the Constitution isn't and hasn't been relevant for quite a while now. The real political power in this country is the Jewish media, which could focus on outrages like the one in this story, but chooses instead, per Jewish political goals, to emit nonstop agitprop to persuade viewers by browbeating them into accepting that real security lies in giving up armed self-protection. The truth is that real security lies in getting rid of the Jews. Gun control is goy control. What is needed is Jew control. We don't need to register guns, we need to register Jews.

Nig 25 Taped at Least Some of Half-Day Rape Attack

A civilized country would throw these worthless niggers over tree limbs. What actually will happen is that probably two-thirds of them won't be prosecuted, one or two of age will take a fall, and the rest will get some mild punishment, which will all be wiped clean when they turn 21. And every last one of these niggers will be back among the public, most within five years, and every one will commit at least one more felony before he dies. Niggers is niggers, and it doesn't matter how many Jew psychologists you stick up before the cameras to lie away their behavior as the result of some environmental cause. The price of civilization is getting rid of, yes, niggers, but most important, the Jews who have built them up into such a horrible problem. Second report here.

Good Reporting on Palestine

It's always hard to know exactly what's going on, but Fisk seems to do a pretty good job covering things in the Middle East. Of course, his failure to parrot the Israeli line might end up getting him murdered, so give him points for bravery too. Here a Jew tries to persuade his readers that Israel's battle is America's and the Christians' battle, too.

Gottfried Compares Buchanan and Nader

Interesting comments from the paleocon Jew. See our review of his book on conservatism in the book review section, if you haven't. Reese comes out for Bush. Coulter on Gore's lies. And here on male-female voting differences. Women care less, know less about politics than men. NR Online gets daring with ten more things you can't say (after Elder). Uproar around new Gertz book on China threat.

Germany: Immigrants and Leitkultur

The hacks have made up their mind that Germany is, presto-chango, a land of immigrants. Now the question becomes, are the multiple cultures sure to ensue to be regarded as equals, or the German culture dominant? Wrong path, Germans... Ein Volk, nicht zwei...

Custred on Immigration

Newly sold American Spectator deigns to notice America's second-biggest political problem. But it and Custred, of course, fail to make mention of the Jewish political impetus guaranteeing our borders will never close until the White race is completely browned under like a Tijuana-shit-filled San Diego wave. Ah, but if you can sell political mags with this superficial stuff, why dig for the roots?

Ponte on Hate Crimes

This guy is rapidly becoming one of the better mainstream waterbugs; actually knows some history and can think his way through arguments, although he's careful to stay Semitically Correct. One of the more thoughtful treatments of "hate" crimes you'll see from the "respectables." His premise, that hate is irrational, thus hate criminals ought to be treated more leniently than normal criminals, is at the root of what many on the left have been trying to get for years: classification of hate and racism as mental diseases. That would create a wonderful new reeducation department within the phalanxes of the fed and state bureaucracies, and open up lucrative new revenue streams for social workers and other parasites. Of course, you can read the news, or you can turn to the novelists Huxley and Orwell and other dystopians, who had this game figured out long, long ago... It's just a variation of the game William F. Buckley chose to play with Joe Sobran when their views on Israel diverged and he fired him: You don't just disagree with me -- you're mentally ill, diseased, unbalanced, in need of treatment. The abstention from chickenshit tactics like this is part of what makes Sobran respectable and Buckley a drink-clinking grinner of a scalawag. Here on the Iowa Black female college administrator's anti-White comments that caused a mini-uproar a while ago.

Coming Soon to a Buttock Near You

Digital Angel is here!

Immigrants Enrich Our Society with Their Magical Diversity and Brain-Burrowing Parasites

Mexico is where Mexicans are. And that should not be here. And say hello to their little friends...Here millions of British sheep on the line if BSE (mad cow disease) shows up in tests... (Recently, more cases than expected in humans have been showing up in Britain as a result of beef eaten in the eighties.) And here on chronic wasting disease, BSE-similar, infecting deer and elk in American West.

