Pensees from the Jolt Cafe

by William Yates

16 April 2005

I. The Tower Twat

I walk into this place near a prestigious university. Lots of students come here. Here's one: a budding tower cunt, face in law texts, knees in the air, hard faced, popping gum. She throws a fuck-you glance at me as I pass. Don't know her, she don't know me. The glance is her habit. I look briefly at her. She's 25, maybe 28, and already has a hooker's eyes.

Cunt, I think, I do know you. I know your type and your case. There's tikkun olam, so some jew in Admissions brought you in over a white man who scored higher on his LSAT...but you know how things go. Various coloreds are part of the calculus also. All in all, some white men who deserve it don't get it because they're white and men. The ones who know it -- what do they do?

Well, they don't whine. They go away quietly, looking for another university, other ways. Maybe they'll reapply to this one. On the other hand maybe the one who lost out to you has a sense of adventure, admits to himself that the lawn cult and the glass tower and metrosexuals make his skin crawl, and looks for something novel. He would prefer to live like a man. Or maybe his dignity won't allow him to compromise with the System. Fuck it, he thinks, I'll do it my way. So he goes away, dismissing law school or grad school or med school. Some of them really do give it up, though their talents still crave it. He goes off with a vague plan of approaching success peripherally. He gets a meantime job driving a truck or tending bar, or some low-level management position, or works as a grunt coder -- totally dead end, shit work.

He's smart and alert and keeps scanning. But in fact he's on the outside forever, but doesn't know it yet. He's been put out and the tide will carry him away, ever farther away from success in the System. It doesn't take long before he feels it, then knows it. The evidence is there. Yet, he's not really cynical, and barely resentful. He watches without strong prejudice because he is good natured. He's confident and strong. Something will come along...

He observes the doings of the legislatures, media, governments, courts, businesses. Several years pass. And slowly, slowly, almost at an osmotic rate, the entire gig comes to seem alien to him. There's little concrete in it -- the effect is mostly on his instinct. It is almost as if gravity has changed, is pulling not towards the precise center of the Earth, but off. This though the surface, though changing, is not changing alarmingly. Life is still generally good. He can't complain. Life is struggle and disappointments. He tried, and will continue trying. Don't be a whiner, he tells himself...

But clearly there's a different energy working now; its effects are not complete but when they are the world will not be for him. He comes to realize this. The years are rolling by. He feels it coming. The very energy of society -- of the organic whole of being -- is skewed.

His mother tells him her church is marrying faggots now, and she doesn't want to go back. It's not her church anymore.

When he goes into the market he sees rabbinical symbols on nearly every package of food. But the ACLU, a jew terror organization, is fighting to have Christian symbols removed from what it calls "public spaces." He sees attractive white girls like the law school creature out with colored men, even niggers. The media encourages it.

He hasn't found a new place for himself since grad school receded. This blue collar shit is getting stale because he doesn't belong there. His job doesn't feed his head and his coworkers aren't interesting. He knows there are many men in his situation, but where are they? Worse, he knows his chances of becoming an "entrepreneur" are low. All he sees out there in the economy is jungle. He doesn't have the psychology of an "entrepreneur." Business bores him anyway. Truth be told, he finds it unmanly, if the man isn't tempered by duty to family and community. And look at the crime; it exposes the soul of a business society: America.

Life doesn't change its heart. He's been out there among the lower strata, the ones who'll never rise, the brutish and unintelligent ones Nature has doomed to servility. Yes, there's the road and the danger of life, a force circulating like the wind, wild and unconquerable. But here's the nightmare: he doesn't see a home. There's no community, thus no security from the god Danger.

What did the heathen call it? Did they not have name for this force, and having named it, were more fit for this life? In the meantime the rural areas have some sense of community. And all around there is still material plenty, and space to run.

For now. And he has stood outside the propasphere and looked at facts from there. And he saw cancer everywhere, disease in every joint, which must take the System down.

So, being essentially decent because he has a sense of honor, he simply watches and does the best he can. Hoping his situation will improve. He still has faith that if he is a good fellow, "works hard," his talent will become known and offers will come, perforce the Law of Merit, which he thinks is insuppressible, and he will find the sun.

But -- but -- people are pouring into the country, and he notices that at least half of the admittees in the influential schools are colored... No, his sun is not breaking through the clouds. They are in fact growing thicker, ever darker and denser...

