by Eric Thomson

30 June 2005

18 JUNE 05. Dear [X]: Many thanks, indeed, for your letter of June 13th & the great enclosures! Congratulations on your program for Ireland. As I type this letter, I hear a report on the annual riots between Catholics & Protestants in Belfast, occasioned by the annual "victory marches" conducted by the Protestants. As we know, such doctrinal divisions play into enemy schemes for genocide against Whites. The two White factions are too busy fighting each other to notice the invasion of non-Whites into Ireland. It looks as if we will see turf battles amongst the various racial & religious groups throughout formerly White livingspace on this planet. Apparently, this is exactly what our Zionist masters want. Tom Chittum describes such a likelihood for North America, & he points out the irony that ZOG's imperial policies of destroying nationstates, in favor of multi-national territories, are sure to bring such violent divisions about. See if you can read his book, Civil War Two. Of course, statistics are on the side of the Chinese who have established enclaves all over the planet, particularly in North America, where they are strategically located to take advantage of the ZOG's demise &/or hasten it. Numbers are sure to count for much in any turf battle, & hence, for the biology of the future. Since our territory is already occupied, & alien occupation is rapidly increasing, it will not be a matter of defending land, but of recapturing it & then defending it: a double job, thanks be to ZOG. What is freely given is unlikely to be retaken with ease, especially when the aliens have their interests in mind & we do not.

White Nationalism must first take the form of White co-operation, much as the jews have done, regardless of place. A White government must be set up, similar to the Communist International, with persons in authority who can give orders & co-ordinate activities. What has worked for the jews can be made to work for Whites, when they finally recognize their subjection to the ZOG. Yes, the Waffen SS was the first White Nationalist entity in history. Thanks for the great pencil sketch of what appears to be a panzer offensive on The Eastern Front. Few words need be wasted on the subject of race, which is useless without eugenics. From what you describe, there is all sorts of adulteration of "race" with non-biological matters such as place, history, language & politics. Race exists without such things, for at any given time & place, a person's race can be revealed with a DNA test. Police use such data to identify suspects' genetic makeup for the purposes of capture & conviction. Racial differences are becoming more important in regard to diseases & medications. Once again, there are 3 primary races, based on their most immediately visible characteristics: Black, White & Yellow. Their subraces comprise nations, which are comprised of tribes, clans, families & individuals. There is no "Irish," "French," "German" nor "Scottish" race, since these are divisions of the White race. Whites of any ethnic origin can mate & their children will be Whites, not mongrels. Mongrels are not a race, since offspring tend to resemble their parent stocks from generation to generation. In some mongrel societies, there is a general desire to marry "White," so over time, the application of such a breeding policy would favor the proliferation of the light-skinned population. This policy is irrelevant, however, as long as the more numberous dark-skinned population continues to multiply to a greater degree. Mongrel societies lack identity, cohesion & continuity, just as the Ghagavad Gita warned. Race is biology & culture is derived from race. Mongrel & racially-diverse societies produce the kind of 'culture' we see in so-called Western countries: a bastard babel mish-mash purveyed by the largely jewish media. The fact that ostensible Whites fall such easy victims to anti-White tactics & strategies merely proves that it is easier to sink, than to struggle up, out of the mud. Those who will not struggle do not deserve to live, just as Nature decrees, & nature rewards those who struggle wisely.

In regard to racial allies, we must know if they are pro-White, or if they merely wish to take advantage of Whites by saying so. That's why I recommend the existence of The Anti-Zionist Alliance, since Zionism is the foremost enemy of all races. AZA, like White Nationalism, is a duty, rather than a privilege. In this land of ZOG, I have noted numerous non-Whites who want to join White groups, so as to gain status, rather than duties. That's why there are so many mestizos, as I have noted, in KKK groups. Once again, we must properly define our terms: White = Aryan = Caucasian. If we allow these terms to be inclusive of non-Whites, then we talk nonsense. In Brazil, a person with one thirty-second degree of White blood is deemed "White," whereas a person with any degree of non-White blood is not White, in biological terms. We must distinguish between race as biology & "race" as social conventions of any given moment. During the so-called French Revolution, "aristocrats" who were subject to the chop tended to be blond & of light complexions. In the so-called Russian Revolution, Goyim with smooth hands were shot immediately on jew-bolshevik orders.