The Sexual Revolution is Over and the Microbes Won

A first-rate cri de coeur from an unknown... The one thing wrong is that he doesn't mention the Jews, who are the primary source, through TV, of the cultural poison. The truth about the condom we are supposed to bow down to as our beneficient protector is that it is, as Madame de Stael said in the 19th century, a 'cobweb against danger, and a breastplate against pleasure.' All you need to know. So have sex to your heart's content, but know that you will be infected -- tens of millions of Americans, to pick one of the many diseases out there, have herpes -- and most of those don't know they have it. So they can't tell you -- even assuming they would, which many of them wouldn't. And, to take a second example, how many of you reading this have even heard of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)? It exists, it hugely ups your cancer risk, and -- did I mention -- it's a virus (like herpes and HIV), and incurable. Have a nice day.

More on Vermont: Dwyer and Anti-Semitism

Claims and counter-claims in Take Back Vermont movement re civil union supporters and opponents.

25 Niggers* Rape Retarded Girl for Twelve Hours

*A 'nigger' is a Black version of "white trash." Please note, thanks to the factual modesty of the lying AP Jews who edited this report, we don't know the race of every single rapist. So we are taking a wild guess. It is quite possible a few of the rapists are Mexicans. We'll bet you a quarter none is White (except possibly the girl). We've got some real savages in our midst, folks, and it bein' as there ain't no civilization-potion or IQ-injection we can give 'em, perhaps it's time to return to the wisdom of our betters: [T]HE TWO RACES, EQUALLY FREE, CANNOT LIVE UNDER THE SAME GOVERNMENT... When, White man, WHEN, will you realize that Thomas Jefferson wasn't joking when he said that? When it's your daughter's turn?... Colorblindness is not the solution -- it is the problem. The conservative cowards will all blame AFDC libs for this -- but they and their cowardly flitting over the deep truth about race are just as responsible. And of course, at root, we have the Jewish roaches who first spread the lie in this country that race doesn't exist: spreaders of the state-enforced ideology that is killing the White race: nothing is too good for them, and we can only hope and work toward day they will get what they deserve. Note in the responses from the "freepers" that exactly one of them has the guts to HINT AT the racial essence of the problem. And we always have a good time doin' it, boo-yah! Truly, as Tom Chittum says, a jerk-job site par excellence. Keep bouncin' those beachballs and voting Republican, boys!

Review of NOVA show: Holocaust on Trial

Jewish and Jew-paid flies leave their specks on the heroic Irving. They can't beat him, can't defeat him, can't cope with his scholarly rigor -- so they pay millions to minions to dump all over him, and bribe legislatures to pass laws suppressing his speech and travel. The truth remains that Irving is a great and durable historian and moral hero, and his Jewish opponents -- and their paid minions -- are flies of a summer.

Winnie "Too Busy" Or in His Cups?: Actor Gave 1940 Speeches

Heroic Winnie, beloved mass-murderer/Empire-loser of the waterbug right, never gave those heroic 1940 radio speeches: Norman Shelley, actor, did.

Official Irish Lies Are Pilin': Glass Ceiling on the Green Island

The same old lines and lies we've heard everywhere else. Kick out the coloreds and run free, sons of Eire! Here we see a "run-up to a national campaign against racism in the workplace. "There are today 14,500 non-Europeans working in Ireland on visas or permits. Ireland for the Irish. Here Anglican bishops undergo anti-White indoctrination. Here race rows over treatment of Africans in British gaols... Yes, multiculturalism is succeeding everywhere.

Premier Jewish Hate Group Holds National Conclave

The ADL -- the Jewish hate group that corrupts your police, bribes them to spy on you, trains your local cops in anti-White doctrines, encourages the government to take your gun and tape your mouth -- will hold a national meeting soon. If you're in the area, drop by and say hello. All the cool people will be there, including Hillary Clinton, German bigwigs, and aptly named Foxman.

Click Here!

Sobran on America's False "Friends"

American blood and treasure are just tools for the Jews, who lure us into wars to advance their interests.

Mugabe Blames White West for Savage Fecklessness

Actually, Robby, you're poor because you're stupid, and you're stupid because nature left you that way...

Marx in Review

Some thoughts on the pernicious flea-ridden Jew who, in his later days, proclaimed: I am not a Marxist. Once went to Marx's house in Trier, Germany. He had the smallest handwriting (very highly correlated to IQ) I have ever seen, almost literally microscopic.

Why Do Whites Outscore Blacks? Inquiring Denver Minds Want to Know...

