Make a Difference!

by Edgar Steele

29 August 2005

I saw the local Portland news regarding today's event. They described it as being attended by hate-filled racists and supremacists. I'm glad they warned us. We need to be on the lookout in case anybody like that shows up and tries to make trouble.

And, I'm glad to see so many of our friends from the police department present, as well. I wish they were a little closer, in fact, so that they could hear our message and see us for what we are: concerned Americans.

Concerned about the future of our jobs.

Concerned about the future of our country.

Concerned about the future of our children.

We are here to benefit Afrikaner Charities. Why? Because nobody else in America cares about them, that's why. I see TV ads pleading for funds for little black African kids. Nobody calls that racist. Why is it racist to care about little white African kids?

Why did Portland's TV news describe Afrikaner Charities as "white supremacist?" What is supremacist in caring about little white children? Why aren't all the other African charities racist because their funds go only to Blacks (actually, mostly to the organizers and so-called African leaders, but that's another story)? By the way, the entire proceeds after actual costs today go directly to the people being benefited, something you never will see with Black African charities.

Why are the forces pushing tolerance in America so intolerant of our caring about little white children? Why do they ignore our white cousins who are beaten, raped and murdered as part of what can only be described as a campaign of genocide on the part of Black-run countries in southern Africa? It's not like we are forcing them to do anything. Certainly not like the way they force us, via our taxes, to fund Black Africa's campaign of terror against White Africa.

Why is it wrong for us to get together in private like this and have a little innocent fun of our own, with our families present, while raising money to benefit that part of Africa truly forgotten by America? White Africa. Who are the real racists around here, anyway?

We in America have come to believe that merely resisting being oppressed and divided by the very racist policies of America's ruling class is, in itself, racism. In America today, standing up for the right to be white is called being racist. In other words, unless we participate in our own racial genocide, we are racists. I not so respectfully disagree.

Let's take a few minutes to review what's going on in South Africa today (all statistics are from

In the year 2000, South Africa was the second deadliest country in the world, with 30,000 murders per year. Per capita - .49 per 1000 vs. .04 per 1000 in the US, second only to Colombia (unless you count what America has been doing in Iraq as murder, of course). Today, that figure has swelled to 40,000, pushing South Africa firmly into the lead.

Also in the year 2000, South Africa was second in rapes, with a total of 53,000. Who was number 1? Hold onto your seat, because this is one of many statistics that your government does not want you to know about: America was number one, with 89,000 total rapes, the majority committed by the poor, downtrodden minorities, of course. The largest victim group in America? White women, of course.

Meanwhile, back in South Africa: due to the lesser total population, it led the world in rapes per capita by a wide margin: 1.19 per 1,000 versus America's .3. Today, the incidence of South African rape is much higher than in 2000, with a rape occurring every 28 seconds, or a total of nearly 200,000 per year.

A mind-numbing fact about South African rape is that so much of it is committed on children, particularly little female babies. Why? Because Blacks there superstitiously believe that having sex with virgins will cure them of AIDS. Between the revival of cannibalism in Africa and this sort of mentality, do you see why Blacks never could muster up the brains cells, even, to invent the wheel?

A Land Summit held in South Africa just two weeks ago saw the government expound a policy which will require the forced expropriation of productive farmland from whites, just has been going on in neighboring Zimbabwe for years. Already, a great many white farm invasions, including murder of the White landowners' families by Blacks, have been taking place in South Africa. The reports and pictures coming out of Zimbabwe have been worse, but it is a few years farther along this path.

Southern Africa used to be a land of plenty, but now starvation has become commonplace. Many like to attribute the starvation there today to "years of bad harvest, erratic weather and the devastation of AIDS," conditions which are becoming typical throughout Africa. Our media neglects to note that this famine has been self-inflicted. They don't say a word about how the vast farms of southern Africa, in particular, which fed Africans until now, have been lain fallow. Because it is the Black Africans doing it, you see.

