by Eric Thomson

20 June 2005

4 JUNE 05. Dear [X]: Now that I have time, I can reply to your great letter of 1 June. A correspondent sent me a download from the "Kaminsky" website about the steady bombings in Iraq, many of which appear to be the work of the U.S. occupation "terrorists." Various ploys are mentioned, purportedly by Iraqis, in which U.S. ZOG-mercs halt Iraqis and plant bombs in their vehicles, as they ostensibly 'search' them. suddenly, one becomes "a suicide bomber" without knowing it. The purpose is to create Lebanon-style conditions of internecine warfare, as the jews did, following their invasion & trashing of Lebanon under Sharon's directions. When we ask "cui bono?" neither Iraqis nor insurgents benefit from such bombings, least of all the bombings of Sunni or Shi-ite mosques. The Zionists want to see Sunnis battling Shi-ites, & some Moslems have seen through the jew-strategy in such bombings in Pakistan, for they blame them on the U.S. & Israel, rather than on their Moslem sects.

Yes, I've read "Green Mansions," which should be read back to back with "Green Hell." The former is a romantic version of the jungle & the latter is a jokey horror story about the jungle's "menace." Both versions & visions of "The Jungle" are poetic, rather than factual, as I have experienced. The Amazon Jungle & the River, which I saw for the first time at Leticia, Columbia, were as beautiful & impressive as I ever imagined them to be, a scene right out of National Geographic, with mosquitoes. Unfortunately, I did not encounter any beautiful Amazon women. I leave that discovery to Hollywood. I also read Steppenwolf & two other books by Herman Hesse: Magister Ludi & Siddhartha, if I recall correctly, & I think he also wrote Journey to the East. Like Alan Watts, Hesse appears to interpret certain Eastern concepts from a Western standpoint. I see it as good mental exercise.

Congratulations o your study of edible plants & other survival skills! With the advent of Civil War II, such essential knowledge will reflect reality, as most of our abstract, commercial, consumerist activities vanish. I am aware of this possibility as I sit in my electricity-dependent apartment, where I type out my message to fellow Whites, with one ear attuned to sounds of racial strife, which will be my signal to prepare to abandon ship, although where I would go would be a mystery. Where I WOULD NOT GO is easier to answer, for Mexifornia & Southwestern state are not places for Whites to be, at least, not for long! I enjoy the places in Yakima where the Anglos have planted trees. It's notable that our increasing barrios of Mexican habitation soon become treeless, & front yards serve as parking lots, as well as sidewalks. Who says that culture is not derived from biology?

A recent report on jewsradio NPR revealed turf battles in South Los Angeles between Black & mestizo high school students. A mestizo reporter alleged that "this has nothing to do with race" (ha ha!), but with overcrowding, so Whitey had better fund more schools for more mestizos, ad infinitum. Now, that's a kosher message!

As in "They Live," it is interesting to debate a jew, without telling him what he is. I got into a discussion with a young kike on the subject of nationality, during which I 'happened' to mention that a jew is deemed a member of a nationality, that is, jewish, regardless of his country of birth, according to U.S. visa requirements. I said that this is true of non-jews, for "nation" is a people, not a place. The jew said that i was being "very selective" in my view, & would I argue that el presidente Bush is not an American? I said that there is an American continent, two in fact, but a continent is not a nationality, otherwise jews born in North or South America would be "Americans" instead of jews. For some reason the jew had to depart in haste. Maybe he knew that I "could see." Yes, "They Live." We sleep, consume & obey. At least most of us do. THE jew nightmare is that WE can spot them. Such fearful rulers they are! That's why I got much more response to certain propaganda efforts in the jewish community than I ever got from the Goy cattle. In Canada, I distributed thousands of fliers on one occasion. The only response was one letter of inquiry from one jew. After I distributed thousands of another flier, there was only one response: a letter of inquiry fro mthe same jew! After learning this, I made sure to send, anonymously, ONE flier to a branch of the ADL. Boy, you should have seen the flapping, wailing & gnashing of teeth in the jewsmedia! I guess I know my Goy cattle better than the kikes do, since they FEARED that the message had gone to the Goyim. Actually, the jewsmedia had done a much better job than I could have done, even if I'd given a flier to every gentile slug in Canada! Now, that's how we can use the jews' money against them, as long as we do not lete them know what's up. In regard to a kosher flier I distributed, it got wide publicity after a jew-loving Goy showed the ADL a copy. Only then did the hebes denounce the flier, but it got much more publicity than it would have, even if 10,000 goyim had received them. It's good to know our own strengths & our weaknesses, so we can save lots of time, money & effort. The Internet has come, just in time, for us to see if there are any 'live' Gentiles in existence. All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