And the harder he works the higher the government taxes his earnings. He thinks about this. Maybe, he concludes, government policy is designed by banks to channel people into borrowing money.

He notices about this time also another phenomenon: if a person leaves the propasphere of System broadcasts and newspapers, he becomes an alien character. So he feels it himself now, a dull nightmare, a friction with larger society. Living in this propasphere is like breathing toxic gas... He fights it but slides anyway into contempt for propasphere people. He doesn't like them. They are uninteresting and more often than not, rude.

But he slides on into a bitter state of mind -- yet hides it well. He must, or it will destroy him. He doesn't feel this way all the time, but cynicism, that terminal phase of disaffection, will become his steady state. Yet, as he focuses more and more on voices from outside the propasphere his cynicism is tumbled over and over by comradely voices, and grows polished. Gradually this cynicism, which is the hate of a defeated man, transforms into a useful tool, a higher form of hate, smooth and glistening.

It is, he finds, like an engine or force. He remains a man of dignity, so he knows how to use, and not use, his hate. Eventually too he realizes that the First Law delivered this tool to him. He knows now that without a higher form of hate he won't survive.

He tells no one. Why, oh bloody why, can't he take advantage of this time? Here the common man has everything he has ever wanted. But here comes his dignity again, dignity and honor. He thinks his contrariness emanates from it -- holds him back, keeps him outside. He can't figure it. Why, why?

Then he knows he's on a mission. There is no other reason.

Sometimes that image breaks in on him again, the cunt in the cafe, the screen of her laptop painting her face moonglow, her jaw working the gum like some grazing animal. Since then he has noticed such women -- so many there are he wonders how any man could miss them. It is these white women, determined to live as men, to compete with men for power and money. There she is again, behind the book wall, a cell phone strobing on her table. What more does she want? She wants to kick down the gates of social biology. What are 5,000 years of memory in the Western blood? Nothing. She is determined to trample it.

And now every time her image comes he wants to kick her face in. This gives him the creeps for a while -- until he realizes it won't go away, and won't go away because his instinct is guiding him to do what must be done. Where is his honor, that he thinks about hurting a woman? He doesn't know. But there it is. He has since learned the path her type will choose: an apparatchik of the jew propasphere, a political widget prepared to ferret and destroy the dignity of white men. He remembers the ways of the university that rejected him. He sees its work in her. She will be a nigger fucker, an aborter. She will become a functionary in the flow of "information." It is a tough scene in its way. The competition is ferocious. She'll work hard and out of necessity scheme. She'll use the f-word and a swagger will be on her. She'll borrow money and live expensively. It all is part of the life.

But when she starts losing the game, as she must, she will run to the government. And some bureaucrat from the ZOG bureaucracy will crush the men in her office. The jew media terror will descend and crush them, the men.

And our outsider, the cafe witness, knows that only the passing of a bit more time -- one or two decades -- will end this society, and creatures like this tower cunt cannot exist.

II. How To Spot a Jew Operation

1.) Jews own the System. Any event for public consumption will hew to System structure. The theme will stay inside the lines of Liberal verses Conservative, democracy vs. autocracy, Democrat and Republican, research organizations, newspapers, etc.

2.) An event will be mixer. That is, all races will be present giving voice as "Americans" or participants in "community dialogue." No hint of dominance -- mindedness by a person of a racial identification will be there. No participant will emit a signature indicating he or she advocates racial separation.

3.) Prime exposure. The event is being propagated by the media. This may include every type of media. The only medium jews don't control is the Net. The importance of the issue to jewish security may be gauged by the publicity it is given.

4.) Jews will be prominent in the event. If there are no obvious jews, it is a jew op with goy (or nigger or asian, etc.) fronters. If the front men are white "conservatives" the target is white fence sitters -- especially cops, soldiers, security types, politicos -- who are critical to the System.

5.) Jew media terror and bribery maintains a "stable" of retired soldiers and "manly" -- looking political operatives whom jews trot out at tactical moments. The strategy is to keep the security, legislative and bureaucratic apparat friendly to Israel and jewish affairs.

6.) Emotional Invasion. This is for the rest, especially women. The themes: racism, sexism, tolerance, justice, etc. This is to keep poor whites resentful of middle class and wealthy whites, and the coloreds discontent, and white women in friction with white men. Jews used this strategy in their 1917 coup in Russia. It is their instinct to divide, destroy and take control. However, they appear to have failed to suppress this instinct here. One might ask why they are destroying America, the greatest prize in history. The answer is: they can't help it. Jews released criminals to terrify ordinary Russians. One can see this doctrine in operation here in the ACLU.

