by Eric Thomson

6 September 2005

2 AUG 05. Dear [X]: Thanks for your letter of "Jewlie" 31! [...] The jews like to distort word-meanings to mislead the Goyim or Gentiles, as is their tribal duty or "mitzvah", & most Goy sheeple go right along with misusing their own language. One distorted word is "paranoia." If someone wants to kill you, & you know about it, your resultant behavior could not be defined as "paranoid." If no one was out to kill you, but you were to behave as if there were, then you could be considered "paranoid." People can and do worry about all sorts of things, but it is really when those worries affect behavior in a dysfunctional manner that we may be deemed "paranoid." As you say, paranoia may serve as a survival-aid if it keeps one alert in potentially dangerous situations. They, why not be paranoid? In my own case, I have been snooped on in various countries, had background checks done for U.S. security clearances & passports, &c. I am on surveillance videos when I step outside my room & leave the building. Then, as I walk down the street to the post office, I am on all sorts of surveillance cameras, the locations of which I know, from observation. All persons are also subjected to such videotapings. But, I do not worry, so I am not paranoid. Being under surveillance is now a routine, a habit, with me. I now expect it, & I would be surprised if I could walk around town & not be under surveillance! Of course, I MIGHT be worried if I thought that I was the ONLY one under surveillance. I think that Nietzsche may have viewed struggle & suffering as would a body-builder who says, "No pain, no gain." Of course, that which does not kill one outright may well weaken him so badly that he becomes an invalid, rather than a strong man. A good example in contradiction to Nietzsche was the tragedy of former "Superman," Christopher Reeve, who was paralyzed from the neck down by his horse-jumping accident. A relative of his, as I understand, committed suicide, allegedly because he had been typecast in the "Superman" role, & could not get any other acting roles. One might begin to think that the role of "Superman" is a jinx, as has been suggested for the role of "Sherlock Holmes." Funny, I've never heard of any actor being typecast for portraying Adolf Hitler! Actors are very superstitious, as I gather. One definite acting "no-no" is to say the name of Shakespeare's play, "MacBeth." I don't know where that superstition started, but it is considered "bad luck," so actors will refer to "the Scottish play," instead. Aviators avoided certain expressions. In the Luftwaffe, it was considered "bad luck" to wish a pilot or crew a safe flight. Instead, one would wish: "Hals und Beinbruch!" (Break your neck and leg!)

That reminds me of a "nationality" joke. A fellow is stabbed in the back by a Frenchman. When he asks the attacker why he did it, the Frenchman explains the logic of why he 'had' to do it. Another is stabbed by a German, who bursts into tears of regret, but says to the victim that his stabbing was "necessary." The last victim was stabbed by an Englishman. When the victim asks him "why?" The Englishman replies: "Knife? What knife?" With such 'friends,' you never need enemies. Ha! Since we know what "friend" really means, we can use it when it works in our favor, as a means of disarming a potential enemy, just as the jews do. Politics is not what we may like, but what works, & communication means getting what we want by means of words. If we do not get what we want, then we have failed to communicate properly. One joke went: "Ma femme ne me comprend pa," which a man says to his bartender. The bartender repliees, "So why don't you talk to her in English?" In my fractureed French, the man is saying, "My wife does not understand me." I should have stated that in Spanish, since we now live in Northern Mexico: "La mujer no me comprende." Incidentally, the word for wife is "esposa." "Esposas" does not mean "wives" in common Spanish usage, but "handcuffs." In English, a wife is sometimes referred to as "my ball and chain" by her husband. Not nice!