A great many of White southern Africa's farmers, so productive that they had been supporting far more than the population of their own countries, have been removed from their farms, if not killed outright, due to the racist policies of the black South African government. This campaign of genocide is almost complete in Zimbabwe and now getting underway in earnest, just next door in the country of South Africa.

"Kill the Boer, kill the farmer," is a phrase first uttered by former ANC member of Parliament Peter Mokaba. Now it is the mantra shouted aloft by crowds of blacks at all manner of public meetings and demonstrations. The South African Human Rights Commission notes that this slogan is not hate speech, but merely a manifestation of "their constitutional right to free speech."

More than 2,000 of southern Africa's farmers and farm workers and their families now have been murdered by roving bands of young African blacks. Authorities stood by and literally watched the "ethnic cleansing," a euphemism for genocide. The remaining white South Afrikaners are unable to leave their country because other countries, notably the USA, erect impassable immigration barriers to whites, while allowing a flood of nonwhites across their borders.

You don't hear about the carnage in South Africa because it is politically incorrect to note the murder of whites by blacks anywhere in the world today. South African President Thabo Mbeki called the execution of white farm owners and workers, "the final stage of the revolution." Final because, presumably, they now are running out of white people to slaughter.

Less than two weeks ago, President Mbeki was quoted in the South African press as saying, "I had the opportunity to see the country from the air. I saw where the rich white people live, and next to it where the poor black people live." Mbeki did not explain just how it was that he knew the race of the occupants of the houses, just by looking at the roofs.

Deputy South African President Mlomo was quoted at the same time as saying, "We have lessons to learn from Zimbabwe - how to do it fast. So we might want some skills exchange between us and Zimbabwe, to get some of their colleagues to help us here with that." Presumably, he was referring to the roving Black death squads responsible for the wholesale slaughter of White farmers' families in Zimbabwe, for there are no other skills apparent in that now-devastated and starving country.

All those TV commercials depicting the fly-ridden, emaciated black children of Africa fail to note that these kids would be well fed if the White South African farmers had been left alone. I know, those kids didn't kill the farmers and slaughter the livestock and cut up the farms to squat on and eat the seed corn in the sheds and so on, but there is a limit to those for whom I will feel responsible. African Blacks, both those in government and those in the death squads, are responsible. They have killed their golden-egg-laying goose and have nobody to blame but themselves for today's lack of food.

Of course, we in America who were so instrumental in driving whites out of political power in South Africa must shoulder some responsibility, too. American liberals formerly opposed to companies doing business with South Africa have morphed into neoconservatives. Now they seem to care only about killing the enemies of Israel (including hundreds of thousands of Arabic children). They certainly show no concern about the murder of white children in South Africa.

And now America is expected to feed Africa, though that continent possesses the most verdant soil in the world which, if cultivated properly, could serve as breadbasket to the rest of the human race. Just as we have created a welfare class in America, which will persist so long as we continue the handouts, and which is an undeniable magnet to hordes of illegal immigrants, now we are expected to extend that mentality to other countries, as well. It isn't working here. It won't work there.

They wanted total self determination. Now they want all whites killed or driven from their countries while we open our borders to them. What's more, now they are coming to America in record numbers and demanding a share of this country, as well.

Just as you can see South Africa's future by looking at Zimbabwe's present, so can you see America's future now at work in Southern Africa.

South Africa is the very last country in Africa producing enough food for its own people, but that will not last, given the course now set by its government. And there will be no coming back, a fact which has not yet occurred to those presiding over a starving Zimbabwe. The Whites murdered or driven from their farms never will return.

The Blacks have proven themselves incapable of producing more than a fraction of what the White farmers showed is possible. The farms formerly productive in white hands have collapsed, with the seed corn eaten by squatters, along with the livestock. The subsistence farming methods of Black squatters are a far cry from the modern farming methods employed by the former White owners and incapable, even, of supporting the squatters, themselves.

And it is a myth that land taken from Whites merely is being returned to the original Black owners. There were few, if any, Blacks in the areas settled by Whites who started arriving in 1652. Today's southern Africa Blacks primarily are descended from those imported since that time from other parts of Africa to help work the land under White stewardship.