In his essay, "The Negroes' Gift to Portugal," R.I. Peterson wrote that Blacks brought into Portugal comprised around 10% of the population, & they were all "assimilated," which means that Portugese are pretty much adulterated with Black genes. Is this why my Portugese professor wondered why the Portugese immigrants to the U.S.A. had the lowest IQs of any ostensibly White immigrant group? Could be! My education at Berkeley was not all a waste of time.

Let us suppose that we would adopt some bastard definition of "White," for political, rather than biological purposes. Some mongrels would be "Whiter" than others. We could do the same with intelligence, so some idiots would be "more moronic" than others. We could use cultural definitions so that niggers who enjoyed Bach would be "White" and Whites who enjoyed hip-hop would be "Black." As I see our situation, behavior & association will be our major distinctions when race war occurs within our livingspace. We could use 'relative' terms all over the place, but to what purpose? I knew a self-styled racist who claimed his Mexican wife & ugly brats were "almost White," just as Gollnisch's Jap brats are "almost French," or is he "almost Japanese"? How could one who has betrayed his alleged national identity be trusted to lead a "nationalist" group? This is so stupid, it's comical, as the non-White Moslems pour in. To include jews in any White Nationalist group is to betray it, from the outset.

In regard to jews, my understanding is that Admiral Canaris' real name was Meyerbeer. I can't name the source right now, but it was no big secret. David Irving, whom I know personally, is what we would call a "righteous jew." If a jew serves White interests, we should avail ourselves of such opportunities, but behavior does not change one's race, nor one's nation. Jews like Irving are AZA activists, whether they know it or not. I cannot understand his motives in taking on the pro-Holohoax jewess in an English, therefore kosher, court. Irving had experienced the 'railroad business' firsthand in the Canadian court where he testified during one of the 2 Great Holohoax Trials in Toronto. If he could not learn the name of the game then, I guess he would fall for a bout of jewdicial persecution in his own case. Despite his historical research, David Irving appears not to know who really won World War II! Would his own race-mixed nature have something to do with his blunder? Could be. I have owrked with several anti-Zionist jews over decades, on behalf of White Nationalism, just as I have worked with other non-Whites. This is not a problem, as long as I know who they are & their loyalties. At this stage of events, one does not know whose side an ostensible White is on, so we must use the same criteria as we do in our collaboration with non-Whites. In the end, one's skin color will be his uniform, as is becoming the case in North America. Culture can be learned, but without a biological basis, it proves fleeting. Culture is therefore no substitute for race. Here in North America, for instance, the Blacks were forcibly indoctrinated with English, monogamy, Christianity & capitalism. The result was not the "anglification" of the Blacks, but the Africanization of the Whites & their jew-founded religion, as per "Santeria" or Voodoo-Christianity.

It is notable that the more ZOG alien-imporatation policies are pursued, the more resistance is reported, especially in the case of Moslem immigrants who are really invaders & colonists. In "Imperium," published by the British Nationalist Alliance, I read a plaintive ZOG-whine: that White cihldren cannot "rise above (sic) race, color & creed." Well, neither can Moslem non-Whites, who take their god & culture seriously, even if we do not. The Freemasonic idea that all must compromise their religions (except the jews), does not go down so well with Moslems. Then, we must also ask, whose media are purveying "negative" propaganda about Moslems, if not the jews' media? How odd it is NOT to see the obvious! We are indeed living in Orwellian times. Meanwhile Britzog disarms Whites, but can't seem to prevent Black gangsters from arming themselves. The same is true of Soviet Canuckistan, alias "China-duh" alias Canada, where lawful citizens are deprived of their legal weapons & otherwise restricted, but illegal aliens with illegal weapons terrorize society. In brief, our ZOGs are protecting criminal aliens & not the dumb Goy tax-payers. We should recall that the jew-bolsheviks loosed the criminals on the Russian people, as shock troops are used in battle, so they could perform their predations with impunity, amongst a terrorized Goy population, whose armies were freezing at the front. This is very similar to the U.S. situation, with our armies overseas & our borders open to massive invasion of aliens who have their own interests contrary to those of the legal population. Every day, I marvel that our society still functions to the extent it has, despite ongoing political, economic & demographic changes. This is really the calm before the storm. Again, many thanks for the great information. Keep up the good work! ORION! -- Eric

21 June 05. Hail [X]! Thanks for yours of June 15th & welcome back from the Great Northeast! It sure is refreshing to be with one's own kind in beautiful surroundings while engaged in pleasant activities. What a contrast to return from there to Nigger City! Your toleration for niggers-at-a-distance identifies a major theme in our lives, for we all crave things which people produce, without wishing to involve ourselves intimiately with those who produce them. As you say, those who most watch niggerball seem least inclined to have nigger ball players in their livingrooms. The same rule holds for tigers which we like to see on TV, but not for real & not too close. Alien cultures can produce certain items, including music, which we can appreciate, without necessarily wishing to immerse ourselves in the entire culture. I tend to think of this behavior as eclectic, rather than contradictory.