The truth is -- David Horowitz, environmentalist dogmatist, let me in on this -- BLACK PEOPLE DON'T EXIST -- THEY'RE JUST RAISED THAT WAY... Everything about anything is mutable, fungible, more plastic than an anchorwoman's smile. You can train your pig to sing; you can train your cat to email you on vacation. Nothing really exists as-is, just atom piles waiting to be re-ordered by you-god.

Jews Intermarrying, To Rabbis' Consternation

Miscegenation and cultural destruction are only for White people, dummies, say Rabbis, most of whom refuse to officiate at mixed ceremonies. That's not racism, that's cultural preservation. When you, White man, wish to preserve YOUR culture, THEN it becomes racism.

Gulag Survivors Rally

Victims of the Jewish hate that killed tens of millions of their countrymen...

The Balkans, Democracy and Dictators

Ideology pushed by Jew-riddled State Department is the source of many of the problems... Keep in mind always Michael Hoffman's words that Jews see politics as a branch of Gentile pest control.

Battle at Emory

Dean Wurmers descend with fear and loathing on student editorialist who dares write the known truth about race and crime and intelligence. Here on Aleister Crowley... Here the somewhat annoying Mark Crispin Miller on the theory fetish that has overtaken academia...

Irving and Lida Baarova, Now Deceased

She was Goebbels intimate, one of top film stars in Europe; interesting comments by Irving. Note his casual description of being banned from German archives. Jewish myths need special legal protection, because they aren't true.

Chomsky on Palestine

Jewish outrages and media coverups...

The Rigged Game: Behind the Scenes Among the Intellectualoids

Sailer on Lind and a common technique.

The End of Republicans in California

All of the diversity and inclusiveness eyewash we saw at the convention comes a cropper when it comes to real-world elections: here a Mexican-American Republican stands to garner under forty percent of Mexican votes. It's all downhill from here, people. Voting White is the only way out. Are Republicans on the way out nationwide, as a result of their near-total copying of the grasping Dems? Could be. It happened in Canada.

"Free" France: More on Jean Plantin Case

Read this and imagine similar treatment accorded a Jew, and the resulting howls from his brethren at the Washington Post and New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

History: Jewish Connections Between American Moneymen and "Russian" Bolsheviks

The Bolshevik Revolution was a Jewish revolution.

On Multicultural Britain

Not bad, although Steyn is wrong that the British are at ease with themselves on race...

Media Bias: The PR Battle in Palestine

And here on agitprop in Vermont re civil unions. Here on Hollywood bias in recent TV.

Waterbugs Explain 1% Pat

Flit, flit, flit... Have you ever seen fifty waterbugs flitting around crazily over a square foot of water?

Modern Totalitarianism

Farah's right that newspapers and schools back up the dictators, but his rag's no different. Here on fed (EPA) abuses in Idaho.

Blue-Flamers Stealing Computers

They're not just murderers and operators of boom boxes playing tapes of rabbit death-screams; they can also obtain bogus warrants to steal your computer. All on your dime, of course.

Sharks on the Warpath in Australia

Ramming boats right and left with frenzied abandon... Here another taste of Australia -- art critic Robert Hughes's car crash and the aftermath.

Get Ready to Cough It Up for Israel, White Slaves

Another $3 billion of your money set for shipping to Yahweh's Premium Blend. And that's just the sum they tell you about.

Ground-level View of Middle East 'Clashes'

Drink a Pepsi, shoot some ragheads. All in a day's work for the Israelis. By the way: you paid for that Pepsi, White American.

Jews at The New Republic Smear Nader as Anti-Semite

Typical of Gore, typical of Jews, typical of TNR...

Colombia: A Place to Keep in Mind

Here's a leftist view, still worth reading.

Raimondo Explains 1% Pat

At least he wrote a good book...

Germany: Some Social Democrats Would Like to Ban DVU, Republikaner Too

The way to preserve freedom is to ban all the freedom-opponents until only the freedom-lovers are left. That's logic to German democrats installed by Jew-led Americans after the war.

Britain: Cops to Discriminate Against Whites in Promotions

All in keeping with Jew Straw's mission to discolor and demoralize White England. Here read about nig-nogs on the rampage in England. Disproportionate share of crime committed by young Blacks, just like everywhere else. The two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government, said Thomas Jefferson. And that's just as true in Britain as in America.

The Market is Always Right: White Babies More Valuable Than Coloreds

All you libertarian money-worshippers take note: The market God has spoken, and choosy parents choose les blancs.

