A Brief Glimpse Behind the Jewsmedia Curtain

by E. Thomson

8 July 2005

We recall the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" in which the bankster-wizard is exposed when the little dog pulls the curtain aside, exposing the wizard's fakery for all to see. Well, we sometimes wonder how the jewsmedia connect with the ZOG. The connections is simple: the jewsmedia serve to baffle & to distract honest people, just as the curtain concealed the scam perpetrated by the fake wizard. The jewsmedia are liars-for-hire on behalf of the criminal parasites who rule us: the ZOG. It is a cozy criminal connection in which bankster-jews control the money supply, which they create out of nothing, for which they charge us principal & interest. The money controls the ZOG, who are the banksters' hitmen & it also controls the jewsmedia on behalf of the ZOG. What's really clever, is that we pay for all this evil by dint of our honesty & hard work! Such a deal! We are really paying crooks to buy th erop with which we are to be hanged, as the jewsmedia jesters dance around the gallows, to make us think this is other than an execution. The jewsmedia tell us that it's really a waterslide for our enjoyment, & that the rope is for our safety. Maybe we'd catch on if thye offered us th eBrooklyn Bridge, too, on 'reasonable terms,' or some Florida real estate. But there are so many who never catch on, mainly because they don't want to.

The jewsmedia comprise 'our' media of education, entertainment & information. Naturally, there is overlap, as with "docu-dramas" & "info-mercials." A feature may be entertaining, as well as educational & informative, but what we receive is mainly ZOG-prop ("prole-feed" per Orwell) into which the ZOG message is woven throughout. Whites can perceive the anti-White part of that message, because it is ubiquitous, as well as iniquitous, like the jews themselves. The key to success of the jewmedia scam is that the victims of this con-game, like most victmis, don't want to think that they are being or have been conned. It is human nature, seemingly, to want to believe that the "gold brick" is real & that it is not a lead ingot, just as millions of suckers give of their worldly-wealth to gain admission to a celestial paradise by purchasing tickets from 'holy' hucksters, rascals using the cloak of religion to disguise their true intentions: "My kingdom is not of this earth, so gimme your dought!" Maybe holdup men can use that message in lieu of guns, since the churches have done so for centuries. I mention these scams to show that few are immune to media-borne prevarications designed to benefit the prevaricators.

My most recent peek behind the kosher media curtain revealed an oft-used tactic known as dissimulation by distraction. In debate, it is called the "strawman" tactic, in which a a bogus issue is raised & then knocked down. This is a ruse to distract listeners from the real issues. When proper debates are held, with judges who enforce rules, such a ploy would count against the party who makes use of it, since it is invalid in support of an argument. But in the 'free market of ideas' anything goes, in the belief that the public will swallow it. The fact that ZOG exists proves that the public is willing to swallow lots of kosher crap, while they identify their own interests with the alien interests of the ZOG. "They Live," after all. Recently, I was analyzing a sonorous sheeny's "analysis" of events in regard to the "quagmire" in Iraq. the media jew described the "syndromes" by which we have blundered into one bloody conflict after another, such as the "no more Munich" slogan, the "domino theory" slogan & the "Vietnam Quagmire" slogan. He conveniently omitted the "make the world safe for democracy" slogan which led to the "no more Munich" slogan. You note that I use "slogan," while the jew used "syndrome." According to the sheeny, our leaders & the public are "victims" of these "syndromes," which are summed up by the slogans he mentioned. This is typical jew-jitsu or sheeny sophistry, for who created these slogans, if not the jewsmedia? The jew avoided all mention of the source of our "syndromes." If there is a cycle in historical slogans or "syndromes," it appears tha tBush #2 is harking back to Wilson with his bogus babble about "spreading democracy," which are the words the jewsmedia have fed him, specificically his jew speech-writer, Gerson. This slogan is designed to perpetrate the same disasters which followed the slogan fed to Woodrow Wilson, for such slogans are labels for policies adopted by the ZOG. The media jew alleges that slogans or "syndromes" control the ZOG, rather than vice versa, as I have indicated.

