by Eric Thomson

4 March 2005

20 FEB 05. Dear [X]: Many thanks for your letter of 1 FEB & the great enclosures, in particular the Rogues Gallery of rotten religious rascals with their Judeo-Satanic messages, supposedly based on the scriptures. As you write, there is little agreement on biblical interpretations, & "even the Devil can quote scripture," as has long been said. My understanding of this problem is that the same words are interpreted to mean different things by different people, who also extract from scriptures those passages which they seek to emphasize, while they ignore or play down other passages, as we now see with the injunctions against homosexuality, which are ignored in favor of the 'new god.' Tolerance. I read with interest the "Wiffenpoof" song's lyrics about "the place where Louie dwells." Since the song is Freemasonic in origin, I suspect that "Louie" is Lucifer, as Albert Pike wrote, "that the brethren must maintain Freemasonic doctrine in its Luciferian purity."

The truth which you are belatedly groping for, I discovered when I was 17. Please let me know if you disagree with these propositions: Yahweh is all-knowing & all powerful. He is the sole creator of the universe & everything & person in it. He made man in his own image & commanded him not to eat from the tree of knowledge of good & evil, but man was seduced via Eve who was seduced by Satan into breaking Yahweh's command. Then Yahweh produced Jesus, his only begotten son, as a sacrifice on behalf of mankind. In Matthew, Jesus commands his disciples to shun Gentiles, whom he describes as "dogs," for his message is only "for the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

There, that was easy, but let's see what happens when we read the whole Bible: Yahweh is also said to be "all good." The opposite of good is evil, I hope you agree, for I'm speaking not as a jew, but as a White man. Yahweh & no one else, created Lucifer or Satan. Being all-knowing, Yahweh knew what Satan would do before he ever created him, for an all-knowing god must also know the future in every detail, beyond the atomic level. In really simple terms, let us imagine that I created a windup doll, that he will go out one door, but not the other. The doll may think that he has "free will," & that he can choose to exit by any door he wishes, but I know different, because I know the future! So with Satan, so with man, does this necessary determinism apply; otherwise Yahweh is not all-knowing. Being the creator, with full knowledge of Satan's deeds, before Satan was created by all-powerful Yahweh, it becomes hard to distinguish "good" & "evil," for these words are opposites. If they come from the same source, Yahweh, then neither Satan nor yahweh can be defined as "good" or as "evil." These words thus lose their meaning entirely, & so become jew-babble, that is, nonsense. Since Yahweh created man in his own image, it can easily be construed that Man & Yahweh are both finite & fallible, so we must wonder just how 'perfect' Yahweh would be, if he made man in his own image. Although Yahweh is claimed to be "the one god," he is not alone in the universe which he supposedly created, all by himself, for by his own command, we should have no other god but him. Yet, Yahweh states that another god, Dagon, exists, who was supposedly created by Yahweh, if we are to believe our major premise that Yahweh created everything and everyone in the universe. In Genesis, I hope you came across the passage about "the sons of God." This makes Yahweh out to be a liar, when preachers claim that Jesus was his only begotten son. However, according to Yahweh's alleged statement about Dagon, these "sons of God" may have been the sons of another god, & not Yahweh's. St. Paul disobeyed Jesus' command to shun Gentiles, just as some jews broke Moses' 10 Commandments by worshipping the Golden Calf, so breaking commandments from Yahweh & Son occurred in Old & New Testaments.

As to "miracles," you have fallen into a trap. A miracle is defined as that which breaks a natural law. Since Yahweh created his own natural laws & man's minde is "finite," in order for us to know what is a miracle requires us to know all natural laws, on par with Yahweh, himself. As you know, technology which is quite common has been described as "miracles," such as the invention of the lightning rod which saves church buildings, when prayers fail, as usual. As to prayer, which our "finite" beings use to CHANGE Yahweh's all-knowing & therefore has his plan for the development of the universe, as he logically must, unless we wish to revert to nonsense. As man's knowledge of natural laws increases, the number of perceived "miracles" decreases. Since our knowledge of natural laws remains finite, we still cannot say that we have spotted a genuine miracle. Why would Yahweh want to break his own laws, anyway, just to gratify a finite being who does not know what is good for him? Such behavior would reveal a less-than-perfect god. Thanks for giving me this trip down Memory Lane, when I debated these topics as a college freshman. I am at peace with the universe & I am also comfortable with my place in it, but you & Yahweh are obviously not. All the best & ORION! -- Eric

