Prof. Thomas A's TA Replies to Mr. Mueller's Girly Outburst

by William H.

18 February 2005

In reply to Prof. Thomas A's scientific presentation: "Why Niggers Smell Like Shit, and How to Cure That"

Mr. Mueller wrote to VNN Reader Mail: 16 February 2005.

Dear Mr. Mueller:

The good Professor Thomas A. has a busy week ahead coordinating important olfactory research matters, so he assigned me, William H., his newest teaching assistant, the little task of replying to your recent emotional outburst to thoroughly researched and documented biologic and genetic facts.

My only direct communication with the good Professor on this matter was this brief encounter.

"Here Bill. Take this. Have some fun with this girly Left Coast nigger-lover. See if you can get him to volunteer for a DNA test. Let's see if he's got some nigger in 'em. By the way, how's your research project coming on the safe and sanitary disposal of highly contaminated nigger apocrine glands in abandoned federal oil reserve tunnels? Speed it up! Now get back to work."

Mr. Mueller. Don't take any of this personal. But, you are one sorry ignorant worthless fuck. Your ignorance of science -- anatomy, biology, chemistry and genetics -- is astounding, even by today's standards of universal ignorance. Maybe you were a lit major, a communications major? You would need to restart your misguided life and ruined education from birth to understand what's below, but anyway, I hope this helps:

With respect to your assertion that the good Prof Thomas A. is some combination of anonymous, cowardly, impolite, uneducated, dummy-hater, high school drop out, and jew trouble maker, let's just say he's all this, and more, since it's not pertinent to the established biologic and genetic facts about shit-stink niggers. Please address the observations, facts, and questions below.


BIOLOGIC, GENETIC FACT: Your two nigger friends are simply genetic members of the worldwide nigger gene pool (composed currently of about one billion niggers), 90% of which is located in sub-Saharan Africa. Your amusing efforts of artificial self-esteem boosting for your nigger friends won't cure their shit-stink genetic destiny, or their other genetic shortcomings for that matter. Whatever their individual condition (I suppose they could be freak niggers, born without apocrine glands, like albinos born without melanin, but such a nigger has so far never been observed in nature, though we would love to find one for research purposes.) their spawn will always revert to the norm shit-stink level of the nigger gene pool.

Your curious letter also indicates perhaps you need to take a closer look at yourself.

Please address these questions regarding your intimate interaction with these two niggers, who again you assert don't stink. No need to be embarrassed, we need to start with the facts.

1) Which way was the wind blowing? What was the wind speed?

2) Are your nasal sensitivities crippled?

3) Was there any touching?

4) Did you investigate as to whether or not these two niggers were wearing rubber/wet suits under their clothes?

5) Did you perhaps smell the ripe nigger shit-stink surrounding you, and secretly find it pleasing?

6) Are you part nigger? (This question might not appear relevant, but most certainly is. I ask it because niggers, unlike whites, just might enjoy sniffing nigger shit-stink. There are related follow-up studies underway by several of the good Profs other grad assistants. Preliminary findings confirm that the vast majority of niggers do indeed like the smell of their own nigger shit-stink, and that in its presence they are highly likely to act out violent sexual and homicidal rages. On the other hand there is a small percentage of niggers who are so repulsed by smelling themselves that they must fight off constant suicidal tendencies just to survive into the next day. You may want to investigate irregularities into your own personal impaired sensitivities to nigger shit-stink. It might be indicative of something serious. You might want to take a DNA test.

7) Did you run a DNA check on your two nigger friends? Part nigger, whole nigger? What percent nigger? Do they have a unique genetic defect that somehow distances them from the rest of the world's one billion niggers? Did you use calipers to measure these two nigger's apocrine stink glands? Did you measure their apocrine secretion rate per second?

Mr. Mueller, just a few more questions and observations and we're all done:

1) Does shit stink?

2) Does shit stink, TO YOU?

3) Do you feel at least mildly uneasy when standing next to a ripe pile of steaming shit?

4) Did you ever play with with nigger shit when you were a child? Ape shit?

5) What is your background training in anatomy, biology, chemistry, genetics? Have you studied the apocrine stink glands of primates? Have you ever heard of the genetically transmitted disease "Bromhidrosis Syndrome"?

6) Cite your contributions to the biological research on "BROMHIDROSIS SYNDROME", the literal translation being "stinking sweat". Professional publications on this subject, if any? Cite any research or publications on the subject matter of "APOCRINE BROMHIDROSIS".

7) FACT: Niggers got giant oversized and highly overactive apocrine stink glands when compared to other races. Are you familiar with the formula: The sum of the area of the apocrine glands squared in centimeters plus the apocrine secretion rate per second in milliliters squared equals the Shit-Stink Quotient -- [AG(2) + ASR(2) = SSQ]. That formula represents SHIT-STINK QUOTIENT (SSQ). The SSQ of the nigger gene pool has been widely tested, and is off the chart.

8) Do you realize that the primary determinant of shit-stink is a fatal nigger genetic flaw (not environmental) applicable to the entire nigger gene pool worldwide? Are you aware of some of the other nigger genetic disabilities like low brain weight and volume? Did you know the mean IQ of the worldwide nigger racial gene pool is 69 -- making the middle-mean nigger by definition a moron? Were you aware that the nigger racial gene pool has a 10% to 15% oversupply of testosterone? Did you know that this genetic combination of a moron's brain with an oversupply of testosterone compounded by nigger shit-stink generates rape and murder rates 1000% to 1500% above human? Do you understand that the best short working functional description of a nigger to date is: A nigger is a shit-stink dick on life support.

9) Would you consider smelling like a pile of shit, having an IQ of 69, being oversupplied with 10% to 15% too much testosterone to be sufficient genetic liabilities to disqualify violent, raping and murdering nigger savages from living around human beings?

Mr. Mueller. Do your own first-hand olfactory analysis. Get your nose up some nigger axillas. Line up a DNA-confirmed test group of 100 blue-gums. Sniff these hundred shit-stink niggers real good. Take along your calipers to measure the dimensions of their apocrine stink glands. Take out your excretion meter and measure their stink excretion rates. Don't get unintentionally butt fucked or murdered. Be careful and exacting in your measurements.

When you finish, I think you will have been enlightened. I think you will learn niggers smell like shit.

Though we're just humble scientists following verifiable facts to their logical conclusions, here's some personal advice Mr. Mueller.

Burn your clothes. Bathe on the hour, every hour, for the next two weeks.

Get tested for HIV.

Reevaluate your allegiance to your shit-stink genetically defective nigger friends.

In the unlikely event you come up clean White on the DNA test we have recommended, move, change your name, hide your past as a nigger-lover.

Try to find some White friends, in an all White community, working to form an all White nation.


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