4 JUNE 05 Dear [X]! Thanks for your letter of 31 May & the informative clippings! It's important to know that FEDZOGUSA is resuming its "military assistance" to Indonesia, whose post-colonial dictatorships participated in at least one major slaughter of their Chinese minority, perhaps under Suharto, so the Chinese are likely to take a dim view of such a de facto military alliance. Meanwhile, FEDZOGUSA is chiding China on the growth & improvement of its military forces. If China bides its time, the U.S.A. will have to buy its own military supplies from China, via Wal-Mart! Thanks, also for the revealing article on the belated 'discovery' of crop rotation. As usual, jewsmedia jerks do not check their facts, so bloopers are normal: As you say, since when is rye a "fungus"? Well, if it comes from a jew, 'it must be true,' as we are indoctrinated to believe. I caught a fine mis-statement on the so-called History Channel, alleging that some Prussian noble lived in "Siberia"! Boy, that's a long, long way from Silesia, which is part of Prussia, or was, before World War II. One big thing which "History Channel" studiously omits is Stalin's plan to invade Europe, when Hitler was 'supposed to attack Britain' under "Operation Sealion." Instead, Hitler attacked the USSR before Stalin could attack Europe. As I say, Hitler saved Europe from Stalin, but he could not save Europe from herself.

When I was in Canada, in collaboration with The Zud, we were in contact with a group of organic famers in Ontario Province, one of whom told me how they were growing healthy crops, while breaking the hold of the banksters. Their spokesman told me that hundreds of acres of farmland were going out of production because th eland was being poisoned by the artificial fertilizers & the pesticides which were derived from petroleum, combined with monoculture, that is, non-rotation of crops. In order to buy the fertilizers & pesticides, & to maintain modern agricultural equipment, famers have to borrow bankster money, for which they must obey bankster orders as to the crops they must plant for marketing purposes. As you know, bad crops means bankruptcy for small family farms, but good crops lower prices, which means near-bankruptcy, so all such farmers can do is work hard, to go from debt to debt, so the banksters & middlemen can make their profits at the farmers' expense. These Ontario farmers decided they wanted to be farmers, not debt-slaves, so they merely adopted proven methods which were known to farmers for many centuries: 1) They divided their land into thirds. Two thirds were planted with marketable crops, while one third was left fallow, in order to 'rest.' 2) The crops were complementary, so that one crop took from its soil what the other put in. 3) Crop rotationgreatly reduced the need for fertilizer & pesticides, while avoiding market gluts due to monoculture (single crop production). 4) Livestock was put on the farm, mainly to feed the farmers' families, rather than the market. 5) Horses were bred for pulling equipment, as well as for natural fertilizer. While the use of horses reduced the amount of acreage that could be plowed in a day, it was adequate for the amount of land on a family farm. By using horses instead of tractors, the farmers reduced their equipment costs & their fuel requirements. I was enthused that we now had a practical, worthwhile issue with which to build our movement, in adition to the issue of Holohoax-debunking, but this development was quickly sabotaged by The Zud's jewish mistress, a married woman old enough to be his mother, who insisted on accompanying him whenever he visited supporters. She managed to annoy one of the farmer's dogs, which bit her kosher finger. That incident destroyed our relationship with the organic farmers, whom The Zud even threatened to sue! I said tha tthis matter was too important to abandon over such a trivial incident, but The Zud had thoroughly alienated the farmers, who we never saw again. Had I previously learned of the power this jewess wielded over The Zud, I would never have wroked with him. A good cause with a bad leader is doomed from the beginning, so I was like the 1st Mate on the Titanic, who could not deter the Captain from steering into the iceberg. It was a good voyage while it lasted, & I did my best to achieve success, despite sabotage from the top. A nice try, as they say, but no cigar. Eventually, The Zud went 'thud' by his own bumbling greed & egomania, so now he sites in a German ZOG-gulag, possibly for the remainder of his life, since people whom the ZOG finds 'inconvenient' often croak in custody. In Zoglands, life is cheap, as we know. As you say, the Bush regime proved its 'sincerity' about "getting touch with white collar crime" after the 9 monkeys overturned the 'guilty' verdict on behalf of Enron's co-conspirator accounting frm, without which Enron could not have stolen much of anything.

