Letters: Scenes Old and New

by Eric Thomson

9 March 2005

27 FEB 05. Hail Alex! many thanks for your letter of 23 FEB. I'm glad you can use items of others which I send you, as well as mine. I try not to overload with volume, but there is quite a lot of valuable information from all over which I read in your downloads which are published in Australia & elsewhere. You are definitely a prodigious reader, writer * editor. Many thanks & congratulations.

The wonders of White man's technology appear to be ceaseless. As you mentioned, the Internet is now capable of transmitting TV, radio, telephone & text, all from one's desktop! Whites should make the most of it. As usual, our technology can make up for our lack of numbers, provided we use it before we GIVE it to our racial enemies. As our inventiveness accelerates, so do our giveaways. We are in a race to undo ourselves.

As you noted, the printed word usually seems to negate the evidence of our own senses. C. Wright Mills wrote thta people who witness an accident don't believe what they've seen until they see reports of it in the newsmedia. Possibly, a few may believe their own senses & realize that the 'newsmedia' may be distorting &/or lying about the event which they say at firsthand. Of course, we know what most sheeple believe about 9-11, because the ZOG & its media say it was so, even after changing their stories. That's why printed words are useful, if only to say what the liars said previously, so we know they are liars.

When people are involved, there is no such thing as a "pre-political" state of being, for politics is people-power. As Yockey wrote, a 'political' organization is that which holds the power of life & death over its members, as well as outsiders. Its method of selecting leadership & of apportioning power is irrelevant to its status as a political organization. I grew tired & disgusted with word games & arbitrary abstractions of reality when I was in college. The real world of experience was far more educational & rewarding, albeit dangerous, so my survival I consider to be a bonus.

Again, many thanks. Keep up the great work! ORION! -- Eric

* * *


by E. Thomson

Instinctively, I felt that there was something distinctly unwholesome about the mythology of Jesus, as conveyed to me by scripture and by the merchants of "God." My thanks therefore go to various rabbis who have assisted me by their discourses on Judaism, which is the basis of Christianity.

The Jesus myth, like the Yahweh myth, impress the Aryan thinker as a hodge podge of conflicting testimonies. In an Anglo-Saxon court of law, such testimonies would be a job for sane jurors to sort out, such as th enumber of sons Yahweh supposedly had, ranging from many to one to none, all depending upon which section of scripture one reads, and on which preacher-for-profit one hears. Since Christian mythology is derived from jew mythology, we should use the biblical/rabbinical tenets of Judaism as our starting point.

Like Judaism, Christianity consists largely of puerile piety, pseudo-profundity and murderous immorality, all deeply encrusted by ecclesiastical excrement, on behalf of its profits. As the Aryan thinker explores this dismal swamp of obfuscation, certain principal factors can be noted, just as an explorer in an actual swamp would note its wetness and its fauna and foliage: the theme of good and evil derived from Yahweh, who created everything in foreknowledge of those who would commit such deeds, before he created them to fulfill his plan for th universe. In theory, Yahweh enjoys his sadistic urges by punishing his own helpless creatures, who merely exist to do that which he planned for them, from the beginning of time. One way in which his creatures may escape Yahweh's fiendish wrath is to find a scapegoat on which to load their sins. In other words, Judaism promotes the victimization of the innocent, in order to protect the guilty, so they can continue to sin in good health and prosperity. The killing of the firstborn as a holocaust to gain special favors from Yahweh is also an ancient jewish custom. Today, even the gentiles do it: if you want that car, abort your baby. Yahweh pays!

Jesus supported this tenet of Judaism when he allegedly inoculated some innocent swine with evil spirits, and then drove them over a cliff, to their deaths. This fate was allegedly accorded Jesus, himself, when he supposedly took on the sins of the world, as an innocent scapegoat. In other words, Jesus is the eternal protector of evil-doers!

How do we know that Jesus fulfilled the role of scapegoat, rather than that of a christ (jew-king) of messiah? Again, we go back to th etenets of Judaism: Yahweh is defined as a male god, and a messiah is defined as a MAN, not a god or part thereof. This man is protected by Yahweh, so by definition, he cannot be scourged by other men, nor crucified, as was done to Jesus, according to Christians. This is proof, say the jews, that Jesus was not the messiah who had come to rescue living jews from their earthly enemies, as any messiah must, if he deserves that title. Not only was Jesus guilty of blasphemy by claiming that he was the son of Yahweh, and therefore "the messiah," but he fell further into disrepute when his storytellers claimed that he was Yahweh's sacrifice on behalf of all evil-doers, that is, a scapegoat, who could be neither messiah nor god, according to Judaism. The Old and New Testaments remain in conflict, as do their believers, but the fundamental tenet of Judaism is common to both sects: the punishment of the innocent on behalf of the guilty.