Even while that criminal in the White House pledges more billions of taxpayer dollars to fling into the gaping maw of Black Africa, we see that, in Africa, Whites are expected to yield to Blacks completely. Get out or die, in other words.

Meanwhile, in Western countries such as America, Britain, Germany and, even, Australia, Whites again are expected to yield to Blacks and other so-called minorities. It is not yet get-out-or-die time in America, but that can be seen down the road when Blacks, Mestizos and other assorted third-world trash become the majority, just as now is occurring in southern California, New Mexico and Texas, where they are beginning to demand that we get out.

Why? Why on earth do we allow this to happen, not just in Africa, but now in America and, in fact, in all Western countries? Well, it is part of a much bigger agenda, an agenda for which it is necessary that those of European ancestry yield their role as leaders of the world.

Indeed, they have removed us from leadership of our own country. Next, they want us to yield up leadership of our own race. In fact, they want our race to go extinct. Unless things change, that is exactly what will happen.

It as all about control. Of us. Because we present their only threat, just as we have, time and again, all down through history, as they have been ejected from one country after another.

I am talking about Zionists in general, of course, and Jews in particular. Zionists include those like that traitor in the White House, upon whose head responsibility for the maiming and death of so many of our sons and daughters must be laid. And I don't mean just Jews like Wolfowitz and Pearl, the chief architects of our current debacle in the Middle East. I mean all Jews, for two reasons.

First, because even those who do not actively help the Zionists provide the Zionist Jews cover when they fall back into their ranks, to hide behind their Jewishness and fling the charge of anti-Semite at the rest of us.

And, second, because it is genetic. The compulsion to control others, to get on top of them, to take advantage and force others to their will is inbred from thousands of years of culture. Even the good ones will produce kids who will want to cheat your kids out of their lunch money.

Because it is the Zionists who are at fault, so, too, is it Israel's interests that they seek to advance and protect. That, of course, is the real reason we are in Iraq, of course: to expand Israel's hegemony in the region.

Not because the Iraqis trained Al Qaeda, because it turned out they hated Al Qaeda.

Not because Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, because it has been conclusively proven that it did not.

Not to stop Saddam, because they got him a long time ago.

Not even to secure the oil fields, because we haven't done it and now oil costs more than twice what it did before the war.

We are in Iraq to advance Israel's interests, just as so many of us have been saying since before the war. Is there really anybody left in America who does not think so?

Oh, and there is yet another reason why they are doing to America just what they are doing: to make money. Always, they find a way to make money. Always. That is the one great constant.

Even though the world's elite already own almost everything, it sticks in their craw that we have anything left, at all. So, on what must appear to them to be the last lap around the Monopoly board of life, they plan to get it all, the same way they took almost everything from us during the first Great Depression.

Used to be, when they got too far atop a country and got thrown out, they would just move to another country and do it all over again, just as they now have fled Russia for America and now are sucking her dry. Well, since they seem bent upon nothing less than total world domination this time around...this time, they better have a new planet picked out.

How are they doing it to us? The same way they have done it to nations since time immemorial: through immigration, money control, control of the professions, imposition of political correctness and control of the government. I don't really need to cover with this audience how they have taken over the legal profession, the American media and, even, government at every level, do I?

And, of course, they are in the final stages of breaking our backs financially through the crash of the dollar, just around the corner.

When they can't prosecute us directly for what we say or think, they trump up charges and prosecute us indirectly. Just ask Matt Hale, who was convicted of solicitation of the murder of a Federal judge merely because he did not protest loudly enough to the undercover agent who proposed the crime in the first place. If you don't think 40 years is a sentence reflective of Matt Hale's political beliefs, then you simply do not understand the concept of political prisoners. Matt is simply the latest in a long line of political prisoners in America today. Nor will he be the last, either.

In Washington, DC, they literally are on the verge of passing the latest version of the ADL's Hate Crime law, which will, I predict, lead to the shutdown of Internet sites like mine and the complete elimination of radio shows which disagree with the government line.