* * *

23 FEB 05. Hail [X]! Many thnaks for your outstanding letter of FEB 18th, with its informative insights. As you say, there is no good complaining about what others allegedly do or don't do on behalf of the 'movement,' for that is an admission that we are waiting for others to do it for us. Such admissions are negative reflections of ourselves, rather than those we seek to condemn. As you know, I prefer to remain out of personal conflicts because they are largely a waste of time. Personalities come and go, but principles do not, so my discussions relate to principles of strategy & tactics, based on current & historical precedents, more like a publisher of cookbooks with recipes from experienced chefs, which have proved successful &/or disastrous in terms of the demographic/political variables of their times & places. Activitists can refer to this 'cookbook' or 'roadmap' in order to derive their own recipes & directions. I do my best to inform others of where we stand now, but I do not attempt to dictate to them the route, nor the method they may choose to escape the Dismal Swamp we are now in, save for urging them not to keep going deeper into the swamp, as we seem to be doing, largely through our inaction &/or our irrelvant actions. There is a simple question which we must always ask ourselves: Is it good for Whites? Politics (people-power) is always the art of the possible, so I do what is possible for me to do, with my extremely limited means to do it. Fortunately, my comrades of the Internet allow my Ideas & Information to reach a truly great audience. Perhaps, some Organization may result, to perform the Action for the Realization of the Idea: ORION!

As you say, there are traitors & snitches in the so-called movement, as well as those who do the ZOG's work out of egotism & stupidity, without being paid for their services to the enemies of Our Race. Why pay them, when they do it all for free, Hymie? Such a deal! Up in Soviet Canuckistan, I saw the ZOG initiate the formation of an ostensibly pro-White group, The Heritage Front, under the funding & leadership of a CSIS employee, Grant Bristow, whom I knew personally, but certainly not intimately enough to see him get his CANZOG paychecks. Without Bristow & CANZOG funding & support, no such group could have existed, especially in view of CANZOGland's increasingly tighter thoughtcrime laws & domestic spying. What was permissible under ZOG 20 years ago is "absolut verboten" nowadays, & this tightening process is likely to continue, here & there, under ZOG. The Internet will be a target, as is already occurring outside the U.S.A. Denizens of other countries actually fear to log onto 'unkosher' sites in order to avoid jewdicial persecution under their respective thoughtcrime laws, based on the Genocide Convention, which has been ratified as a treaty by the U.S. Congress, & therefore has the legal force of the U.S. Constitution itself. Abolishing the 1st Amendment, which the Genocide Convention does, de jre, that is, legally, would be deemed a bit too heavy-handed for the American sheeple, but this can be done under the so-called Patriot Act, on behalf of "homeland security." The U.S.A. has had experience in suspending The Bill of Rights during 'wartime emergencies,' at least since The War of 1812. Hey, practice makes perfect!

So what can we do with traitors, infiltrators & agents provacateurs? We can warn others about them, as we now strive to do, but there is a danger that we have cried 'wolf' far too often about EVERYONE even remotely involved in the "movement," at one time or other. The motivev behind such calumnies is usually petty disputes & jealousies, the fear of 'competition,' &c. AND, such tales can easily originate from ZOG agents, themselves, aimed at discrediting genuine activists. We must be the jury in these matters.

One factor which assists the ZOG's disinformation campaign in the "movement" is our own physical separation & isolation. Occasional meetings do not provide sufficient information about who's who & their bona fides, which close collaboration can do. That is why I recommend that we strive to organize on the local level, amongst our own friends & associates, for a 'crunch' will require such groups for our own self-defence. it will be no good to flash one's "membership car" at a bunch of machete &/or machine-gun-wielding Mau Mau warriors on that day, just as it will be to show them your deed to 'your' property. It happened in my former country, Rhodesia, so I am not imagining this likelihood, even if the "Mau Mau" may be Mexican.