As I concluded in "The Cabalistic Curse of Christianity," the jews who contrived this mirror image cult of Judaism succeeded in making its believers into willing scapegoats, with their doctrine of forgivenness. Not only that, but jews have long used Christianity as their getaway behicle when th Gentiles are restless, and the heat is on, just by claiming to be 'converts,' as so many marranos or false converts did in "jew-free" Spain, around 1492. But, in general, the Jesus variety of scapegoats are so supine, they are willing to become jew-slaves, as well as jew-sacrifices. Such a deal!

Christians are taught that they must sacrifice themselves in this world for rewards in "the next world," while jews are taught to sacrifice others for rewards in this world. Hence, the jews are lovers of life, be they ever so perverse and obnoxious, while their Christian victims long for death, albeit hypocritically, as they seek earthly pleasures and sing their funeral dirges in their fart-halls. If evil can be defined as victimization, then those who willingly serve evil by agreeing to be its victims are not innocent, but are guilty accomplices, as the historical record of Christianity proves. Those who facilitate the evil-doers do evil themselves, contrary to their pious pretensions. Their forgivenness proves that they know what they do on behalf of evil, whenever they forgive their victimizers.

Those who seek to do evil in this world should be shunned and/or punished by good people in this world, if we are to have any valid definition of "good," as opposed to evil. It is up to Christians to decided if they will become men instead of scapegoats. ORION!

* * *

1 MAR 05. Hail [X]! I just got yours of FEB 24th. I agree that we should be like good Boy Scouts, that is, prepared. Although it does not burn many calories, our first prepartion must be in our minds, for if we are not so prepared to understand events in their context of reality, then our bodies may not behave in terms of our survival. I found a relevant quote in Woodsmanship & Survival by C. Jacobs, which appears in "The Backwoodsman" of JAN/FEB 05: "In a panic, a man can run two hours, walk two hours, crawl an hour, then lie down from exhaustion for eternity." Some sailors used to say: "When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream & shout." Being 'tough-minded' is a must for those of us who study &/or participate in international relations. Although most never study IR as such, all of us are participants, whether we like it or not. Those who cannot swim, from their lack of interest, tend to take on more water than they care to. Congratuations on your foresight!

At this stage of unemployment, I am busier than ever, & I considered that I may now be at the zenith of my career as writer/researcher of international relations. Although the ZOG denied me a livelihood in that career, which in itself was a valuable lesson in the field, I attempted to keep up with events, despite the time-consuming distractions of varous coolie jobs, which I no longer have, & which I no longer need, so far. Such a deal! As Tulsa Doom said to Conan: "I made you what you are. I am your father." (Or words to that effect.) Then Conan gave his 'father' his just desserts. If the ZOG had only one head, wouldn't it be lovely? I'm glad the second attempt to deliver "The Backwoodsman" succeeded. Many thanks!

Of course, I did profit from my coolie jobs, albeit not financially, for I could study the country's economy, politics & demography at firsthand. It is just as important to know what is going on in the bilges as on the bridge, when one studies the workings of a ship of state. Yes, the hull of the USS Titanic is cracking. Watch for jew rats leaving the ship! They are presently swarming into Zionist Occupied Germany, rather than the Zionist 'paradise' of Occupied Palestine, after they turned their Soviet 'workers' paradise' into a typical jew hell on earth. This is how Hitler described them in his dialog with Eckhardt, for it is in their nature to destroy their hosts, like the rapacious parasites they are. It's interesting that Marcus Eli Ravage echoed Hitler when he wrote "Confessions of a Jew" in Century Magazine in 1928: the jews are disturbers & destroyers. But what they do to Goyim they also do to themselves. The job of goyim is to prevent them disturbing & destroying us. If this planet were solely populated by jews, it would be in bloody turmoil. Goyim merely participate in jew-instigated conflicts, so far, for jewish profit. Jews basically cannot stand each other. That is why they are really addicted to Goyim. Jewish association is more like a conspiracy of thieves & murderers, than it is like a community. ZOG knows! Watch when 'thieves fall out.' They have fallen out many times in the past, if one cares to study their history. The only thing which has saved them from extinction is their trait of tribal cohesion, despite their differences, which are mainly acted out by their Goy stooges & dupes.

The answer to "cui bono" from the bombing of the former Lebanese leader in Beirut would obviously be the ZOG & Israel. Why would the Syrian occupiers blow up a FORMER president or premier? Obviously, the hebes are putting pressure on Syria, as well as Iran. In the case of Iran, I'm watching Putin's response toward U.S.-ISRAEL prohibitions on further nuclear development in Iran, which was a Soviet & now Russian interest, as well as enterprise. Stay tuned! I suspect that Putin is not pleased, regardless of the jewsmedia whitewash of his 'friendship' with Bush. That 'friendship' smacks of the old Hitler-Stalin Pact. As Charles de Gaulle said: "Nations have no friends. They have interests." Right!