In "The Eternal Jew," certain talmudic themes are pointed out, one such being the reversal of the role of perpetrator & victim. One example is that portion of the movie, "M," starring the jew actor, Peter Lorre, as the serial child-murderer, who 'explains' that his inocent, defenseless victims "made him do it," because they were so innocent & defenseless! In jew-'logic,' the prey is 'gulity' for the predations of the predator. But the media jew did not identify the authros of the "syndromes" by which "we were all victimized," & by which we are still victimized, according to his analysis. As the sheeny's sophistry wound down to his 'warm-fuzzy' CONclusion, no perpetrator was indicated, so the listener is free to conclude that we have been "self-victimized." If this is true, as it comes from a jew, the U.S. government & the voters are in desperate need of commitment into institutions for the criminally-insane, to cure them of their murderous "syndromes," which the dictionary defines as 1. "...a disease or abnormal condition." In law, an insane person was defined as "one who constitutes a danger to himself &/or to others." This definition certainly applies to the U.S.A.'s government & voters, so all patriots should do their bit to 'make the world safe for sanity.' The great thing about this new "syndrome," which the dictionary defines as 2. "a combination of opinions, behavior, &c. that are characteristic of a particular condition," is its ability to cure the first syndrome! Now is the time for all good patriots to don their white coats & fetch their nets so we can save the victims from themselves!

Unfortunately, the jewsmedia sheeny's views are skewed, as I stated previously, so patriotic efforts on behalf of the insane would meet with the ZOG's violent defense of its criminal enterprises, as we have sen at Ruby Ridge & Waco, et al. For now, all I can present is this glimpse behind the jewsmedia curtain, so as to reveal this particular set of tactics which are concocted to inoculate us with additional sheeny spirochetes of misinformation. The jew does his job of spreading lies & I do my job of striving to undo them. ORION!

* * *


25 June 05. Dear [X]: My late friend & comrade, Robert Frens, likened ZOG racial policy to an insane attempt to keep oil mixed with water. As long as ZOG keeps shaking & stirring the mixture, at taxpayers' expense, the violence will continue. "Freedom of Association" must be guaranteed as a basic human right. It was so obvious that our founding felons didn't bother to write it down in The U.S. CON-stitution. The new hispano-mestizo mayor of L.A. is faced with Black vs. mestizo fighting in local schools. I do not capitalize mestizos, for they are not a race, but mongrels, like jews. A mestizo is a Eurasian & a jew is an Afro-Eurasian, if we wish to revert to geographical terms for races, instead of biological ones: Black, White & Yellow. The spic-mayor wondered why "people don't get along, when they want the same things." He was obviously deprived of proper education when he was a member of MECHA in school, although he did learn that U.S. territory is "Aztlan," which the gringos 'stole' from Mexico. Proper education teaches that two bodies cannot occupy the same space at once, nor can a limited supply of space, goods, services & jobs satisfy an infinitely increasing number of people. As a rule, two hungry strangers + one loaf of bread = a fight. But as he said, L.A. is the U.S.A. in microcosm, with its demographic diversity (Asians, Blacks, Moslems, mestizos; forget Whites) & its economic extremes of poverty for the many & wealth for the very, very few. It reminds me of an announcer introducing the opponents in a 'no holds barred' "wrassling" match, in which the 'fighting' occurs mainly out of th ering. As this turf battle heats up, Tom chittum's conditions for "Civil War Two" will come to pass. Chittum also served as an anti-Communist combatant in Rhodesia, so he knows the meaning of the term sellout. In South Africa, however, the Whites sold themselves out. One of the Pretorius brothers is my twin, when I was in my teens, so the old Chinese expression must be true: "All Caucasian look alike!" Ha! Good luck to them, in any case. The Boers schemed to "save the Boer people," but not the White people whom they needed to save themselves. Too bad! The Boers believed that they were the true-jews, as they told me, & that other Whties were 'just' Gentiles. They also claimed they were "not racists," but "anti-Communists." What they were was White supremacists who had a jewish attitude toward honorable work, like the White supremacists of the U.S. South. Both of these groups hated Nazis, because Nazis believed in doing their own "nigger work" & Boers liked a bit of nigger-nooky on the side, as I saw in Africa. White supremacists are addicted to non-Whites, within their own livingspace. There is no such thing as "cheap labor." My impression of White Africans was that their bible-banging & interracial fornication was as great, percentage-wise, as their penchant for divorce & alcoholism. It was not a healthy society, in other words. African veldt & fauna can obscure social & racial realities to the casual observer, by distracting him from the featherless bipeds. I was able to see what others preferred NOT to see, for truth is my hobby & my chief interest.

