Author's Note: PepsiCo's Ms. Nooyi doubtless will regardless be  a woman -- and woman of color -- CEO, soon, somewhere ... no worries.  Her finger folly is on the way down the memory hole.  In fact, outside of Blogoshperia, where the story recently raged, few probably ever heard of Ms. Nooyi's flippant remarks. 
  Truly, has this story been censored?
  Googled Ms. Nooyi at the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, and the LA Times ... but got nada, nothing, zip, except one lousy hit at the Post from last summer about PepsiCo's performance.  To test this method, go to www.google.com and Google [ "Indra Nooyi" site:www.nytimes.com ].  Then try again, substituting Bush for "Indra Nooyi" -- the NY Times should return over 25,000 hits. 
  Actually got two hits @ the BBC, one from 2000, and one from 2003, an article which only confirms Ms. Nooyi's strong professional standing, not only in the business world, but also in the political world -
Pepsico president Indra Nooyi told world leaders at the Davos [World Economic Forum] meeting in Switzerland: "We have made contingency plans to take out our ex-pats [in countries that may experience a backlash due to U.S. policies].

"We have contingency plans on product safety. We have lots of contingency plans."



  About flipped when Googling [ "Indra Nooyi" finger ] -- got over 61,000 hits, mostly from Blogospheria.  Over 61,000 hits in two weeks time?  That's awesome.  Yet no major on-line paper picks up her story? ... Think about it: When even The Seanster doesn't get the signal on a story like this, something's up:

Let freedom ring?


  Good thing Ms. Nooyi's not French.

  Business Week may be one of the only major Internet news sites not to give Nooyi's story the finger.  Here, from the close of their article titled, "Bloggers Finger a New Victim" -

Better to err on the side of caution, perhaps, especially in a company that hawks soft drinks and potato chips to young people. But it's a shame that one executive's carefully worded opinion at a college speech should prompt such a backlash, then a mea culpa. In today's world of blogs and instant communications, though, even mild criticism can become fodder for a cyber-conflagration.



  There's the Business Week spinclusion: Ms. Nooyi ... why ... Ms. Nooyi's a victim!

  But not even those rabid, right-wing, victimizing Bloggers seem to have found it newsworthy that Ms. Nooyi is so intriguingly close to Bush.  [Try Googling ( "Indra Nooyi" bush betts finger )]

  How many execs can claim to work closely with Roland W. Betts, an old, very close friend & business partner of President Bush? ... And claim to sit at the top of the governing body of the university, Yale, that has a 3-peat in the White House [GHW, Slick Willy, GW], with a 4-peat looking promising [Hillary]?



Indra "The Birdwoman" Nooyi
Asian-Indian [Legal] Immigrant Lifted By
Handouts Bites Hand That Feeds Her
            04 June 2005
  Ms. Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo's Mergers & Acquisitions Gooress, is rumored to be consulting with Anna "The Chunky Chili Chicana" Ayala, regarding a hostile takeover of Wendy's. In a prior move, Ms. Nooyi kicked the KFC bucket because it wasn't finger lickin' good enough.

 Here's Ms. Indra Nooyi from her Columbia University Business School commencement speech of May 15, 2005 -
This analogy of the five fingers as the five major continents leaves the long, middle finger for North America, and, in particular, the United States.
However, if used inappropriately -- just like the U.S. itself -- the middle finger can convey a negative message and get us in trouble. You know what I'm talking about. In fact, I suspect you're hoping that I'll demonstrate what I mean. And trust me, I'm not looking for volunteers to model.

Discretion being the better part of valor...I think I'll pass.
  In response to American "right wing" indignation over her remarks at Columbia's commencement, Ms. Nooyi has issued "sincere apologies" -
  [I] am deeply sorry for offending anyone. I love America unshakably - without hesitation - and am extremely grateful for the opportunities and support our great nation has always provided me.
  For some background on Ms. Nooyi, here's a 2004 bio titled, "From pinching pennies to PepsiCo president: Indra Nooyi: Education changed her attitudes, taught her to think" ["Taught her to think"?  So, is Ms. Nooyi an idiot savant, useful idiot, or something else?] -

She [Nooyi] was convinced it would be impossible for her to get in [to Yale graduate school]. But she was impressed by the school's description and encouraged by friends studying in the United States, and she decided to try her luck. "I applied [to Yale] on a whim and, lo and behold, I got in and, lo and behold, they gave me [The finger?  Nooooo!  Gave her, lo and behold ...]  financial aid," she says.




