by Eric Thomson

29 March 2005

18 MAR 05. Dear [X]: Many thanks for your letter of MAR 13th. As I recall, I received one of your newsletters, perhaps from Dr. Rhome of Eagle Publications. I did not put you on my mailing list, but just responded to various matters you raised, so you could see that there exists a whole body of thought & facts which differ from the worldview you apparently harbor. We are never too old, nor should we be too tired to learn, for there are gems of knowledge, even in material with which we may disagree. Most of my information, after all, comes from 'enemy' sources, rather than like-minded correspondents.

In regard to Christian fart-halls, I cannot bear false witness, for that is the first thing I noticed when my parents forced me to go to church on a fine, bright Sunday morning: the sulfurous farts whihc permeated the place, even with windows open. Perhaps the Devil was hiding under the altar! At least that's what it always smelled like, even with flowers present. Thus were my nostrils offended at first, & with my first communion service, my civilized being was outraged by the invitation to eat "the body & drink the blood" of Jesus. I would have left the place forever, had it not been for the feelings of my parents. Dad was later to explain his views of religion: He said that boys were naturally naughty, so they needed a little whiff of fire & brimstone (i.e. farts) to scare them into tamer behavior, but too much religion made a boy queer. That's coming from a very conservative Iowa Presbyterian. On the other hand, he believed that lots of religion was good for women, so as to keep them out of mischief. In other words, Dad & I were involved, unbeknownst to us, in a conspiracy of hypocrisy, whereas Mom saw religion as an ideology plus social status. I doubt that they sincerely believed in the garbage they expected me to consume, for they had Viking funerals at the end of their lives, when I still lived in exile, according to a very brave correspondent who risked FBI persecution by contacting me, as my parents had suffered after my exile in 1969.

Incidentally, "The Babylonian Woe" traces the origin of the word "Hebrew" to Habiru Sagaz (Desert Cutthroats) as the first jews or Israelites were known in the ancient world.

My immigration incarceration in The Toronto Don Jail for two weeks in 1982 was the result of my successful participation in the regaining of Zundel's "postal privileges," a 'first' in Canadian history. Courageous attorney Lynn McCaw helped us win that case before a Postal Tribunal in Ottawa, & I hired her to defend me in the immigration hearings in my own case. Although the proceedings dragged on, purposely, for 2 weeks, Lynn said that CANZOG had no case against me. That became obvious during the hearings, so I was released without charge & I could travel in & out of Soviet Canuckistan as I pleased. It was Lynn McCaw who was forced to leave Canada. As I heard, she had to flee to Scotland, where her grandmother lived. We always hired female attorneys (Doug Christie being the exception), since females cannot be Freemasons, who are usually in league with cops, prosecutors & judges, so they are not defense attorneys at all, under our adversarial system of justice. I shall keep you posted on further developments in the Nelson Case re The Genocide Convention. Remember: the gulag begins in the mind. All the best & ORION! -- Eric

* * *

18 MAR 05. Dear [X] Many thanks for your letter of MAR 13th, & the outstanding photos, which reveal the aspects of the house & its surroundings, & thereby create an aura of poignant mystery. You have revealed, by analogy, a figure in a cloak, which we can see clearly, without knowing if the figure is male or female. In other words, that which the photos reveal lead us to wonder what story that old house conceals! It looks as if it were intended for a large, rural family, of the sort White people used to have, before the ZOG decided to get rid of them, in favor of mestizo migrant farm workers on huge agribusiness estates. One child of a farming family, who only has memories of the land & the way of life, told me that farms were not merely for growing crops & lifestock, but for growing sturdy & productive poeple. I mentioned that Rome went the same way: from family farms to agribusiness estates, often absentee-owned, & worked by slaves. the former farmers' families went to th cities, where they often lived on welfare, the notorious bread & circuses. The welfare mob was also composed of many of foreign stock. Gee, it all sounds so familiar! The lesson seems to be thta Whites wree too busy producing the fruits of the land to defend it from alien conquest & subsequent invasion. In other words, Whites have been living on borrowed time ever since they came to North America, for they carried th eseeds of their dispossession along with them. In the Protocols of Zion, the jew rants about th eneed to dispossess "the landed aristocracy." Although this scheme was aimed at Tsarist Russia, it was also aimed at the American families who owned their farmland. People who own their farmland have always the option of growing their own food, which is the absolute key to independence and self-determination, & that is the necessary key to freedom, just as the ancient Spartans knew. It is thus folly, suicidal folly, to put control of one's food in others' hands, subject to prices they dictate & money which they depreciate. The spartans also had slaves, so they would eaily recognize our status, under ZOG. Unfortunately, most Whites prefer not to see the truth of their abject slavery. Instead, they view the chains of indebtedness as if they were jewelry with intrinsice value. Credit, that is debt, is not a privilege, but slavery. Can we call this reversal of meanings anything else but folly? When the government of a country bases its existence on debt, thereby enslaving future generations, this is not mere folly, but treason.