I hope the federal court ruling on Religious Land Use &c. works in your favor. I also heard a radio report that a federal court has ruled that prisoners slated for super-max deserve "fair hearings" in regard to their confinement therein. The mills of ZOG grind selectively & at variable speeds, indeed.

Thanks for informing me that people are getting the message out, by actually co-operating with one another. Why, that's like having two miracles at once! "Double-double good!" as Orwell would say in Newspeak. In our 'politically correct' world, that is 'jewspeak.' Listening to the jews jabber on NPR jewsradio is like attending 'shul,' but that's what the jewsmedia are for: to further spread jewish cultural imperialism. I am rereading An Empire of Their Own, when I can stand it, which gives details about jew domination of movies, as well as radio, TV & big jewspapers. Such a deal! Ugh! Henry Ford opined that most sheeple would be surprised to know the source of most things they take for granted in 'our' media of information, education & entertainment, & that most content is 'kosher,' in origin & intent. I further recommend The Green Felt Jungle, which names so many jew gangsters & politicians, as well as their Goy connections, that I seemed to be reading a synagogue members' list. Never would I wish to visit Las Vegas again, although I knew gambling was a mob-run racket, even when the games are honest. Been there, done that. Please take good care of yourself, ZOG willing. All the best & ORION! -- Eric

25 June 05. Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letter of June 16th & the great photo of you & yours! I'll circulate the latest addresses of the people you listed on your Appeal to White Separatists. I am, of course, NOT a "White Supremacist," nor am I a "White Separatist." I am a White Nationalist. This is because I do not wish to continue living under ZOG. To change that dire situation, I propose that we establish a White Nationstate. This is why I say one thing only: ORION! (Our Race Is Our Nation!). That must be our focus: the establishment of our state within the ZOG empire, & then our independence from ZOG-misrule. Nothing else will do. Some ostensible Whites put all sorts of ideas ahead of our biopolitical necessity: our own nation. As Hitler said, "The state protects the race & the race protects the individual." Nations are peoples, not places, contrary to ZOG lies. Peoples must have their own livingspace, a country of their own, of any size they are fit to capture & rule. To achieve these worthy goals, a people must also have its own government, so even when we lack our own country & state (government), we must learn the meanings & methods required for self-government.

As you say, there will be much to do when you depart the ZOG-gulag for the Land of ZOG. I am glad you are making the most of your time in the gulag, despite restraints. that proves you have a worthy & excellent character. Fewer than one out of 20 people have such gifts, as you have observed from your stay in the gulag. The same applies to those on the outside.

As a rule, comrades with whom I've corresponded in the ZOG-gulags do not continue their correspondence after they get out. I quite understand, since people & sheeple living in non-institutional situations are hard-pressed in every waking moment of their lives, & they are lucky when they can ever catch up on sleep. I've been a part-time, minimum-wage coolie ever since I returned to the Jew Ass Oy Veh in 1992, & I know how hard it is for those who must also support a car & children, many of them as single parents. Time for correspondence & for political activism must be given up for the demands of bare, minimum survival, &, as you know, jobs are scarce for U.S. citizens, especially Whites. Jobs which do not leave for India, China et al. are more & more frequently taken by illegal aliens, chiefly hispano-mestizos. Don't let that discourage you, however, for life has always been a struggle. When one has the will, he'll surely find his way to achieve his goals in life. The irony is that we must be rugged individuals, who are family & community-oriented, especially in terms of racial community.