I do appreciate your update on 'personalities' within the "movement," as well as your evaluation of their activities. I certainly agree with your observations, which have been mine, also. It's good to receive confirmation from one whom I value as a source. Many thanks. I'm also impressed at the amount of zogbucks the ZOG's stooges can throw around within the "movement," & the funds which allegedly pass through the hands of 'certain' people therein. I'm so well-funded that I must consider the expenditure of every 37c stamp, so I must be very low on the ZOG's snitch list, despite all blightwing rumors to the contrary. All the best & ORION! -- Eric * * *

24 FEB 05. Hail [X]! Thanks for your letter of FEB 20th. I know you are busy, & I hope you will find a job, along with your schooling. You may have heard of a recent, local application of globalism on the job front. One of the agribusiness corporations in Yakima has a mestizo strike on its hands, so FEDZOGUSA will import strikebreakers from Thailand! The mestizos had been hired to prevent White agribusiness workers from improving their earnings, just as Blacks were brought in to break a White miners' strike in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. As I wrote to another correspondent, we are living in a capitalist-kosher version of paradise, which is hell for workers. It has long been described as "socialism for the rich & capitalism for the poor." Under globalism, citizenship will have no merit in determining who gets jobs. It is already on a 'lowest bidder' basis. Jobs go to the cheapest workers, whether they are here or overseas. "The race to the bottom," is what some economic analysts call it. I also heard that the Israelis import Chinese labor in their construction industry, so the Palestinians suffer an all-round alien occupation. I hear that the ZOG also uses Chinese workers in Iraq.

As you observe, wars which bear the kosher seal of approval are 'good,' & those which don't are 'bad,' but do the Goyim ever catch on? Stay tuned! Some 'mainstream' writers noted the absence of the jewish peacenik protest singers with the advent of the first Gulf War. Obviously, peaceniks support "peace" only when it suits their kosher purposes. You have also noticed that anti-White wars & policies perpetrated by FEDZOGUSA are also deemed 'good.'

Yes, violence & its perception are part of politics (people-power). The non-violent frontmen of the Indian Independence Movement & the U.S. civil rights movement were overshadowed by those who used violent methods, just as Sinn Fein is respectted because of its IRA connections, which place 'boom' before ballots. ZOG's perceived power comes from its 'monopoly' of violence in our society, although ethnic gangs & druglords are infringing on ZOG's turf. The jewsmedia, as you say, portray Whites as craven cowards &/or as corrupt opportunists, who are on the run from 'righteous' muds &/or working along wtih them, in opposition to White racists. Now that filming is cheaper than ever, with digital video cameras, capable of producing DVDs, there is no reason that Whties cannot make their own pro-White adventure features. There are ostensibly pro-Whites who definitely have the means to do this, so what is holding them back? Yes, "might makes right," & the perception thereof.

Violence is the expenditure of energy, usually in destructive forms. It can be just as destructive to the initiator as to his intended target. The original skinheads, for example, were jobless British workingclass youth who saw no future, & so became nihilists. As the hippies would say, they were on a "death-trip," man & they intended to go down as they showed people how tough they were, & how they didn't give a damn about themselves nor anyone else. It was a cartoon caricature of the Viking berserker who lived for the last battle or barroom brawl or soccer riot, as the case may be. As we know, judo is the science of applied force in the form of violence (martial arts), which uses the strength of one's opponent against him. Violence is a tool, like propaganda, & it must be used wisely, if it is not to workk against those who may decide to use it. It is insufficient for us to consider th deed but not who benefits from it, as in the case of 9/11 & the Oklahoma ZOG blg. demolition. I do not advocate violence, but I can analyze its effectiveness or lack thereof, as you do. [...] This does not mean that I think there is any validity in "going limp" in the Gandhian tradition based on American henry David Thoreau's "Essay on Civil Disobedience," for the non-violent tradition only has relevance to believers in Hinduism, & their belief in "bad karma" derived from violent acts performed upon defenseless people. As you know, our jewish rulers believe otherwise! I have had my share of street brawls with hebes, & I do not chose to be a mere punchingbag for them, as some of them have found out. There is a definite need for physical courage to match our moral courage, whenever it is appropriate: that is all the time! But, as Napoleon said, "The moral is to the material as 3 to 1." Our minds must be straight, if we are to use our muscles wisely & effectively. That is my message to skinheads who want to do what is best for White people, as for themselves.