Yes, FEDZOGUSA's greed & need for oil in China's back yard is a clear example of imperial over-reach, just as U.S. military forces are being exhausted on behalf of Israel. Guess who prompted China's industrialization & its sudden massive thirst for oil: it was the same devious dimwits who forced Japan to industrialize in 1858. As Pogo declared: "We have seen the enemy, 7 he is us!"

I see you are not alone with your computer problems. My worry is that I may run out of typewriter ribbons! Computers remind me of airships using hydrogen for lifting purposes. The ride is fine, but the flames can be very inconvenient! Aside from worms and viruses, we read of identity theft & looted bank accounts via spyware & hackers. The convenience of electronic transactions is equally convenient for the crooks. A local acquaintance told me that her father discovered he 'owned' land in Florida, with a sizable mortgage thereon, all in his name, except for the fact that he neither purchased the property, nor took out the mortgage on it! Apparently, he is still liable for the debt & the taxes, although he has never been to Florida. Pretty scary, eh kids? I sounded the alarm when a bank mailed me a "great loan offer" on "my property." I contacted the bank & enquired WHY they thought that i owned any property, whatsoever, but so far, I have received no satisfactory reply. Stay tuned! I may discover that I also own real estate in Florida or Israel, also mortgaged to the proverbial hilt. That would make a great headline: "Local Nazi Plans to Buy Israel!" One writer warned us, years ago, that the denizens of the U.S.A. should worry about running out of water, rather than oil. Well, if we dno't pollute our aquifers, we are certainly depleting them. FEDZOGUSA recently announced its intention of shipping nuclear waste for storage at the already contaminated site of Hanford, Washington. At last report, a toxic plume is entering the groundwater at the site, which is also likely to poison the nearby river. Such a deal! A local fisherman said he had some beautiful trout in his freezer, which are full of mercury. He intends to mount them above his fireplace. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

9 JUNE 05 Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letters of May 24th & June 5th + the great downloads! Few sheeple outside of Asia & Eastern Europe know that "jew" is a nationality, not a religion. A jew can be a synagogue-goer or not, but he is a jew, as appeared on Russian & Soviet passports. I knew some real Russians in San Francisco who did not like jews, especially when they spoke Russian. They'd get a razzing about their Yiddish pronunciations. One of the Russian storekeepers asked a jewess to speak Polish & give up trying to speak Russian, when she asked for "pirogi" in what she thought was Russian. Hey, the same goes for jews who think they speak German, but who really speak Yiddish (Yid-Deutsch).

Farrakhan is a good speaker, although he seems to fantasize about the status of women in Black Africa, & in many Islamic countries. I'm glad he gets away with calling "Usrael" "The Jewnighted States." I understand from NPR jewsradio's non-mention of The Black Muslims that Farrakhan is something of a "politically incorrect unperson" in jewspeak (where Orwell got his term Newspeak). Yet, as I recently saw on TV, Farrakhan & his organization have respect & support from Black police groups, & they seem to have a role in Black community affairs which indicates that Black cops are their auxiliaries or vice versa. This appears to be one step closer to a Black separatist state, as described by Tom Chittum in his book, Civil War Two. As for his "Black ju jitsu" book & others of that nature, I give him credit as a black propagandist, & possibly as a profiteer therefrom. As you know, "Black Propaganda" is not aobut niggers per se, but its purported source. I enclose a bit of my own, which purports to emanate from "Jews for a Richer Israel." The content is factual. The source is not. You are welcome to copy and pass on. George Lincoln Rockwell wrote a spoof of "Nazi atrocities" under the pen name of "Lew Cor." Not only did a jew men's magazine publish the text, but they also supplied pictures! Rockwell kept the check on display in his office, framed under glass. I'd have framed a photocopy instead & spent the check.