Mexicans Kick Americans Out of Disputed Baja Territory

When will we kick the Mexicans out of the U.S.? Here Mexicans shoot at American border patrol. Mexicans are off-brand people, and to allow them among Whites is to commit cultural suicide.

Feds Help Nig-Nogs Shake Down Waffle House

"[T]he two races, equally free, cannot live under the same government." -- Thomas Jefferson... Lawsuit pressed by corrupt, Jew-ridden government. Denny's already in the bag, Shoney's on deck. Any reader with racial stats on dine-and-dashes, please forward. Are we racist for suspecting savages make up an unusually high percentage of these criminals, as they do in almost every other category?

Pierce on the Deracination of Britain

Jews and coloreds conspire to discolor the scepter'd isle...

Letter in Response to Upcoming Holocaust Programs

And here for those of you interested in the details of crematoria...

Bovard on Levyathan

The crushing, centralized omnipresent, omniregulating state...

Black-On-White Rape?

Who knows, because the report doesn't give the race of the victim, only of the savage perps. Rest assured, it would have been in the headlines were the colors reversed.

White History: Did Civilization Begin in Middle East, or in France?

Discoveries at French sites suggest the latter...

Why No Gun Control in Israel?

It's, sing with me, one standard for Jews, another for everybody else. Of course the Chosen should have firearms to defend themselves; and of course you, White man, should not... More on latest Jewish murders here. Here old article on Mossad-Australia connections, with lessons for those in any country with Jews: the local communities take their direction from Israel. The problem is not double-loyalty, it is single loyalty.

How Jews Used the Holocaust to Rewrite (American) History

Interesting FAZ article on the use of the "Holocaust" in America. Today, says the author, there are over one hundred "Holocaust" museums and research centers in the U.S. alone. In 1996, the Washington Post and New York Times published over 800 articles on the "Holocaust." Of course the author doesn't put it as we do in the title here, you must read between the lines...

Did Mossad Firebomb Israeli Embassy in 1994?

Quite possibly...

Jews Gloat Over White Unemployment in New South Africa

Rule by savage means physical violence and economic decline. Everywhere. Like gravity, it's not just a good idea -- it's the law. Latest attacks on Boers here.

Smith Responds to Savage Mugabe's Threat to Arrest Him

Laughs... Here a rare story on the farm seizures that gets it right: the "productive" farmland that Whites are always blamed for hoarding wasn't productive until White know-how and hard work made it that way. Before that it was called "jungle" and "savannah," and the Negroes traversed it unwittingly, like so many wildebeests.

Germany: Deckert Released from Prison After Ten Years

Did he rape someone? Murder? Extort money? Why no! He said something that the Jew-controlled hacks who run Germany didn't want to hear. So they jugged him for a decade. Germany is not a free country, White man -- but the Jew and his lackeys remain your enemies. Here, at Irving's site, is all the background on the case you'll ever need (German and English). More on rallies this weekend in Germany.

Jews Whine to UN About Anti-Semitism

And they're willing to do anything except stop murdering, extorting, leeching, and White-slaving to stop it. Here USA Today coverage of ADL report on Alex Curtis. New Holocaust agitprop on TV here. Here on Russian reaction to Palestine happenings.

Jewish Agitprop Around the World Before Truth Gets Its Boots On

Here an Australian hate paper runs the story about the "hate symbols," as collected and declared by the hateful Jewish hate group ADL. See, the hate media isn't really owned, run and controlled by Jews. That's why whenever a Jewish hate group makes a pronouncement you never see it repeated the next day in papers from Amsterdam to the Antipodes. No, there's nothing connected going on here, it's just all coincidental. See, since all good people hate the same things and think the same way, why they just naturally rise in uproar against the evil bad people, the haters. It just happens that hate Jews are especially good at identifying these evil folk who, after all, look rather like you and me. Hate Jews are special like that.

Canada: Christie Kicked Out of Canadian Alliance

Minutes after media notification of the fact... Lots of tolerance and free speech in Canada, too. Sheeple of the world, unite.

A Diversity Sampler

Britain, Evansville, Ind., Penn State... (Note how they fail to mention the anti-White attack by Black star QB Casey...) Diversity means a lot of things, but it always means low stardards. You can have coloreds or high standards; no third option.

