The Greatest Story Never Told

by Arch Stanton

25 March 2005


Now that I have free cable, once again, on infrequent occasion I find myself watching the televitz. I usually do this in the evening when I want my brain to be "gellin," yeah! Of course TV has no effect on me; I'm far too intelligent to allow that to happen. When I turned on the televitz Saturday night, what did mine eyes behold? "The Ten Commandments"! As this is one of the Jew's greatest propaganda flicks for the xtians, I decided to move on. Flip, let's see now...aliens dressed in Nazi SS uniforms, complete with swastika armbands! Flip, movie, "U-571," an officer is interviewing the radio man by speaking to him in German. As the radioman leaves the building accompanied by his XO, he turns to the officer, saying, "Please, sir, don't tell the men I'm half German, they will hate me for it." Maybe so, especially if the rest of the crew is comprised of Jews.

Flip, yet another movie with Nazis. Flip, back button to "U-571," The American "S" class boat, cleverly disguised as a U-boat, has put to sea. Safely away from prying the eyes, the crew pulls back a tarp to unveil the conning tower insignia. There are two things of note in this scene; one is the superb job of perfectly copying the shear line of a U-boat over an old American S class boat. This calls to mind the old saw of making a silk purse out of a sow's ear, only the purse trick would have been easier than making a "pig" boat (a common nickname given the S class by their crews) look like a U-boat.

The other interesting point is that the prop manager has been instructed to paint the insignia of the U-132 on the conning tower of the "disguised" American submarine. This is a very unusual personal emblem in that it is one of very few that featured Nazi iconography and in fact is the only one I know of that actually features the hackenkreuz. U-boat crews were noted for their lack of political interest; as a result few U-boat men actually belonged to the Nazi party. It is interesting that out of all the non-Nazi personal boat emblems, the movie makers pick out this singular example to paint on an American boat! This is all the more incredible when one recalls that this is the same boat where the radio man fears the crew will hate him if they find out he is half German.

Flip, Hitler is being interviewed on the Hitler - er, history - channel, AdolF is raving, frothing at the mouth and dances some sort of jig. Flip, back button to "U-571." Itz the old Hollywood standby; a scene common to movies about U-boats: the Germans are going to machine gun innocent survivors. Usually the Germans are portrayed committing this act gleefully and for no particular reason, other than they are evil Nadzees. In "U-571," ostensibly, the crew must machine gun the survivors so they cannot give away the evil Nadzee's position. Strangely enough the crew member manning the gun actually has an attack of consciousness and resists firing, so an officer has to take over and do the job himself. Nazis were really bad, but those Kriegsmarine officers were the worst!

The mind flashes back to my study of U-boat history. Up front is the now forgotten Laconia incident in which the U-boat captain rescued ALL the survivors of the British liner Laconia. The decks of the U-156 were jammed with people and those who could not fit on the deck were towed behind in the Laconia's lifeboats. It was clear and sunny on the day the U-156 sunk the Laconia. It was also a perfect day for the attack mounted by an Allied B-24 Liberator that came out of the sun and began to strafe and bomb the U-boat and her survivors. This attack was carried out despite the obvious signs of humanity crowding the boat's deck and the Red Cross flags flown by the boat. Here is the complete story along with the famous photo of the survivors on crowded on the deck of the boat:

In contrast to the hundreds of cases in which U-boat men assisted survivors by giving them rations and directing them towards a friendly shore, there actually was one, uno, eine, (1) documented case of a U-boat crew machine gunning lifeboat survivors. The commander of the boat was tried and executed for his action. Finally here are some informed reviews about the movie "U-571" from people who know their history So why isn't there one single movie that features the German U-boats assisting survivors? I think we all know the answer to that one.

What my choice boils down to at this point is either watching pro-Jew propaganda or anti-Nazi/German Jew propaganda - some choice, itz! As the lies and propaganda of "U-571" have now fully raised my hackles, my decision is to preserve my Talmudvision set. To that end, I decide to watch "Ten Commandments." I figure maybe I can pick up a few pointers on the techniques used by the Jews for self-aggrandizement. The Jews do not disappoint, and after watching about twenty minutes of evil Egyptians contrasted with heroic, square-jawed, in-your-face Jews, I am ready to vomit.

It was my understanding that the ancient Hebrew were predominately a fat, squat-bodied, swarthy, hirsute people with prominent proboscises. Yet in the "Ten Commandments" all the Jews look like they are genetically related to lead actor Charlton Heston. The reel Jews are tall, muscular, with aquiline noses and to a man, are almost embarrassingly devoid of body hair. Ironically the only character that actually looks like a Jew is - surprise! - played by a Jew. Edward G. Robinson plays the turncoat Jew who tries to maintain his relatively comfortable position as a "capo" for the Egyptians. No doubt since the role is that of a turncoat, a Jew actor was required to play it so all the sensitivity, of the kind only a Jew could muster forth, would be captured on film.