Challenges are opportunities. The Chinese character for crisis is comprised of two characters: "danger" and "opportunity." This means we should not shun challenges, but we should use our judgment in deciding which challenges we wish to take on, if we have the luxury of deciding! I do not view my own decisions as "challenges," but as taking advantage of opportunities. On the whole, I've had a very easy life, in which I have rarely been ill, nor did I starve &/o freeze (much). I think I was just fortunate in recognizing opportunities which worked for my benefit in terms of knowledge, career & survival, although none of those were guaranteed. One thing with which all of us may rest assured: LIFE IS FATAL! This means that all other 'risks' we take are 'small potatoes,' since the worst outcome of risk-taking would be death, which we may only postpone. I do not make a habit of reading obituaries, but many times, as I clip items from the newspapers, I notice people much younger than I am who have croaked "prematurely." We never know when "death will surprise us," as Che Guevara said. Che Guevara was a Marxist revolutionary who was bumped off in a collaboration of the USSR & the USA, for he was "embarrassing" to the jew-commie regime in Red Russia, as well as the jew-capitalist regime in Zionist Occupied USA. Leon Trotsky alias Lev Davidovich Bronstein was assassinated in Mexico, by order of "Stalin" alias Josip Djugashvili (Jewson), for the same reasons. There are certain live-wires or third rails which jew-bankster-bolsheviks put 'off-liits': popular revolutions are one & issuing debt-free money is a real 'biggie.' Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, partly because he issued debt-free greenbacks or United States Notes, instead of borrowing money to finance The Civil War. John F. Kennedy was 'guilty' of issuing high-denomination greenbacks during his administration. In 1963, the year of his assassination, I SPENT $20 United States Notes. In 1964, The Federal Reserve (a jew-owned company) took over all U.S. currency: no more United States Notes, no more Silver Certificates; just Federal Reserve Notes from 1964 to present. In the 20th century, three political leaders printed debt-free money: Tsar Nicholas II of Russia (killed by the jews), Adolf Hitler (attacked by order of the jews) & John F. Kennedy (killed on behalf of jewish interests).

Secret societies often have an organizational structure like the assassins & Freemasons, the Communists & Christians, as well as the jews. I'm sure there are other groups which look like the pyramid depicted on the accompanying page. On the bottom of the organization are the "useful idiots" or dupes. They are taught to believe things about thee organization which are known to be false by those on the upper levels. In Freemasonry, for example, the initiate is taught th emeaning of the symbols of Freemasonry, which have different meanings at each level: as on the First degree, second degree & third degree. "Third degree" is used by cops in regard to interrogation of a prisoner, usually meaning very tough interrogation techniques. In Freemasonic mumbo-jumbo, the Third Degree initiation includes th symbolic killing of the initiate by 3 "assassins," & his symbolic 'resurrection' by The Master Mason of the Lodge. There are more than 3 degrees. The 33 degree is tops (perhaps) & it may not be earned, but only conferred. The British Satanist, Crowley, & Franklin Delano Roosevelt, U.S. traitor, were both 33 degree masons. The Freemasons recruit by means of "watchers" who lurk in universities & in so-called "White" masonic groups like Lions, Kiwanas, Odd Fellows, et al. The watchers also lurk in masonic lodges, where they can observe the behavior of lodge members, with the object of evaluating a member's qualifications for the next level or degree. One's eating, drinking & socializing behavior indicate his fitness for the next level. Lodge rituals are usually followed by socials, in which everything is 'informal,' so members perceive this as an invitation to let their guard down. Those who do are not usually deemed fit for 'promotion' to the next level. Masonic social activities, particularly conventions, are opportunities for blackmail of the members, to insure their obedience to masonic orders, which usually involve law-breaking & breach of trust. Corruption is as corruption does!