How far the pendulum has swung from the hardy, Puritan rascals of the past, to the decadent savages of the prsent, who seek escape from all privation in the realm of self-indulgence, & of all hard realities of the normal human condition, no matter what the price. As one philosopher concluded: Man seeks pleasure & avoids pain, but a single pleasure may bring a thousand pains in its train. What a great amount of knowledge we have gained, without one iota of wisdom! American abundance obviously produced an abundance of fatheads, & it is still true that fools & their wealth are soon parted. When our memories fast-forward through history, th eprocess becomes obvious. The enclosed French postcard of an American soldier of World War I refers. What in hell was he doing over there? He should have stayed in America, where he could protect his home & his family, along with the rest of them, but he obviously had no clue of his folly. As you say, we must first recapture Whites' imaginations, by dreaming better dreams. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

* * *

19 MAR 05. Hail [X] Many thanks for sending me Keith Fulton's fulminations on so-called White Nationalism & its alleged adherents' character defects. Mr. Fulton errs greatly in the numbers of "White Nationalists" he believes exist. I state for the record that a White Nationalist uses the slogan ORION! Those who do not accept that Our Race is Our Nation are NOT White Nationalists. Whatever they think they are is expressed in their sign-off slogans; & ORION! sign-offs are few & far between. So that leaves us with the majority of allegedly pro-White Whites who are mainly White supremacists & White separatists, but NOT White Nationalists. To the extent that you want to establish a White nationstate, you are a White Nationalist, but those who wish that some comfortable (for them) status quo ante will return are not W.N. I do not say that there are not those who think they are W.N., who are also dysfunctional, but they are likely as few, in proportion to the 'majority' of White Nationalists, as White Nationalists are few in proportion to the 'majority' of NS, KKK, Idiot Identity, 'conservatives,' American Renaissance, COTC, &c., including many who are not White, but mongrels.

As you & Fulton have said, Character is everything, in every case. I quote from Vol. 1 #2 of the November 1976 White Power Report: "Power Patterns: The Crazy Men of Destiny" by K.L. Holm: "Mingled with abnormal men at the outset, however, are the genuine misfits, losers & inferiors, the freakish, the defective & the malformed...accompany the exceptional men, though for different causes... Revolution, especially our Aryan upthrusts against the jew, makes tremendous personal demands far exceeding those of regular life & metes out the severest penalties. Only the hard, the healthy & the humorous will survive the fight & go forward." This underlines my point, that you may know all this, but there are always those who don't, so the message must be repeated, like the S.O.S. of The Titanic. Fulton is saying in a less poetic, less literate way, what Holm said decades ago. Why must we always re-invent the wheel? Because there are those who never got the message of decades back.

What Fulton is addressing is not the tiny number of White Nationalists, but the flabby body of Whties who are anything but: White "Amurricans" who pretend to be pro-White in word & deed, but are not. Certainly, we have known or heard of homos, weirdoes & con-artists who make pro-National Socialist &/or pro-White claims, & we know what little they do for th ecause they espouse. You remember the notorious L.A. group of the homo-jew, Russell Veh, "NS Mobilizers"? I guess he died of AIDS in due course. Good riddance! of course. Franky Collin-Cohn, the pedophile, jewish "Nazi" leader" of Chicago is out & about, under his new guise, as "Mr. Joseph." I wonder if Keith Fulton would call these jews "White Nationalists," too? I'm sure the ADL would like to tar White Nationalism as a bunch of losers, for nationalism is what jews fear the most. Who, by the way, is Keith Fulton? Did he or does he work for a living? At whta? I worked at coolie-type jobs after my return to the jew Ass Oy Veh, as do a growing number of apolitical Whites, if they are lucky enouhg to find work at all. One need not be a pretentious political radical to be at the bottom of U.S. society. There's lots of company down here! As I have mentioned, I consider myself an American success story, so my dislike of ZOG has nothing to do with my living standard, which is great, but I remain a White Nationalist, so I proclaim: ORION! -- Eric

