Unoffensive Nonwhites: Why You Should Hate Them, Too

by Douglas Wright

1 August 2005

It's a natural instinct for the newly racially conscious to make a distinction between foul blacks and Hispanics and the much-less-offensive nonwhite varieties, like Asians and Indians. Expressing admiration for the latter is seen as way to ensure that everyone, including fellow pro-whites, doesn't think you're the blind hater of liberal lore.

Because, in fact, Asians and Indians are less offensive than blacks and Hispanics. And as the ol' IQ data shows, Asians are often smarter than whites. I myself revel in pointing out that Japan is a smooth-running, productive and racially exclusive nation.

And it's a good conversational stance, to be sure. Rhetorically, you distance yourself from naked self-interest by noting that other racial groups have in some arenas proven superior to whites (and that there's nothing controversial about pointing this out).

But in your heart, hang on to this: the wogs and the yellows just ain't family.

Get enough of 'em, of course, and you can gin up the same healthy hate you feel for the boolies. Especially if you're noticing that they surround you at every restaurant, every intersection and every counter in a supposedly "safer" part of our country than the cesspools of niggerdom.

In the end, it's this simple: no matter how bright, friendly and competent the unoffensive nonwhites are, they're still nonwhite. That means Tom Chen is holding a position at CompanyCo that could be held by a white. Geeta Reddy is teaching the class you should be teaching. Wherever you think the point breaks on the zero-sum/infinite sum continuum of the distribution of social and economic power in any given society, the fact remains that their very presence is pushing whites aside - psychologically, if nothing else. Their yellow and brown faces are in ours, and it's a reminder that we are being defeated as a people.

It's the same reason the Jew domination of law school faculties should piss you off: even if you could show (how, I'm not sure) that nothing they're doing in these positions is inherently anti-white, the mere fact that they're holding the power positions and our people aren't is a big part of the problem. I'm not interested in being "taken care of" by clever nonwhites or remaining well-fed on a nonwhite plantation. I want me and mine running the show. I want us deciding what's right for us, even if we're wrong.

It's a matter of pride of place. Even if Asians, Indians and even Jews in power positions across the nation all of a sudden started taking pro-white positions, they'd still be at the helm while we're below deck shoveling coal. This is beneath us. We whites man helms just fine. The only time we end up below decks is when we voluntarily shuffle down there.

Time to climb back up, white man.


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