Questions of Superiority

by Evan Thomas

28 February 2005

Whenever a member of the controlled press, a family member, or someone who engages a political discussion with me asks if I am a 'White supremacist,' my immediate answer is always an assertive no. Then I explain the reasons why I answered in the negative. I politely assert that a supremacist seeks to rule over others; that he wishes his particular group or social class to be dominant and rule over all other groups or social classes in the society of which he belongs. Also, he probably wishes to control those of whom he views as outsiders to his particular group or social class. In light of these acknowledgements, we can reasonably ascertain that this writer is not a supremacist of any sort.

I believe that the races of humanity are irreconcilably different. I believe that each race of mankind is distinct and unique, and are endowed with different characteristics. To that end, when we recognize these scientific truths - that the races are unequal, that Nature has made each race unalterably different, and each race best lives and survives in accordance with its own naturally endowed characteristics, separate from other races, we can ultimately conclude that the genocidal, alien created policies which have been forced upon the White West are wrong. The only possible solution to the problem of multiracialism is separation. I am a separatist, not a supremacist.

But sometimes, I am asked if I believe the White race is superior to all other races. Usually, I answer the question by stating that it would be difficult to infer about racial superiority or inferiority, since we may view some races to be generally inferior to our own in one category, and superior to our own in another. I also state that I don't necessarily believe that my race is 'better' than any other race, though most in any social group believe their group to be the best, and such thinking is perfectly normal. I favor and love the people of my race over all others, simply because they are apart of me, as good parents favor and love their children over all other children, simply because they belong to them, and are apart of them.

But, is the White race superior? This question is also difficult to answer because of the presence of the Whites of our race who are, by all practical standards, inferior to the majority of our race; the Whites with low intelligence, poor hygiene, physical or mental deformities, or a number of other undesirable characteristics. The Jew-indoctrinated egalitarians with whom I deal with often, use the existence of the inferior Whites as their 'proof' that Whites can't claim superiority over anyone. But, their proof is highly laughable, since no respectable White racialist has ever said that high intelligence, good hygiene and mental or physical normalcy are exclusive to our race only, although those qualities are more developed in us than in any other race.

When we consider the individual exceptions - the Negro with a Ph.D., the Caucasian with an IQ of 85, or the overweight Chinaman (which are the examples egalitarians claim 'disprove' the scientific truth of racial differences), the question of superiority, or even the question of racial variation, becomes slightly complex.

Though we may find minor individual exceptions in, they do not negate the abundance of evidence proving that significant racial differences not only exist but are so significant that no multiracial society can be a healthy society. The individual exceptions do not disprove the general truth that all men weren't really created equal. The belief in racial equality based on the fact that some blacks are smarter than some whites is as ridiculous and illogical as believing women and men are equally strong because some women are stronger than the average man.

In order to answer the question of White racial superiority, we must look into our history as a people. Our race has brought forth the highest form of every facet prerequisite to the creation of first world civilization. Our scientific discoveries, inventions, exploration, music, art and literature are unequaled. We produce the most geniuses and the fewest mentally defectives. Our race is the race best fitted for Nature's upward path; the next step towards a higher mankind.

I think the best way we can measure superiority is by analyzing one specific manifestation of Nature: Beauty. Some say 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' but I think that expression more accurately fits the lines of Jewish propaganda than it fits reality. Beauty is something which can be recognized by all parts of humanity; specifically, sexual beauty. In the American Dissident Voices broadcast of October 2, 2004, titled "Beauty, Art and Race," commentator Kevin Strom discusses the relationship beauty shares with sex, race and evolution. Mr. Strom begins the program by introducing a book by professor Knight Dunlap, Personal Beauty and Racial Betterment. Here is an excerpt.

"Dunlap tells us that beauty is: 'something which... is for the race and for civilization of such profound importance that no other fundamental consideration of human welfare and progress can be divorced from it.'"

Honest, common-sense recognition of human beauty elucidates the question of racial superiority to the point where it becomes completely obvious, to even the dullest observer. Naturally, the highest race of humanity would produce offspring that are long lived, intelligent, strong, healthy, and physically attractive. The Aryan race possesses all of these qualities.

As I said, the question of racial superiority can be easily measured by the recognition of human beauty. When I was a small boy of about the age of 5 or 6, I began to notice that I could only tell if White women were attractive. I thought that perhaps Black women might be just as attractive, but since I was of a different race, I thought that I didn't have the observational powers to recognize beauty in the negroid subspecies. But, now I know that the reason why I've never found Black women equally attractive to White women is because they aren't equally attractive. Some try to rationalize this fact by saying, 'if you were a Black, you'd be attracted to Black women, instead of White women.' But that isn't true, since the most attractive Black women aren't Black - they're mixed with a good percentage of White blood. The celebrated Halle Berry is a good example. Also, that canard can be easily disproved, since in a multiracial society, the savages of the lower races attempt to mate with the members of the higher races, who are naturally more physically attractive. As Kevin Strom explains it,

"What is beauty of the person? Dunlap tell us that it varies distinctly from race to race, so that such concepts cannot be accurately compared across racial lines, though he acknowledges that darker races sometimes change their standards when confronted by White explorers . . . and come to desire White mates - a phenomenon with which we are all to familiar in our century. Dunlap states: '. . . the type (of beauty) which is highest in value tends to approximate the European type, wherever the European becomes known. . . . it is a general rule that the female of the inferior race prefers the male of the superior race, no matter how striking the difference. That the inferior male considers the superior female more beautiful than the female of his own race is indicated everywhere, and clearly demonstrated among the Turks.'

Dunlap is highlighting one danger of multiracialism: The unique racial standards of beauty and sexual attractiveness held by each race can break down, especially lower races', when there is prolonged contact. Whether or not this unnatural attraction for mates of a higher kind may be some kind of instinctive longing for what is greater and better, a primitive proclivity to improve one's stock by mating upward, it nevertheless represents a great danger -- and no benefit whatever -- to the higher race. This is particularly true if the higher race is filled with misplaced altruism and empathy, as ours is."

The beauty of the culture-founding Aryan race is the best measure of our racial superiority. I do not intend to 'hurt anyone's feelings' while getting my message across in this essay, but I believe if we want to preserve the unique characteristics of all humanity, Whites must wake up to the fact that Nature has made us the finest subspecies of homo-sapiens that ever walked this earth, and that our race is the only genotype which has the ability to advance evolution toward a higher form of humanity, perhaps even leaving humanity behind and moving toward Shaw and Nietzsche's superman.

We as a race do have strengths, but we also have weaknesses, which our enemies have used to exploit us. Our fatuity as a people has made us a target for deception and subversion. Though we are the highest form of consciousness which Nature has yet attained, we are only a few levels above the savagery that plagues this planet. And if we wish to preserve our uniquely beautiful race, every White person who knows the truth had better act now, in the defense of his heritage. If we don't, perhaps we are exactly what the Jews believe us to be - a savage race fit only to serve their interests, a servitude which will ultimately lead to our absolute annihilation.


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