Holocaust Fatigue

by Jonathan Steele

4 February 2005

I was wondering why the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz is generating so much more media attention. Far more hoopla and fanfare than the 50th anniversary. How about you? Usually the first, tenth, twentieth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth, seventy-fifth and one-hundredth anniversary dates are given special emphasis. Then it hit me. The symbolic number six. The magical, mystical, Cabalistic number six! That's the key.

I recently read a Holocaust Revisionism Frequently Asked Questions(1) document compiled by historian Carlos Whitlock Porter. Thanks to Mr. Whitlock, it all suddenly became very clear. It states:

12) What is the origin of the six million figure?

The six million figure is not based on any body count, records, or census. The number came into use during the war in Zionist propaganda and appears to have symbolic numerological significance. When the digits in six million are summed they add up to six. Six million is six times ten raised to the sixth power. In numerology the number six is considered 'perfect'. Six is the number of days God used to create the earth in the story of creation in the book of Genesis. It holds a special significance for the Jews who use the hexagram as their symbol. In the Holocaust itself, the six million figure was used in propaganda emanating from Zionist and Jewish organizations as early as 1941. Before the Russian Bolshevik revolution, anti-Czarist propaganda generated by Jews used the six million figure in describing the magnitude of the plight of Russian Jews under the Czar. The chief rabbi of Britain recently called for the re-examination of the six million figure which he considered totally arbitrary in nature.

Totally arbitrary, indeed.

When the digits in sixty are summed they add up to six (6 + 0 = 6). Now you know why the 60th anniversary of this non-event (to me) is generating so much more media propaganda than the 50th. I wonder if the 66th anniversary will receive even more?

Well, got to go now. I'm extremely tired. I've got a very bad case of "Holocaust fatigue." How about you?

Jonathan Steele

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