Apparently, the jew racketeer, Soros, has destabilized several former Soviet satellite countries, including Georgia & the Ukraine, whose political bosses are now beholden to him, to one degree or another. Obviously, Soros is not having it easy in Byelorussia or Belarus. As for Putin, I seem to recall that The Canadian Jewish News also wrote up his "jewish background." The fact that you have downloaded articles from that source proves that the Zudniks could also log onto the CJN site to find their Putin article of ten+ years ago, so they could confirm my previous warnings against praising Putin because of his 'non-kosher' background, which is more fantasy on their part, derived from their wishful-thinking. It is embarrassing, at the least, & dangerous, at most, to misjudge a person's background based on ignorance, when a bit of checking could dispel both doubts & dangers.

Keep up the good work, ORION! -- Eric

10 JUNE 05. Hail [X]!

[...] In regard to our increasing socio-economic decline & disintegration, upon which we are in agreement, I have found Tom Chittum's book Civil War Two to be entirely relevant, for he describes the symptoms which indicate the oncoming chaos & collapse. As you say, these outcomes are largely the results of our own persistent folly. I recall your observation that many Whites want to be niggers, & the remainder want to be jews. I agree that we cannot blame all our misfortunes on jews, any more than a motorist can blame the car manufacturer for his bad driving. however, jews do play a role in our decline, just as poorly-manufactureed vehicles do contribute to accidents. I mention jews' roles only to educate those who cannot 'see,' as in "They Live." The Rockefellers are jews, by the way, from Spain via Holland, just like the Roosevelts. In other words, the jew-banksters & their Goy stooges funded all sides to a political issue, to be sure that they would be on the winning side, no matter who won. But the real reason for their funding of antagonists was to foment wars, which are indeed the jews' harvests. The cartoonist, R. Crumb, described most sheeple as "meat," whereas some are "butchers" who use the "meat" for profit. Crumb classifies himself as "meat," for his own work rewards his "butchers" more than it does him. After writing his tirade against jews, he reveals that his wife is jewish & therefore, his daughter! Some people have noted that artists are not only creative, but they are sensitive to stimuli within their Physical & Mental Environment. Well, Crumb personifies chaos, artistically & behaviorally, so that's what we can look forward to, for it is also said of artists that they perceive the future more than do the incurious & insensitive sheeple. Hitler described the political genius as a "musical man," for those with "tin ears" rarely had political talent, if ever. hitler's sensitivity to his audience was a great advantage in his effectiveness as a communicator, for many of his listeners reported that he said what was on their minds better than they could have said it themselves. Hitler & Dr. Goebbels were a great communications team, as we can appreciate.

As an aside, Tom Chittum makes favorable reference to The Resister in tems of a "White military undergound," although I think it might have been a ZOG-op. One professor of mine chuckled at the self-styled "underground press" which was publicly displayed on newsstands. "Underground" indeed!

Yes, there are the "fuzzy bunnies" who prefer not to see what is coming, according to all indicators, including the jewsmedia, in which crucial matters areno secret: inflation, trade deficits, government deficits, pension deficits, security deficits; peaceful invasion by the Asians & hispano-mestizos. Today's jewspaper announced that 1 out of 7 featherless bipeds in U.S. territory is "hispanic," withmore to come. According to Chittum, this mestizo invasion is a major ingredient of "Civil War Two," combined with the ZOG's imperial policies on behalf of global capitalism & The Jew World Ordure, which serve to destroy the last of "national" cohesion within the U.S.A. In other words, th maintenance of the status quo means the end of our present standard of living, as well as the fictitious "U.S.A." Those bipeds who can see the oncoming crises largely prefer to 'live for today' & let their children look out for themselves. With such constituents as these, we can understand why we are a couple of voices 'crying in the wilderness,' albeit an urban one. As you say, no one stands on the side of The Life Force. it is a cannibal feast, combined with a degenerate Roman orgy, a high-tech verson of Babel & Carthage. One writer observed that people never avoid catastrophes; they merely survive them. We shall see, not just as spectators, but as participants.

Jew-news flash: The U.S. military has a growing manpower deficit which is not being filled by patriotic propaganda appeals. Do I hear the "D" word? The restoration of the draft may be a political flashpoint or "the moment of truth" for the ZOG, especially since Canada may not welcome U.S. draft-dodgers & deserters, as was the case during the Vietnam War.

