The Angriest Aryan

by Warren Stiefel

30 January 2005

There's just been a sighting of the Yeti, the fearsome Abominable Aryan. He was carrying a swastika flag, nostrils flairing, crashing into people's homes - their living rooms, slobbering into their vestibules, bashing into their kitchens, smashing their windows. He's out for blood.

Fucking sasquatch.

It turns out that the missing genetic link is a eugenicist at heart and isn't afraid to bring a bit of hell raising to the over-civilized peoples who cower in fear of the snow and the hate-filled behemoth carrying the flag of hope outside in the bitter cold! "Quick honey, call the police there's a big white feral beast outside holding tightly to a swastika flag!" Frost and ice cling to his contorted face as he screams "Total white power!".

WRKO just reported the ADL has issued a warning about "Hate Beasts" ravaging the neighborhoods. They advise anyone who sees the creature lurking outside to call the police immediately. The Angriest Aryan is unaware that he has entered one of the ADL's "No PLace for Hate" Zones during this dire snow emergency. But yet he brings terror to the people with his flag and his rage.

Stare into his abysmal blue eyes of sheer insatiable hatred, you liberal geek. Fancy yourself clever as you lock the door, fag, to hide. Think yourself safe, race traitor, as you bolt the door. Sip that warm cup of tea you pseudo intellectual "progressive" charlatan thinking you are free of harm. He's out there lumbering, lurking, slobbering. Ready for violent clash. Ready to inflict deadly blows. This is no ordinary nigger-like sporadic violence, this is arctic cold-calculated hate being executed with diligent precision. He'll rip off your head and pour anti-freeze down your gizzard. He'll then strip your head of flesh, and use your skull as his beer mug. Does the cold scare you, liberal shithead?


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