by Edgar Steele

16 August 2005

"Too much of everything is just enough." --- The Grateful Dead

"Kill the Boer, kill the farmer." -- Peter Mokaba, South Africa (ANC member of Parliament)

It gets harder and harder to choose a topic for these weekly musings. Things are accelerating, it seems, with the result that there is altogether too much from which to choose. Too much injustice. Too much tyranny. Too much unfairness. Too much war. Too much misery. Too much Bush. Too much Israel. Too much too much. I wonder what the Grateful Dead might say today?

My heart this week is with Cindy Sheehan, maintaining her vigil outside Bush's Texas ranch during his five-week (!) vacation. Mrs. Sheehan protests the fact that a draft-dodging and, ultimately, military-deserting president sent her son to die in the hellhole that Iraq has become. She cuts directly to the bone by pointing out that Bush lied at every turn and, ultimately, started this war to benefit Israel. For this, she is being savaged by her own government and by its quisling controlled press. "Bring it on," indeed. Easy for him to say.

What we need is a President with the courage to grab a rifle and jump in a foxhole to defend Israel himself, just as Clinton said he would do. Oh? Really? He didn't? Oh. Well, at least he demonstrated his bias for all to see. Can you imagine? I actually just accused Clinton of being somewhat more honest than Bush! Some, if not all, things must be relative, after all.

In a year, my son will be draft age, just after the draft will have been reinstated. If we don't fight this fight now - stop this monster that America has become - then that will be us standing outside Bush's ranch in a couple of years...or worse. The thought crossed my mind to fly down to Texas and join her vigil, but my schedule simply won't permit it until after the end of Bush's five-week (!) vacation.

Did I mention that Bush is on a five-week (!) vacation? When was the last time you took a five-week vacation? I'm having trouble remembering the last time I took a vacation, period. Not that I could afford one, mind you.

A friend and I recently did a five-day round-trip loop through Yellowstone and Casper, Wyoming. It was business, but we couldn't resist a little sightseeing. The most interesting sight was the absolute dearth of vacationers. Yellowstone, normally bumper to bumper this time of year, was deserted - on a Saturday, no less. We drove at the speed limit to everything, parked close up and never contended with anything resembling a line or a crowd. So, too, were the highways, usually teeming with summertime RVs and campers in August, nearly empty, even through the Grand Tetons. Where is everybody, we wondered aloud, and why aren't they talking about it on the news? We got our answer when we filled the tank, which took fifty dollars each and every time.

I will be putting in a very rare public speaking appearance this very next Saturday, August 20, near Portland, Oregon, at what primarily will be an afternoon/evening rock concert sponsored by Volksfront and Blood and Honour. Go here for the Volksfront website page that details the event. All net proceeds will go to help relieve the misery of South African Boer families and farmers, who are beginning to suffer the same ethnic cleansing (a euphemism for genocide, including a remarkable dose of rape, mayhem and torture) that the descendants of Zimbabwe's founders (nee Rhodesia) have undergone for years. Though offered expenses and a possible honorarium for speaking, I have asked the organizers to estimate the total amount they would have paid me and drop that in the plate for, too.

Keep the charity angle in mind when you see that tickets cost $30 ($50 for a family). For those in the Northwest who are of a mind, please consider attending. Be sure to come up to me after I speak, introduce yourself and allow me the honor of shaking your hand. Contact for tickets, location and nearby motels. The gates open at 1:30pm and the bands start at about 4 pm. I speak from 3 to 4 pm, so you will want to be early. I haven't written my speech, but - trust me on this one - in view of the audience, I intend to uncork my rhetoric and passion beyond anything I yet have done in public.

Now, about the audience for this event. Most members of this list are pretty much like I am, absent my current mission in life: perfectly ordinary people, in other words, contending with mortgages, kids, bills, traffic, etc. You wear suits. You wear coveralls. You watch TV. You go to work. You are from all strata of American society, all professions and all political persuasions. Most of you haven't a clue what "WN" means and have never visited a politically-incorrect web site other than, of course. I am impressed by the increasing number of Democrats and liberals who subscribe to this list. Just folks, in other words. Just folks who are waking up to what has been going on in America, that is.

