French White Man Kicks the Globoyid's Ass

by Thomas N.

1 June 2005

French White Man just kicked the Globoyid's ass bigtime.

The French enclave of the Great White Gene Pool just laid some serious hurt on the jew-World-Mafia.

Here's the executive summary of French White Man's TKO-knockout of the EU Constitution.

France said NO to jew-World-Mafia mongrelism and to jew-World-Mafia predatoral international capitalism -- NO to jew miscegenation-murder of White Man's blood and spirit, NO to theft of White Man's land and production.

An emphatic NO to Amerikwan-based jew-World-Mafia global imperialism.

Proclaimed a mighty YES to:

1) White Nationalism, and White Internationalism -- the international White brotherhood.

2) White Gene Pool security, integrity and unity.

Said YES to French, German and Russian White Gene Pool unity of purpose, and to White Man exclusivity on the Continent of Europe.

France demands and commands on behalf of European White Man:

"Fuck you EU (jewU)!"

"Fuck you WTO!"

"Fuck you NATO!"

"Fuck you UN!"

"Fuck you Globoyid Amerikwan imperialist!"

"Fuck you jew, towelhead, turk, dothead and nigger invaders of the White Homeland."



Russia took the lead.

Murdering mafia jew Yukos "oligarch" Khodorkovsky caged. Skinheads instantly thump any alien jew or nigger dumb enough to show up on the street, and the Russian intelligentsia are publicly demanding a ban of all parasitic, murdering jew organizations in Russia.

Now along comes France sticking a boot up the Globoyid-boughtling political elite's ass, the political elite from all the controlling established political parties, except for the now vindicated, prescient LePen.

Germany is not far behind:

1) "Peer Steinbreuck, the SPD candidate in North Rhine-Westphalia recently won 37% of the vote on an anti-Jewish, anti-capitalist campaign that published a list of Jewish financiers that Steinbreuck claimed were ruining Germany."

2) Another example, "Juergen Reuttgers ran and won on an anti-immigrant campaign with the slogan "Kinder nicht Inder!" ("Children not Indians!" -- meaning dothead immigrant invaders in Germany)."

The jew-bloodied but still-standing White Gene Pool in Europe will have its day of righteous vengeance on the murdering Globoyid instigators of WW1 and WW2, with their attempt to murder the whole of the Great White Gene Pool.

France and Germany will join with Russia in purging White Man's European living space from the murdering Globayid parasites, and cleaning up the genetic Homeland of the Great White Gene Pool.

To the pragmatic, careerist, opportunist, immigrant-hiring, running-dog-of-capitalism White Man jew-World-Mafia fellow-travelers in Europe or Amerikwa, its time to think about switching sides to the winner in this global struggle. The writing is now on the wall. Your ship is sinking. If you wait too long you'll be rightfully identified as an enemy of the People. Shit happens fast. You might not be able to backtrack on your mistakes fast enough. Ten years from now they'll be calling you a Globoyid fellow-traveler. You'll be off the golf course, out of a job, you might find yourself sharing a cell with jew Khodorkovsky-type, or worse.

To the White Nationalist worldwide out there selling the worldview, distributing literature, and organizing politically in the dark before the dawn, keep charging. YOU and your progeny own the future -- a White future.

Our French brothers have taken a giant step for us, forged ahead.

France, Germany, Russia are unifying against the Globoyids.

Keep on grinding!

Get ready!

Itz coming!

Soon enough, it'll be YOU, WHITE MAN, RUNNING YOUR OWN SHOW.


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