Operation "Hoax Is Toast"

by Goyimus Pflichterfullungius Veritas

30 January 2005

A call for mobilization of the forces of freedom.

Has not Young Harry set the example?

The Sun's expose on Prince Harry who was snapped wearing a Hitler Youth outfit to a fancy dress party."

Are we going to just sit and sulk while this monstrous, manufactured guilt-trip called the Holocaust is rubbed in our faces on this 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz?

-- OR --

Are we going to help to do something about this Great Lie and its Masters?

Here's what I'm suggesting. Why don't we to try to assist the hard-working Historical Revisionists who have already impacted the Great Hoax, greatly, to our favor.

Help the Revisionists by capturing, during this extraordinary surge in Lie telling -- yes, even by today's standards -- help to capture a snap-shot archive of the Liars, in all their chutzpa, lying inevitably somewhat uncoordinatedly, and this way possibly presenting valuable arguing points for our Revisionists. Lies beget lies!

Think about it -- If not for our Revisionists, would the Auschwitz plaques have been changed from reading FOUR (4) MILLION ... changed to read ONE & A HALF (1.5) MILLION? Hell no, of course not.

The Revisionists, to date, have saved 2.5 MILLION Jews. Are the Jews grateful?

The original 1948 - 1990 Auschwitz plaque.

The 1990-to-present Auschwitz plaque.]

1940 AND 1945

A conceptual 2030 Auschwitz plaque.

Every reader, willing & able, while perusing their usual news sources in the coming days -- the Auschwitz 60th -- might look to clip whatever strikes them as good Hoaxaco$t material. Even if you're not sure, clip it anyway.

A few examples of an attempt at an easy-to-read, verifiable format of news clips from recent Hoax stories are provided below. .

If you're up to it, send any e-mails of these clips to hoaxistoast@yahoo.com. Anonymous e-mailing encouraged.

In a couple of weeks VNN will distribute your contributions to an A1 list of the Revisionists who are helping tremendously in our fight for freedom.

Revisionists need to know that we are behind them. Let's harness the Internet in their favor during this unique opportunity.

Thank you and good luck.


P.S. Here are those news clip examples I mentioned.

' ...Acknowledging that "this barbaric crime will always be part of German history," Germany's foreign minister, Joschka Fischer... '

[COMMENT: To be sure, we shan't forget you, Herr Fischer.]

STORY (reg. req.).


Curiously, in the Post photo above, to the left, the Auschwitz shot looks exactly like that below ... only, no smoke. The BBC version below is nice & smoky. Hmmm. Especially curious in that the camp itself looks empty, complete with trash [Zyklon B canisters?] strewn across the approaching railroad tracks.


Here, a BBC Holocaust extensive index:


Reuters piece by Tom Heneghan in the Washington Post, 25 Jan 05, "Before Auschwitz Ceremony, Leaders Vow Never Again":

' ...President Jacques Chirac struck a similarly sober note in Paris, pledging at the reopening of a Holocaust Memorial that France -- which helped its wartime German occupiers deport 72,000 Jews -- "would never forget what it could not prevent."

Some 1.5 million people, 90 percent of them Jews, perished in the gas chambers and crematoriums of Auschwitz, the main engine room of the Holocaust that killed 6 million Jews in all... '

[COMMENT: 1.5 million? Down from 4 million. Where are the other 2.5?]


And here from an extremely loaded LA Times article -

' ...Some 1.5 million people, most of them Jews from across Europe, died in gas chambers or of disease and exhaustion at Auschwitz and neighboring Birkenau... '

' ...a walkout last week by members of a small German far-right party from an Auschwitz commemoration in a state legislature... '

[COMMENT: Far-right not far wrong?]

LAT (reg. req.)

Continuing with the Post

' ...Some Holocaust researchers fault the wartime allies for not bombing the railway tracks that brought packed boxcars of Jews from across Europe to the camp to die... '

[COMMENT: I've never understood this kind oft-repeated comment: How would bombing railroad tracks have helped Jews already in the clutches of Innate Gasser-Murderers?]


From Lisa Anderson of the Chicago Tribune, 25 Jan 05, "UN, survivors remember Holocaust":

' ...What makes the exhibit particularly compelling is that one half of it was produced by those who killed 1,100,000 Jews, along with 70,000 Poles, 25,000 Gypsies and 15,000 Soviet prisoners of war at Auschwitz, said Yehudit Shendar, the Yad Vashem curator who prepared the exhibit... '

' ...Between May and July of 1944, 450,000 Hungarian Jews died in the crematoriums at Auschwitz... '

[COMMENT: If we assume 3 full months, or 93 days, that makes 4,838 Jews Burned Alive at Auschwitz per day, on average.]

' ...The crematoriums were so busy that often people had to wait their turns to be killed, said Shendar... '

' ...[Kofi Annan] We must be on the watch for any revival of anti-Semitism, and ready to act against the new forms of it that are happening today... '


From Warren Hoge of the NY Times, 25 Jan 05 - "U.N. Marks Liberation of Nazi Camps 60 Years Ago":

' ..."I am convinced if the world had listened to those of us who tried to speak, we may have prevented Darfur, Cambodia, Bosnia and naturally Rwanda," said Elie Wiesel, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, author and Auschwitz survivor.

He ended his remarks saying, "The question I have is, 'Will the world ever learn?' "... '

[COMMENT: Mr. Wiesel, you took the words right out of my Great Lie goy mouth.]

' ...Leading the American delegation was Paul D. Wolfowitz, the deputy secretary of defense, who said, "Never again and never forget: We must keep remembering to continue to speak about unspeakable things."

Mr. Wolfowitz, a key planner of the war in Iraq... '

[COMMENT: Wow! The NY Times calling Wolfowitz a 'key planner of the war in Iraq' ... Now there's a good one!

Per front page War Mongress Judith Miller of the NY Times:

' ...[Chalabi] has provided most of the front page exclusives on WMD to our paper... '


Where is ole Chalabi, anyway?]

...back to the NY Times

' ...which [the Iraq war] has scant support at the United Nations, [Wolfowitz] went on to say: "War is not something Americans seek, nor something we will ever grow to like. Throughout our history we have waged it reluctantly, but we have pursued it as a duty when it was necessary."

[COMMENT: Wolfie, you are incredible! How do you keep from laughing?]

Opening an exhibit of photographs and paintings of Auschwitz on Monday evening with the Israeli foreign minister, Silvan Shalom, Mr. Annan said the commemoration was particularly important for the United Nations. "After all," he said, "the founding of our organization was a direct response to the horrors of World War II and the Holocaust."... '



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