Christianity and Racial Reason

by Evan Thomas

24 March 2005

I have been troubled by theories adopted by some racialists regarding the spread of Christianity and the implications that has for converting third worlders to the doctrine. Although sincere in their assertions, these theories are erroneous and their proponents are fatuously mistaken.

Currently, I'm furthering my education as a student, and as an employee, and currently, I live and work among Blacks for the most part, along with a small percentage of Mestizos and a small percentage of Whites. Here, as a young White man, I am a part of a racial minority. This experience has confirmed the racial knowledge that I have acquired from immense reading, researching and keen observation during the last half decade. This experience has also heightened my understanding of the question of race.

White Americans (both racially conscious and unconscious), insulated from the harsh realities of multiracialism in their mostly White communities, speculate about the mentality and attitudes of American Blacks -- let me tell you, they don't know the half of it. I have discovered that race is more important and has a more profound effect on our world than perhaps even the most racially conscious amongst us realize.

Dr. Revilo Oliver, in his speech, "What We Owe Our Parasites," said that since each race is unique, we as Whites should never make the mistake of thinking that the thoughts, attitudes and reactions of other races parallel our own.

We have,

". . . a capacity for objective and philosophical thought . . . which enables us to put ourselves mentally in the position of others, but simultaneously exposes us to the risk of fancying that their thoughts and feelings are what ours would be."

Many of our race (including some who consider themselves to be White nationalists) understand the physical and mental differences between races and the need for separation, but are curiously infected with a mythology that requires them to believe that the weaknesses of our race are also found in competing races, thereby allowing us to exploit those weaknesses the same way the Jews have exploited us. Aside from the fact that Whites would never fit such an exploitative role (since Aryans aren't parasites), we could never hope to use the lower races in the same way the Jewish supremacists have used us, since the behavioral and mental differences between us and the lower races are too great.

Christianity has most likely softened our race and made us ripe for Jewish subversion. Because of this, some racialists advocate spreading the gospel to hostile non-Whites in order to calm their savage proclivities and make them hate us less. This would involve supporting missionaries so they can travel to more third-world countries and spread their hokum to the savage natives. It would mean wasting our time and our efforts in places and on people who aren't even worthy of our presence.

The advocates of this sincere but silly notion remind me that conversions of Negroids and other lower races will continue without our support, so long as White Christian dupes keep on sending their money to White missionaries -- so whether we like it or not, third worlders will become part of Christendom, and in the process, they say, will become more docile and less of a racial threat.

A friend of mine who endorses this opinion, is an anonymous internet author who uses the pseudonym, Joe McCarthy. In his essay entitled, "Proselytizing As A Racial Weapon," he states,

"Christianity serves to soothe the savage beast; it makes primitive peoples more docile. In fact, it has the very effect on non-White peoples that anti-Christian racialists criticize it for as it relates to Whites."

I hope my friend's misconception is only transitory. The jury is in concerning this issue and the evidence is clear: Missionaries have never converted a single third-worlder to the religion they intended. Christianity (as are all other thoughts and doctrines), is perceived differently by the lower races. We should never believe their thoughts and feelings the same as ours. The fact that the 'converted' savages can't civilize themselves after their 'salvation,' only proves that for the most part, intelligence and behavior root in genetics, and can not be changed by accepting Jesus. No Christian sermon can take the jungle behavior out of Nature's most inferior of subhumans.

As Dr. Oliver said,

"For centuries we have labored under the illusion that Western Christianity was something that could be exported, and only recent events have at last made it obvious to us how vain and futile have been the labors and zeal of devoted missionaries for five centuries. When Cortez and his small but valiant band of iron men conquered the empire of the Aztecs, he was immediately followed by a train of earnest and devoted missionaries, chiefly Franciscans, who began to preach the Christian gospel to the natives. And they soon sent back home, with innocent enthusiasm, glowing accounts of the conversions they had effected. You can feel their sincerity, their piety, their ardor, and their joy in the pages of Father Sagun, Father Torquemada, and many others. And for their sake I am glad that the poor Franciscans never suspected how small a part they had really played in the religious conversions that gave them such joy. Far more effective than their words and their holy book, had been the Spanish cannon that had breached the Aztec defenses, and the ruthless Spanish soldiers who had slain the Aztec priests at their altars and toppled the Aztec idols from the sacrificial pyramids. The Aztecs accepted Christianity as a cult, not because their hearts were touched by doctrines of love and mercy, but because Christianity was the religion of the White men whose bronze cannon and mail-clad warriors made them invincible.

