Light For Nations II (a Supplement for Further Study)

by VNN Staff

16 July 2005

This is a brief supplement to the 2005 essay "Light for Nations: A Short History of the Jews in the Modern World, Version."

1) Question: concerning the genetic make-up of the Jews, are they a race or merely an ethnic group (in addition to their being a religion, i.e. practicing the religion of Judaism)?

Answer: it depends on how one defines "race." Some people would call the Jews only an ethnic group. That label, however, ignores the fact that Jews get dozens of genetic diseases unique to Jews. In other words, the Jews are indeed a race via genetics, even if some experts don't call them a "race." (In fact, most Jews in the world are a half-Arab/half-Armenid-or-Hittite hybrid race, which may explain why Jews think and acts alike to a remarkable degree.)

2) Question: what about the common complaint that Jews have a "dual loyalty"?

Answer: Jews are well known for showing two faces: one to fellow Jews, the other to gentiles. Their fellow Jews are considered to be good people whom they must help when the need arises. Gentiles, however, are potentially dangerous people who must be skillfully manipulated and fooled to the Jews' advantage, lest the "innocent" Jews find themselves "oppressed" by the "cruel, brutish" gentiles once more. Jewish loyalty is a one-way street.

Indeed, an American Jew, even if he was born in America and has lived there all of his life, will very likely be more loyal to the Jewish state of Israel than to America. In other words, his own race of people comes first, always, while non-Jews come a distant second. He is always aware of "what is good for the Jews as a race" and is always ready to act with that awareness - whether that might mean simply lying about a certain social or political topic, or giving classified military secrets to Israel. Put another way, the Jew wears two masks, and he easily changes those masks as the situation demands.

3) Question: are the Jews immoral people?

Answer: in simple terms, they are. They are not offended by crude sexual jokes - in fact, they frequently tell such jokes. They are not offended by gross toilet humor that would make a Christian wince. They have no qualms about brutally punishing any non-Jew who dares to commit a real, or imaginary, "crime" against the Jewish people. They have no qualms about ruining a gentile for financial gain, nor do they have qualms about repeating incredible lies to gentiles, e.g. that the Jews don't consider themselves to be superior to gentiles even though they do.

4) Question: why do Jews seem to constantly attack the values of White, Western culture?

Answer: the Jews see gentiles as their enemy, since the gentiles "persecuted" the Jews for centuries. As a result, the Jews are preoccupied with destroying White culture in an attempt to secure the "safety" of the Jewish people. As usual, it's all about what's "good for Jews." What's good for the gentiles is irrelevant to the Jews, and they call it "hate" when gentiles express the same racial concerns they do. This has led some to describe them as "the people of the double standard."

5) Question: regarding question #2 above, are the Jews a security risk within the Western countries?

Answer: in simple language, yes. For example, the hiring or appointing of Jews to top governmental or industrial positions in the West has proven to be very hazardous on scores of different occasions, e.g. dozens of influential Jews have been caught lying, spying or stealing classified government or secret industrial information over the past few decades. Two examples are convicted spy Jonathan Pollard and the various neoconservative Jews who lied about Iraq's weapons program to cause America to enter into a war they thought would advance Israel's interests.

Indeed, when one carefully studies the history of the Jews, a noticeable pattern of Jewish dishonestly emerges.

6) Question: some people have suggested that the term "anti-Semitism" is overused by Jews. It that true?

Answer: Yes. In fact, so-called "anti-Semitism" is usually nothing more than a logical reaction to the arrogant, supremacist behavior of the Jews. Through Jewish sleight-of-term, your "I don't like what you did" becomes "I hate you." Heads the Jew wins, tails you lose. Once you accept Jews and the language and labels they use at face value, you're locked in a box from which there's no escape. Most people do accept Jewish terms -- unwittingly; not realizing who runs the media -- and that is why criticism of Jews is virtually never heard in any public forum.


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