As you say, the jew-bankster globalists must resist the advent of tribalism & religious particularism, just as did Christian globalists such as Charlemagne alias karl the Saxon-Slayer. The crisis of consciousness will occur when sufficient people concur that universalist empre is insufficient for freedom & survival, which were possible under a tribal or national group. One whiff of empire has been more than sufficient for me!

You may wish to visit the Cosmotheism website, which seems to offer a Life Force Religion without reverting to ancient deities & jargon which may interfere with prospective converts' understanding. The Medium may interfere with the Message in regard to uncommitted who thirst for rational religion, as do most Aryans, who appear to insist that their religion be "true." For non-Aryans, I note that any religion which make sthem 'feel good,' regardless of truth, is acceptable. Hitler criticised the "Odinist" traditionalists as being both regalia freaks & physical cowards who would flee when "a Red worker cocked a fist in their direction." I believed that National Socialism was a contemporary form of Odinism, or as Savitri Devi wrote in The Lightning & the Sun, that NS was a "temporal incarnation of Cosmic Truth." I recommend that we package The Life Force in contemporary garb to make it more relevant to contemporary needs. I even suggested a White Power 'uniform': bluejeans, workboots or cowboy boots, bluejean jackets & white hardhats or cowboy hats, as appropriate. NO ONE in the blightwing has used such uniforms, to my knowledge. They prefer weird Freemasonic get-ups, Confederate uniforms & Nazi regalia, instead. One bunch even told me that we "looked too American" & that The Star & Swastika looked like "a Texaco sign," also, "Too American!" I asked them if they thought Hitler would have succeeded if the SA had used KKK robes in their parades, so they would not have looked 'too German!" Most obstacles are indeed of our own creation. A jew writer shuddered in print about "The Star & the Swastika," in an article or book on that theme. I guess the blightwing doesn't read. A decent military commander would very much like to know what the enemy fears, but never the blightwing. It must be comforting to live in one's very own world, similar to Marxists & Christians who so define the universe as to exclude facts they find uncomfortable. So now they don't have to consider such things. Bush may believe his own lies. If that is so, no matter how great our losses he will define as "winning." The losses will continue as long as sheeple believe him or behave as if they do.

The bankster puppets, Bush & Blair, are shedding crocodile tears about those 'poor' Africans & Latin Americans. Now they 'must' have debt-relief as well as th usual aid. So what's the gimmick? As I suspected, those unpaid debts will be passed onto the tax-payers of the 'rich' countries, & we're 'it.' This is part of the reason for th French & Dutch "NO" votes on the EU constituton: their countrie are 'rich,' but a growing number of people are losing their jobs & their standard of living, just as aliens pour in. As Hitler predicted in his 1928 book, called "Hitler's Secret Book" by the All-lies who published it after the war, global capitalism will transfer the White man's technology to such places as China, so the Whties will not benefit from their inventions. A small group of "coupon-clippers," i.e. stock speculators & bondholders will take advantage of White inventions & Yellow labor, to the detriment of the Whites. Hitler said that this process could occur within 20 years, if people were not careful. So, if one had read Hitler, he would not be surprised to discover that so-called industrialized countries are deemed "rich" while their ppulations grow poorer. That reminds me of the writers who described Mexico as "rich" just before their 1910 revolution. Yes, the land was rich, but the people were poor, becaues of corruption & over-breeding. As we see in the Jew-nighted States, people's use of birth control to improve their standard of living was easily defeated by ZOG's open border policy. This means the demise of labor unions, except in their role as Mafia protection rackets, just as in Mexico. As with our domestic Blacks, the Blacks of Africa & the mestizos of Latin America will be the pretexts for more bankster profits, at tax-payers' expense. Thus do capitalists & Christians profit when the poor multiply, but this process will affect only the suckers who can afford to pay taxes, as they see things. But when the day arrives in which everyone is poor, but the capitalists, will they pay to preserve this system? Obviously, there is an end in sight for bankster charity rackets.

Meanwhile the jobs pour out & the aliens pour in.

