by Eric Thomson

14 June 2005

28 MAY 05. Greetings! I just finished reading Tom Chittum's oustanding book "Civil War Two," which I had thought was the basis of a movie by that title. Mr. Chittum's book is far more informative & instructive, however. As a long-time student of International Relations, I see things in the same light as he does. I congratulate him on his temperate handling of explosive topics, which is a useful approach to uninformed & uncommitted readers who are in most need of the knowledge which Mr. Chittum conveys. I think he has covered all the bases in regard to likely scenarios, as well as describing existing trends on this continent in regard to demographics, politics & economics.

China appears to be looming larger in terms of its rapid expansion into the Western Hemisphere, including Canada, whose second language is now Mandarin, according to their latest census. As Mr. Chittum mentioned Japan's interest in North America as an agricultural supply base, it would appear that he is aware of the likelihood that North American conflicts will not occur in isolation, but are likely to attract a Chinese &/or Japanese, even a Korean presence, in the event of an imperial collapse within the U.S.A. Truly, we are not alone!

If men were wise (ho, ho!) some peaceful division of territory might take place among the competing ethnic groups, but as Mr. Chittum points out, such a peaceful solution can not occur, so long as the "New World Order" globalists wish to continue expanding their bubble of imperialism within North America, as well as the rest of the world. The very success of the globalist-imperialists' policies will cause their bubble to pop in due course. The more successful they are, the sooner that will happen.

When viewed from a great power standpoint, the world resembles a chessboard, with men as pawns who are expendable, as a matter of tactics. It seems to me that the hungry powers of Asia would not like to see their American breadbasket go up in the flames of a civil war, as Mr. Chittum describes. Perhaps the Asians could ally themselves with the ethnic group of their choice: one which would assist them in the production of agricultural surpluses, say. I do not think the Chinese would see it in their interests to allow the destruction & overpopulation of their American plantation, nor would they welcome a massive disruption of the infrastructure which serves them. As Mr. Chittum wrote, such foreign occupation may take place under the guise of U.N. "peace-keeping." China certainly has the manpower to occupy this continent with their military, just as they are beginning to do with their civilians. As we see, military aspects of war are unnecessary if one can achieve his objectives peacefully, as the Hispanics & Chinese are presently doing.

We both agree that we are living in "interesting times," as the Chinese curse goes, but in crisis there is opportunity as well as danger. That is why I proclaim ORION! (Our Race Is Our Nation!). All the best -- Eric Thomson

1 JUNE 05. Dear [X]: Many, many thanks for your letter of April 26th & the outstanding enclosures! As they say, one picture is worth 1000 words. France looks like an Arab country, with the addition of Black Africans, many of whom I would guess would be Moslems. I recently read "Civil War Two" by Tom Chittum, in which he correlates conflicts within a territory in terms of percentages. When a majority population comprises 90% + of a territory's ethnic elements, the chances of inter-ethnic conflicts, especially violent ones, are reduced. If the minority percentage increases, however, the occasions for conflict also increase. If several different ethnic &/or cultural groups also occupy the same territory, as in the infamous Balkans, the results are likely to be the same as occurred with the breakup of the former Yugoslavia: ethno-carnage. The former U.S. official in the former Yugoslavia, Holbrook, later went to Africa, where he saw the same basis of ethnic strife: the multi-ethnic occupation of livingspace. The Tutsis & Hutus share the same livingspace, along with their tribal rivalries, so their ethno-carnage is traditional. In Black Africa, the warlike tribes such as Masai, Tutsi, Zulu & Matabele (an offshoot of the Zulu) routinely preyed upon often more numerous, but less warlike tribes in their areas. Often, tribes fleeing such predators would invade other tribes' livingspace & drive thei former occupants out, as occurred with the Bush-men, who once occupied areas of NE Zimbabwe, but were driven out, into the Botswana Desert a few centuries ago, as I understand. Similarly, North American Amerasian tribes were driven out of choice hunting grounds by other tribes. It is said that the less successful tribes were driven further north. The same inter-ethnic competition for livingspace, hunting, fishing, grazing, & agricultural lands forms the basis of history, from Europe to Asia, & this theme continues into the present, as long as humans produce children too numerous for their own lands & lifestyles to sustain. This birthrate was the basis for European empires, just as it now is for the non-European conquest of Europe, albeit by peaceful means, because Europeans are allowing the alien invasion of their livingspace without a fight. Not only do they PAY their invaders, but they reduce their own numbers by abortion & birth control, just as their judeo-capitalist rulers apparently wish. The same thing is occurring in the U.S.A. & Canada.