This concert is being put on and will be attended by many people whom some would describe as being "skinheads." I wouldn't, though. To me, they, too, are "just folks," because they have all the same concerns that I just listed for you. Like myself, they are passionate about what is happening to America and what the future holds for our children. If you don't wear a suit to work, then they are no different from you than am I in terms of outward appearance, because I do wear a suit.

Always, I am struck by how much we all have in common and how little really separates us. Yet, we focus on the differences and create pointless squabbles over them. Personally, give me real skinheads any day of the week for loyalty, honesty and passion, versus the girly-man traitors now running America! I learned that many years ago when I had the honor of helping to defend your right to free speech by representing Richard Butler and the Aryan Nations in a trumped-up lawsuit designed to silence them.

Volksfront is unabashedly pro white. So am I. That doesn't mean either Volksfront or I advocate beating up so-called "minorities." On the contrary. We in America have come to believe that merely resisting being oppressed and divided by the very racist policies of America's ruling class is, in itself, racism. In America today, standing up for the right to be white is called being racist. In other words, unless we participate in our own racial genocide, we are racists. I not-so-respectfully disagree.

Come to this event. I challenge you to disagree with me once you meet these people and talk with them a bit.

I will be talking next Saturday a bit about the disasters that southern Africa and, particularly, the country of South Africa have become for the white descendants of those who founded the countries, tamed the land and built it up to world-class status, as well as the lessons to be learned from our white cousins' experience there. Mostly, however, expect a full-on, high-test rant on America today.

Incidentally, it is a myth that southern Africa's Blacks were indigenous. Southern Africa was almost devoid of humanity when Europeans colonized it. As in America, Blacks were imported from central and coastal Africa for menial labor. As has been the case in every country where Blacks have been imported, the countries of South Africa now are degenerating and, once again, resembling...well, a jungle. Lowest common denominator, donchaknow. Just look at public schools wherever Blacks predominate in America. It's genetic, therefore inevitable and inescapable - see my book, Defensive Racism.

For a fuller discussion of some of the food problems of Southern Africa, see "Let Them Eat Cake" in my archives, written three years ago. At that time, I received heat from some who claimed the problems were restricted to Zimbabwe and that South Africa was a model of perfection under Black rule. No more can anybody believably make such claims. A recent Land Summit held in South Africa saw the government expound a policy which will require the forced expropriation of productive farmland from whites, just has been going on in neighboring Zimbabwe for years.

In the year 2000, South Africa was merely the second deadliest country in the world, with 30,000 murders per year (.49 per 1000 vs. .04 per 1000 in the US), second only to Colombia (unless you count what America has been doing in Iraq as murder, of course). Today, that figure has swelled to 40,000, pushing South Africa firmly into the lead.

Also in the year 2000, South Africa was second in rapes, with a total of 53,000. Who was number 1? Hold onto your seat, because this is one of many statistics that your government does not want you to know about: America, with 89,000 total rapes, the majority committed by the poor, downtrodden minorities, of course. The largest victim group in America? White women, of course. Well, ladies, you can thank the so-called Feminist movement for putting the cabal that has been ruining America over the top - you did it to yourselves.

Meanwhile, back in South Africa, due to the lesser total population, it led the world in rapes per capita by a wide margin: 1.19 per 1,000 versus America's .3. Tellingly, Canada, which is much further along the politically-correct downward circling of the toilet bowl, had an eye-popping .73 rapes per 1,000.

Today, the incidence of South African rape is much higher than in 2000, with a rape occurring every 28 seconds, or a total of nearly 200,000 per year. A mind-numbing fact about South African rape is that so much of it is committed on children, particularly little female babies. Why? Because Blacks there superstitiously believe that having sex with virgins will cure them of AIDS. Between the revival of cannibalism in Africa and this sort of mentality, do you see why Blacks never could muster up the brains cells, even, to invent the wheel?

Go here for some very disturbing reports and pictures of white farm invasions and murder by Blacks in South Africa. The reports and pictures from Zimbabwe have been worse, but it is a few years farther along this path. Said South African President Thabo Mbeki about South African farm murders of whites: (They are) "the final stage of the revolution."

Africa? No - African't.

Quite aside from the fact that South African whites are our cousins and deserve our help, current trends show that America will be in South Africa's condition by the time my great-grandchildren are grown. Oh, that's ok. Don't worry your little head about it, if you don't wish. Grab a beer on your way back into the living room. Football season is about to start up again, after all.

New America, an idea whose time has come.


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