Over the years, I have learned the old Roman question, "Cui bono?" (who benefits?) from crimes such as "terrorism." 9-11 fits into the Zionist (jew-supremacist) pattern of "false flag" attacks by Israeli agents against the U.S.A., in hopes of blaming those attacks on the Arabs or Moslems, as hinted by former Mossadnik Victor Ostrovsky in his book, "By Way of Deception." Ostrovsky wrote that Mossad routinely recruits Arabs, who very likely think they are working for the cause of Arab Liberation, & who would be horrified if they knew who they were really working for. That's old in the spy business, for many agents don't konw who their real employer is. This includes the ZOG-mercs who think they are working on behalf of the USA, instead of the Jew World Ordure. For them, ignorance is not bliss, but injuries & deeath. Sheeple who cannote rise to human status must bear such suffering. The quote from John Stuart Mill refers. As you say, "terrorism" + fear = tyranny. It's a very old formula for fleecing the sheeple of their rights & standard of living. It also serves to distract the Goyim or Gentiles from the massive robberies of their jobs, their savings, their pensions & eventually their homes under the guise of "globalism." Stay tuned! The question is, how will jew lies feed people? Answer: they won't! It happened in jew-dominated ancient Egypt, according to their Old Testament: One day, "the money failed." That's what is happening right now, with The Federal Reserve's jew I.O.U.s. China is not pleased by the fact that they could not buy the oil company, Unocal, with U.S. money. Methinks that the Chinese will have their revenge: "softly, softly, catchee monkey," as they say. As Dr. Goebbels used to say: "Revenge is a dish best eaten cold!" The Chinese are patient, but they move swiftly to take advantage of opportunities.

The bin Laden family were long-time colleagues of the Bushes, via the oil connection, & construction businesses. Osama, as I understand from public sources, was recruited as a CIA 'asset,' & he served as a connection & 'bagman' (money carrier) for our former allies, The Taliban, during their struggle against the USSR in Afghanistan. That is a matter of public record, no secret. After 9-11, Osama was chosen as the Orwellian 'eternal villain' for propaganda purposes of the ZOG. As far as I know, he is still a CIA asset. Funny thing is: if Bin Laden were to shave, get a haircut & doff his burnoose, he'd look very much like the jew, Michael Chertoff, head of the U.S. "Homeland Security"! Osama was ZOG's tailor-made 'villain.' Unlike Hitler, the former universal villain or bogeyman of the ZOG, Osama is credibly alive. He can appear on videotapes & discs whenever the ZOG deems it beneficial. Even if Osama is now buried or hiding out on bushy's Texas ranch, his likeness can be used in making video- & audiotapes, thanks to digital technology. Well, so could Abraham Lincoln & Adolf Hitler! But, as I say, few would believe that Lincoln or Hitler were still alive on the political scene, except for those who believe stories in The National Enquirer!

Commander Rockwell was a leader before his time. Were he to appear in a new incarnation, he would likely be a leader 'too late' for his time, because the White sheeple still do not know how late it is for them. As it appears from ongoing political, economic & demographic events, Thomas Chittum's thesis that the U.S.A. will self-destruct in a "Civil War Two," the title of his excellent book, is correct. He points out the requirements for "Civil War Two," which will occur in four phases. As I write, many of these requirements are being fulfilled, like an accumulation of dynamite sticks sufficient to destroy an edifice. Each stick is insufficient by itself, but very destructive when they add up.

Chittum holds the ZOG alias U.S. Government responsible for this eventual breakup, since the rulers & owners of the U.S.A. have betrayed the & its sheeple to the Jew World Ordure of one-world government & global capitalism, at tax-payers' expense. It's an old jew-screw called "fleece & skedaddle," & we always fall for it! Poor dumb sheeple. Both Chittum & I view the U.S.A. as an empire, not a "nation," which is a people, not a place. The ZOG is merely reinforcing this territory as an empire, one a divide & rule basis, in which certain racial &/or ethnic groups are favored at the expense of others. Right now, Whites are low men on the ZOG's talmudic totem pole, just as Blacks had been before. Chittum poitns out that the ZOG views all denizens of the USAA as group members, rather than as individuals. U.S. citizens are coming to be less-favored than illegal alien invaders, for the aliens have rights & the citizens have duties, which include paying for our invasion & occupation in the form of tax dollars & jobs. I speak from experience, although I have been luckier than most U.S. sheeple.