You & others raise the issue of "cultural survival," as opposed to the biological survival of a race. Christians love this concept, for they believe in converts, as do Moslems. That is why race is irrelevant to them. French Canadians, for example, deem all French-speakers to be "French," regardless of their race & origins. Some do not, of course, but they do not appear to direct Quebec's immigration policy, as do the Franco-mestizos (French-speaking Eurasians). I believe that biology is the basis of culture, so race is important. Who is White can be easily proven by DNA testing. For simplicity, "White" means a person without Asian or Black genes. Eurasians, such as many Finns & Hungarians, are not White. Greeks & Italians who have sickle cell anemia are Afro-Europeans, rather than Whites or Caucasians. There are three races: Black, White & Yellow, with all subdivisions which we can best denote as nations, then tribes, clans & families, down to the individual. Politics & religion have served to confuse & mask biology in terms of human classification. Race is not place, just as biology is not geography. Nor does race have to do with religion or political affiliation, any more than such learned attributes of one's environment determine one's gender.

In the light of modern, correct genetic science, such antiquated terms as "Nordic," "Alpine," "Mediterranean" are most descriptive of geography, rather than biology, that is, race. Although many people do not like to use the term, "Yellow Race," to describe the predominant genotype of Asia, it just happens that Australia is within the Eastern Hemisphere, as is China, &c. so Whites & Blacks resident in Australia have been called "Asians," becaues of their location. Obviously, race is quite different from place of residence, although the jew, Boas, perverted anthropology by claiming that one's place of birth determined his "nationality," & that "nationality" was derived from birthplace, rather than race. Other writers have pointed out this absurdity, for a giraffe born in a London zoo would be deemed as "English fauna," & all cars manufactured in Detroit would be "Detroits," rather than Fords, Chevrolets, &c. Presently, the U.S. government recognizes jews as members of a 'nationality,' regardless of their birthplace. That defies Boas' definition, which merely applies to Gentiles. Historically, few nationalities have recognized aliens born within their territory as fellow nationals. This is a perversion of recent times. This would mean that Rudolf Hess was not a German, but an Egyptian, since he was born to German parents in Egypt. Nation does not mean 'place,' & a multi-national place or country is not a nation, but an empire, if it has one government. It is widely acknowledged that empires are unstable, & that they break up along ethnic &/or national lines, as we have seen most recently in Yugoslavia & the former USSR. This will be the fate of the U.S.A., & it is likely to be the fate of former nationstates, such as France.

To return to the subject of 'culture,' which is largely temporal, it can be argued that the sort of 'culture' extant throughout previously White countries is unworthy of preservation, so what is worthy? Would it be European languages, even if spoken only by non-Whites, just as Latin is sometimes used by non-Romans, because Romans are extinct? If the non-White invaders of France would promise to preserve French monuments, would the French die happy? It seems that they have lost the will to live, as have so many Whites in their alien-distorted culture.

As I see it, our loss of livingspace to alien invaders is only one symptom of our abject surrender to Our Enemy Within, with whom we identify, our inner jew, who takes multiple guises from escapist Christinsanity, not of this world, to totally degenerate materialism. In brief, religion supplies escapists with spiritual opiates, whereas materialism supplies escapists with physical opiates. As I have stated previously, I do best among my own kind, as Kipling wrote of "The Stranger." Would a Beethoven fare as well in a Black African kraal as he did in a predominantly White Vienna? It appears that Whites are going to find out for themselves.