Your observation that the increasing economic downturn, plus inflation, will tend to make bribes acceptable to police & border-patrollers. I would also add, especially if these people are themselves mestizos. The narcotics trade is corrupting society, just as Prohibition corrupted Canadian & U.S. officialdom. See Pawns in the Game by Guy Carr, a Canadian whose books are banned in Soviet Canuckistan alias "China-duh." Events in Mexico are similar to those in Colommbia: the militarizing of drug-traffickers. In Colombia, guerrilla groups were ostensibly politicized (a good cover for banditry) & also militarized BEFORE they got into the drug business. In Mexico, they were narco, first, before they became terrorists. Now, it's narco-terrorism über Alles. The Bush regime is neglecting the domestic security situation, as you say, on behalf of Israel. We may see "The Chosen One" revisited, with all sides bombing &/or shooting the targets of their choice. When the ZOG loses control, we all will know. There are signs that it is, although these may still be mere straws in the wind, rather than heralds of a hurricane. ZOGknows! Yakima has periodic bouts of narco-terrorism, as occurred recently, so we can only go by th frequency & severity of such actions, as well as the ZOG's ability to cope therewith. Stay tuned!

Yakima is a mestizo microcosm for Aztlan, which extends throughout many parts of this Land of ZOG, even beyond the territory seized from Mexico by the gringos in the so-called Mexican War. Things will heat up when the kikes, the Asians & the mestizos compete for drug turf, & the zoggies find themselves caught in the middle. What's a poor zoggie to do when he is offered "plata o plomo"? (silver or lead?) I marvel that the USS Titanic remains ostensibly afloat. Well, it's still a big, rich, stupid country, so I suppose there's more abuse which can be inflicted upon it. That's why I can only report trends & not conclusions in terms of time & place. One 'seer' predicts that Bush will not serve out his full term of office, becaues he will be found insane. Well, he always was, if we are to judge by his statements, so what does that say about the U.S. electorate? I suspect that the writer who described the U.S.A. as an open-air insane asylum run by the inmates was entirely correct, so why not have Caligula Bush II as our emperor-president, anyway? As you so well point out, inflation & usury contribute to vice, along with greed & multi-culturualism. The ZOG is crime incarnate, but the dumb Goyim think "it's to die for." We shall see. Indeed, where are the men of honor, including leaders & followers? So far, I see only those who perform honorable service to a dishonorable cause, as its victims & perpetrators.

As you say, the ZOG still fears Hitler. That is why they make him out to be everything he was not, as well as avoid mention of what he really was: a pro-White White man & a great leader, whose followers made his greatness possible. No leader is alone, by definition. Otherwise he'd be a hermit; nor can followers be passive, for then they are just an audience. Least of all was Hitler a 'loser,' as kosher propagandists make him out to be. As the jew, Toland, said, "Even when Hitler was a 'nobody,' he was a 'somebody'!" Propaganda is largely a source of entertainment to the mass-audience who rely on the jewsmedia to fill their otherwise idle hours. But, as you say, what happens when sufficient people learn that the jewsmedia no longer carry important information, when information becomes important for our survival, in immediate fact, as well as our immediate perceptions? That will be 'the moment of truth' for the ZOG's media, & perhaps for the ZOG, itself, when reality & our perceptions thereof coincide, for a change. The potential of the Internet is indeed revolutionary.

In regard to the jew-bolsheviks' terrorizing of the majority Gentile of 1917 Russia, by means of criminals, we can add the massive, ongoing alien invasion of this country. When the crunch comes, the jews may make their getaway amid an international turf war on this continent. I would not be surprised. In regard to FEDZOGUSA's standoff weapons, they will be useless in a domestic turf war. As one character in "The Chosen One" described the U.S.A.: "a nest of anarchists surrounded by a palisade of missiles." That could be prophetic, for it deos describe current political/demographic trends. What good is a palisade of missiles, when the borders are open? It could be that the ZOG will use "insurgent tactics" to play its game of divide & rule upon the U.S. Goyim, just as it seems to be doing in The Middle East, where Moslems are allegedly using bombs to kill Moslems. We do live in exciting times! In this regard, L.A. would seem a more likely target for a ZOG terror-op, which would be designed to enlist hispano-mestizos against Arabs & Moslems. It's really too good to pass up, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, on the biowarfare front, a recent jewspaper report features the steady increases of HIV infections amongst Blacks, as opposed to Whites, so it's business as usual on that front. Other non-Whites are bringing in the usual Turd World diseases, including TB & hepatitis. Since they are often food-processors & food-handlers, the vectors of infection in the general population are excellent. To this we can add mutations (possibly man-made) of various bird & mammal diseases, such as Bird Flu, which can be transmitted with the rapidity of jet planes, especially on board, because of the lack of air-sanitation. Greedy airlines usually skimp on the number of "air-packs" which are supposed to filter out infectious bacteria from the recycled air while the aircraft is in flight. It is truly said that "distance disinfects dividends," although it no longer disinfects diseases. If those who live by the sword die by the sword, is this true of those who live by the airplane? Ha!

