Penseés at the Jolt Cafe

by William Yates

7 January 2005

A large city on the East coast.
Christmas Day, 2004.
Penseés at the Jolt Cafe.

After searching the city for hours I found this cafe open, run by Pakistanis. No Christmas break for infidels. There are a few bachelors around, fellows like me who are either too fussy about their women or who, also like me, have bad attitudes. There are a few couples. One is a white woman and her black boyfriend. Here are my thoughts on this day of love, the birthday of our lord Jesus Christ. First, put the barrel of my .357 against the nigger's head and pull the trigger. Then shoot his whiteskin skank. Too bad she succumbed to jew propaganda. She was lovely -- a ballerina physique -- apparently well-bred.

Someone averred, "Might does not make right." I concluded otherwise: right made itself win because it had the guns. So some christian wigger said to me: "That was wrong, what you did. That woman had the right to choose her life." The christian wigger conflated right, as in morally true, with right, as in permission by law. We expect these "rights," both of them, are related to each other. But they are not. I had the right, you see, to terminate the whiteskin consort of a male nigger because I had the power. The power was given me by the force of my understanding of genetics, and by my observations. These influenced my will. My will instructed me to eliminate the whiteskin female so she could not pollute the white genepool. Or Aryan genepool, rather. I offer finally a worn cliché but it might suffice for a cap: "The winner makes the rules and writes the history."

On to other things.

I read an article in Horizon magazine (defunct), Summer 1972, that asserted "10,000 years of human structure" (my term) is ending. This article is worthy of a report to you, which I will topicalize so as not to bore you. "A revolution of society that is as complete and as profound as the one that changed man from hunter and food gatherer to settled farmer and craftsman." These foundations are crumbling. Yes -- and we complain and blame jews and "liberals" -- which is partially true -- but I have visited counties in east Tennessee, small towns that are 95% Aryan, and the downtowns are dying. And three miles out is an exploding Wally World strip mall. Everywhere you go the towns and cities are declining and the suburbs are booming. Technology is causing this "deconstruction"; our enemies are using it to accelerate Aryan decomposition. The term deconstruction works because it addresses the dissolution of the mental as well as the physical. That is, the civilized Aryan mentis. The author of this article is one Mr. J.H. Plumb, of Christ's College, Cambridge. It is worthy but fell short. He did not articulate how technology is dissolving ten millennia of structure, only that it is. He described the effects, not the means. Allow me to fill those gaps.

Plumb said family, religion, cities and aristocracy were the pillars of civilization. No argument there. Here are some details which might help us get along with the changes that bother us so much. Information has made school unnecessary. Information is everywhere; one can pick up all one needs. I refer to information ubiquity. Schools have been reduced to keeping kids off the streets until they are 18 years old. Mobility, that is, cheap energy, allows easy migration to more favorable markets, whether you are a nigger drug dealer, a Mexican, an out-of-work Russian physicist or one of Saddam's former hitmen. Also food supply: 95 percent of the people in "first world" countries live off the production of the 5 percent. This of course frees them to do their thing.

A base illiterate needs only drive and cunning. He can utilize mobile phones, Internet, even television to find like-minded people. Entertainment is the chief connecting medium. In the case of niggers, it's hip-hop and ghetto culture. For a middling white man of the exurban sprawls it is churches, advertisements, political books, coworkers, taverns. This applies to all races as well, and groups, psychologies -- anyone can find the like-minded.

All can get a car, a plane ride, a train ride, and go there.

All can talk on the Internet to anyone on earth.

None need worry about sustenance. Food and energy, services and law enforcement, are everywhere. There are bread houses and homeless shelters everywhere. The Kwa is excessive; dive any dumpster and find throwaway food and clothes.

In 1972 author Plumb did not have to factor the Internet into his analysis. The Net is dissolving further the need for physical meeting. Why cities and churches, then as meeting points? Now, what does all this mean to Aryans who want to survive as Aryans and want their children to survive? Let's start with these assumptions:

- Physical rootedness has been rendered unnecessary to survival. Technology provides abundance of food. Technology allows any person to migrate anywhere. - Information is cheap, free, everywhere, and full. This lets anyone learn anything his temperament needs. This gives him flexibility to assume roles, traits and therewith to move across cultural and even racial-political boundaries.

- Higher attracts lower. The crude intimidate the refined. Euro civilization will draw non-Euros who want the comfortable conditions, relatively honest and effective government, cultural artifacts, exquisite females, wealth and hygenic environments.

- The process of dissolution is unstoppable. It is abetted by certain racial groups (jews primarily) and by commercial cartels, but the process is the inevitable outcome of information and energy technology.

Mr. Plumb saw this coming 35 years ago. Aryans who want to survive should integrate these into their wills to survive. They should accept them, as they would a rainy day. These are the facts and will run their courses. Once done, once they have accepted, they must go with the flow. What does that mean? These:

1. Start working with the trend of dissolution and deconstruction. That is, prepare to migrate and use information technology to reach like-minded whites.

2. Abandon all structures of government, especially the security apparat. Legislatures are a joke. These too should be abandoned because they really have no power to change anything. They can tax and spend, bomb and round up, but they are helpless against the dissolution of physical and mental structures. Security organizations and lawmakers will find themselves, like the politburo of the USSR, sitting on a mere landmass of people who don't take them seriously anymore.