I note the rejection of the globalist European Union Constitution by the French and Dutch. It appears that some White Europeans want to exercise more control of their former livingspace. So there are signs of life in some White folks, & it is said that "where there is life there is hope." All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric P.S. In regard to your great essay on how the Axis might have won the war, it appears tome that the best way would have been for the Japanese to make at least a demonstration on their Manchurian Front to keep the soviet armies pinned down in the east. That would have allowed the German advance to continue. As I understand from my studies, it was Roosevelt's oil embargo which finally prompted the Japanese to attack the U.S. Pacific Fleet, which they, of course, missed at Pearl Harbor, because FDR had ample warning that they were coming. Allegedly, the japanese fleet, which had converted from coal to oil, had no more than 2 weeks' steaming capacity, after which, they would be literally "out of gas." As I recall from "The Fleet that had to Die," a book about the Russian defeat at Tsushima Strait, the epic voyage of the Russian fleet was from The Baltic, all the way around Europe & Africa. The British who were not so secretly allied with Japan denied the Russians the use of The Suez Canal, which they would likely do to the Japanese, if they had not run out of fuel before reaching Suez. The Canal is easily blocked, & there were British & French bases at Aden & Djibouti, from which the Japanese could have been attacked. As I see it, The USA would have entered the war on the side of the All-Lies, whether Japan had attacked the U.S. Pacific Fleet or not. What he really wanted was to declare war on Germany, which had attacked his beloved USSR, instead of Japan, as he'd anticipated. FDR used the Jap attack as his excuse for declaring war on "the Axis." It is notable that his beloved USSR did not declare war on Japan until 1945. As it was, Japan successfully fought the British & their colonial troops all the way to India. Priority #1 for Japan was The Dutch East Indies & its precious oil. No oil: no navy.

2 JUNE 05. Hail [X]! Many thanks for your letter of May 28th. Thanks, also, for your brief biography, so I can get to know you. I, too, encountered people who believed in "British Israel," "Israel Identity" & "Christian Identity," which I found to be false. Apparently, the creed was originally a British propaganda ploy against the Germans, for one 'true-jew' showed me a "British Israel" book printed by Her Majesty's Printing Office, around the time of The Boer War. There was a "British Israel" clubhouse in Toronto, Canada, & the local jews made them remove the large brass plaque at the entrance to their building. Like the Freemasons, I noted the "Idiot Identity" crowd admitted Eurasians (non-Whites), just as non-Whites used to hang around Aryan Nations (Injun John Ross Taylor, a notorious ZOG-fink & the jew Braunhut), for example. Butler was the twin of a Sioux neighbor of mine in California, one Bill Irontail, so I wondered about Butler's biology. Eurasians (mestizos) are not Aryans. My god is in my blood & in my appreciation of Nature. Other gods did not belong to me, nor I to them, based on my feelings & my reason. When one knows himself, he finds his god, or his god finds him. It is simple, but often not easy to achieve. You raise a valid point in your discussion of the term, "nation," which is ZOG's doing. A nation is a people, not a place. Obviously, a nation needs a place in which to live. All nations have been nomadic at one time or another. My nation has long been one of seafarers from northern lands, so our attachment is largely to the sea from which we make our livings. As an individual, I can live, as I have, on any continent or island, for that matter, but our nation must have land of its own, so we can create a racial community, physically, as well as ideologically. The jew, Boas, imposed the concept of "nation" as country or place. Nationality is biological, not geographical. My letter to [Y] refers. Yes, the U.S.A. is not a nation, but an empire, & its borders have become meaningless lines on maps, as biology inundates geography. As Tom Chittum wrote in his book Civil War Two, we must prepare ourselves, physically & psychologically, for the collapse of the U.S. empire, which behaves like decadent Rome & will thus go the way of decadent Rome. As you say, fools will immolate themselves, as they have already done, without accomplishing anything relevant to White Survival, & Judas Goat leaders will fool & fleece their flocks to the very end, as I saw in White-ruled Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, before our handover to Black Marxist Misrule. I have also seen groups which were infiltrated by enemy agents, as well as groups FOUNDED by enemy agents, to which I have belonged. What this experience has taught me is that we must seek people of character, rather than bodies to increase the number of members. We must also view our activities & policies critically & with vigilance, at all times, so as to detect subversion & sabotage. Whenever I did so, I left, & I was proved correct by subsequent events. The 'movement' must begin with ourselves, for, as you point out, people of poor quality cannot create a movement of good quality, even if their leader is a Superman. Any change for the better must come within ourselves. To paraphrase JFK: We should not ask what the racial cause can give us, but instead, we should ask what we can give our racial cause. As you observe, "the movement" has attracted mainly enemies, crooks & dysfunctionals. This is because 'better' Whites have not seen a need for such a movement, & there is no guarantee that they will. I also agree that the 'paytriots' for profit live OFF their touted cause by selling subscriptions & symbols, & I also agree that those who buy such things like to think they are 'activists,' but they are really just consumers. What we are describing are really fantasy-lovers. I'm glad that you, too, distinguish political prisoners from petty offenders & just plain crooks, who happen to be White. Prison may teach them the need for White Solidarity, or it can lead them into degeneracy & further dysfunctional behavior. As I see it, there is only a 5-step program for the achievement of any goal. It starts with 1) The Idea; 2) The Information about The Idea; 3) The Organization based on The Idea; 4) The Action on behalf of The Idea; & 5) The Realization of The Idea. On this basis, we can readily understand why we have had such a lack of progress, for The Idea must be valid, that is, attractive to potential supporters, & it must be conveyed by a spokesman or leader who is also appealing to potential followers. In short, a successful movement must have a proper leader with proper ideas, like a good singer with a great song. Hitler & National Socialism was such a successful combination, as you mentioned, but we must also consider our present society in terms of its values & racial make up. Could Hitler succeed in today's America, even if he were able to tailor his message to our present problems? It can be argued that a man who would be so different from the great majority of a people would not be able to address them in terms relevant to their degenerate, materialistic, selfish needs. Even the mythical Jesus, who was an alleged god, could not perform the real miracle, which would be to confer understanding upon his sheeple. All he could do was magic tricks, worthy of his alleged opponent, Satan. Sheeple are easily awed, but they achieve understanding only rarely, if ever, for without understanding, there can be no peace within ourselves. Only knowledge & reason can provide us with understanding.