As always, be alert, vigilant & prepared for what is likely coming to your neighborhood, soon. I guess we could call it the "main feature," if one could call the sinking of the Titanic the "main feature" when one was on it! All the best, as always, with a hearty DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

* * *

3-3-05 Dear [X]: It was great to receive your letter of FEB 25th & the informative enclosures. Most of all, it is great to know you have not been sent to the torture chambers of Guantanamo. Thanks, also, for your new address. Some folks say that "a change is as good as a rest." I hope that is so in your case.

Thanks for letting me know that my mailings, such as are allowed to pass censorship, are of educational value. That is, after all, my intention. Truth belongs to everyone. It can be shared, & no one loses it by doing so, except in Africa, where Whitey is accused of stealing all the Blacks' inventiveness, as well as 'their' inventions.

As per your instructions, I return the materials you sent, after making photocopies of them, including the two editorial columns from The Wenatchee World. I hope Mr. Woods publishes "The Cult of Victimhood." Incidentally, Carla Schettler sounds like one of the tribe, but I only know what I read about her.

Re American Renaissance and J. Taylor: I note a good quote about the Afrikaners of South Africa: "There is no White nation in South Africa, only the Afrikaner nation." The reason for that is th Boers' exclusivity. They did not want White immigrants, becaues they feared their fellow Whites far more than they did 'their' Blacks. Hence, there will be no Afrikaner nation in due course. I also note that Taylor deems jews as well as 'hispanics' to be "White." Obviously, he has mroe money than knowledge. Too bad!

As you say, it is annoying that the gulag-zoggies would seize material required for your legal proceedings. That would constitute an obstruction of justice on their part, so you may have grounds for another case.

Ms. Weigand is certainly welcome to depose me, as I will enjoy deposing her, in my capacity as expert witness, researcher & journalist. Since both of us will perform this function at the cost to the tax-payers, I shall require payment of my usual fee: US $300 per hour. I expect that Ms. Weigand will receive her regular salary in these proceedings. For purposes of taking the oath to "tell the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth," I shall require the presence of a copy of the Kol Nidre, in Hebrew, upon which I shall swear. The ZOG wants its due & I want mine.

As expert witness, I need to know the racial context of these proceedings, which I shall learn from Ms. Weigand, in her official capacity. I need to know whom she would deem White, such as jews, hispanics, mulattos, &c. Since Whites are "an identifiable group" in terms of The Genocide Convention, I need to know if she is aware that The Convention prohibits the persecution of any identifiable group, including racial, ethnic & religious groups. Persecution includes the defamation of the identifiable group, as well as doing physical & mental harm to it, by WORD as well as deed. Such acts comprise "genocide" in terms of The Convention. Nowhere in The Convention are Whites exempted, one way or the other. Since The Convention has been signed by the president & ratified by Congress, it has the full force of The U.S. Constitution, in terms of The Constitution itself (Article VI, paragraph 2), for The Convention is a treaty. I further need to know who, exactly, is author of your "behavior modification" courses & their cost to the tax-payers. This information from Ms. Weigand will greatly assist me in my duties as expert witness, on behalf of Truth, Freedom & Justice. Naturally, I shall requires the presence of the press at my deposition. All I need to know is date, place & time.

It is par for the course that the gulag-zoggies would employ scum to further their anti-White prison policies, as well as to use against specific White targets. The Anti-Humans [available online here] by D. Bacu describes prison conditions similar to yours during the Soviet occupation of Romania. Unfortunately I have no copy, so I must rely on memory: the Red gulag-meisters enlisted gangs of criminals in their brutal brainwashing programs. It seems that Initiative 200 (RCW 49.60) implements the text of The Genocide Convention in regard to the prohibition of special treatment or mistreatment of identifiable groups designated by The Convention, so we have a very strong case in your favor. I need to know if Ms. Weigand is aware of this, also, & if she is willing to justify the anti-White bias of your "courses" in terms of RCW 49.60.

I'm glad you have noted the increased publication of my writings. That is my normal output. It's just that other correspondents have resumed putting them on the Internet.

Well, off to the post office. The other materials I shall return to you under separate cover. All the best, as always. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric


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