* * *

20 MAR 05. Dear [X] Happy Spring Sunstead! Mqany thanks for your letter of MAR 18th & the great enclosures. More China news on NPR jewsradio today: China's oil-consumption is said to be second to that of the U.S.A., & China wants MORE! As we know, oil & water don't mix, but oil & politics are inseparable, so we may expect to see a growing rivalry between China & the U.S.A. in key oil supply areas, which the U.S.A. is most likely to lose. China is using its otherwise worthless zogbucks to buy up companies, properties, products & people via influence. China can easily outbid the U.S.A. when it comes to inflated zogbucks, because China also has manufactured goods to back them up, & we do not. It is clear that the jews are supporting China, so their pullout from the U.S.A. looks more likely, as well as their support for the euro. Stay tuned! It's easy to predict the jews' behavior, which has not varied since they bragged of their infiltration & despoliation of biblical Egypt. Jews always strive to hurt their host peoples via parasitism, well beyond mere profit, for they hate their hosts & eternally wish to destroy them. Enslavement is not enough for them, for they must always rot & ruin those who have aided them most. This is history, & we are fools not to have learned it. Every host thinks that 'this time it will be different, for the jews have changed; at least they say so.' Oh yeah. Jews remain jews & suckers never learn.

In regard to the latest 'news' on Hitler's private life with Eva Braun, we can start taking this latest account with the usual amount of salt. A certain Mr. Eberle opined that Stalin would have killed Hitler or that Hitler would have killed Stalin, were either captured by the other. Already we have the first jew-lie, since Hitler declared in his table talks that he admired Stalin as a leader, & that he would place Stalin under house arrest -- in a palace. Thanks for the download from Montana. It sounds as if Mr. Ochenski, its author, has seen the movie, "Civil War II," if I recall the title correctly. On today's jewsradio, former guru of the U.S. State Department, George Kennan, who died recently, was interviewed. he mentioned how the U.S.A. was under the dominatino of a "special interest group" whose goals were NOT in the interests of the U.S.A. Gee, I wonder who those people would be. Bush & Co. are doing the bidding of "that group" right now, but he is simply carrying on a kosher policy which has ruled The District of Corruption for 300 years, beginning in colonial times, so what else is new? The U.S. will be undone in due course, but will it be a sudden coming unglued, or a Roman-style unravelling of its social, political & econonmic fabric? No doubt, we shall see, & it will be exciting, for we will not be spectators only, but participants. Such a deal! The custom for the Montana legislature to pass non-binding resolutions approving or disapproving of federal laws is a new oone on me. it sounds like an 'official' public opinion poll. What effect that will have on the ZOG is moot, but what the public DOES will be decisive.

Many thanks, as always, for your great selections of important news items. Is there any chance for 'summer skiing' out your way? one can use sand dunes, grassy slopes, or used crankcase oil & used cooking fats, as portraye din Mad Magazine's "Wild World of Sports." If the drought conditions persist, there may also be a demand for "Sportscar Minefield Racing." As good capitalists say, "When you get a lemon, you make lemonade, & when you get drought, you'd better get out!" All the best. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

22 MAR 05. Hail [X]! Many, many thanks for your letter of March 18th & the outstanding enclosures! Yes, I received my March-April 2005 edition of The Backwoodsman, which is much appreciated. The major or salient point which impressed me most, on skimming over the Oral History Interview with Edwin M. Wright was his apparent ignorance of the extent of jew control over the U.S. government. I gather that he somehow thought that there were some pro-U.S. people in the District of Corruption, despite all the evidence he was amassing to th contrary. Or maybe he hooped that SOMEONE WOULD WAKE UP, at last, & turf the rabbinic rascals out. Imagine being in his position of knowing so much, while being able to do so little! That sounds like a bit of hell on earth. I am reminded of a recent airing of an NPR interview with George F. Kennan of th eU.S. State Department who coyly said that "the interest group" to which the U.S. government is beholden "does not act in U.S. interests." Golly gee, who could they be? In regard to biology, places like North America, Italy, Britain, &c. are not racially homogenous. The question is simple as ABC, except it is DNA.

As you say, the history of so-called mankind is one of migration, including invasions & conquests. Just because a piece of land 'belonged' to one's ancestors does not mean that one need not defend it from all comers. The mere fact that someone occupied a territory 'first' is no argument against those who want it, & who will take it, if th present occupiers don't defend it. White behavior is thus contrary to Nature & oblivious to History. What a way to lose! In the case of China, we give them our industry in exchange for our land. In the case of Mexico, we give them our jobs in exchange for our land. A jew would ask, "What kind of 'good deal' is this?" In effect: Chinese take our industry & our land, while mexicans take our jobs & our land. The only things exchanged are manufactured goods & labor: our birth right given for a mess of pottage which we could have & should have cooked ourselves! It is a classic example of short-term gains of little value for eventual losses of great value. A fool & his property are soon parted, & Whties seem to be cornering the Market on folly. Yes, as we observe in history, the defeated must leave the fertile lowlands for the hills & less habitable country. These conditions do not allow the defeated people to multiply, so they must concentrate on improving the quality of their population if they are to take back the fertile ground. If not, they just die out, unless their conquerors are foolish, & feed their vanquished foes. Only Whites do that, from what I've seen: another indication of our monopoly of folly.