Unless Whites become a nation in kind, as well as a nation in mind, we will lose the very land on which we presently stand, in North America & Europe. As Hitler said: "The state is the vessel which protects the race, & the race protects the individual." Obviously, our White Nation needs a place in which to live & a state to protect it. It is therefore folly for our people to seek to protect the ZOG empire which was anti-White from its very beginning, for by doing so, we help our racial enemies, as we destroy ourselves.

Dr. Goebbels said that an idea is best expressed in a slogan. That is why a true White Nationalist must focus his mind entirely on the concept of ORION! Without this guiding constellation, we shall continue to waste time & effort on befuddled priorities. I therefore hope I have indicated, at least to some extent, why we are in our present mess, & our best way out of it, if we choose to take it. Our struggle is our victory. All the best & ORION! -- Eric

P.S.: Things we can do right now: Shun TV & stay debt free. Learn useful skills & knowledge. Form White communities in our localities, for it is family, community & ideology that are a nation's building blocks. The only stumbling blocks barring our way are ourselves, so we must become steppingstones, facilitators of ORION!

2 JUNE 05. Dear Michael: Many thanks for your outstanding letter of May 30th & the informative enclosures, which I have copied for [X], as you instructed. I am somewhat surprised, & very much disgusted by the ZOG's hypocrisy in regard to "qualified immunity" due to their ignorance of the law. So ignorance of the law is excused for zoggies, but they persecute you for "producing an unauthorized document," with the best intentions. To paraphrase Orwell's slogan in Animal Farm, "some ignorance is more equal than others." Congratulations on your polite & concise suggestions for proper prison administration! I'd nominate you for warden, any day. It would be hard to tell the difference if monkeys were in charge of your gulag, instead of your monkey-business-prone gulagniks. What a corrupt waste of tax-payers' money they are! Well, they apparently want you to see more of the U.S.A., so I'll send this a.s.a.p., in hopes that it reaches you before your move.