That's why I advise everyone to stay out of debt & be mobile. What you cannot defend is not yours, regardless of deeds & certificates of ownership. I could have 'owned' property in Rhodesia, that is, paid for it. But now, my ownership would be invalidated by presidential decree, & I'd be killed if I were so foolish as to set foot on 'my' land! There are Mexican 'barrios' or neighborhoods in Yakima where that is coming true, so stay tuned for Civil War Two! Remember: Strength through Joy. All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

3 AUG 05: Dear [X]: [...] No, I don't believe that Hitler would have approved of any form of cruelty to animals, including kosher slaughter, which is practiced by Moslems, as well as jews, as I understand. I believe it was Walter Darre who proposed small, family farms, rather than agribusiness farming operations, but World War II got in the way, so many desirable aspects of National Socialism had to be put on 'hold,' & were never resumed, including Hitler's vegetarianism & anti-smoking campaigns. The Nazis were the first to make the connection betwen smoking and lung cancer. Now Germans smoke to show how anti-Hitler they are, & many have said so! Well, maybe they are cruel to animals, also, but I hope not. Thanks for LaRouche's latest, as well as Kaminski's take on Vialls, who was just too far out, in my opinion, for his writings had certain earmarks of disinformation, one technique of which is to include lots of absurd exaggerations along with the truth, so as to discredit the truth. It is like a person who has a nutty reputation proclaiming that "the sun rises in the east." Coming from a notorious nut, some people would doubt that his statement happens to be true! Real disinformation is the art of disguising truth as falsehoods & lies as truth: "Oh, he believes in that old 'sun rises in the east' conspiracy theory!"

Thanks for all the information on developments in Latin America. Although FEDZOGUSA got its Central American Trade Agreement passed, it may fail to get its Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) passed, in view of Venezuelan & Brazilian resistance. Stay tuned! This situation could explode very soon, depending on th desperation of the global Zionists, who are growing more & more desperate. Anything is now possible in The District of Corruption, including another typical American assassination-coup d'etat occurrence. Bush may have served his purpose, & he may now stand in the way of our real rulers' flexibility. Every day presents a potential for more surprises, the main surprise being that I can still put food on the table & that I still own a table! Enjoy the good life while it lasts. For now, that's all I can do, but I know it cannot last much longer. Other people notice that canned foods have increased in price recently, because steel prices went up 30% last year & fuel prices have soared. I marvel that food shipments are continuing without interruption. For now, inflaton is the least of our worries. Yes, Yakima's dry heat sure beats the 100% humidity of Louisville, Kty, alone with its 100% temperatures!

[...] Yes, it appears that our judeo-capitalist system is poisoning us: let me count the ways. As I wrote, our agriculture pollutes & depletes our environment, & it further destroys our agricultural base by filling the land iwth more polluter-consumers, whose dwellings & developments occupy more land on which food was formerly grown. This puts additional pressure on our remaining arable land, resulting in the over-use of pesticcides & fertilizers. I wonder why the "Indians" want us to waste water to protect their poisoned fish, which are unsafe to eat. It is not 1400, but if Indians wish to poison themselves with mercury- & pesticide-laden fish, they are welcome to do so. What we all must consider is contamination of our water supplies. The criminals who manufactured the gasoline additive, MTBE, a petroleum-based alcohol, should be punished with much more than fines, for that profit-making poison has contaminated ground water in several parts of the USA. I am awaiting similar prosecution of DuPont who made the tetraethyl lead additive for gasoline, which poisoned air, land & water for decades, but I won't hold my breath. I heard recently on jewsradio that a new nuclear power plant is planned for Idaho, which will also produce hydrogren. What was not mentioned was that it will also produce spent fuel rods, whose poisonous radiation will outlast this civilization for many centuries, & pose a deadly danger to the survivors thereof, unlike the remains of the collapsed Roman Empire, which we now resemble, in our self-destructive behavior. Again, many thanks! DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

3 AUG 05. Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letter of "Jewlie 27th & the informative enclosure! There's a kike bragging about people whom he helped to murder jewdicially, if not otherwise. If "what goes around comes around," I'd hate to be in sheeny shoes!