There must be some revolutionary moles in the U.S. Congress, for I heard that the Senate has rejected curtailment of Government spending, while doubling tax cuts. This is really the ultimate in fiscal folly, or is it intentional sabotage? If I hated the U.S.A. & its denizens, I really could think of nothing worse than the present policies of the so-called U.S. government! The oil prices go up, because the U.S. dollar is going DOWN. We call this "inflation," but Greenspan avoids admitting this fact. According to him, the emperor wears fine clothing, indeed! Why do we have such inflation? Because the U.S.A. is spending trillions of dollars which represent NOTHING of value, & U.S. credit is as bad as our Middle East policy.

Are we fooling anyone, aside from ourselves? I think not.

As you say, Homeland Security, the FBI et al. are unlikely to do much to curtail domestic mestizo bandido activity. After all, their crimes are not "hate crimes" & not "Terrorism." Thanks for recommending Hermann's "Conquest by Man" in regard to the Zimbabwe ruins. I'll be on the lookout for it.

In regard to the jew-screws & scams operating in North America, the jew's control of real wealth is through his control of symbolic wealth. Real wealth is productive labor, & products which sustain life, along with the land, resources & equipment used by the labor force. Without the might to defend symbolic titles, deeds, &c., the jew is through. The same goes for his courts & legislatures as the ZOG disintegrates, largely BECAUSE of jewish policies. Robert Frens & I used to recall a telling scene in a Clint Eastwood movie, the title of which escapes me, since I never saw it from the beginning. The scene is set somewhere in SW U.S.A. in the 19th century. Mexicans are numerous, as compared to the Gringos, who have th elaws on their side, especially in terms of land ownership. The Mexicans invade the local courthouse, where they confront a Gringo judge or other offical, who explains that they have no title to th eland they occupy. the Mexicans demand to see what gives the Gringos th eright to kick them off the land, so the official shows them the paper. The Mexican leader says, "So this piece of paper gives you the right to seize our land." With that, he snatches the deed & sets fire to it, tossing it on the floor, where it burns. The Mexican observes: "No paper, now, so you have no title to our land." Que cosa! & Ay, caramba! The triumphant Mexicans ride out of town, leaving some bemused Gringos looking at the ashes on the floor. Mugabe of Zimbabwe was much more efficient: he just crossed out Whites' land ownership with a stroke of his pen.

It is intriguing to visualize the ZOG's demise. I can imagine scenes resembling the unceremonious U.S. departure from Saigon, from the roof of the U.S. Embassy. Perhaps that's the future of the jews in North America. That will be worth watching! No, if I were Chertoff, I would have severe doubts about affirmative action hiring policies for my Homeland Security thugs. Maybe he would staff his Cheka department with Israelis, like the alien soldiers in "They Live." I still believe that movie revealed everything most Goyim should know in regard to the jews & the jewsmedia. Yes, whom will ZOG target for 9-11 #2? All arrows point to a hispano-mestizo target, in my analysis, & that target is most likely L.A., as the ZOG has already advertised as to its lack of defences. Stay tuned! Watch for another Osama appearance on talmudvision.

I agree that the hand of ZOG is apparent in many incidents, along with jewsmedia coverage & 'spin' on the events, although I also believe that the Land of ZOG has a whole lot of dangerous nuts who are ready to explode into violent acts. With that as a 'given,' it is often hard to spot a specific ZOG-op. Jews remain jews, of course, regardless of 'conversion' from one religious sect to another, just as Japanese may become Christians or Moslems, but thtey remain Japanese. Theology is distinct from biology, & most jews are not religious, as we see in Israel. Yes, why did Hunter S. Thompson shoot himself, IF he really did? I have no particular suspicions that he did not. He may have viewed it as one more drug trip. All the best & ORION! - E.T.

(re a kosher conservative flier)

This screed came from Rudy Blaum, who is a kosher conservative Idiot Identity "Christian" (sic). He wrote that he has "many jewish friends," lucky fellow! I replied that if he has jewish 'friends,' he never needs enemies. Ha! The "ex-U.S. Military Officer" with the incredible name, "Donn de GrandPre," allegedly authors conspiracy tales. He is, apparently, much loved by the kosher conservative blightwingers of the geezer variety. I pointed out to Rudy that it was peculiar how these retired military officers only belatedly discovered their 'patriotism.' I said that I never hung mine in the closet when I put on my U.S. Army uniform, as these belated 'patriots' did when they served the ZOG. Anyway, I thought it might amuse you. As you can guess, the military was not my career! -- DOWZ! -- E.T.