I just finished reading The Green Felt Jungle by Messrs. Reid & Demaris, for the 2nd time, after it first appeared in 1963, shortly before President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. It was a "who's who" of mobocracy, which was & is kosher. A subsequent book entitled Lansky proclaimed: "The mob runs America & Lansky runs the mob." In The Green Felt Jungle, the cover states, in reference to Las Vegas: "A city more corrupt than Washington, D.C." Well, a good deal of Washington D.C.'s corruption emanates from mob money, which goes right to the top in the form of presidential campaign funding. All those names of mobsters & payola politicians, criminal union bosses, corrupt journalists, &c. give me warm-fuzzy feelings of my youth, for instance, the photo of Bugsy Siegel after he'd received a surprise present of an entire clip of carbine ammo in Beverly Hills, while I was in my bed in San Fernando, CA, & I have witnesses to prove it. Judging by The Green Felt Jungle, it was no secret why JFK & Bobby Kennedy were bumped off: they came up against jew money & jew interests. In regard to corruption, I admire you for jousting against it in your venue. Not only does it pass the time, but it keeps the zoggies "shook up," to quote Elvis. Congratulations! You have also informed their victims: the U.S. citizens & tax-payers. Many thanks!

I'm glad that you find my mailings useful, for informational purposes. I am happy to share knowledge with everyone, including zoggies. Lately, the FBI has tried to browbeat a local librarian in Whatcom County, in regard to names of those who checked out a book about Osama bin Laden. The librarian defeated them in terms of the 1st Amendment. I told a local bookstore proprietor that I may read a book on the common cold, which does not mean that I wish to catch cold nor give one to someone else. The zoggies learned that someone had written a marginal statement in regard to declaring a religious war against America. It was a quote from Osama bin Laden, which the author of the book had apparently omitted from his write up on Osama! "Terrorism" is in the eyes of the beholder. Zoggies want to snoop on snail mail, as if they haven't already. Well, they are welcome to read mine, or they can wait until it appears on the Internet. I have no secrets.

I'm sorry to read of all the ZOG-instigated violence. These gulagniks are psychopaths, objectively judging by their perverse & pernicious behavior. If your prison authorities were in charge of a railroad, I'm sure they'd enjoy wrecking trains. They probably amuse themselves by attending illegal cockfights or pitbull matches, when they are not tearing wings off butterflies. They really should be in prison, as inmates.

I just finished reading Civil War Two by Tom Chittum, who was also in Rhodesia, although I never met him. It is a well-researched & well-reasoned book which points out that diversity = conflicts. The more ethnic/cultural diversity within the same territory, the more violent the conflicts, as in the former Yugoslavia, present day Iraq, & many parts of Black Africa. Tom points out that Switzerland handles its diversity by keeping its major ethnic groups within their own cantons or territories. Belgium does the same with its Walloons & Flemish, who both exercise self-determination within the country. My letter to Tom Chittum's publisher refers, which begins with "Greetings," since I don't know who I'm addressing. I agree with Tom that the foremost author of a break-up of the U.S.A. along racial lines is the ZOG itself, which has adopted a policy of imperial rule ("divide & rule") on behalf of globalist capitalism's Jew World Ordure. As the ZOG creates a more diverse society in the U.S.A., it also increases poverty & instability, which will hasten its Roman-style collapse from within. As Hitler said in his Table Talks: "If the American people cannot get the jew monkeys off their backs, America will become a wonderful gift to China." Well, the chinese are massively moving in, & they are establishing bases & colonies as bridgeheads for their invasion & conquest of North America, thanks be to ZOG! Meanwhile, Israel supplies the Chinese with the latest mlitary technology which the U.S. gives the little bandit state, at a price, of course. The Chinese pay, but the jews don't.