As for those who "are not interested in politics," they usually prove to be the victims of those who are interested in the suubject. Itstrikes me as similar to people in the middle of an ocean who are not interested in the water. Politics (people-power) intrudes into all facets of our lives, whether we choose to perceive it or not. A very good example of the folly of willful ignorance is expressed by most people whose primary quest is money ,without any desire to know what money is, how it is created & who creates it. Perhaps they fear that such knowledge would remove the 'magic' from this commodity into which they invest their hopes & fantasies, as well as their timie & labor. If only they could win th lottery: with that, all their problems would be solved & all their dremas realized, they think. I have known people with more money than they need to live on who lead miserable, miserly existences. Their money represents their own lives, which they keep locked in a box, to what purpose? Time will rob them of their lives & their money (their surrogate for living). I have also known people who are slaves to their fortunes, always working to increase them, while never enjoying what money can buy. For most, however, life consists of working more & more, for less & less, provided one can find a job!

As you gathered from the recent pro-White/anti-White demonstration in Boston, the orchestration was obvious, in which all parties involved played their parts, without deviating from the script. It really is "canned dissent," as you say, but is it cost-effective for anybody? The only winners I can imagine are the powers that be, since their well-managed street theater sends all sorts of ZOG-serving messages to the Goyim, such as, "what a free society this is," & "how powerful & humane are those in authority!" The "Nazis," who were so few, compared to their opponents, served merely to emphasize ZOG-propaganda that Nazis are a tyrannical minority, rather than a popular majority. Old Brit-prop used to claim that the German masses were cheering Hitler because they were surrounded by very well-hidden machineguns! But on the other tip of the propagandists' forked tongue, we were told that Germans were all "criminals," as revealed by their enthusiasm for Hitler, who was, by the way, "jewish." Such a deal! It was this mess of contradictions which sparked my interest in Hitler & National Socialism, for no man in history has allegedly been comprised of so many opposites. Thus did propagandistic overkill undo itself, for those of us with memories & minds which can spot absurdities. The jews may be over-selling The Holohoax, as they did Hitler, for alleged suffering does not make hateful predators lovable, & it may give the jews' victims some ideas... Speaking of ideas, let me know if you find any gems of thought in Ben Franklin's Autobiography. It sounds like great reading.

I'm glad you are getting a Gestalt of Yakima & its surroundings from the local jewspaper's photos & articles. Their editorial policy reminds me of The Bulawayo Chronicle et al. in former Rhodesia: they kissed up to the Blacks, just as the Yakima Herald-Republic attempts to pander to the Mexicans. The Rhodesian prostitutes of the pen did not seem to realize that they could be pro-Black all they liked, but they were the wrong color! The Yakima Harlot-Repulsive does not seem to understand that their staff are not sufficiently 'hispanic' & that they are pandering to Mexicans in the wrong language! Sometimes the truth hides in plain sight. I'm impressed at your observation on the racial ignorance of so many country folk & their ignorance about the racial makeup of cities, & the demographic danger they pose. They seem unaware that they live beneath a non-White volcano. Did you see no hispano-mestizos in the places you visisted? I recently read of a ZOG round-up of some mestizo bandidos in that area. maybe those who got away are hiding out. Ha! I guess country-dwellers will be as surprised to find themselves dispossessed & dispatched as were the Roman gentry on their rural estates. Poor dumb, gentle Eloi! Racial competition in the form of "affirmative action" is rampant, so your idea of acquiring skills is valid. One can lose a job, but not his skills, which have value, in & of themselves. Hunting, fishing & edible plant identification come to mind, as well as first aid. So much to learn and so little time.

Yes, R. Crumb dislikes jews so much that he married one, I guess so he can keep an eye on her doings: sheenie-surveillance? What a strange approach to security! As for 'escaping' to live in France, a correspondent who lives there say that France is great, if you love Gypsies, jews, Arabs & niggers. How elegant it must be to be mugged in a foreign language! In regard to unexamined minds on the part of those who are most expressive of their thoughts, I recall people who are said to be set on 'transmit,' but never on 'receive.' Yes, one can 'get away' to some isolated spot, but for how long? Crumb's biography will be interesting, if only for its conclusion.

