Belarus White Man Stomps on jOG Snakes

by Tom P.

28 July 2005

The jewSA and the EU (jOG) sneak their jew mafia spies, provocateurs and terrorists into Belarus, trying to destroy a 99% pure White Home Land. No Biggie. White Men in Belarus and their President-Leader Lukashenko simply squash these jew mafia snakes and rats under their boot heels.

White Man is into some seriously productive fun in Belarus.

Alien jew predators from the jewSA and the EU (jOG) conspire to ruin and mongrelize the pure, beautiful Belarus females.

Alien jew parasite snakes and rats from the jewSA and the EU (jOG) conspire to steal Belarus White Man's national economic assets.

No Biggie for fired-up Belarus White Man and Belarus President-Leader Lukashenko.

President Lukashenko. Elected term after term with a 70% or greater plurality. President Lukashenko, the Beloved, Immensely Popular, Fearless, Heroic White President-Leader of Belarus stops jOG cold.

He protects his 99% pure White Gene Pool enclave from the genocidal murdering jew.

jewSA-labelled "rogue dictator" President Lukashenko is the only Head of State on the planet who fights for what is good for his White Race.

Take a lesson from your White Man Belarus brothers. They know their jews.

Take a Lesson from the most successful living White politician, White Man.

Bustin' up the jew mafia, besides bein' good for you, is Big Fun too. Here's how Belarus White Man and their Leader Lukashenko do it in a few Easy Fun Lessons.

The politics of 99% White Belarus is the Future. It is White political rat poison for the murdering jew mafia rats exported from the jewSA.

Read these negative jew propaganda pieces below, read 'em inside out, and backwards, with your jew-wise glasses on, and see for yourself the beauty of Belarus White Man and White Man Leader-Hero Lukashenko. Lukashenko shows White Man the "Way" to liberate himself from the murdering jew.

Here a stomp, there a stomp, everywhere a stomp, stomp. Belarus White Man stomps jew snakes' heads off. Pretty soon, they're all gone.

1) Here the jewSA Congress gives $24,000,000 worth of bribe money for agent provocateurs and jew suckass political whores to infiltrate and destroy Belarus.

"U.S to Spend $24M on Fighting Belarus' 'Dictatorship'"

2) Here Lukashenko invites jOG to please "bring it on".

Belarus' Lukashenko Accuses West of Intervention Plans"

3) Here we see an element of the Belarus' program for eliminating jOG spies, provocateurs and terrorists.

"Foreign Teachers Learning Lesson in Belarus"

4) Here Belarus rounds up and boots 23 likely criminal Amerikwan mafia jew spies and provocateurs. What were these fuckers doing in Belarus?

"23 U.S. Citizens Detained in Belarus"

5) Here hugely popular Lukashenko jails likely jew-bought opposition leaders. "Hard labor" for these scumbag race-traitor whores. jew-bought, affirmative-action, nigger-monkey Congoleeza parrots in a quote from its jew organ grinder.

"UN Human Rights Activist (jOG) Condemns Belarus Sentence of Opposition Leaders"

6) Here Lukashenko cuts off the jewSA Maury Rothstein's MTV mogrelization nigger-rap pipeline into Belarus.

7) Here Lukashenko "attitude adjusts" jew-duped, dizzy, fuzz-nut college losers. No wonder all the grown-ups love him!

"Belarus Arrests About 150 at Opposition Rally"

8) Here Belarus shuts down the "European Humanity University" (the what???), a likely jew-front university crawling with jew spies and jew provocateurs jew-duping the young fuzz-nut children of White people in Minsk. Yeah, they just simply shut the fucker down. Who needs jew propaganda schools? Who??? White Man don't need it! Brother White Man in Belarus has surely got a sophisticated sense of humor! A jew university in exile???!!! Whoaa! You're breakin' my ribs here!

"Belarus University Goes into Baltic Exile"

9) Here Lukashrenko closes down the jews last remaining terrorist propoganda rag in Belarus.

10) Here Belarus sentences two likely jew mafia bribed politicians to three years hard labor. Bustin' rocks. These whores would likely be supporters of selling Belarus females into Israeli sex slavery.

11) Here Belarus White Man likely "disappears" some likely scumbag jew-bought whore politicos.

"Belarus Activist Faces Five Years for Talking About Political Disappearances"

12) Here Leader Lukashenko comments on jew-produced Amerikwan "jew dictatorship" and election fraud.

"Belarus Doubts Legitimacy of US Presidential Elections"


Hail Belarus White Man Brothers!

Hail Lukashenko!





Amerikwan White Man has a lot to learn from his White Man Belarus Brothers.

Amerikwan White Man needs to borrow their Leader Lukashenko for two years.

I figure that's the absolute longest amount of time it would take him to clean all 8,000,000 jew mafia out of Amerikwa.

Here a Stomp. There a Stomp. Everywhere a Stomp, Stomp. Time for a White Man-type Belarus rock concert. Time for Amerikwan White Man to learn a new dance -- the "Belarus Snake Stomp".

Hail White Belarus Brothers!!!

Hail President-Leader Lukashenko!!!


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