Our exposure to nature's elements underlines our frailty as mammals & the frailty of our civilization. Clearly, most of us would perish without electricity. Without artificial climates, our bodies must adapt to such major changes in temperature, although some of us are fortunate in living where temperatures are not extreme. For no good reason, I usually find myself living in places with Southern California climates, that is, dry & just cold enough in winter to remind one of the seasons. In Colombia's Cauca Valley, there were said to be 2 seasons: fairly wet & fairly dry. The temperature was ideal throughout the year. If you preferred hotter or cooler all year, all you had to do was go higher or lower. When you live near the equator, your climate is your altitude. The only disadvantage of Colombia's climate was that you had to know when to duck. As you say, we must be alert in regard to the "wolf's" movements & likely intentions. Blacks, especially, are feral interlopers in civilizations, so their behavior is most informative as crises develop, & Civil War Two approaches. Stay tuned! Some fear the tmie when the lights go out, while others lust for it. The greater the population, the closer comes the Time of the Wolf, just as you observe. I can feel it in the 'vibes' from the street, even in Brownest Yakima, which is a semi-ghost town. As I recall from Palmira, Colombia, Yakima resembles that town in terms of population surplus & job scarcity. I estimate that the major source of income for denizens of Yakima is welfare, not work. As one local politico said: "We can't support so many retailers on a food stamp economy." Well, it's much worse now, than when he first said it.

As Thomas Chittum correctly observes, a Civil War Two would so interfere with the necessities of life, that most would perish from starvation & disease. When I happen to mention this, the bible-bangers almost drool, that their much-loved "End Times" are drawing nigh! Most of us do not realize how vulnerable we are to sudden shortages of food, water & energy. Nor do we understand just how vulnerable are our sources thereof! So far, we can gripe about inflation, but imagine what would happen to us, were food shipments to cease entirely.

As you say, all indications are that the ZOG-buck will fail, as said of the Egyptians' money in the Old Testament jew-book. This is a pre-Weimar inflation economy, so one must decide how best to spend one's zogbucks before the collapse. A piece of reliable and economic transportation sounds like a good investment, although there may not be any fuel available when wolf-time arrives. That's why we must be 'eternally vigilant,' so we can make the right moves in time. It's good to hear that T.C. has resumed his website, firebaseskull.whatever. The download on his Vietnam War experiences was valuable. I made photocopies for circulation to some Viet vets I know. Were they ever set up, by ZOG!

You probably heard the latest, that Chevron bought Unocal, thus shoving China out of the purchase. China is not pleased, so our corporate criminals should beware. We live in a house of cards, & a good fiery blast from the Chinese dragon could blow it down. Stay tuned! Meanwhile, we dither & die in Iraq, just as China's military would want. It is a coin-toss to decide if Bush is a Zionist agent or a Chinese agent. He could be both! He is certainly NOT on the U.S. side, nor are those who voted him into office.

Your analysis of the end of White colonial rule in Africa accords with mine: It was not so much against the Whites, as it was against the Blacks, who will kill themselves off when left to their own devices & lack thereof. Now is the time for 'wise' American Blacks to ride to the rescue of their congener congoids, but Mr. Farrakhan does not wish to confer his wisdom upon them! The White liberals could go, instead, for at least they could serve as ingredients for the Blacks' traditional stew, like the missionaries of old. Most of all, we'd be rid of them. I wonder who will inherit formerly Black Africa. Right now, my bets are on the Chinese, although the Indians also covet the continent. The U.S. ZOG is attempting to forge a military alliance with India to counter China. Isn't it funny that the USA has inherited the USSR's former allies, including India & the pro-Soviet Northern Alliance in Afghanistan? As in "1984," the enemies of yesterday are the allies of today, & vice versa. One thing is constant: the USA ALWAYS betrays its anti-Communist allies, as it has done from 1917 onward. Like you, I wonder where the corporate criminals will flee when they have achieved their global hell-on-earth. They may have out-smarted themselves at last. Stay tuned! DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

4 AUG 05. Dear [X]: I hope you like my Chinese stationery. This comes from a correspondent in "China-duh" alias Canada. According to their latest census, the latest second language (after English) is Mandarin. Many thanks for your outstanding enclosures, including the great DVDs!