Have you ever been under house arrest? Well, try being called up for jury duty, as I was recently.I had to be home every day, so as to make phonecalls regarding my jury schedule: once at 11:30 a.m. & again after 5:00 p.m. I could have called via payphone, if I could find one which works, & since I have no cellphone, I must use my landline at home. This situation lasted for 2 weeks, excepting weekends and holidays, although I had to phone Sunday evenings & the evening of Memorial Day. At last, I called this Thursday, at 11:30, as instructed, & I was told to appear at the local copshop for jury duty. I noted the thick armor plate barriers at the entrance (a new feature) & went through airport-style security, depositing my keys & change in a plastic tray. I was pleased, when I went through the metal detector, that my tooth fillings did not trigger the alarm, nor did the metal clips on my suspenders, thanks be to ZOG. Once inside, along with other prospective jurors, I was ushered into a large room, where we were told to sit. The female commissar or whatever asked us if anyone wanted to use the toilet before we were locked in the room, where we sat, & sat some more. Eventually, the female in charge returned & told us that our jury duty was over, since the trial had been postponed. Just remember, citizens have duties & aliens have rights, under ZOG. This was the first lesson I learned when I returned to the U.S.A. in 1992.

Speaking of education: never in my well-financed public schooling did I learn about jury rights & duties, such as the role of jurors as triers of fact & their right of nullification. I learned only by watching juries in a context of court proceedings. so much for high school "civics courses." Keep up the great work and ORION! -- Eric

The Social Security Shell Game

More & more emphasis is given the so-called Social Security system by ZOGlings & jewsmedia. Allegedly, Social Security is "in trouble" or about to be in trouble. So why shouldn't a Ponzi or pyramid scheme be in trouble? That is what Social Security always was, for its solvency relies upon an infinitely-expanding pyramid base, in the form of an infinitely-expanding work force. As I gather from Social Security's history, the program was established so that oldsters could leave the labor force, thereby creating job openings for the younger, jobless workers. That was in the socio-economic context of The Great Depression of the 1930's. Social Security began as a "trust fund" which was funded by taxing workers' salaries, but people who earned in excess of the minimum salary requirement were exempt from paying into Social Security, & they still are, as I understand, so Social Security "contributions" are not progressive. Therefore, the more one earns is not proportional to one's payments into the Social Security trust fund beyond a maximum amount. As I gather, a person who earns $50,000 or more is not required to pay into Social Security, if those are his gross annual earnings. In other words, the program was designed for the needy, & funded by the needy, from its beginning. But it was a "trust fund," right? So money paid in would be available to those who reached retirement age. But the "money" in the Social Security fund takes the form of U.S. Treasury notes, that is, I.O.U.'s. This is commonly known as embezzlement &/or grand larceny. But that is not all: other social assistance programs, such as SSI (Supplementary Social Income? I've never seen it spelt out) & additional beneficiaries who never apid into the Social Security fund also tap into the presently "underfunded" Social Security sysem. No wonder it will be "in trouble"!

The funding will decline rapidly as wages drop to the lawful minimum & less, as illegal aliens take more & more jobs in our global capitalist economy. In brief, the needy will become even needier. Were the Social Security system to remain in its present form, we would see millions reaching retirement age whose payments into the system could never cover their statutory benefits, especially if they are geared to inflation. This "moment of truth" is likely to occur when the Baby-Boomers reach retirement age. This dreaded event means that a sudden maximum number of retirees will appear as the required number of contributors disappear. ZOG's ploy is to move the shells around, verbally. Some crooks touted that Social Security funds should be invested in the stock market, conveniently 'forgetting' that the stock market crash of 1929 & the ensuing depression were the reasons for the creation of Social Security in the first place. Others, including our present banana republican presidents, urge "private savings." They were also wiped out in the 1930's depression, as he would know, had he ever studied U.S. history, or could remember any of it. Private savings are vulnerable to 3 factors: bankruptcies & inflation, as well as theft. Private pensions are affected by these factors, even when their contributors earned good salaries. But we are talking about the majority who will earn minimum salaries & who borrow money. They are likely to have no retirement funds whatsoever, so it will be back to the 'good old days' of dog-eat-dog & Nature, red in tooth & claw. DOWZ! & ORION!


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