by Eric Thomson

7 July 2005

27 JUNE 05: Dear [X]: It was great to receive your thoughtful letter of 22 June. Yes, the ZOG says Iraq is not a "quagmire," but it sure seems like quicksand. The jewsmedia indicate all sorts of desperate schemes to get U.S. troops out of there, with lots of fumbling & stumbling. Imagine The 3 Stooges in charge of the U.S. State Dept., Defense Dept. & the White House, in order to have an accurate assessment of the results we are achieving so far! The Iraqi puppet regime which the U.S. wants to use as its pretext for pulling out, as it did with the South Vietnamese puppet regime, is taking too many hits from the insurgents to become viable, even to the extent that the South Vietnamese regime was. Of coruse, there was already a South Vietnamese regime before the U.S. forces arrived, but not so in Iraq. It appears tha tth eU.S. petro-bandits miscalculated the determination of the insurgents to drive the Zionist pests out of Iraq. The ZOG makes mistakes & we pay fo rthem. Such a deal! I said before we went in that invasion would be easy, but our occupation would be fatal for us, militarily & financially. It is abundantly clear tha tth eZOG doesn't care about such losses. Our Zionist regime in The District of Corruption is willing to fight to the last Goy, provided we let them. Amerizog policy is best explained in Engdahl's book, A Century of War, which I hearily recommend, despite its LaRouchie tidbits. Iraq may not be in "the Fertile Crescent," but the U.S.A. has purposely placed Iraq in "the Crescent of Crisis," on behalf of oil & Israel. Had U.S. puppet Saddam remained in power, our present oil crisis might have been lessened, but this crisis we have brought upon ourselves, with the worst intentions, thanks be to ZOG.

Of course, the U.S.A. is no longer the biggest actor on the petroleum stage, thanks to its policies which fostered China's industrial development, & China's growing thirst for oil. Now, China wants to buy the U.S. oil company, Unocal, & U.S. oil-banksters have the heebie-jeebies. We should watch this situation closely, for China has lots of worthless zogbucks to throw around, in its quest to buy real wealth with fake riches. If ever there were grounds for a world war, these economic issues would suffice. Should the U.S. balk at selling out to China, armed conflict could well arise. The U.S.A. is already defeated, economically & demographically, for the Chinese are here in strength, & more on their way. Just today, I experienced what could be set to music: "The Streets of Laredo." As I was out walking the streets of Yakima, the streets of Ya-kima on this lovely day, I spied two Chinese rapt in conversation, in their native lingo they were having their say... They looked like native Amerasians alias Indians, but they were speaking Mandarin. We were walking on the sidewalk across from The Yakima (Ghost) Mall, & I wondered if they wre sizing up the vacant premises for bideding purposes. Why not buy a real building with some of their jew I.O.U.'s? If I were them, I would! Yakima has had a Chinese enclave since they came to buid the railroads & their accompanying opium tunnels. Additional Chinese are coming in to enlarge this enclave, so why not takeover vacant business property? It's an open invitation to Chinese commercial conquest.

Jewsradio reports admissions by ZOG-mercs in Iraq that the U.S. is talking with insurgents to work out an exit plan from Iraq. The insurgents insist on a timetable for U.S. withdrawal, but Bushy wants no such thing. Meanwhile, ZOG's grunts get caught in the middle, & our casualties mount on a daily basis.

Yes, "democracy" should be pronounced "demon-crazy" in order to get its true meaning. Bush reminds me of some demonic mixture of Napoleon, Caligula & Phillip II of Spain. Napoleon made his conquests on behalf of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity." Bush makes his on behalf of "democracy." Caligula wasted the Roman economy on imperial showmanship. Bush wastes the U.S. economy on imperial showmanship. Phillip II wasted the riches & might of the Spanish empire to quell Protestantism in the Netherlands, only to see it spread into Brazil, under his rule. Bush wastes the U.S. Empire's riches & might to quell "terrorism," which arises wherever U.S. globalist imperialism treads.

I recommend a new, true oath for U.S. forces: "Hail Halliburton! We who are about to die salute thee!" Maybe that would straighten out the minds of a few ZOG-grunts, & it would sure make Bush & Cheney happy: "By George, they love us! (The dumb suckers.)"