Keep up the good work. DOWZ! & ORION! -- Eric

* * *

25 FEB 05. Dear [X]: Many thanks for your letter of FEB 13th & enclosures! Whites definitely lack an ideology, especially the rule of asking ourselves, "Is this good for Whites?" What is simple is often difficult. How do we 'sell' a pro-White ideology, which includes racial improvement, as well as racial survival? I have attempted to interest Whites in such a program for decades in Africa, Europe, Canada & the U.S.A. As you point out, there is a definite lack of results, so far.

We are not alone in using appeals to reason, baesd on scientific evidence, to promote ideas of obvious benefit to Whites. These appeals tend to be met by emotional arguments on the part of ostensible Whites, as well as non-Whites, such as jews. As you say, they must be convinced that they are doing the right thing, & that's just for starters, for many people persist in doing the wrong things, even when they know what is right. There is a great deal of emotional & material inertia, even in these days of light baggage & fast transportation. As I understand, from personal experience: Instinct rules our emotions, & our emotions rule our reason. Intelligence is revealed when one can best & most efficiently satisfy his instincts, for reason & intelligence are just tools. I have always loved classical music, in comparison to other types. Why I do, I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm White. My reason is thus applied so as to obtain maximum exposure to classical music. But what if I were indoctrinated to believe that classical music was 'wrong," because it was "Nazi"? Our instincts may be used against us, & our emotions distorted, so as to put our reason at the service of our enemies. This has happened throughout the ages, as with the introduction of Christianity & feudalism into the White lands of Europe, for the enslavement of the many, & the benefit of the minority. This may explain the thinking of the majority of Whites.

Onoe writer asked, "How low must we stoop to advance?" In other words, how 'popular' must we make our message in conventional, current terms of reference? At this moment, we cannot even persuade the 'choir' to sing the same song. We are 'too radical,' but radical thoughts are required in radical situations. As Hitler said, "I speak with the eloquence of emergency." The 3 major differences I perceive amongst pro-White Whites are: (1) White Supremacism: this follows th eold KKK model, in which anyone with a pale skin is placed above non-Whites, despite their merit. In othe rwords, dysgenic pale faces 'should' rule over the best specimens of other races, with the consequent sharing of livingspace, & the inevitable race-mixing that occurs under such circumstances. Strom Thurmond was a testimony about what's wrong with "White Supremacy," having fathered a mulatto child. "White Supremacy" is not relevant to racial improvement, & is, in fact, dysgenic. (2) White separatism; This does not imply the creation of a White nationstate, but racial separation in terms of livingspace. The weakness in this bare bones idea is that people need something positive, not merely the absence or the negation of that which oppresses them. As you point out, the creation of a White community would logically follow the creation of a White livingspace, but would it? As I see things, Whites lack their own communities, largely because they lack community spirit: one for all & all for one. This defect is largely due to lack of common values, especially amongst the Majority of Whites. Putting such Whites into a specific area is no guarantee that they will not recreate the very blight from which they fled. I see this going on here in the Northwest. More Whites means more competition for land & jobs, plus more non-White aliens. This is a movement minus separation & minus co-operation, which precludes White Community. As it now stands, White Flight is not White Separatism. (3) White Nationalism = ORION! = OUR RACE IS OUR NATION! This ideology is positive, for it is the presence of a movement toward a goal, rather than a mere attempt to flee one's oppressors. Nationhood exists first in the mind, as an idea which becomes manifest in the material world, as cathedrals were material manifestations of the Christian ideology. Nation is people, not place, despite jewish culture-distortion in this regard. For a people to obtain a place for members of their nation, they must first think of themselves as a nation. When Whites can do this, their behavior will change accordingly. Only nationhood can give Whites freedom from, plus freedom to. When the idea of White Nationhood is assimiliated, then Form will follow Function. Before that, nothing.