The jew Sverdlov [right] ordered the murder of the Czar and his family at Yekaterinburg. The rest of the Romanov family were also hunted down and murdered. Russia, stripped of its preeminent symbol, became a basket case. Look at it. This is what the jews bought for themselves.

7.) Diversion. This is related to Emotional Invasion, but a higher version of it. Diversion is intended for the more intelligent. An event will contain themes that seem to be novel but are really eternal, nothing new under the sun. The intelligent man or woman feels this tempest in a teapot and shrugs in exhaustion or indifference. This is the intention. This has been used in every Capitalist war since the U.S. Civil War, to divert public attention from the politics of survival. Any white person who takes these diversions seriously is not one of us.

III. When the Machine Breaks Down

You of older vintage will remember "benchmark" films that marked the transition from the "old" America to what slithers about us now. The Vietnam War had disrupted American identity sufficiently to allow whites to look at themes which foreshadowed the destruction of stability. These were eco-depletion, corporate control, abortion, sexual license, interracial sex, etc. Vietnam was transparently a corporate war -- Robert McNamara came out of General Motors. Powerful technologies made an era of new threats plausible.

I will not list these films, because you know them. Their themes were directed at the average man's addiction to propaganda. There were overpopulation and psycho -- killers: Manson the civilian version, "Kurtz" and "Rambo" the consequences of a Capitalist, imperialist, racist war. The momentum built quickly because as I said these issues were not firmly thought to be fictional by whites generally, but operating realities.

This era of new pathologies was necessary because the old "cold war" specter was no longer frightening the masses. No insider political operative ever took the "threat of nuclear annihilation" seriously to his grave.

By the early '70s a new market was ready. Terror had been seeded in other delivery vehicles. No longer was it confined to "Russian warheads" and agents. That anyway was too simple. Greater complexity would not create expansion of the media, bureaucracy and security apparatus, which the ZOG and its masters wanted. Terror was both reduced to the mundane (your Nam vet neighbor) and dispersed into the enormous humming energy of America.

The new Armageddon would come as payback for racist wars, ecocide, materialism, and the rest. The themes which moved me most then, and still do, are overpopulation and the ecology. And the film "Deliverance" (1973) encapsulated these, in a one-liner from Burt Reynolds. He plays a wilderness guide towing several soft business types from the 'burbs. I can not quote the line. It came at a pause in their journey, when the woods had turned rough and spooky. The dudes are quiet, and Burt, who carries a bow instead of a rifle, tells them that their system is going to break down. And the lawn-culters look around at the green cliffs and the water crashing over the rocks. It's all indifferent to them, this wilderness. The gods of primum natura are watching, waiting -- you can feel it. The old system won't last, and what you see here will someday rule again out there. What are you gonna do when the machine breaks down?

Now, "Deliverance" was a jew production, but the kikes don't make reality, white men do. White men overcome the material world, bend it and use it. The character Burt played knew that the wigger-sprawl-gasoline-consumerism-war system could not last. Like we know it. The view was not nearly so known then as it is now, so he didn't express it as we would, but he was on the right track. Our maladies -- America's maladies -- are the result of Capitalism and jewish instinct.

I will bypass the anti rural white theme of "Deliverance" and discuss a few remainders. That seed Burt planted in me 30 years ago has become a stout oak. I believe that the System will break down. Now, this theme is almost trite to racialist whites, but in the rest of the whiteskins it's just another trendy handle to pick up. But not for us. We want to pull Man back. We want huge reserves of wild land, and population reduction. But we're not greenies, who are "anti-racist." They "expose" General Motors and Weyerhaeuser Lumber but want to help goat fuckers in Sudan survive and breed.

The greenies and the suburban trendies and the rest don't want to look at the old gods. That's too far out. They need GM and Wal-Mart to define the dark side. The more intelligent know that a middle ground is necessary, but know also that the machine won't open it. What the rest of the people will be only mildly interesting. In the meantime the new, improved Armageddon is sneaking in, and they won't recognize it.

IV. Ronin, or Sleeping White Warriors

Some of you have served in ZOG's forces, some not. Both of you know better now. You would serve the right master, the leader who means to do what needs to be done. But this leader has not yet appeared, because the time is not right.