On good days, Iraq has been compared to Death Valley: "Lots of sand, but no surf." On bad days, people want to be "under the sea, in an octopus's garden in the shade." My father was glad to escape when his oil company contract expired, shortly before a former Iraqi dictator, Karim Kassim, was assassinated. He watched Iraqi forces advancing toward Kuwait as he stood on top of an oil derrick, so he knew that his contract had ended none too soon! Dad said that there were the usual 4 seasons in that part of the world, with the addition of at least one sandstorm season & two fly seasons. As you say, "The Thief of Baghdad" might not be a good training film for grunts about to go to Iraq. More appropriate would be a Hunter S. Thompson production entitled, "Fear & Loathing in Baghdad." All the best & ORION! -- Eric

30 June 05. Dear [X]: Many thanks for your letter of June 25th & the enclosures. I'm glad to see that Hoffman is writing useful items. I'll see if I can make legible photocopies of his ad for circulation among my correspondents, but the flier may not photocopy with so much dark on black. This is a sign of the blightwing: advertising fliers which cannot be copied! Yes, the blightwing is as difficult to help as it is to love. The nostalgic newspaper photo of the 1948 summer reading club had no ostensible mestizos, both anglo- & hispano, as my elementary school had in San Fernando, California, in 1948. My world was never White, & it got darker with every passing year, in the U.S.A. Thanks for the Mittal Steel report. From that I gather that China has greatly surpassed India in modern industrial production. As I understand, India's cheap labor actually held back technological progress, supposedly because of its case system in which certain castes perform certain jobs. China's large supply of primitive cheap labor did not hold China back from installing the most advanced industrial processes, as we have seen. Maybe it's because China has no sacred cows, monkeys, rats, &c. they all get eaten. But in India, they eat what people eat. Greenspan says not to antagonize China with trade tariffs. The top-kick kike has spoken! We shall see if that order extends to China's intended purchase of Unocal Oil Company. I look forward to your visit after August 16th. I can't leave Yakima unless it's a matter of urgency, since this is my communications HUB. I live equidistant between the post office & the photocopy shop, which I visit every day, to keep up with correspondence. Sorry!

NPR jewsradio reported an alleged capture of an Al-Qaeda message which stated that the head of the insurgents wants to keep the U.S. troops in Iraq as long as possible, to do them maximum damage. I think that's what the Chinese want, also, & bushy is going right along with them. That's why I wonder whose side he is on, certainly not ours! He may well declare a state of emergency, as you say, in order to extend his Zionist-Armageddonist career as long as possible. Yes, we may have sufficient weather changes to create a natural emergency.

I enclose an issue of The Backwoodsman for your information & entertainment, as well as a short story I wrote in Africa, along with others. It's funny to have such leisure time during a civil war, but now that I think about it, I had week ends & evenings off, unless I was at the front, so I had more free time than I did when I worked sometimes 7 days a week at part-time, minimum-wage coolie jobs in the U.S.A.

Yes, Spanish will come in handy. I speak it almost as often as I do English in Brownest Yakima, so I feel as if I were back in Mexico, & I behave accordingly. This is bandit country.

Chernobyl still festers. There was even a very descriptive program about it on TV, with a re-enactment of decisions which led to th edisaster. Yes, it was horrible. So Bush wants us to have more of this "cheap" nuclear power, which is "non-polluting," except for the deadly spent fuel rods which must be stored "somewhere safe" & guarded forever. I'm surprised his live audience does not rise up en masse & strangle him, for the rascal & liar he is. It's notable that it is Iraqi insurgency "terrorism" we are most concerned with, not the notorious Osama bin Laden, who was formerly U.S. Enemy #1. Afghanistan steadily bleeds U.S. forces, although Iraq makes the feisty Afghans look pretty lazy by comparison. but they are in no hurry. The opium is thriving. business is good & the U.S. occupiers make amusing targets fo rtheir marksmen. Aircraft are not able to use altitude as protection, for their mission requires them to fly below mountaintops frequently, like troop-carrying helicopters. The Afghans are often in positions from which they can FIRE DOWN on enemy aircraft! This is how they downed so many Soviet helicopters, as I understand. The Afghans are merely using anti-aircraft tactics they learned from U.S. advisors, including Osama bin Laden, who was the U.S. contact man between the CIA & the Taliban (our former allies in Afghanistan). Arms were also being smuggled into Afghanistan from China, so why not now? China does not want a U.S. presence in its backyard oilfield, so it seems possible that China renders tactful assistance to the forces presently confronting the U.S. occupiers of Iraq & Afghanistan. Don't forget: Pakistan was China's ally against India & vice versa, for India was allied with the former USSR. Funny how the USA stepped into the shoes of the former USSR, with similar policies, including "democratization" & feminism & phoney elections. In Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance were the Soviet allies & they are now the U.S. allies. It reminds one of the changing alliances in Orwell's 1984. Every day, that work of 'fiction' is becoming prophecy. Bush is almost a parody of Big Brother's outrageous propaganda: Peace is War. Ignorance is Patriotism. Slavery is Freedom. Invasion & occupation + military rule = Democracy. Freedom is the freedom to die at any moment. Some reporters said that President Johnson was too outrageous to parody, but they never imagined Bush! I hope you have a profitable summer. All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric


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