In Response To "Earth To Drudge"

by Greg Thornton

3 February 2005

In his article "Earth to Drudge," The Shadow made some suggestions about how White Nationalists could approach talk shows. His article really got me thinking about what we are trying to achieve and how to go about it. The most important battleground in this struggle is America so I'll concentrate my observations on the American situation. The same principles will of course apply for White Nationalists everywhere.

When you look at the big picture, White Nationalists are basically trying to wake up the White race to the Jewish menace. Talk shows can be an important part of the overall strategy of waking people up. It's good to see the National Alliance using the format to reach a wider audience and I hope that White Americans heed the call.

The Shadow made the point in his article that it might be better to "sound more like an ordinary caller with no axe to grind rather than someone representing a WN organization." I'm inclined to agree with this to a certain extent. If the National Alliance or some other WN group is mentioned, it's better if it's mentioned in passing by a concerned White American. To the listener, hearing a fellow White American talking about immigration or other issues that affect White Americans will carry more weight if it's not apparent that he belongs to a WN organization.

You should have noticed by now my repeated use of the term White American. This is deliberate and the main reason for this article. I would like to see all White Americans describe themselves as White Americans. It must be made clear to everyone however that Jews do not belong to this group. They have always been a race apart and always will be. Using the term White American instead of say German American, Italian American, Irish American or even just plain American is very important. Remembering your heritage is important but remembering and identifying with your race is vital right now.

In his article The Shadow wrote "It was better for Blacks and it was better for Whites before there were so many other people here. [By being on the side of Blacks, I give myself some cover.]." Now I know that he was thinking of ways to get an anti-immigration viewpoint across without being attacked but this is not the way forward. If we start pretending to be on the side of Blacks just to further our own interests we become too much like Jews. Much better to plainly state you are a White American concerned about issues that affect White Americans, regardless of whether you will be attacked for your views. Remember, if you state clearly that you are a White American and some shabbos goy radio host attacks you, he is by extension attacking all White Americans. This is to be encouraged as much as possible.

Jews know that "anti-Semitism" serves as a tool for group solidarity. If you want to take advantage of the anti-White media you must draw flak not as a White Nationalist but as a White American so that the average White American will identify with you. Imagine two people, one a White Nationalist member and the other your average White American. Both call a talk show, one says he's a White Nationalist while the other describes himself as a White American. Both voice their concern over non-White immigration and both get attacked by the host. The White Nationalist gets described as some lunatic racist with extreme views and so does the caller who described himself as a White American. The listeners however will differentiate between the two. Whilst they might not identify with the White Nationalist whom they've been brainwashed into despising, they will if they're White identify with the White American who will no doubt be expressing views that they themselves hold. The more times they hear White Americans speaking openly the likelier it is they will come fully to support White Nationalism.

I cannot stress enough the importance of using the label White American. To gauge how effective it can be I would like you to consider another label that's currently in use by our enemy. If you haven't guessed already that label is Politically Correct. Two words, two empty words that mean absolutely nothing at all yet so destructive in the hands of the Jews. To the Jews words are weapons to be swung like swords to cut down their enemies, which just happens to be everyone else on this planet. The label White American, apart from being accurate can serve us as a shield to blunt their attacks. Every time they attack a White American more and more people will wake up and see the Jew for the destructive parasite that he really is. It's easy for them to attack White Nationalists because they have most people convinced that we're some lunatic fringe. They will have to tread much more carefully attacking a White American.


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