I wonder how 'patriotic' the 25,000 GM employees feel after hearing that they are due for the chop. As you say, we must stop feeding the ZOG, even when we are its slaves. The best way we can do that is to stay out of debt & to deny it our services whenever possible. I agre that you should hang onto your job, as long as possible. As in "Soylent Green," those who cannot make it into work are swiftly replaced by hungry job-seekers. The days of "Route 66" are long gone, since aliens now do most if not all causal labor, as well as more permanent varieties. With increasing globalization, "permanent" jmobs are largely fictions. What could be more 'permanent' than AT&T, IBM, GMC, eh? One division of IBM has moved to China, with more to follow. Profits for IBM et al. & poverty for former employees in the USA. Such a deal! Just as Hitler warned.

Obviously, those who live by the ZOG, as we all do, to one extent or another, are enslaved by the ZOG. We are its slaves & our children are its hostages. Some people, like myself, try to get the best part of this bargain by reducing our contributions to the ZOG to a minimum, while stiving to maximize our benefits by "leading the life we choose," as the song goes. As you say, identity theft in my case would likely prove amusing, since I haven nothing worth stealing, & I am largely out of the cash economy. The only cash I receive ar my meager Social Security checks, which amount to half of what I'd receive if I were on the S.S.I. The advantage to me is that i receive goods in kind, rathe rthan in cash, such as food, shelter & medical care under Medicaid, whihc has dropped coverage for medications recently; that is all right, since I take no medications. As I wrote previously, I consider my unplanned retirement to be An American Success Story: Now that I'm old, broke & jobless, I've never had it so good! This is a clear demonstration of The Law of the Contrary, thanks be to ZOG! So, 'I'm all right, Jack,' as the old Brit Flick was entitled, but what about others who face a likely unfunded future? I'm like a passenger on The Titanic who has graduated from steerage to 1st Class, although I know how the voyage is likely to end. It's just a matter of time. In the meantime, I diligently tap out SOS CQ, SOS CQ, into the void, as I have done for decades, as I see many ships passing heedlessly.

Every so often, I find a local jewspaper with "local color" about this area, which I send you to provide you with a 'virtual' reality visit. There are real avantages to viewing pictures instead of reality: In National Geographic, for instance, one can see The Amazon, minus the mosquitoes & malaria, & by reading The Yakima Herald-'Repulsive,' as locals call it, one can learn about he mestizo bandidos' activities without having to experience them, as well as our 'Injun Problem.' Currently, the skraelings demand tha ttheir mercury-contaminated salmon be 'saved' by dumping water from the hated dams on Washington rivers. This loss of water will adversely affect electric power production in the summre, when demand for electricity will be high, so power prices will go up, accordingly. My slogan is: Save the dams; dump the Injuns. It will be interesting to see what happens to these privileged welfare bums when demographic & economic pressure on the land erodes their 'treaty rights,' as it must. People are described as "rich" in terms of resources they DO NOT have to use, so The Indian Way of Welfare is likely to reflect the ZOG's policy of open borders & globalization, even if they continue to receive White Man's tribute from the tax-payers.

As Chittum wrote in "Civil War Two," 'Injuns' are jumping out all over in their casino garb. The existence of such old & new "sovereign" nations, under treaty rights, exemplifies the ZOG's policy of inflicting the U.S.A. with imperialism, in which some citizens are 'more equal' than others, & non-citizens are most privileged of all. Aliens have rights & citizens have duties, under ZOG. No, we are not "one nation" & never were. Honest Injun!

For people, rather than sheeple, the best way to cope with reality is to define it correctly, so that our actions become relevant & thus, effective. Once we realize that most ZOG statements & official declarations, like The Pledge of Allegiance, are false &/or irrelevant, we can begin to address reality instead of fiction.

I am basically a populist, for I would not go out of my way to deter the masses from their chosen follies. Experience is the best teacher, but her lessons can be terminal & hazardous to one's health. In my experience, the majority are usually wrong & lemmings do not find safety in numbers, so, in the words of R. Crumb, "Keep on truckin'." DOWZ! & ORION! -- E.T.