Above: Note the saying on the Yale School of Management's seal, "Novus Ordo Seclorum" [same as that on the dollar bill's Great Seal]  =  New World Order [NWO  =  Communism  =  Borderless Global Gulag]


  Ms. Nooyi has distinguished NWO Yale co-alumnae: Gerald Ford, GHW, Slick Willy, Hillary, Kerry, Cheney, & GW.

  Lo and behold, Ms. Nooyi serves as none other than one of the ten appointed "Successor Fellow" trustees of the elite 19-member Yale Corporation, Yale University's highest governing body.  Ms. Nooyi was appointed, not elected, as are six other "Alumni Fellow" trustees, the three remaining members ex officii: Yale's President, and the Governor & Lieutenant Governor of the State of Connecticut.  Relatively unknown, then First Lady of Arkansas & Carter appointee Hillary had tried and failed to be elected an Alumni Fellow of the Yale Corporation.

  Lo and behold, the Trusteeship Committee of the Yale Corporation that chose Ms. Nooyi is chaired by Roland W. Betts, GW's Delta Kappa Epsilon frat brother & Texas Rangers co-owner.  Besides now being fellow Fellows of the Yale Corporation, Ms. Nooyi & Mr. Betts also both sit together on the Yale School of Management's Advisory Board.






  Movie Mogul Mr. Betts is a director of the Lower Manhattan Redevelopment Corp., charged with the rebuilding after 9/11, and is Chairman & Founder of the Chelsea Piers Sports Complex, claimed to be the most visited site in NYC -


1 Aerial View Chelsea Piers


Mr. Betts is also the founder of Yale's Betts House, home of  the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization -

  "We have been trusted with the responsibility not only to study globalization -- but also to disseminate ideas on how to make globalization inclusive," [Yale] Globalization Center Director [and former Presidente de Mexico & Yalie] Ernesto Zedillo said.


  Lo and behold, at the Yale Corporation, Ms. Nooyi replaced outgoing Kurt "Up In Smoke" Schmoke [who nominated Ms. Nooyi as a potential successor?], a good friend of Slick Willy's, and not for no reason: Mr. Schmoke is officially indifferent to both smoking & inhaling.  Mr. Schmoke has been appointed Dean of Law at Howard University.  When serving as the first African-American Baltimore Mayor, he was showered by Slick Willy with $100m of Empowerment.

Kurt Schmoke, dean of the Howard University College of Law

  Mr. Schmoke is on the board of the NWO's GlobalRights.org, which urges "President Bush and the United States to live up to its commitment to the people of Congo," whatever that is, and Schmoke is also a member of the Independent Task Force on Immigration and America's Future, whose web site tells us that Mr. Schmoke works along with other open-borders enthusiasts such as Senators John McCain & Ed Kennedy, Clinton Chief of Staff Leon Panetta, 9/11 Commisioner Lee Hamilton, and fellow Yalies T. Alexander Aleinikoff, author of "Citizenship Policies for an Age of Migration," Tamar Jacoby, author of "Someone Else's House: America's Unfinished Struggle for Integration," and Yale Phi Beta Kappa and Magnum Cum Laude John Wilhelm,

 "chairman of the AFL-CIO Committee on Immigration in which capacity he led the reversal of labor's longstanding policy and won a unanimous AFL-CIO commitment to legalization for undocumented workers [!! "undocumented workers"  =  illegal aliens  =  criminals.  Legalization for criminals...] in America".


Lo and behold, Ms. Nooyi has also been on the Who's Who Yale President's Council on International Activities, which includes current Brookings Institution President Strobe Talbott, former Clintonista Assistant Secretary of State, who wrote in his 20 July 1992 Time article, "Birth of a Global Nation" -

Strobe TalbottNationhood as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. 





Here's Ms. "Love America Unshakably" Nooyi flipping US some of her NWO credentials at the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference, May 8, 2004 -

I live in Greenwich, Connecticut, which is a very affluent neighbourhood, unfortunately. And even though it has quite a diverse base of residents in Greenwich, surprisingly the town also discriminates which is very unfortunate...

So when he
[a young Greenwich African-American]
gets home, for the next hour or two, negative emotion is going to overcome him and he's not going to be able to study. So when he goes out there and gets a B on his exam, it's the same thing for me as the A+ that the white male got, because the white male didn't get pulled up by the policeman, you see?...