In regard to the "racial" question, I enclose an article on DNA analysis to throw a bit of scientific light on the subject, in contrast to the black cloud of emotion thereon. What impresses me most is how "Whites" prefer to squabble over who is "White," rather than work to rid their livingspace of OBVIOUSLY non-White invaders. As the author of the DNA article suggests, once White rule is established, a eugenics program could set about 'racial cleansing' as well as racial improvement, so arguing about the "Whiteness" of a geo-cultural group, such as Portugese, English, Finns, Swedes, Spaniards, et al. is like arguing about who is properly attired for dinner on the Titanic. How the hebes must laugh at our ridiculous internecine babble! In order of priorities I see that we must first overthrow the Jew World Ordure, by working with anti-Zionist (Zionist = jew supremacist) non-Whites. Secondly, we must clear our livingspace of OBVIOUS non-Whites. Thirdly, we must establish a pro-White government. These priorities may be reversed &/or combined, but they must be accomplished if Whites or those who purport to be White are to survive. Is this basic idea so hard to understand? I hope not! I use words to outline deeds or at least my intentions. I do not use words in lieu of deeds, especially when deeds are possible. Politics (people-power) is the art of the possible, as thinkers have noted. Is it not possible for "Whites" to organize as pro-Whites? So far, I see no progress in North America where ostensible Whites & those who think they are want to be jews (Idiot Identity); want to be jew-slaves (Freemasons, Christian Zionists, &c.), or want to be niggers! Here, the racial situation appears hopeless, but not serious. In Europe, I hope that the racial situation is serious, but not hopeless. I heard that a British member of parliament recently bleated that "if the Moslems will not assimilate, then multiculturalism will not work." In other words, if the Moslems do not weaken their religion & culture so that it can fit into the Freemasonic/Zionist yoke, then, just maybe, they should leave. That statement would constitute a very muffled trumpet blast heard 'round the world, nevertheless: Woe be unto multi-cultural societies! A zogling has spoken, & the sheeple fear to state the obvious. "Moslem terrorism," & I use the term advisedly, for there is likely a Zionist connection therewith, could be the opportunity Europeans need to free themselves from the non-European occupation & invasion. We shall see, but real leaders should make use of this opportunity & not dither. Such an opportunity may not arise again!

I agree that Ben Klassen's concept of 'religion' lacked spiritual & rational appeal. I did not know if he was setting up a tax-dodge or a church per se, & I wondered at his use of the "Pontifex Maximus" title. Was it tongue-in-cheek or ridiculously pompous? See if you can check out Dynasophy or Cosmotheism on the Internet. They propose a rational racial religion.

Mussolini was largely responsible for his own undoing, for he never achieved the authority in Italy that Hitler achieved in Germany. Il Duce took power too quickly & too easily. Fascism was an authoritarian consensus, whereas National Socialism was a totalitarian populism. Badoglio had his supporters, & he must have played on Mussolini's vanity & his jealousy against Hitler, which Hugh Thomas cites during The Spanish Civil War. Obviously, Mussolini's campaign in the Balkans did much to defeat Hitler's offensive against the USSR, as well as his incompetence in North Africa, which further drained German forces. If we examine Italy's role in World War II, its alliance with Germany was more favorable for the Allies than it was for the Axis. The Germans wryly & wisely observed: "If the Italians are neutral, it takes three divisions to watch them. If the Italians are your allies, it takes seven divisions to support them, & if they are your enemies, it takes one division to defeat them." Terrible, but true! Hitler said that Mussolini was "the last Roman." Too bad for Italy. [...] All the best & ORION! -- Eric