Then there are the rest, the other kind of white man. The man of this type suffers as a brute does because he doesn't know why his world is decomposing. Things are going badly for him, and he takes the whole personally. And sometimes he goes, as the term says, "postal." This is a jew term, offered in a jew-movie which came out a decade ago, but it is appropriate. The sorry insane repetition of work in this age of information brokering isn't paying off anymore for too many of us. We work harder, ever harder, but what we want continues to recede, decompose, and the insults and machinations against us are increasingly obvious.

A question: why do white men who go postal kill only whites? Regard the German-American [Ed. Note: he was an Indian] up in Minnesota a few weeks ago who walked into his church and smoked seven co-wiggers. Then shot himself, of course. Such actions are suicide -- orgasms, a release of pressure from drifting, losing and drifting endlessly. The ranter isn't serious about changing anything. He isn't political. Life got too hard and blank and he tried to simplify it, put color in it, by reducing the population. Every white survivalist thinks about this, and every politically-savvy white dismisses it as ineffective. On the other hand, we wonder how come never, ever a white man doesn't walk into a JCC and smoke a dozen kikes instead. Now, that would be real progress towards a better world. Curious, isn't it? Why can't these guys organize a nigger hunt or jew hunt, or in the case of those snow wiggers up there, as Martin Lindstedt called them, why not hunt Hmong? But time after time it is white men going berserker on whites. Obviously they were not warriors, not ronin. A white warrior is looking for a leader.

The Leader. These restaurant cowboys do not know there is a war, else they would discipline themselves and wait, prepare for orders... They are masterless, unwitting and broken in their undisciplined, drifting lostness...

This time is to prepare, to educate and prepare, for the time coming. It will be the final battle to purge the jew forever, or die. It is not necessary that you dislike jews, or hate them, to recognize this. If you want to live white and want white generations the jew must go. With the jew gone white people have a chance of surviving the crush of humanity which will soon be fighting like hyenas for space and resources. Take a look at the farmland in your area, murdered by sprawl, populated by whites driven out of quality, beautiful older housing by government policies and media. That is the future.

Prepare to fight to the finish, or your kind will vanish.

The ZOG is too strong now to take on. But the ZOG is dying. It has painted itself in a corner and must exert a Soviet control. Viz Chertoff and his Department of Homeland Security. Our jew and capitalist lords must nail it all down or they will go under.

The United States is too big and complex to control. There are too many groups and they have politics. The Christians will go one general way and the Mexicans another and the Chinese their way. The South will remember that it is different and wonder what to do with all the Mexicans and other browns amongst it. The Northeast will start fellating England again, whom it has always loved dearly and never really wanted to leave. Etc. What a mess.

But, fuck it. If I'm speculating too far, I say, don't we all? The point to remember is that the United States is doomed unless it goes under Soviet style control -- which it will. The disintegration, when it starts, will be terrifying. It will make the Russian Revolution look like a football riot.

V. Wigger Control = Population Reduction

I was driving down the interstate the other day and a fat wigger in an SUV was tailgating me. This was approaching a large city. The countryside there is pretty, still rural but curling its toes as the tide of wigger housing creeps in. Like the pirates used to bury a man on the beach up to his neck facing the ocean, and he'd watch the tide coming in that will drown him. The first to arrive are the big houses, one mill and up. These are the "made it" houses, declarations by the nouveau that they can borrow enough for a million dollar house and pay three million for it over twenty. I look at them in progress: matchsticks, fiberboard junk squatting on a murdered wheat field. The idiots bulldoze all the trees and plunk these abortions down on a cul de sac and name it "The Glens at Winterthur," shit like that. Three weeks later they're done. Mercedeses and dirt bikes for their mall rat kids litter the driveways and raw tarmac. The deer run crazy; everything's changed. They dash out and get mangled by the fat wigger in the SUV...

These assholes drive as fast as they think they can get away with, always. One wonders what to think of them. They are driving the oil and vehicle industry, which the kikes use for political cover as they create their eretz Israel in the Middle East. In the meantime I see crushed foxes, opossums, groundhogs, pheasants, raccoons, snakes, turtles, vultures. Out here the wiggers are the problem. But we know where they come from.