More interesting will be to read Tom Chittum's sequel to Civil War Two, if one appears. I wrote to the publisher whose address appeared in his book, but the letter was returned by the post office: "Attempted, not known." The racial & political situation in the U.S.A. is changing along the lines he described, with the addition of Chinese numbers & influence. Our military is exhausted; our economy a house of cards; our borders are open to invaders; so th eZOG is talking tough with China, while we anger the rest of the world with our threats to impose our jew-serving ideas of 'democracy' & 'culture.' Meanwhile, our supplies of unpolluted water become scarcer, so one is tempted to wonder if political crises are being used to distract us from ecological disaster resulting from our 'normal' abuse of our resources. As they used to say in the Wehrmacht, "Don't fret, just wonder!" I not only wonder, I marvel that life is still so good, for now. DOWZ! & ORION! -- E.T.

22 June 05. Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letter of June 16th. I enclose a passport photo which still looks like me. Just add grey hair, much, much more. [...] Yes, it was sad that Tom Metzger got legally robbed by the ZOG, based on some cartoons he printed which ZOG said "incited to violence." I wonder why ZOG does not sue every Hebrewood movie-maker for "inciting to violence" in their films? It strikes me as "selective justice," which is really injustice: unequal enforcement of the law.

I haven't heard of The Prussian Blue Band, nor its girls. It sounds as if they are doing good work. If I find a valid address for the Hammerskins, I'll let you know. In their publication, they impressed me as being good people who were trying to help Whites & steer them away fro mself-destructive behavior, such as crime & drugs. I understood from a correspondent that ZOG wanted to "Metzger" them because one of their alleged members got into trouble. This is similar to ZOG's tactics for robbing Pastor Butler: some goofs from his bunch misbehaved & brought the ZOG down on Butler. No, still no Mein Kampf, but there's no rush. Thanks!

As you say, mythology can be boring. Savitri Devi wrote that National Socialism was a contemporary manifestation of Cosmic Truth. In other words, we should promote the substance, which is eternal, rather than the costumes, labels & rituals which become stale, with time, & lose their meanings. The same goes for Judeo-Christian mythology, which must always be reinterpreted by its promoters & profiteers.

The only TV I watch, if I happen to be near a TV, is History Channel, so I can catch up on the news. I was out of the U.S.A. so many years that I missed all sorts of events, at least, those reported by the jewsmedia. I was in Colombia, South America, for instance, when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, TX, in November 1963, so I only heard a brief radio report. I lso see people I knew in connection with World War II, on the German side. I once blurted out that I knew a German air ace who was being given an Iron Cross by Hitler. You could have heard a pin drop in the restaurant. I said, "No, not the guy with the moustache. The other guy, but that was after the war!" One customer muttered, "I'm not so sure it was after the war." Another said, "Yeah, he speaks German, you know." (Referring to me.) One big topic avoided by the so-called History Channel is Stalin's plan to invade Europe in 1941. Stalin expected Hitler to attack Britain, but Hitler got the jump by attacking Red Russia almost 2 weeks before Stalin was ready. Hitler saved Europe from Stalin, but Europe could not save herself from herself!

Horst Wessel was a great leader. Too bad he got killed so early in the struggle. I see Timothy McVeigh as a question mark, for it took the OK City ZOG-blg. bombing to distract the sheeple from The Waco Atrocity. In other words, I always ask, "Who benefits?" As a former soldier & reporter, as well as colonial administrator, I have been involved in insurgency & counter-insurgency. An old trick used by all sides is to commit an atrocity in which civilians are killed, often savagely, & leave the opposition's trademarks at the scene of the crime. I think McVeigh was either a ZOG-agent or a patsy. The Murrah Blg. would not collapse from McVeigh's exterior explosion. There had to be implosion charges on the building's internal pillars, just as in The World Trade Towers. It seems like a ZOG-job to me, in terms of execution & in terms of benefits gained by ZOG. In the 'spook' business, one never knows for whom one is working. Arabs are paid by Mossad (Israel's CIA) to blow up places. The Arabs think they work for Arab freedom, but the results of their work benefit the rulers of Israel. Such a deal! U.S. grunts in Iraq may think they 'defend' the U.S.A. (by leaving U.S. borders open!), but the USA is ZOG-gone & they are working for a global empire for low pay, as compared to the "private military contractors," that is, ZOG-mercs, who make at least 5 times more than regular U.S. soldiers. So, study & stay healthy, so you can be of value to yourself & Our Race. All the best & ORION! (Our Race Is Our Nation!) -- Eric