The charge of hate is used selectively, of course. Lesbians spread their hatred of men but never are charged, while feminists teach young girls that all men are potential rapists.

Blacks taunt whites with names like "honky" and "cracker," without recrimination.

Jewish written scriptures overflow with hatred of Jesus Christ and Christians.

Say the "N" word while white and go to jail.

Burn a cross while white and go to jail.

Challenge Holocaust lies with the truth and go to jail.

And it is not enough that Zionists control America. They have to reshape it to suit themselves. Virtually every recent case that involves removal of Christian symbols from society is brought and/or prosecuted by a Jew, usually with a Jewish judge presiding.

For the sake of the feelings of 2%, all the rest of us must yield our cultural heritage and sacrifice our children on the altar of political correctness. Removing "under God" from the Pledge of Allegiance. Taking down plaques of the Ten Commandments. Removing crosses from public venues. Taking Christ out of Christmas, first, then Christmas out of the year-end holidays altogether.

Hate laws are a singularly Jewish invention, foisted on an unsuspecting public so as to preemptively remove the possibility of criticism of themselves. Now, anti-Semitism is being added to the proscriptions of hate laws in America.

They have thrown America's borders wide open to the third world. Indeed, they have made clear that NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA and other alphabet soup obscenities merely are steps toward the complete removal of borders from North and Central America altogether. Next stop: the world.

Here's the very latest outrage, fresh from the border war being fought by ordinary citizens along America's southern border, because Bush refuses to obey the law: Just yesterday, it was announced that Casey Nethercott, a former leader of the patriot group Ranch Rescue, had lost his 70-acre ranch to two illegal immigrant Salvadorans whom he and others had stopped from crossing another's land.

What's more, Mr. Nethercott has started a five-year prison sentence for mere possession of the firearm with which he protected private property and which he used to force these two illegal immigrants to stop. Possession? Why? Simply because he had a prior felony from California due to an assault conviction.

What's more, those illegal immigrants have been issued visas for having cooperated in Mr. Nethercott's prosecution!

No - you heard all that just right. They are taking our land from us and giving it and residency visas to the criminals violating our borders as a reward for breaking the law by entering America illegally and trespassing upon our land. What's more, they are throwing some of us who protest into prison.

Their agenda sees to the eviction of Americans from rural areas throughout America, to be concentrated into large cities. Expect this sort of thing to accelerate, too, now that they have expanded the law of eminent domain beyond all known boundaries via that Kelo Supreme Court decision last month.

Their agenda seeks to destroy the traditional American family and religious infrastructure. Why, just this past week, the US Census Bureau announced that single-parent families now outnumber two-parent families in America for the first time ever.

Their agenda encourages homosexuality and pedophilia by separating children from their parents. While acceptance of homosexuality already has been forced upon Americans, that merely is a step along the path to break all barriers between adults and children regarding sexual relationships. Today, we hear American psychiatric groups debating whether child sex is even indicative of disease at all.

A very recent report entitled "Psychiatric Association Debates Reclassifying Pedophilia," discusses decriminalizing sexual contact between adults and children. Some mental health professionals attending an annual American Psychiatric Association convention this past May in San Francisco proposed removing several long-recognized categories of mental illness - including pedophilia, exhibitionism, fetishism, transvestism, voyeurism and sadomasochism - from the profession's standard work: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

A Russian know for some pretty wild Internet postings, Sorcha Fall, very recently made a sobering assessment concerning America: "Our tears could not help but fall as we witnessed the total humiliation and degradation of these once proud and free peoples. Truly I must tell you today that the United States has been completely destroyed and only exists as a name, and can no more be spoken of as a land of freedom, opportunity or blessed by God. For surely He has forsaken this land and in its people's eyes one sees only fear."

Pretty bad, I know, but there are things that we can do.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself why the press and the establishment go to such lengths to silence dissenters like you and I? Why do they smear us in the media? Why do they jail our leaders? Why do they make such a fuss?

