The King of All Holidays

by Evan Thomas

8 March 2005

Once again, Black history month has passed, as has the most joyous day for the equality hokum peddlers: The observation of the birthday of 'Reverend, Dr. Martin Luther' King Jr. To them, this American holiday is the most important. Never mind the fact that he wasn't a real reverend. Never mind the fact that he obtained his Ph.D. illegally. Never mind the fact that his legal name wasn't really Martin Luther. To the shysters who control our media and government, King's legacy is important because they are the ones who created it. To them, the fact that they were able to take a negro with a talent for dissimulation, dress him in White men's clothing, teach him to speak like a White person, "help" him all the way through college to a doctorate, use him effectively in their stealth-war against our nation in their efforts to destroy our race, and then order their elected minions to establish a holiday dedicated to their media creation - these things are important to our Jewish rulers because they remind them that their plan to surreptitiously take over our country and subvert us has worked.

Their King holiday is also important to them because instead of inundating us with a small but constant portion of race-destroying propaganda every day, when the King holiday arrives, and for practically the entire month of January, the media kick into anti-White overdrive, which of course is then followed by 'Black History Month' in February, with another 30 days of media-produced, anti-White poison.

The reason why the controlled media do this is to keep their faithful White dupes committed to the half-wit religion of equality - for if they didn't, just maybe their White victims would justifiably rise up and put an end to their control.

To the Jewish supremacists, it doesn't matter who King really was, and as many scholars have noted, King wasn't the moral, responsible, intelligent, freedom fighter the controlled media has made him out to be. In actuality, Michael King (his real name), was a Marxist, a plagiarist and a degenerate piece of filth. Among his close friends, he admitted he was a Communist, and in fact his handlers (who did everything from write his speeches to file his tax returns) were outspoken Communists too.[1] Regarding the charges of plagiarism, as detailed in the monumental book Jewish Supremacism, King simply copies works written by others in patching together his doctoral thesis.

"Boston University formed a committee to determine the extent of King's plagiarism. It determined that 45 percent of the first part and 21 percent of the second part were taken from other authors. Schools regularly revoke degrees upon discovery of far less cheating, but the importance of King to the civil rights movement prevented the revocation of his divinity degree."[2]

King also habitually cheated on his wife, Coretta Scott King. He let his African genes get the best of him, and copulated with dimwitted White sluts across America who probably believed the venom he spewed, but more importantly, they were impressed with his celebrity status. But when he couldn't charm his way into getting sex, his Jewish handlers were quick to reward him with a White prostitute - his favorite type of whore. In fact, he spent the night before his assassination fornicating and then beating his White harlots. As King liked to say, 'I'm f*cking for God.' By today's Jewish standards, King was certainly an honorable, devout, holy man.

Commentator Kevin Alfred Strom said it best:

"'Martin Luther King, Jr.' was a sexual degenerate, a liar, a plagiarist, a phony reverend, a phony Christian, an imposter, a criminal, a Communist functionary, an enemy of America, a traitor to even his own people, and a willing pawn in the Jewish establishment's plan to reduce America from a great White nation to a Third World feeding and breeding zone, a province in the Global Plantation of the billionaire Jewish elite."(3)

Earlier in this essay, I noted that the King holiday is important to the Jews for two reasons: One, it demonstrates to them that their plans to take over our nation were successful. And two, every year in January, they are able to dedicate their media to making their foul creature into a God, of which their enslaved White American idiots may worship.

Like their Jewish masters, White American dupes find the King holiday important too, but of course, for radically different reasons. They're the pathetic types who get misty-eyed when ever they watch the movie "Mississippi Burning." The types who think 'Black culture' is deserving of their respect and admiration. To them, their favorite holiday is important because it reminds them that since they're cursed with being a member of the White race, they're guilty of oppressing the Black race. But since they were lucky enough to be 'educated' or 'raised right,' they were able to liberate themselves from the evil racist feelings present in the cancerous genes of every White person. So they celebrate their liberation by showering their colored equals (of whom they view as morally superior) with the sincerest praise.

On King's birthday this year, out of curiosity, I attended a celebration at a predominantly Black school in Grand Rapids, Michigan. At the beginning of the event, some one asked the audience of about 300, to rise for the National Anthem. I was almost about to sing along, but when a young negro stood center stage and said into the microphone, "Hey yall, dis be da Black National Anthem," I took my seat.

After this young, racial equal of mine finished inaudably singing off key, the ceremony began. First to speak was a White woman who 'once shook Dr. King's hand.' Next at the podium was a Black man who 'went to the same college as King.' Then a choir sang the ridiculous song, We Shall Overcome. At that point, an excerpt of one of King's speeches was played over the speaker, and when King said, "100 years after the chains of slavery have been broken, the negro is still not free," the mostly Black audience replied with cheers and roaring applause - as if King's statement still rings true today.

At the end of the event, an Affirmative Action Black college graduate gave a short speech. At first he spoke about the reality of equality and all the "great things Dr. King had done" for his people. He encouraged the Whites and Blacks in the audience to "come together and love each other." But then, in an interesting act of contradiction he spoke about the uniqueness of his race and how his race is deserving of special rights and privileges because "Blacks were once slaves." Before he ended his talk, he called for Black unity and whined about the fact that in the near future, Blacks will have less power in the US because via Mexican immigration, Mestizos will be the "most important" non-White group in America, in lieu of their huge numbers. "Where does that leave us?" he asked - with less welfare and other special government handouts, most likely.

Earlier in this essay, I noted that the King holiday was important to the Jews, and to their lemmings. It's also important to us, and not for the reasons some may think. Dear reader, the King holiday is a horrible symptom of what can happen when Whites lose control over their nation. We no longer have a government of our own. Our present actions by their wisdom or folly (as Oliver liked to say) will determine the fate of our people. Let's make some wise decisions.


1. The FBI and Martin Luther King, By David Garrow. Penguin Books, New York. 1983.
2. Jewish Supremacism, By David Duke. Page 108. Free Speech Press, Mandeville, Louisiana.

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