The city, blasted by nigger and colored disease. Direct result of policies pushed in by kikes and dumb-as-farts whiteskins. No civilized white person can live amongst niggers. Any white who looks civilized in the city amongst niggers is only apparently civilized. They swallow their genes every day, look the other way.

And that is not all. As I surveyed the rolling dying land I knew also that food security is threatened. The destruction of local agriculture not only puts "us" at the mercy of agribusiness and the price of oil, it eliminates jobs. The instinct of agribusiness is the same as any corporation: cannibalization, then self-immolation as it runs out of fodder. The National Socialists saw this clearly. The United States won its Capitalism and Democracy crusade -- by high explosives. Don't believe that horseshit that the American lemming in Europe won the war because his motivation to destroy the evil Nazis was burning. No, America won with overwhelming doses of artillery and heavy bombers. Essentially the same thing "we" are doing in Iraq. The sight caused me to consult my copy of the Protocols when I returned home. And lo, I read from Number 6:

To complete the ruin of industry of the goyim we shall bring to the assistance of speculation the luxury which we have developed among the goyim, that greedy demand for luxury which is swallowing up everything. We shall raise the rate of wages which, however ill not bring any advantage to the workers, for at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices of the first necessaries of life, alleging that it arises from the decline of agriculture and cattle-breeding: we shall further undermine artfully and deeply sources of production, by accustoming the workers to anarchy and drunkenness and side by side therewith taking all measure to extirpate from the face of the earth all the educated forces of the GOYIM.

The time of day was Sunday morning and I wondered why the wigger was hurrying so. But then I realized it doesn't matter, they are tuned to gluttony. And it so happened that fellows like this were threatening security and the natural world. Both maladies result from media corruption and corrupt laws. The central government can favor local agriculture as easily as it disfavors it. There is no more administrative stress involved in assisting county farmers than in paying them not to farm. Should we forget, then, what the ZOG does otherwise? It subsidizes colored animals and wiggers in the cities, so they may breed, and new generations of hopeless niggers and coloreds besiege the vestiges of 300 years of white infrastructure. The whites are driven further out. They need houses, cars, roads, bigger government. Everybody wins but the real people. It all spreads like the ripples from a stone dropped in a pond. So you see it: policy the small farms out of business, pay the animals to breed, frighten the dwindling stock of civilized whites into borrowing money to get away. Put them at your mercy, as you control the food supply, which comes from Florida, California, the extremes of the nation. This is what the kikes did to the Ukrainians: used food as a weapon.

I read some German nationalist say of population increase and strategic thinking of the Western governments: "There's no plan." The wiggers run and get fat -- is that natural law? No, people who run should starve. People who surrender are slaves. Think about it. It should make your skin crawl. The ostensible supply of petroleum is finite, but ZOG operates as if it is infinite. The ZOGs will go on expanding as long as the super crops are making money and jewish power wills it.

If the slaughter of wildlife in North America could be tallied, it would appall you. These poor animals: dead to feed mobs of niggers and wiggers and the buffoons in the matchstick mansions on that hill over there. Civilized men shake their heads.

This will go on. The system which rules will continue until its sustenance is exhausted. It cannot back off. The exhaustion can take the form of complexity from group competition, which is on track to paralyze the U.S. state. Remember, the peace in America is the product only of white passivity, and that only because there are vast spaces and cheap energy for them. Absolutely none of our academic or government leaders, so called, will take on this problem, that is, mention it. To do it would offer up the issue of identity as the main course -- which would start a momentum inimical to corporate, Marxist and jewish interests.

So, the Revolution is born. It cannot be judaized nor capitalized. It will be based on survival and eco-rescue. It will summon from the blood memories of the old gods. It will eliminate the un-indoctrinable, the colored, the parasite cultures. They who make the most noise, these lackeys of the System, cannot fathom what is coming. They are outside the ken of the revolution, which will be a force of nature. Aryan man's heathen ordering of the world will be imposed. There will be no more room for judaeo-capitalism, no sustenance, no tolerance.

You might ask if racial and cultural sovereignty are doomed. I answer, "no." After all, things are falling apart. When the food and fuel run short, watch all this tolerance disintegrate. So we may look forward to the time of excessive competition for resources, the time when the middle-class level of consumption becomes too dangerous to maintain, while colored lobbies take more revenues for themselves. Then what? Breakdown of System propasphere, the de-narkification of the white masses.