"That was early in the 16th century, and we of the West have gone on repeating that fond mistake ever since, as the missionaries whom we sent to all parts of the world wrote home with innocent satisfaction glowing accounts of the number of hearts they had 'won for Christ.' . . . On many a shore of Africa, for example, missionaries eager to win souls ventured to land alone; and the natives, after having a lot of fun torturing them to death, ate them -- either cooked or raw, according to the local custom. What often happened was that a few months later a British cruiser hove to offshore, and lobbed a half a dozen 4.5-inch high explosive shells into the native village, and, if not in a hurry, perhaps landed half a company of marines to beat the bushes and drag out a dozen or so savages to hang on convenient trees. Unless the tribe was excessively stupid, they took the hint. The next bevy of missionaries was respected, as somehow representing the god of thunder and lightning. And if those men of God distributed enough free rice and medical care with their sermons, they were able to make many converts. They could teach a ritual, and they could perhaps inculcate a superstition that had some superficial resemblance to their religion; but as for teaching the spiritual substance of Christianity, they might as well have followed the example of St. Francis and delivered sermons to the birds."

Christianity does have some admirable tenets, and they are represented by the loving atmosphere of the traditional Christian church, and I have enjoyed a number of Christian services immensely - why wouldn't a White person enjoy the company of his kinsfolk dressed in their Sunday best, singing along to lovely hymns and enjoying all of the wonderful nuances created by a healthy White community? Realistically, those things aren't the products of any just any people who follow Christianity, but are the manifestations of our Aryan race.

Our people adopted Christianity and Westernized it as much as possible, without completely altering the religion. Some of its teachings preyed on our race's gullibility, our generosity and our mostly peaceful nature. For whatever reason, generous men of our race felt it was their Christian duty to export the religious teachings that gave their own lives so much meaning. They foolishly believed that their savage pupils could adopt the doctrine they taught, imagine God in the same way and produce the same feelings of Western spiritual fulfillment. They were tragically mistaken.

Contrast the delightfully welcoming environment of a quiet, traditional White Christian church, with the loud, hyper, dramatic and uncivilized environment of a Black Christian church. After we examine the apparent differences, are we supposed to believe that the religious expressions of the higher and lower races are identical? Nonsense.

The Blacks that I'm temporarily forced to work and live with are all Christians, so they say. But their brand of Christianity is severely primitive, and they are more superstitious than the average, White Christian. One Black told me quite seriously that he knows 'for a fact' that human genes and feline genes can be spliced together, and will create a half-cat/half-human baby - and this story was told to me by the most sincere Black Christian here. Among their assorted, pathetically stupid 'religious' beliefs, are that Adam and Eve were Black, and since the first people God created were Blacks, that means Negroes are God's real chosen people. And they believe that Jesus was Black as well. These Blacks are far from tolerant and loving, and they use their twisted religious beliefs as part of their reason to hate Whites even more, which goes to the point of advocating White slavery and genocide. The doctrine of 'love thy neighbor' and 'turn the other cheek' haven't had the slightest effect on these people. Any one of them with influence from their racial brethren, could be talked into repeating the Wichita Massacre.

Dear reader, my point in this essay is to help shed the myths that some of our people believe, in regard to the attempted conversion of lower races. Christianity won't and can't make savages into civilized men. If for some reason the opposite is still your opinion after considering the points that I have raised in this piece, then perhaps you should make an appointment with your local mental health agency.


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