One of the best answers to those questions was given voice by a 1960s Czechoslovakian rock band, The Plastic People of the Universe, banned in its own country:

"They are afraid of the old for their memory,
They are afraid of the young for their innocence
They are afraid of the graves of their victims in faraway places
They are afraid of history.
They are afraid of freedom.
They are afraid of truth.
They are afraid of democracy.
So why the hell are we afraid of them?
For they are afraid of us."

That is why, ladies and gentlemen: They are afraid of us! And, if they are afraid of us, then they must see the power within us to make change in this great country. Be proud that the grimy, malevolent and violent power of Bush and other Western leaders has been exposed by us and that, behind their bravado, they are afraid of us.

They are afraid of Cindy Sheehan.

They are afraid of Casey Nethercott.

They are afraid of Matt Hale.

Stand tall and be proud that they fear us, because that means we have the power to make a difference. And ask yourselves this: If they are afraid of us, what in the hell do we have to fear from them?

Even so, we must be careful to operate within the bounds of the law. We can do nobody any good from the inside of a prison cell. It is increasingly easy to go to jail these days, too. Advocating violence is all that it takes. In fact, today you needn't even be the one advocating the violence. Just ask Matt Hale.

To be arrested under Patriot Act II, one merely has to be accused by bureaucrats of providing support to groups designated as terrorist organizations, even if one is unaware of that group's activities.

Besides, with our fellow citizens becoming more and more like bit players in an Orwellian plot, we must be subtle in order to gain their attention. We must gain their respect. We can awaken others, but we must be sensitive to their needs and their fears. Indeed, until the time for action arrives, there is nothing else we can do, other than lead our lives and provide strong, moral examples for our children.

Ask yourself what you can do to make a difference.

I talk a lot about objectives. They really are key. With objectives, you can chart your course.

And commitment means everything. How many here are committed to making a difference for their families and America? How many are 50% committed? 75%? 85%? 95%? 100%?

I commend all but the 100% for your effort - for trying so hard. That may sound strange, but it takes no effort to be 100% committed - in fact, it is the easiest thing in the world to do.

How many of you are in a relationship right now that you are "trying" to make work? Why is trying so hard? Because there is no trying. Consider the light switch, which is either on or off - there is no "trying to be on" position.

Do you remember the Jedi master, Yoda, in the Star Wars movie, Revenge of the Jedi? There Luke Skywalker was, in the swamp, balanced on one hand, with Yoda standing on Luke's foot and with Luke trying to lift his little space ship out of the muck and the mire. It moved a bit, then fell back, as Luke, too, fell down and Yoda went tumbling. "I am trying, Master Yoda," said a plaintive Luke. And what was Yoda's response? Who remembers? "That is why you fail," he said. "There is no trying. There is only doing."

The toughest thing in world is to be 95% committed to something. The easiest? 100% commitment.

We need to increase awareness without trying so hard. We must have our objectives clearly in mind in order to be able to set aside our own needs. Rather than pound, merely ask a question and let them guide you.

Ask: "Seen the movie The Passion of the Christ? What did you think of the outcry by Jewish groups trying to get it shut down?" Then simply be quiet and let them guide you to the conclusion you already have reached.

Ask: "Is anybody in your family out of work? What do you think of our factories going to China?" Let them tell you why it is a bad thing.

Ask: "Can you afford health care? What do you think of illegal immigration? Did you hear about Casey Nethercott, who went to jail and lost his ranch to two illegals he stopped on his own property?" Let them swell up with righteous indignation and convince you that this illegal immigration must be stopped and reversed.

Moderate your tone...set aside your ego...listen to others. Nudge them along with questions. I learned this in the courtroom. Juries don't like being told where to must nudge them along toward the conclusion you seek.

Convincing people doesn't have to be difficult - in sales terms, just find a need and fill it. And, like salesmen - after all, we all are salesmen for our ideas - we must be persuasive. That means being non threatening, which means we must be predictable in the way that we look and the way that we act. Dare to be normal!