P.S.: Thanks, also, for the cleverly prepared reusable envelope. I reuse all envelopes, as you may have noticed. Waste not, want not, eh?

22 MAR 05. I just finished reading the excellent download from E.M. Wright. My impression is that the perceived interests of the U.S. State Dept. were one thing in his mind; while the interests of the U.S.A. were another & those of jews & Zionists were still another. He uses the Boas definition of "nation" as "place," not people. No wonder we created the mess in the Balkans, Czechoslovakia & The Middle East. Iraq was, for example, a tri-national entity with mutually antagonistic peoples such as Arabs, Shi-ites (non-Arabs) & Kurds. To assign to such people some presumptuous 'mutual interest' because they dwell in close proximity is rank absurdity, just as it is to tout the U.S.A. as a "nation." Wright may not have known that he was representing no nation, but a multi-national, plutocratic empire. Perhaps he suspected what his real role was in international relations, & he kept it locked in the closet so he wouldn't feel too guilty about his livelihood. He obviously had a conscience of some kind when he stated his dislike of "national interest" on behalf of profit for a few, at the expense of the many. These comments reveal him to be a "one-worlder" of sorts, so i wonder how he would see today's One World of Global Capitalism under the Jew World Ordure. It reminds me of Dostoevski's 'brave new world' of pan-Slavic unity, which came about under Khazar rule in the Soviet era. Poor Slavs! The lesson is that "national" policy must be national, & that non-Zionists must look to THEIR interests, or they shall continue to be exploited on behalf of jewish nationalism, inside & outside the U.S.A. As I said to my jew faculty members: "Communism is just a smokescreen for another nationalism's imperialism." Suddenly, you could have heard the proverbial pin drop in the classroom, & I knew i'd put my big Goy foot in it. That's why this Goy 'had to go.' I'm glad I did, for I would not like to be in the position of E.M. Wright. I prefer being in the position of E. Thomson. In Yakima we have in close proximity cops, crooks, Gringos, Hispano-mestizos & Anglo-mestizos, as well as Blacks & Asians. Does this mean that we have th esame interests & identity? After all we are a Boasian "nation"! Ha!

* * *

23 MAR 05. Dear [X]: Thanks for your letter of MAR 19th & the 'virtual' prison visit via Rufus Woods of The Wenatchee World. His description of your 'accommodations' sounds like a submariner's life at close quarters within confined spaces. It would appear tha tthe fewest differences amongst inmates who share their cells would be a necessity for harmony as well as reduced violence. ZOG must know that, but it probably doesn't care, as it keeps trying to make oil & water stay mixed. Poor zoggies! I return your original, now that I've made a photocopy thereof.

Re Taylor et al.: One blightwinger opined that "we must learn to crawl (ideologically) before we can learn to walk," so he thought that a soft approach is good to introduce people to the major issues. Of course, this approach appeals to people who prefer to crawl, instead of walk. It is also more profitable, for people who pay to hear warm-fuzzy evasions & illusions, rather than the cold, hard facts. That's why kosher televangelists rake in the zogbucks from their multitudes of Gentile suckers. I guess they were too busy earning money to do muhc thining, so now they lose their money by not thinking. "My kingdom is not of this earth, so gimme your dough!" Well, as one preacher-for-profit admitted: "Sheep are meant to be shorn." The same has been applied to politics (people-power).

I think that Harold Covington & I were introduced in Bulawayo, Rhodesia, in 1975, if I recall correctly. I know for sure that we were introduced by an acquaintance of mine in the Rhodesian Special Branch, which is the Brit equivalent of the U.S. FBI. Soon thereafter, we helped to establish The Rhodesian White People's Party. Our Chairman was Ken Rodger; I was treasurer & I believe that Harold was secretary. As I was told by my female friend who also worked for Rhodesia Railways, our political involvement would get us deported. I said tha tI had nothing to lose, since Ian Smith was about to betray us to the Blacks, anyway. As it turned out, we both were right. I was deported in March 1976 & Harold was deported shortly thereafter. We resumed our association as assistant editors of White Power Report, in collaboration with George Dietz & Ernst Zundel, who used his middle names of Christof Friedrich, while I wrote under the pen name of "Campbell," which was previously used when I wrote for Canada's Western Guard Party. All told, I think I may have associated with Harold Covington for a total of 2 years, although we have corresponded for decades. Unlike Harold, I was never allowed into South Africa, since my U.S. passport had expired while I was in Rhodesia. Harold has real talent as a writer, as you probably agree.