Dear [X]: Thanks for the outstanding jewspaper articles which accompanied your equally informative letters of "Jewlie" 15th, 22 & 29th! As I type this, jewsradio prattles on about more dead Marines & a possible U.S. pullout from its deathtrap in Iraq. I very much suspect that Iraq was a well-prepared killing zone for the ZOG's slave-thugs, & the zoglings still haven't figured that out. I agree that this Zionist regime in The District of Corruption is relying on its rapidly-eroding brawn, rather than its brains. In addition, "when Goyim kill Goyim" our jewish rulers don't care. In World War II, Bomber Harris asked the French jew general, Koenig, if it would be all right to bomb all French railway stations between Normandy & Germany, so as to impede German reinforcements. The jew, Koenig, said, "If 4 Frenchmen must die for every German, that is acceptable." The railway stations were in the centers of the towns, so there was plenty of 'collateral damage with lots of French civilians killed & wounded. German hospitals were full of French bombing victims. "Liberation," indeed! No wonder I had to speak German to get my train ticket in Paris when I was first there in 1964. Everyone in La Gare du Nord refused to speak English. I'd believed that the French were anti-German, from my diet of Hebrewood propaganda, but I spoke no French, & English did not serve, nor did Spanish, so German was my last hope for catching my train before it left for Copenhagen that evening. Thanks to German, I caught it. I later learned that the Germans fought 3 wars against France, but they killed far fewer French civilians than did the Allies in World War II. Bombing civilians was actually forbidden by The Hague Convention before WWII, but the Allies preferred to ignore that. Cities bombed by the Germans in wartime had been declared fortresses by the Germans' opponents. The Germans let civilians leave, if the Allied authorities permitted them to do so, as in Warsaw, Rotterdam et al. The aerial attacks on Britain were originally aimed at military production & storage facilities. German terror-bombings began AFTER Churchill ordered the bombing of German civilians, not before. After that, the Allies excelled in terror/genocidal bombings, in addition to the bombing of strategic targets such as transportation & war production plants. Allied prisoners of war told me of Allied strafing of their own P.O.W.s on German roads, even when they displayed huge Red Cross banners. Sabina Citron, a Holohoax 'survivor,' testified that the closest she actually came to death in Nazi Germany was when Allied warplanes bombed & strafed the Red Cross train she was on as it approached Berlin. Apparently, Allied pilots thought that the Red Cross emblem was a 'bullseye' to be hit, rather than avoided. Two of the first casualties & P.O.W.s whom I interviewed in Toronto were the pilot & copilot of a German Red Cross air-sea rescue plane which R.A.F. pilots riddled with machinegun bullets, even when the plane was unarmed & painted white with the Red Cross showing. A slow-flying amphibious ambulance was, appareently, good target practice for the war criminals of the R.A.F. Yes, that's what they were. The Soviet Jewnion did not recognize the Red Cross, so all international treaties in regard to targets & prisoners were ignored, but the British observance of such treaties was hardly much better in regard to civilians & Red Cross personnel. We witness the same arrogant, criminal behavior on the part of Amerizog since World War II. An act of war without a declaration of war is deemed a war crime & a crime against humanity. So is "planning &/or waging aggressive war," that is, attacking first! We hanged Germans accused of these crimes at Nuremberg, & we wrote those laws! So how come our own commanders-in-chief have not been tried for similar war crimes? Well, as the jew, Teddy Roosevelt, proclaimed: "Might makes right!" What disgusts me about Judeo-American victors' justice is the foul hypocrisy, which we learned from the British, who are the world's most polished hypocrites. Perhaps the ZOG's Peking ducks are coming home to roost.