You can do this...anybody can.

Are you willing to make a difference? You're a part of something much bigger than yourself and your proud of it. What are you willing to do? Risk relationships? Talk about influential books with friends? Raise money for a good cause or to support those who do and say what you cannot? Only you can decide.

Gandhi said: "First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
Then you win."

I cannot advocate an uprising against America's government, though that really is what is required. Nor do I think such an uprising would be illegal under the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. However, an uprising would be dealt with swiftly and severely, believe me. But, we do not have to worry about mounting a confrontation with our own government.

I believe that our country's current path will see much of the world unite against America, with the result that our current overseers will be toppled from power by a combined foreign military force. Unfortunately, that will involve the deaths of a great many of us.

In the alternative, we stand on the brink of a financial apocalypse that not only will cause us to start numbering our Depressions, but will make it impossible for our current rulers to continue in power. Either result will be painful for the average American, but not so painful as the subjugation that awaits us on our current path.

As a lawyer, I'm inside the system. Everyone says the system is broken. You don't know how bad things really are.

We've got to make a change in America. Maybe we won't succeed in making change, but we surely can deserve to succeed.

Make no mistake. We are at war. War for our very existence.

If there must be trouble, let it come now, so that our children might live in peace. In the immortal words of David Lane, "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children."

Let us fight the fight. Let us suffer defeat, if defeat it must be. To win a war, one must risk death. That might seem scary, but to have nothing worth dying for...that is not living at all. Put aside fear. There is a limit to physical pain and suffering, but there is no limit to fear. Take it from me, in 20 years you will regret what you didn't do here and now far more than what you did do.

It was William Wallace, as played by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart, who said, when rallying his army to fight the British: "Aye. Fight and you may die. Run and you will live - at least, a while. And, dying in your beds, many years from now, would you be willing to trade all the days, from this day to that, for one chance - just one chance - to come back here and tell our enemies that they may take our lives, but they will never take our freedom?"

I cannot advocate a violent revolution or I would be disbarred. But, that's exactly what the likes of William Wallace, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would do today if they were still among us. I like to think that, if we were to bring them back to life today, tomorrow they would buy a road map, a bazooka and a red Cadillac Convertible, then set out for Washington, DC.

What I advocate is being prepared and awakening others to what is coming. What's coming? Not worldwide empire, American style. What's coming is America's comeuppance. I think it will go badly for the NWO crowd and, consequently, for America, too. But that will create an opportunity we don't currently possess - an opportunity to start over.

America worked once as a constitutional republic. It can work again.

Don't despair at how difficult the road ahead might seem to be. None other than Dale Carnegie pointed out that the most important things in the world have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Do you know the real difference between success and failure? Success merely requires that you get up just one more time than you get knocked down. The only real failure in life is in giving up, you know.

I'm glad you are here. I'm glad you risk so much to make a difference. I'm glad so many are willing to give so much.

I'm proud to call you friends.

We don't all have to be the same. We don't all have to have the same abilities. We don't all have to share the same beliefs. Dare to be different...even from one another.

I don't know the key to success, but I do know that the key to failure is in trying to please everybody. Heaven knows that I don't manage to do that.

Have a strong moral compass and hew to it. Make character and honor your byword. They come from within, remember. Character is not worn. Honor is not tattooed onto one's skin.

My client and friend, the late Pastor Richard Butler, said: "Remember, if you've ever worked for anything, if you ever stood for anything, you stand for it with all your life. They can take away from you every material possession. But there's one thing they can't take from you. That's your honor. The only thing you can do with your honor is forfeit it. You have your honor from the day you're born 'til the day you die, unless you forfeit it yourself. Therefore, my honor is my loyalty."

We all have a role to play. Don't despair at your own talents. Don't try to be better than anybody else. Just try to be better than yourself. Just do that, and they will never break our spirit. They will never silence us. They will never take our freedom.

Together, we can touch lives.

Together, we can awaken America.

Together, we can make a difference.



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