Democracy is the waterboy for Capitalism. Democracy fails when excessive individualism finally catches up to society -- that is, when government can no longer keep the order that is the natural duty of community. Democracy fails when consumer goods become dear beyond the average man's ability to pay -- and that comes from excessive individualism.

The Iraq war will be the model for exposing the lie of Democratic systems, because the Iraqi people will never recover their standard of living. The judaeo-capitalist carpetbagger has arrived. The Iraqis will learn that "Democracy" steals. Only this system could bring about the insanity besetting the white man -- and the wigger in the SUV behind me.

VI. The Suck

I was listening to the Art Bell Show last Saturday night. He read from an article in the current issue of Rolling Stone. Subject: the coming oil slump. I was half asleep. Callers answered his blanket questions: "Do you think this prediction is accurate?" "Will the general public believe it?" "If it came to killing your fellow citizens in order to feed your family, could you do it?" etc. Art Bell has a cachet of authority because he's been around so long, and is highly intelligent, and is about as objective as a media type can get away with. So when he presented this theme it was a bit frightening, even to an outsider.

Now, this is coming two years after I first read of oil starvation. If the issue has now reached the Art Bell Show, whose audience forms a sort of "second tier" filter for conspiracy theories, the prediction is closer to plausibility. That is, oil starvation and the disintegration of society is more likely. The details are not to be predicted now. Details are not predictable. Only the arrival itself can prove even the broadest outlines.

Oil feeds five billion people. That is, a non-petro world could feed, I'd guess, at most 1.5 billions, maybe two. That means if oil cannot be refined at the rate of rising demand, someone will starve. It will start with the weakest, least intelligent populations, which are niggers in Africa. The starvation ghoul would work its way up the chain of intelligence, until only the "top 10" or 15 percent of the most intelligent, cunning and ruthless populations remain.

Everything wil go down -- slowly, if we're lucky, so we can prepare. Medieval conditions will prevail. The unarmed will die.

We the outsiders will be armed. We did not "choose" to be outside the System, in terms of allegiance. Our mental complexions have given us our politics. Many of us did our best to get along, to be System people, and failed, and can never fit. But none of us worthy outsiders were predators. We never used our misfit-ness as cover to be jackals, as most Communists and jews do.

So here we are, and the world is running out of its fuel. I believe it. If the beginning of the end comes in our lifetimes (probably it will), what will we do? I cannot say what others will do. But for myself certain actions are likely. A veteran of the white resistance whom I respect, wrote that anyone who has grown rich under the present System is its lackey and contributes to white relegation and destruction. I'm not sure this is true. There is clean money in this time of ZOG. But on the other hand there are lots of rich whites out there who don't give a fuck. In the troubles some of them will be obvious to us. They will be, in the state of war for survival, just targets.

Think about who shall deserve to survive. Will the predator rich manage to conceal themselves? Will we let them go? That will be determined. Here's another issue: will the clean rich form a natural aristocracy for the white revolution and renaissance? I say they must, for there will be leadership talent in their ranks. As for the rich who fall to us, they will have assets we need -- first land. We want the land of the rich, especially rural land. We will probably liquidate the adult males.

Second, we want their women if we need women. We will take their best, balanced, intelligent women and offer them a choice: join our community -- or don't, the consequences of which will be rape, sex slavery, starvation or murder.

More, we will seize the assets valuable in warlord conditions such as gold, silver, weapons, livestock (horses especially), housing, agricultural machinery, and the like.

Such things were going through the minds of Bell Show respondents that night, although none spoke in racial terms. One caller mentioned the film "Soylent Green," a classic (though poorly done) whose theme is coming on line 35 years later.

For three hours the calls came in. Some admitted, with shame, that yes, they would "kill" to feed their family. Now, it was obvious preparation had not entered their heads. The generic response was like a schoolboy's essay of "What I would do in a hurricane." Their thinking seemed influenced by the documentaries they watch of the African savannah: hyenas and lions, zebras and wildebeests, the struggle for for meat for a day. So they were down to wigger-herd thinking: kill and take and the howling of the wind and the chaff obscure the screams of the final echoes of civilization...

Keep in mind that Art Bell listeners are alert and technically skilled above the average. Still, there was mostly panic behind their response, like the savannah animals. What else can we say? First: get the hell out of the cities. If the mobs of colored and niggers haven't repulsed you sufficiently yet, a bit of imagination involving $5.00 gasoline should start it.


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