Chinese declarations to the contrary, as you say, they could wage a conventional war, including the use of nukes, against the Jew Ass Oy Veh, but their invasion & occupation of The Western Hemisphere is taking place without opposition, thanks be to ZOG, so I think they will succeed with finesse, rather than over force. Force should be credible to sway our ZOG's criminal regime, so a bluff could work, especially if the Chinese allow free passage of our own ruling racketers. As you say, with a major Chinese presence in this hemisphere, I would not sell Blacks or Whites any life insurance. Let us suppose that the ZOG could bribe India to wage a nuclear war with China & Pakistan, & that all the nukes were to explode in Asia: The Western Hemisphere would get lots of radioactive fallout, at the very least, so a nuclear war would not only be dumb, but generally disastrous. As my jovial landmine & boobytrap instructor said: "Explosives don't miss. Everyone gets a share, but they are non-habit-forming! So there is good news and bad news about explosives." The Chinese have read their Sun Tzu, but compared to our Judeo-American regime, the Chinese are more honest than they are devious. As I recall from the (undeclared) Korean War, the Red Chinese warned the USA alias the "U.N. forces" not to threaten the Yalu River dams; otherwise China would intervene in the Korean War. The U.S. threatened the dams & China intervened, much to our regret! Oh mirror on the wall, who is the most shifty-eyed of them all? US: the USA! Not only is our ZOG engaged in international criminal enterprises (rackets), but I think the ZOG lacks a common identity, & hence, has no common purpose beyond its perceived momentary advantage. to describe a gang of criminal opportunists as 'devious' may be giving them credit for more intelligence than they have. Sun Tzu would describe our behavior as that of "mad bandits" who will soon reap their comeuppance. It is for hisotorians to decide whether U.S. policy represents a crime or a blunder on the part of incompetent criminals. I also wonder if ZOG-pigs are nearsighted critters, who follow corruption, regardless of where it leads them.

Britzog seems to be gearing up for a real-life version of "1984," including total surveillance & thought-crime laws to combat "terrorism." As you obsreve, all FEDZOGUSA needs is another act of "domestic terrorism" to wrap up the last of our freedoms, while it robs us of what remains of our prosperity. Los Angeles would seem to be a likely target for a ZOG terror op, possibly with the goal of mobilizing hispano-mestizos in ZOG's 'holy war' against Moslems. Stay tuned! Another potential target would be Nigger City, that is, The District of Corruption with its predominantly Black population. An attack which could be blamed on Moslem terrorists might tend to blunt the force of Black Muslims. Its credibility would be enhanced if some of the political prostitutes of our corrupt congress were also sacrificed in the holocaust, which is defined as "a burnt offering," as well as a conflagration. 9-11 was such a ZOG-serving 'holocaust,' with Osama Bin Laden as ZOG's chosen 'high-priest' & versatile villain.

I appreciate your thoughts on unsupervised, undirected youth. I have known many survivors of childhood in Canada & the USA who related their drug experiences & crimes which stemmed from their perceived lack of constructive things to do, as well as their lack of guidance. I learned that "summer vacation" from school was originally planned to free children to work on their family farms. This vacation period could be used for further learning & skill acquisitions, plus physical exercise in the form of productive labor. Games such as football, baseball, basketball, &c. could be replaced by urban and rural beautification & conservation activities, in which the best teams would be rewarded with suitable prizes, in addition to fair wages. Thus would this system provide our youth with direction, protection & productive social activities, aimed at self-sufficiency of our White nationstate. I have never liked the idea of wasting the laborers at football, when they could be using their energy & strength to improve our environment, instead of paying aliens to do it for us. White Americans would be encouraged to become productive participants in our society, rather than mere consumers & spectators. I think you have hit on a very good idea for the reclamation of our land & our youth. Our citizens should be well-rounded in their physical & mental achievements, for their good as well as the good of society. Today, our youth & our addults tend toward all-brain, no brawn & all-brawn with no brain. Such a contrast in conditions is unhealthy, in all respects, as I have experienced in my own youth & adulthood as a student & a laborer. Physical labor enlists the brain, as well as the body, & it builds self-respect as well as one's knowledge of one's physical limitations. It also builds respect for hard work, as when one builds a stone wall or digs a ditch with handtools & bare hands. Those who built our cities would not be so swift to give them away to alien invaders, but those who never laid a brick would give away whatever comes easily to them. Productive labor should be seen as socially useful, rather than socially-demeaning. If this sounds "Nazi," it certainly is! Here's wishing you Strength through Joy. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric


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