As a woman - and a woman of color - diversity is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.  This isn't just because I'm of Indian origin or because I'm a woman.

No, this is one of my favorite subjects, because diversity is one of those rare things in life that is a universal good.  There is no downside.

["Universal good"?  "No downside"?  Question for the Multi-Cultisti: Do you see the irony?  After your cherished "diversity" has mixed all peoples together, won't "diversity" fade away after a few generations, first marginalized, eventually destroyed for all time?  No?  Perhaps not quite like that?  Will all the world become a neo-India, with its vaunted caste system, the Ms. Nooyis & their Brahmin priestly castes & kin atop all?  "There (really) is no downside" for Ms. Nooyi, is there?]

Diversity - its acceptance, promotion, and achievement - is not just one of the most important corporate priorities of our time. I believe it is one of the most important global priorities for the next half-century.

The subject of diversity is particularly acute for us in the U.S., because the U.S. is rapidly changing.  In less than 50 years, fully one-half of the U.S. population will be races other than Caucasian...

Another 220,000 or so newcomers arrive to Canada each year. Of these, 70 to 80% are visible minorities ...

[Another 3,000,000 or so "newcomers" arrive to the USofA each year, over the Southwest border alone.  Of these, 100% are visible "minorities".]



We've tried quite a few things during the past three years, but the initiatives that were probably most effective at achieving these results, were:

    1. Making the goals very clear and measurable. In the US, we set goals, where the legal and legislative environment is different.
      • 50% of new hires need to be diverse.
      • Promotion rates among all ethnic groups and women had to be at parity with white males.
      • Retention rates among all ethnic groups and women had to be at least as good as white males.

[Da ebil white debils!]

One of Mark Twain's great quotes concerned this very idea.  He said, "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."  Isn't that true?

[While "prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness" may be suppressed in the traveller, it is somewhat doubtful that such inhibitions are suffered by the people of the place travelled to.  Isn't that true?]


When we travel to foreign lands, we learn very quickly that there's more that binds us as human beings, than separates us as Canadians, Germans, French, and Americans.

["Canadians, Germans, French, and Americans" -- fast becoming meaningless monikers.]


Ethnic and cultural minorities are becoming a much larger and significant part of the population.  But it's a multi-cultural world in Canada, too.

If you're bilingual, with both English and French, you have a huge professional advantage...

[Triringuo bettah: Second ranguage British Corumbia no French (mon amie) -- it Mandarin Chinese.]


Steven S  Reinemund

So I wish Steve Reinemund, our [PepsiCo's] CEO and Chairman [Lo and behold, on the National Council of La Raza Board of Advisors, La Raza  =  The Race, i.e. the Mexican "Hispanic" "race," a.k.a. the "cosmic people" -- http://www.nclr.org/content/faqs/detail/396/  -- Reinemund, an NCLR 1997 President's Award winner and also on the United Negro College Fund Board], was here because here is a white male who's so committed to the diversity cause. If he had a choice between two candidates, he would pick the diverse candidate to give them a shot in life.

[Ebil White Debils: Do you understand how you are discriminated against?  The "diverse candidate"?  White people are less than 10% of the global population and shrinking -- more than 90% of the world is "diverse," trending towards 100%.


  Give Communism a shot? 

(PepsiCo's Steve) Reinemund exemplified Wal-Mart as a company that has stuck to its perspective, to be a low-cost retailer, years after the death of the founder.



  In other words, flood US with cheap-labor Communist Chinese products, undercutting those without the Red Edge.  Such business savvy! ]

Flag of China


Ms. Nooyi's finale for the day ... Flippantly Yours,

Not that he [PepsiCo's Chairman & CEO Reinemund] would discriminate against the non-diverse candidate; he just wants to make sure that PepsiCo's employee base reflects the consumer base that we serve. It's the asymmetry is staggering. So 'til we get there, he's not going to stop...

[Ebil "Non-Diverse" Debils: You are not a component of  "diversity". Your color is not included in the Global Gulag's tribal rainbro.  You do not exist.  Got that?

If not you, Oh "Non-Diverse" One, will your children be the minority in the country you & your ancestors created? -- Your "raza"? -- Will your children be edged out of all manner of labor, professional, and academic positions, not on merit, but race?

Fait accompli? Don't like it? You're a racist.]


To be an Indian woman, working for a U.S. company, presenting in Canada, and speaking in both English and French ... is simply the way things ought to be.

Hello, diversity !

Thank you very much.





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