It is better to have uncertified skills & knowledge than it is to have certificates without the substance to back them up. The more knowledge & skills you acquire, the better! Under ZOG, the underground economy is thriving. Aliens & citizens are selling their skills & labor 'under the table' whenever possible in this country & elsewhere. Employers pay for results, & they prefer to avoid ZOG-bites (taxes) whenever possible. ZOG knows, so it is creating inflation, along with increased sales taxes. With price inflation, low wages or no wages, survival is th ebig job for most people, & savings is a dream. To make matters much worse, most people are in debt to banksters & credit card loan sharks, so they must struggle even harder to live & to retain such possessions as they have borrowed zogbucks to purchase. As it says in The Protocols of Zion: a loan of 5% on anything, over 20 years, DOUBLES the price of what is purchased. Such a deal! Most sheeple would think they were in heaven at 5%. Under ZOG, public & private debts are enslaving present and future generations, just as jew-banksters planned all along. That's why the most revolutionary act under ZOG is to stay debt-free & shun TV while we work for White Community. Yes, you will have lots of interesting things to do whne you depart the small gulag for the Big One on the "outside." Life is sure exciting!

Debt is talmudic. Jews are not supposed to lend money at interest to other jews, just as they are not supposed to eat pork or cheeseburgers (milk & meat). Interest charges conform to the number-magic of the cabala, in which evil spells are cast & victims destroyed &/or enslaved. "One ring to rule them all, & in the darkness bind them," as Tolkien would say. We learn that things which are not hidden, but out in plain sight, are not obvious to sheeple. Interest compounds the kosher tax on our daily lives, just as the U & K tax on our foods & food-related items. How can people claim that "there is no ZOG"?

I enjoy public-speaking & live audiences because our communication is immediate. Audience reactions tell me if I have spoken effectively, whether or not they approve of my ideas, which I array for their consumption & consideration. I speak, not for myself, but for them. When I shared a stage with Paul Fromm in Toronto, he lost his teaching job for speaking at a "racist gathering, next to Eric Thomson, a 'Nazi theoretician.'" Poor Paul! As you know, Canada or "China-duh," has its ZOG which imposes thought-crime laws, so all residents of Soviet Canuckistan must conform or else. It is forbidden to use the term ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government), for it offends jew-supremacists (Zionists). Orwell's 1984 is alive & well in Canada, & its subjects are accountable for what they say outside the country. All the best & ORION! -- Eric


Tyranny begins with the abuse of language, as Orwell truly said. The latest is used by ZOG as its pretext for abducting & detaining U.S. citizens without due process of law, in cases deemed by ZOG to involve "terrorism" (undefined) & "material witnesses" to words &/or deeds deemed "terrorist"-related by ZOG, he or she may be abducted without charge nor 'right' of habeas corpus, for an indefinite period in solitary confinement. The ZOG's logic is that a material witness may abscond, to avoid giving testimony &/or may be intimidated or killed by the alleged "terrorists." Since the material witness is innocent, the Anglo-Saxon concept of "innocent until proven guilty" does not apply, & cannot be used to gain the witness' freedom. Since the alleged witness need not be tried, to see if he or she is indeed a "material witness," the ZOG's allegations may be used to detain the person indefinitely, & secretly, if the ZOG deems it a matter of "Homeland Security." This procedure may be applied to anyone whom the ZOG deems "a material witness."

Now is certainly the time for pro-White Whites to watch out for ZOG-fronts, agents provocateurs, phoney combat cells, &c. It is also time for us to watch our words & deeds, & with whom we associate. Three is no guarantee that we can avoid ZOG-traps, but it would be to our advantage if we did not willfully jump into them! ORION!

27 June 05. Jewsradio reports mucho conflicto in Richmond, CA, which is on S.F. Bay, north of Red Berkeley, which is north of Black Oakland. The violent conflict is expressed in shooting deaths & the parties to the battle are spics & nigs, although no racial identities were mentioned. I just went by the names & accents on the radio. Spic members of Richmond City Council have called for declaration of a state of emergency. This violence appears to be gang & race-related, so it could spread outside CA. Stay tuned!

ZOG-LOGIC: We kill Arab Moslems in their countries as we let them populate North America. This would mean that those who are here are 'good,' while those who live in their own Arab Moslem countries are 'bad.' Since ZOG believes that one's place makes one 'good' or 'bad,' we should be able to stop the war in Iraq by bringing all the Arab Moslems in Iraq here. Then we could embrace more diversity.

ZOG says: Homogeneity bad; homosexuality good.
JEWS say: Diversity is 'good' for Gentiles, but 'bad' for jews. Therefore, ZOG says: Gentiles must be inclusive, while jews can be exclusive, unless they are non-White Gentiles!




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