I have received no word about the inheritors of the now defunct Thule Publications. Rick Cooper wrote that they had conked out for lack of financial support. That's all I know. Re settlement of former German World War II P.O.W.s in the U.S.A. & Canada, I'm ignorant as to the numbers, although I've known several of them in my thought-crime research up in Soviet Canuckistan alias "China-duh." I am unsure of your spelling of the surname "Reiger." Are you sure it's not "Rieger"? I know a German attorney named Rieger, but I've never heard of any Reigers. I doubt very much that a U-boat would have a name, especially "Scharnhorst." U-boats just had numbers, as far as I know, although their crews might have given them nicknames. One out of every 3 whites in North America is of German descent, as I gather. When my family moved from Bakersfield, CA, to San Fernando, CA, in 1944, I'd watch th truckloads of German P.O.W.s in their Wehrmacht uniforms on their way to work in the fields nearby. When some waved tome, I'd wave back. None of them ever looked or behaved like the Hollywood (hebrewood) "Nazis" who were scary & were usually played by ugly jews. I'd seen those movies before I saw real German soldiers, & I did not associate them with the Hebrewood villains at all! You are fortunate to know some real Germans, too.

I note that the ZOG wants to pretend that "race does not exist," while using racial grounds against Whites. This is similar, as you might point out, to giving hispanio-mestizos a 'dual' racial status as "Whites" or "non-Whites" for ZOG criminal purposes. If "White" is merely a "social convention," Messrs. Ignatiev & "Ashley Montagu" (real jew name: Israel Ehrenberg) touted, then you should be able to avoid a "White" classification by insisting that ZOG prove that Ignatiev & "Montagu" are wrong. "Montagu's" trash is required reading in many university anthropology courses, so he's definitely kosher & therefore promoted by the ZOG. We shall bring out the fact that the ZOG wants racial issues both ways on a "heads they win, tails we lose" basis. Either Whites exist or they don't, so which will it be, zoggies? A court case will require that a decision be made, one way or the other. This will be a victory in itself. I shall make dmaned sure that I read the transcripts of all these proceedings, & I'll let the press know of any & all relevant discrepancies therein. Naturally, they will be cordially invited to attend. I am the one person they would not like to review their documents, for I have been a long-time copy-writer, proofreader & typesetter. Unlike a spell-checker, I also know English, & I can quickly spot the wrong word in a text, even when it is properly spelt.

My Gestalt of Takaki's "A Different Mirror" is that it is both kosher (lots of jew sources) & Marxist in orientation. The U.S.A., as he describes it, is very much as I see it: a multi-racial, multi-national plutocratic empire, which former U.S. MARINE CORPS GENERAL Smedley Butler would define as a "racket": a scheme which benefits a minority at the expense of the majority, whoever they may be. This has been so on this continent since colonial times to the present. Takaki notes the pattern: whenever the U.S. people wants more pay, "immigrants" are brought in as strikebreakers to keep wages low. White slaves were apparently insufficient to satisfy the greed of American agribusinessmen, so Black slaves were brought in. In this manner, poor Whites were kept poor. What Takaki avoids mentioning is that slave owners included jews, Whites, "Indians" & Black freemen, all of whomo supported the Confederacy. In fact, the first Black troops of the Civil War wore Confederate uniforms, as invading Yankee troops reported in the newspapers of that time. Takaki also avoids describing The Civil War as 'a rich man's war & a poor man's fight." That is how people described it at th time, & that really describes all U.S. wars ever since, including the undeclared war in Iraq. Lincoln is a Marxist icon, rather than a president who wanted Blacks repatriated to Africa. That's kosher. Takaki needs to update his kosher history in regard to the jews in his chapter "The Ashes of Dachau," which was declared NOT a "death camp" by the Zionist Occupation Government of West Germany in 1960. All "Death Camps" & their kosher gassees were 'miraculously' heaved over the border into a total of SIX camps in Poland: Kulmhof (Chelmo), Belzec, Sobibor, Lublin (Maidanek), Treblinka & Auschwitz. According to the current placque on the Dachau "gas chamber" which was built for an Allied propaganda film by the jew George Stevens' crew, it was "never used." Before 1960, around 250 to 300 thousand were allegedly "gassed" therein. I saw the Allied film myself. Those 'victims' were added to the incredible Auschwitz death figure of "4.2 million." Since the release of the Auschwitz death records from the former Soviet Union, that number has vanished, after it had been blessed by th present jew Pope (mother: Wanda Katz), but the infamous "Six Million" figure somehow remains, regardless of this subtraction. Jewish math is peculiar (pecu-LIAR) to say the least. All this information will be entered in my testimony if Takaki's book comes up. I have extensive archives on this topic which detail lots of jew-Nazi collaboration before & during World War II, mostly from Allied archives. The printed word remains to haunt the liars of today, & I am just the ghost who can rub their faces init. All I need is a jewdicial forum, by ZOG!