23 June 05. Howzit, [X]? I've enclosed some of my articles on Christ-insanity for your entertainment. the U.S. situation has worsened greatly since you first wrote & your observation that U.S. people must have shit for brains is more obvious every day that they tolerate the insane policies of our ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government). As you know, a Zionist is a jew-supremacist, be he jew or Gentile. Freemasons were the foremost jew supremacists in Rhodesia, in my experience, but after all, their Mother Lodge is in London, U.K., next to the Rothschild Bank of England, so it is no surprise that the Freemasons are jew-stooges. The U.S.A. (Under Satan's Administration, as one Freemason told me) was founded by Freemasons & French gold, & the same bunch run politics in Latin America, so there has long been a world empire, as described in the book, The Empire of the City, referring to The City of London. The British Empire were the thugs & hitmen for the jew world order, just as the USA is now doing that job, which is hastening its collapse as a world power. It looks as if the jews will drop the rotten corpse of the U.S.A. in favor of a deal with China, for the jews always betray their most generous host peoples, as they bragged in their Old Testament, & in their contemporary writings. I wonder to whom the hebes will betray China, the Martians? Stay tuned. We have already seen what jews do naturally, in their betrayal of White-ruled Africa: sneak in, screw & skedaddle. No one ever seems to catch on. When will we ever learn, if ever?

I don't know if you remember S.E.D. Brown's South African Observer, if I recall the name correctly. For decades, he kept his publication 'kosher,' with birchite babble about "kommoo-niz-um," while ignoring the jew commies & collaborators in his midst, as well as the fact that the Blacks were the Whites' real enemies, at last, even if the jews & their White stooges were the Whites' first enemies, & their worst. In the end, Whites were their own worst enemies because they willingly stuffed their empty heads with the same sort of kosher crap that fills the crania of the American boobwazee. Garbage in, garbage out, as they say. Shit-filled brains bring shitty results, but Whites do not understand why that is so. Only when it was too late did Brown start hinting at the truth, likely because he had nothing to lose, as he saw it.

It is difficult to publish under censorship, as we know, but how much censorship is necessary before we see that we can make no progress at informing people, so as to change their minds & their behavior? At what point do we decide thta reasonable arguments become unreasonable & futile if our own rulers forbid us from stating facts relevant thereto? Of course, ZOG can decide for us by removing us from our typewriters & computers, which will be no surprise to informed people who seek to inform others. In the U.S.A. we still enjoy a window of opportunity to say what's on our minds, despite the mainstream jewsmedia monopoly, for we now have the Internet. In my opinion, we'd better take advantage of this opportunity, for it may not last much longer. Then, we will have done the best we knew how to do, & if the masses wish to remain asses, that is up to them. Why should we wish to dissuade fools from their self-chosen folly? Nature is Nazi, so she will cull our duds in due course, in Her lavish way.

I am not surprised that you find no spelling for the forbidden word, Aryan, in your current dictionaries, just as Orwell predicted in 1984, referring to "Newspeak," which is really "jewspeak" or "political correctness." Canada's Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) forbids the word, ZOG, in terms of its thought-crime laws, for they claim it is "Nazi propaganda." How these kosher commissars squirm when non-Whites use this term! I read that Louis Farrakhan, the Black Muslim leader, referred to the USA as the "Jewnited States." Good fellow! As Orwell said, it is difficult to think if we do not know the words for expressing our thoughts. Imagine if we were in prison, but we were forbidden to use words to describe our situation. How surprised we would be to discover we were confined to small areas enclosed by walls & steel bars! Then, imagine how it would be if generations were spent in such confinement, with no opportunity or wish to see the world outside: a Zionist version of 'paradise,' as in their Soviet "workers' paradise."

As I recall, 9-11 was not a jewish holiday, but the jews of The Trade Towers were advised to take that day off. Many people knew that something was planned for 9-11, including stock traders who sold short on 9-10. The collapsing buildings behaved exactly like the ones which are imploded by demolition charges placed on their load-bearing pillars. As I recall, the USA Today figure for th total of Trade Tower victims was 2008. On a normal business day, around 100,000 would have been in the buildings, & 9-11 was a normal business day. When the planes struck, that number of people should have been in the buildings, but were not! As you noted, liberal hypocrites (a redundant expression) are the first victims of their lies, along with those fools who believed them. Just keep me posted on local events. All the best & ORION! -- Eric


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