12 JUNE 05. Dear [X] Thanks for your great letter of June 8th! I would enjoy reading The Idaho Observer's take on "They Live," for the aliens' behavior, if not their appearance, is definitely jew-like, compared to that of all other races. I recall reading a horror story entitled "The Yellow Wallpaper" decades ago, which may have been written by the authro you mentioned. i don't rad fiction, as a matter of taste, for I am more interested in politics, economics & demography. I know who done it, but I want to find out what they are doing & how. It's notable that so many writers, particularly females, had such unhappy lives. Our fellow Whties must recapture Whites' imaginations from the jew distorters & cultural highjackers, for CJ Jung properly evaluatd The Aryan Imagination as the suorce of our creativity. As Mark Twain advised: "Dream better dreams." I have a large gap in my reading, from the authors & titles you mentioned. No, I've never read Gurdjieff nor Ouspansky, nor have I heard of them.

I seem to recall Dr. Oliver's evaluation of reincarnation, which he said "could not be disproven." Other concepts are disproven by their inconsistencies, such as "free will" with an omniscient deity. Jung referred to racial memory, as does The Bhagavad Gita, which warns that race-mixing causes "the loss of memory," hence, ""the loss of understanding" & "from this, all evil." Could "racial memory" indicate reincarnation? It seems possible, as I hint in my short story, "Return to Spring Island." I think it appears on FAEM.com, as well as "The Awakening." Let me know if you can find them, & if you enjoyed reading them.

Tropical forests or jungles do smell differently from pine, fir & hardwood forests. Sometimes there is an overwhelming scent of vanilla plants, combined with decaying vegetation, & the air is rich in oxygen. With so much to see in terms of plants, animals, birds & insects, one's sense of smell is often negleted. I recall a vivid impression of a train trip from Cali to Bogota, during which we climbed up the central plateau by means of switchbacks. I was privileged to ride on the rear platform, with the conductor, as we reversed. All one could see was a tunnel of jungle foliage, thorugh which the sunlight cast a warm glow, illuminating brilliant macaws, orchids & other flowers. The only signs of man were th etwo shiny strips of steel railroad track & the smells of bananas & coffee which grew beside the tracks. It was like travelling through paradise, or at least, my idea of paradise. On the final switchback, our steam locomotive pulled the train onto the plateau, which was grass lands & pasture for herds of cattle. The cowboys would wave their hats & race the train, which quickly overtook them & passed them, provided the fireman was good at his job. It was also like a trip into the 19th century, including the paddlewheel, wood-burning steamboats. Indeed, I have been privileged to travel in time as well as space.

The pattern is becoming clear in Iraq, for it appears that our ZOG is fomenting a "holy" war in The Middle East between Sunni & Shi-ite Moslems. A Moslem implosion would greatly please our ZOG & Israel, as we would suspect. Let's see if the ZOG's intended targets & victims are as dumb as Zionists hope they are! I am impressed by th apparent madness of the Bush regime, as expressed in their arrogant statements about imposing Judeo-American "democracy" including our "culture" & social behavior. It is also true that those whom the gods will destroy, they first make mad. Bush seems as fanatical in his globalist 'jihad' as Osama is in his, & I'm just as certain as you are that China is "the laughing third party" in this crazy conflict. The U.S. madmen sound as if they are willin gto take on the entire world, to enforce conformity to their insane schemes. Since the world includes China, it is obvious that they fully intend to bite off more than they can chew, but to what purpose? Are they striving to goad their jewish god into producing Armageddon in our time? Stay tuned!

Jewsradio reports the extreme salary differential between U.S. military personnel & the "civilian security contractors" alias mercenaries. These mercs consume 1/4 of the U.S. funds for Iraq, although they are outnumbered 5 to 1 by the poor grunts who take many more risks for very little money in comparison, according to the NPR report. No wonder the ZOG wants to cut their funding! Most of us wh read 1984 could not believe that Orwell's 'fictional' description of Big Brother's dictatorship would come to pass, such as the surveillance cameras & the mass media propagand that was blunt & brutal. Yet, I witness local acquaintances who love the ZOG & who told me with assurance that their god, Bush, would "never" renew" the draft. But, suddenly, they now say that the draft is likely, as if they ahd been saying that all along! Orwell was right, & that's pretty scary, kids. Renewal of the draft will be the proverbial "moment of truth" for the ZOG, to which I say DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

P.S. Reports have surfaced about rivalries between ZOG troops & contract mercs in Iraq, as well as conflicts of interest, in which one does not for WHOM the mercs are really working. The same applies to regular ZOG grunts.


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