Further to Takaki's book, it is music to the ears of a White Nationalist, like myself, who would like to see the end of the evil empire now labelled "The U.S.A." What it is, in fact, is th elatest version of The Tower of Babel. It is no secret that the jews control 'our' media of information, education & entertainment, as well as 'our' money. Such strategic points of control, plus jew supremacist exclusivity presently make them masters of all they survey. For the Whites & other members of the masses, they want lots of race-mixing, that is, biological Babelization of the population. However, by promoting the alien invasion of the U.S.A., these jew-supremacists or Zionists have smashed their genocidal 'melting pot' in favor of unassimilated 'diversity' (multi-culturalism). In Freemasonic fantasyland, people & other creatures which look differently are imagined to behave the same, even in close proximity. According to ZOGlings, we all live under the same law, but I see that the law is enforced selectively by ZOG. Statutory rape is really unenforceable in the so-called hispanic colonies, for it is not recognized in mestizo society. If a girl is old enough to breed, she is deemed an adult. In the 1960's I lived in San Francisco & saw how "the law" was enforced: Firecrackers were illegal, unless one were Chinese; public drunkenness was illegal, unless one was falling down drunk in the Irish part of town; pot was illegal, unless one smoked it in the "Hashbury District." Officially, we alllived under "one law" & we had "a government of laws, not of men." Well, whoever believes that Freemasonic b.s. would be a prospective buyer of The Brooklyn Bridge or some nice offshore real estate in Florida. I agree with Takaki that we are living in a multi-cultural society, but he does not make the logical conclusion: balkanization & racial turf war, coming to ourneighborhoods soon! Race is reality. The U.S.A. is fiction, just like Greenspan's funny-money, er, Federal Reserve Notes.

In view of our currently fashionable multi-Culturalism, I shall ask Ms. Weigand to identify her racial & ethnic status, like a good little zoggie. "American" won't do! Hail Victory! ORION! -- Eric

* * *

24 MAR 05. Hail Gary: Thanks for your letter of 22 MAR. It is great to read that you are busy increasing your knowlege & skills, & that you still make time available for your informational activities. Recruitment on a one-to-one basis is, ideally, the best opportunity for communication. I don't think I have, or even recall having "The 88 Precepts," whatever those may be. Why can't we learn to ask ourselves, "Is it good for Whites?" That really says it all. In my files I have several wordy manifestos, that is, declarations of principle & policy. The NSDAP had only 25 points in their party program, for example. A jew said that there were over 200 explicit commandments which 'had' to be obeyed, not just 10. But, I have found out from experience that people, including myself, O.D. on words. The best concepts can be expressed in few words. The objective is to be concise, which means to give much information in few words. This is the opposite of academic writing, which usually gives little information in many words. A political program is like a menu. The idea is to offer the potential diner things to eat, but can a menu make him hungry? Recruitment has to do with motivation. People can be motivated by a carrot or a stick approach, for instance. I can motivate someone to leave a room by cocking a pistol & telling him that he has so many seconds in which to leave, or else. Or, I can tell him that there is an enevelope for him in the next room which contains a sum of money. Such means can & do motivate people. There are degrees & nuances in motivation, one of whihc is education. In the abovementioned examples, neither proposition would motivate the individual if he did not know the meaning of being shot, or if he did not know what "money" was. In the case of an ostensible White who is racially clueless, Commander Rockwell's dictum applies, nevertheless: "Your skin is your uniform." This is how non-Whites see you, no matter how you act, & no matter what you may think of yourself or them. You are White & that's how the others see you, whether you can see yourself or not, as I know from firsthand experience. Since one is White, whether he likes it or not, it behooves him to think & act in ways which allow him to survive in an anti-White society, which this is, more now than ever. To survive, one must lean important information, such as our strengths & our weaknesses. The strong survive, as a general rule, & knowledge contributes to our strength. It also allows us to better direct our energies. If I wish to survive as an individual White, then it is logical that I should work with those of my own kind on behalf of our mutual survival. In my experience, the long Whtie amid a sea of non-Whties is victimized & perishes. This has been my experience all over the world, & the U.S.A. is very much part of that world. So motivation is simple: the person to whom you communicate must know who he is, & he must wish to survive as who he is by knowing whta's good or bad for him: Since I'm White, is this good for Whites, including myself? Those who do not know such simple facts about themselves, & who cannot & will not learn are not worth your time, for if they are indeed White, they are inferior & dysgenic ones who should perish. In other words, people with survival instincts are already motivated, so our job is basically that of giving them survival tips, not only for them, but for their race & culture. I can predict that our time for such instruction will be short, as we are swept along by the current of events, for which we must be mentally & physically prepared. What is now will not always be, as we learn from history & our own experience. All the best & ORION! -- Eric