The FRONTLINE material you sent me is certainly relevant and informative, but I would add that we currently live under ZOG, which uses any excuse to break up White communities, especially by its laws. Land ownership is no guarantee that people will be allowed to live in separation from the non-Whites, for freedom of association is forbidden to Whites, under ZOG. Schooling is one avenue of ZOG-incursion, to which homeschooling is a good defence, ZOG permitting. At this stage, I would recommend the sort of secrecy in the formation of White communities as achieved by the "Travellers," who are of Irish descent. They were eventually denounced by a traitoress who was adopted into their community & whose denunciations were publicized by the jewsmedia. She did her worst to destroy that community, but I've heard nothing since. Under ZOG, even one traitor can destroy a community.

Another problem is that of property ownership. Who would own the White Separatists' land? Would it be a corporation? If so, who would own that? I have seen people lose their property becaues of the actions of one person, as did Pastor Butler of Aryan Nations. This is why the ownership of land by a single entity is vulnerable to ZOG-attack via the jewdicial system. If the land is to be parceled out to community members, as in a subdivision of private owners, would there be any guarantee that one or more owners would not sell their land to some ZOG-agents? The FRONTLINE papers describe farming as the primary activity of the White Separatist settlers. This is laudable, but is it possible? How many Whites have any background in farming, & how many would be willing to perform such demanding labor? Out here in the NW "Great White Hopeland", we are virtually surrounded by Indian reservations, which are deemed "sovereign nations" by treaty. In the Yakima area, the Injuns (who are really mestizos or Eurasians) command the river fishing. They can & do deprive White farmers of their water 'rights,' & they can restrict White usage of land off the reservations under "environmental protection laws" plus treaty rights. "Environmental Impact Studies" are now required in many parts of the U.S.A. in regard to farming, especially when non-framing neighbors are involved. There have been many protests against dairy-farming recently, & I suspect that th eanti-milk protestors are racially unable to digest milk. Along with the population explosion & forested areas, so one's neighbors may be close, non-White & obnoxious. Indians are permitted to wander around private property in terms of their treaty rights, in many areas. These factors bear checking out, before one puts his money down on a parcel of land, which should never, ever, be bought sight unseen. Unfortunately, I have met several "Norwegians" who are dark, dysgenic mestizos from Minnesota, so there is no "Shangri La" in which one can escape the darkies, it appears, under ZOG. On the positive side, I have read that there are small colonies of engineers who work for Boeing, et al. via computer, from their self-sufficient homes in the boonies. This still indicates that they are in the ZOG's cash economy, so they are by no means independent of ZOG rule. Perhaps it is a beginning, but it all depends on White Will & non-White presence in any area.

In regard to scientific religiions, I can recommend two: Dynasophy & Cosmotheism. They have their own websites. James Hart, who is running for congress in Kentucky, has similar religious views which incorporate eugenics. I'll send this information to [X], so as to avoid possible censorship by your ZOG-gulag meisters, as occurs often with other P.O.W. correspondents of mine. They even seize jewspaper articles, when they please. That indicates they are "anti-Semitic." Ha! I define an "anti-Semite" as one who kills or hurts Arabs, as well as one who steals a Semitic religion & thereby claims to be a "Semite." Typical Semitic religions are Judaism, Christianity & Islam. Non-Arabs have no business infecting themselves with them, nor should they attempt to infect others.

Like you, I've been wrestling with ideas of how we may popularize the pro-White message amongst the majority of Whites, who so far appear indifferent to their racial & personal survival. I ask them, do lemmings find safety in numbers? One thing in our favor, as strange as it may seem, is the advent of non-White nationalism, along with the ZOG's granting of privileges to non-Whites, based on their status as non-White racial & ethnic groups. Equal rights for Whites, should be our slogan, as well as 'majority rule.' After all, that was the ZOG's slogan in Africa. The U.S.A. has never had majority rule, for it was never designed to be a democracy, according to its founding felons. This is why I support the Anti-Zionist Alliance, which includes anti-Zionist non-Whites. This network seeks to co-ordinate anti-ZOG policies on behalf of the general good; not merely on behalf of Whites. Zionism or jew-supremacy is our current & most pressing misfortune, as you know. Along with White apathy & active support for Zionism, these are our foremost enemies. Our message is simple & direct: Is this good for Whites?

Keep up the good work. All the best & ORION! -- Eric


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