Austria: Freedom Party Imbroglio

Claims that Haider's people paid for data... Haider in turn decries red-green mafia.

Free Speech in Spain

Just kidding. Imam says, "[Hitler] wasn't mad, nor was he stupid. He merely administered insecticide on the [Jewish] worms so that the German plant could flourish."

Ivory Coast Disintegrates

Remember, White man, the creatures described in this article are your equals, according to David Horowitz, the neocon pied piper. Every featherless biped has a soul, as Monty Python used to sing... Second report, on mass killing, here... Find out why we call them savages.

New Zealand: Maori Uses 'Holocaust,' Barely Escapes Sanction

The first commandment of the Jewish hate group that is the mass media is 'Thou shalt have no other Gods before the Holocaust.' Even if you're a New Zealand tribeswoman.

Ad With Swastika Rejected

AP report doesn't mention the who or what here.

Chasing Witches in Our Time

Here's a typical story about the Black-White gap in school achievement. I want you to read it, with all its breast-beating about how much work remains for the school board to do, and to realize that this insane attempt to supply a natural deficit truly shows that humans will always and ever be chasing witches. Nobody can admit that this gap is rooted in nature, hence attempts to solve it at best fail, and more often result in lowered results for the Whites who really are educable. Here's the same thing in Britain. Do you notice that wherever Blacks are mixed with Whites everything gets worse, and that we are all forced, per Semitical Correctness, to pretend there's some mysterious explanation for it all? The fact is that the media are controlled by Jews who allow absolutely no dissent on the crucial issues.

Paralympics Denounced by Mary Ellen Synon

Who says we never report good news? Special- Para- whatever-you-want-to-call-it Olympics are obscene, and it is no surprise that the Kennedys are responsible for them.

Hush Crime: Three She-Savages Attack "Caucasian of the Month"

This report doesn't fish out all the details we'd like, but enjoy the shortbus-er comments below.

Review of Utopian Literature

No map is complete without a Utopia, to paraphrase Wilde... And here a review of new collection of New Criterion essays.

Ebay Madness

Very interesting history of woman's online auction career... Shows you how rapidly things change on the Internet: "Suddenly they were everywhere, people who knew my secret to success. Rapidly eBay was pushing the traditional, small-time brick and mortar dealers out of business. I knew it was true when I happened to catch someone waiting in line for a juicy sale at the First Methodist Church in Clearwater, singing 'Video Killed the Radio Star.' Except their lyrics went, 'EBay killed the collectibles store.'"

Knaves in Shining Armani

A miscegenatory photoshoot in a men's magazine sparks the ire of our in-house F. O'Flahertie

Pro-German Sentiment on the Rise

The Jewish population has almost tripled since 1990, spurred by fresh-flowing bloodmoney that always fetches the leeches. The talk about hate and crimes is just a smokescreen for banning any party evincing disrespect for the Semitic overlords who wash the brains in a once-proud land. Juden, 'raus! Germany for Germans.

Maxine Waters: Black Hater Extraordinaire

I want you to think of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe as you read this column. What is the difference? Do you see that, had she the power, exactly the same sort politics is inevitable? That this is a racial thing, and has nothing to do with environmental conditioning or poverty, always the fallback position of liars, Jews and explainers-away. Blacks are not fit to live among Whites, much less vote or hold political office. That's what Thomas Jefferson believed, and he was right. You can believe him and us, or you can follow the pied piper-liars like Horowitz.

Jewish Lies, The New York Times, and Walter Duranty

Their man in Moscow won the prize for his coverup of the Jewish butchers' starvation of multiple million Ukrainians. Is there a single museum documenting these crimes? Not as far as we know. Is there a day of remembrance? Haven't heard of it. Do legislatures pass laws requiring schools to teach the horrors perpetrated by these evil Jews? No, their laws require the spreading of Wiesel's lies and the suppression of those who try to get out the truth. Jews in the United States -- in any White country -- are a huge, collective negative, and that realization is where real politics -- not the spectator- sport garbage you see on TV -- begins.

Yahoo Gets French Reprieve

Forces of Yahweh seek to stifle buying and selling that doesn't meet their approval.

National Alliance Member Busted with Arms Cache in New York

Do not talk to the police. They are not your friends, though they often present themselves that way. In many, many instances, your words are all they have to convict you. You are not smarter than the cops. You are not cleverer. Your sole advantage accrues when you KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

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