P.S.: Many thanks for the latest edition of The Idaho Observer, with its articles on Venezuela's populist leader, Hugo Chavez. Obviously, the Jew Ass Oy Veh cannot carry on 'business as usual' in its satellite countries of Latin America, especially those which have oil, as they did when I was in Peru, under a phoney 'nationlist' military junta. Oil-rich countries include, as I last heard from people in the business: Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Equador, Peru (still to be fully-developed), Brazil, & perhaps Chile & Argentina, whose malvinas or Falkland Islands are reportedly floating on oil. As we know, oil is becoming more valuable as a commodity, especially in terms of the worthless zogbuck. We also know how anti-social are bankster policies in regard to these oil-rich countries with their population explosions, so there is extreme pressure on those countries' governments: please the IMF & World Bank (sters) & you mightily displease your people. Please your people & you displease the banksters. Apparently, the Zionist jew Wolfowitz will now head th eso-called IMF or International Monetary Fund, so this situation bears close scrutiny. As china enters the oil-guzzling picture, the U.S. oil racketeers & banksters are not likely to have things their own way, as in the past. Venezuela's chavez is by no means alone, for I gather from the jewsmedia that he has lots of support for his policies of political & economic independence in oil-rich Brazil.

The banksters object, violently, to any country which wants to pay off its "national debt," & thereby become economically independent. When the Colombian druglord Lehder offered to pay Colombia's debts with his drug profits, agents of FEDZOGUSA swooped down to abduct him. As far as I know, Lehder is still in a Florida ZOG-gulag, along with Bush Sr.'s old CIA money-launderer, Noriega of Panama. Their biographies would be great reading! It appears that it is safer to remain a druglord, rather than it is to be a patriot. Poor Colombia!

The ZOG in The District of Corruption appears ready to take on the world, but can Israel come to the rescue? Only if they can stop selling us out to China for a moment! Can the Jew Ass Oy Veh bribe & browbeat the whole world? I think not. It appears that the days left to FEDZOGUSA are indeed numbered, & it lacks sufficient Goyim to pour into its insatiable military Moloch, with or without a draft. The current supply of dumb Goyim are being killed & maimed in Iraq. The Zionist-Bush junta is becoming increasingly similar to th ejuntas of Latin America: broke, unstable, & now lacking in oil, as well as bananas. In regard to the number of hispano-mestizos, we are 'rich' indeed! Bush is not called "El Presidente" for nothing!

Speaking of Colombia, which has mucho mestizos, as well as sambos (Black-Yellow mongrels), it will be entertaining to see if the JEW ASS OY VEH can enlist Colombians against the Chavez government, using the old J.P. Morgan tactic of "hiring 1/2 to shot the other 1/2." I know that Colombians are vicious & violent, but are they also as stupid? Stay tuned!

Race is reality. The U.S.A. is an illusion designed to exploit those who still believe in it. Demographic change changes identity, & change of identity brings changes of interest. That's why Cinco de Mayo is dwarfing 4th of July celebrations in Mestizo America. The U.S.A. is like a can of chile beans which erroneously bears a label which says "Boston-baked beans." Too bad the reality is not as tasty as the analogy! DOWZ! & ORION! -- E.T.

P.S.: Wherever I have lived, jews are outspoken in their advocacy of "majority rule," unless that majority is White or Arab. Then they demand "minority rights." Their only consistence is that they are anti-White and anti-Arab.

IF THE SHOE FITS: Suppose we lived in Nazi Germany. Let's imagine that we had not love for Hitler, nor the war, BUT we still supported our troops who were carrying out Hitler's policies. Would this split-thinking on our parts exempt us from being treated as 'enemies' by our Allied opponents? Obviously not! THINKING is what Americans hate most of all.

ZOG-LOGIC: We kill Arab Moslems in their countries as we let them populate North America. This would mean that those who are here are 'good,' while those who live in their own Arab Moslem countries are 'bad.' Since ZOG believes that one's place makes one 'good' or 'bad,' we should be able to stop the war in Iraq by bringing all the Arab Moslems here. Then we could embrace more diversity. Double-double good!

ZOG says: Homogeneity bad; homosexuality good.

jews say: Diversity is 'good' for Gentiles, but bad for jews. Therefore, ZOG says: Gentiles must be inclusive, while jews can be exclusive, unless they are non-White Gentiles.



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