3. Think weapons.

4. Think living space.

5. Starve the usury apparat.

6. Think eugenics.

7. Look for advantages and openings in the torrent of information. The answers are there.

Really, there are no more filaments of that web -- call it the Old Order -- that restrict us. None at all. We have our instinctual preference for Aryanness -- that's guidance enough. Nothing can stop us from being as ruthless and cunning and completely nihilistically race-centric as jews. We can be as wild as niggers going after what we want. And if we become these nobody can stop us. I won't invoke "faith," only mention it. If you bothered to read this and other essays on "what to do" you carry the stuff of victory. Your blood will guide you in your battle to eradicate the enemies of Aryans. Stay out of jail. All you have to do is stay out of jail. ZOG is melting down like the Wicked Witch of the West and nothing can stop this. ZOG will eventually outlaw white meetings. Count on it. When this arrives, the guerrilla war will have started. Then we will know for sure that ZOG has become a predator on the level of the jew-Bolsheviks of 1917 or any burglar or rapist.

When this comes ZOG operatives deserve no quarter and should be liquidated. ZOG is weaker than its propaganda has the masses believing. Viz the operations of jew agents in our country. I have in mind the "art students" and "moving company employees" of around 9/11 time. Mossadniks run their will through US society like cheese through a dog's alimentaria. That is, an operational cadre that is hostile, determined, contemptuous, insular and cunning can do anything it wants in this hog-farm called America.

Awareness is the essence of survival. I shouldn't have to say it, but some people don't understand it. Here we can look at the jews for an example. They thrive in times that destroy other peoples. Why? Because they look at change as opportunity rather than threats. City mongrelization provides one. It is the result of the hyper fusion-travel-energy-food surplus. We know Rome dissolved partially because of mongrelization (peoples imported the Middle East) of Latium. This is our opportunity, as history shows. Running against ZOG also are the consequences of eco-strain and political complexity. Consequently, this is not the Jew's golden age. He has more gold than ever, true, but he lives on sand. He is inheriting nothing.

I am reading also The Zambezi Salient, by South African journalist Al Venter. Written in late 1973, published in 1974, it is the story of the guerrilla war by black African nationalists against South Africa, Rhodesia and the Portugese colonies of Angola and Mozambique. I have not finished this book, but several points jump out. First, support for these guerrillas was coming from China and the USSR. That is not upsetting. But support came also from -- nota bene -- the governments of Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, and other nordisch countries that didn't know the nigger. They do now. Also supporting the niggers were church groups and the World Council of Churches, certainly guided or influenced by jews, then and now.

The other important point is the psychology of survival provided by the example of Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence (from Britain), made in 1965. Britain wasn't showing up with the diplomatic or military support for Rhodesia's fight against the bush niggers, so Ian Smith, PM of Rhodesia, declared his country independent. It's on record how effectively the Rhodesian state carried on alone (and with South African support) against the niggers, and achieved economic independence. Smith deserves finally both praise and damning. In the end he gave in to the niggers. Viz Rhodesia's condition today, after 20 years of nigger control. But the psychological impact of UDI set free energies in the Rhodesian people that might have saved them. I refer to White Rhodesians. Perhaps, however, they were doomed no matter what they did, as they were but 10 percent or so of the population and most of their security forces were majority black. Their Selous Scouts, of the Rhodesian Army, and the Rhodesian Light Infantry, are legendary. They tore the niggers a new asshole and could have carried Eurodom in Africa to safety had they not been betrayed by their governments. I refer to the South African and Rhodesian governments. Portugal suffered a coup d'état in 1974 that diluted her defense of her African colonies. Otherwise, Portugese security forces were effective, according to Venter, and could have carried on their cooperation with Rhodesia, which shared a border with Mozambique. Here is proof again that the only way to survive in the long term is to separate from our racial enemies and procure our exclusive living space.

On the personal level, our own "UDI" from ZOG sets us free to invent strategies and apply new energies to our families and friends. Our arch-enemy the kike has no inhibitions in his slithering progress toward total control, total victory. If you see a hint of mercy in his behavior it is not that, I assure you. It is only caution. The jew never backed off in Russia. He killed everybody it pleased him to kill, and this included priests and intellectuals (viz Katyn). He'll do it here, too. If you reason that the jew has turned extreme because of the "Holocaust," think again. You can read their pre-war literature and see that they meant to miscegenate Whites out of existence all along. The Nazi roundup experience merely added extreme urgency to the jew strategy of survival. Niggers are merely tools to the jew. A nigger doesn't want to be miscegenated either. A nigger doesn't want equal rights; he wants access to Aryan living standards, wealth, white pussy, Cadillacs, fine restaurants -- i.e. Whiteness in the broadcast impact of whiteness upon the material world. In the meantime the nigger wants to stay a nigger. Ditto the jew.

An Aryan cuts this off, all this, only by the alcoholic's strategy: an Aryan admits he is a host for his parasites and declares himself independent of the system. He might not at the time of this declaration be truly independent -- e.g., he might be a government employee -- but he can, no matter what, reduce the blood he surrenders to the parasites and predators. To this end he finds ideas, comrades, means and methods in the information ubiquity.

Best in 2005, comrades!


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