In this Jewstravaganza, are the Jews heroic? You bet! Brave, courageous and bold? You bet! Why even though it means certain death, these Jews get right in the face of their Egyptian overlords to let them know where they stand! When one old Jew in the slime pits lays it out to Egypt's chief builder, played by Vincent Price, who God really is and that the Heeb's Messiah is about to arrive on the scene to deliver these chosen, yet tragically oppressed, people, Price summarily executes him with what appears to be a farm implement.

It is interesting that the writers actually name the Egyptians in the movie. Clearly the writers turned to the completely speculative claim that the Exodus occurred during the nineteenth dynasty founded by Seti I, who associated his son Ramses II in his government. Yul Brenner plays the role of Ramses (II) who, as Pharaoh, presides over the Heeb's Exodus, even though this ruler would have been long dead by the time the Exodus occurred. Using the movie's history, the Pharaoh of the Exodus would have probably been Menephtah I., the fourteenth and eldest surviving son of Ramses II, but the anachronistic timeline allows Yul Brenner's evil character to run the Heebs out of Egypt.

The writers probably picked Ramses as the ruler during their Exodus because this was one of the few names that would be readily recognized by the gullible goyim. No doubt for years after the release of this movie, bovina examining exhibits of the far more well known Ramses I would cry out, "look isn't that Ramses, the Egyptian Hitler"? Without ever realizing Egypt's history of multiple rulers named Ramses. I'll bet the Jews were proud of themselves over the effect this minor rewrite of history had on the goyim. A cinematic license to slander and defame, itz!

All that's missing is in this movie are swastika-embellished armbands for the Egyptians and striped uniforms for the Jews. Frankly it would not surprise me in the least to see the next remake of the story combining these histories to present a more Jewable propaganda platform; after all, like the Nazis, the Egyptian overlords were very fond of using the whip. Another interesting and unsubstantiated point in the movie is how the Jews continually whine and kvetch about their four hundred years of enslavement and their incredible patience waiting for their messiah to show up. Just where the Jew writers came up with the four hundred figure is anybody's guess; it must be the same group that came up with the six million figure for the Hollowhoax.

Click! Off goes the televitz, on comes the brain. With nothing to view but a dead, black screen, I begin to think about the story of the Hebrew's Exodus. This is a classic example of the technique taught in the Torah for the theft of a birthright. In the story of Moses, the Hebrew worm their way into a foreign culture and then try unsuccessfully to take it over. Only the Jews could take this story of abject failure and make it into a heroic potboiler.

Like the European Cuckoo or the American cowbird, Moses is craftily planted in the Egyptian's lush nest and brought up as Pharaoh's son. Of course from the Jews twisted view this was not intentional. The story presented is that a Jewess simply wanted to save her son from the evil and murderous intent of Pharaoh to eliminate the prophesized coming of Heebs new Messiah. Ultimately it is an act of the Jew's God that assures the only Hebrew son saved turns out to be the very leader that Pharaoh tried to destroy in the first place. A heart worming story, itz!

This is but one story from the Torah that outlines the deceptive practices used by Jews to steal a birthright. From the very beginning, the Heeb's priesthood spends a lot of time and effort teaching their initiates the importance of being able to steal someone's birthright; it is a theme in the Torah. Probably the most important lesson of this manipulative technique for theft of a birthright is found in the story of Esau and Jacob and itz the Jew's theft of a birthright that inspires this essay.

Today the greatest theft of a birthright in all history is taking place in front of the ignorant goyim's collective noses and the victims of this theft do not have the slightest clue they even have a birthright. The American "baby boomers" are having their birthrights stolen from them lock, stock, and barrel and they do not seem to understand, nor care what this theft will mean to them or their children's future. The boomers are too busy buying bigger and better houses or another overpriced, gas-guzzling SUV to notice the disaster that is about to befall them. But the goyim's birthright is not lost on the Jews. Since Biblical times the Jews have been mastering the theft of birthrights and no doubt this coming theft will be the crowing achievement in the annals of their criminal activity, far surpassing their other crowning glory, the theft of the ancient Egyptian's birthrights.

Jews have long painted their people with the brush of genius and superior ability. The truth is simpler than that for it is not so much genius on which the Jew relies, as it is two basic principles. The first of these principles is the Jews' reliance on their collective consciousness. Throughout countless generations, the Jews' cultural and racial survival has been based on the teachings of their Torah. The Torah in fact is a training manual filled with stories that imbue the Jews with feelings of greed, envy, persecution and hate towards all outside cultures. This process has continued for so long that it has formed the Jew's "hive-minded" persona into a genetically based trait.

It is this collective consciousness that allows Jews to subtly "communicate" with each other, somewhat like certain insects that use chemical traces to communicate. The difference is that the Jew's collective consciousness is actually displayed not as an outright ability to communicate non-verbally, but as a congruent thought process common to all Jews, no matter their attitudes or beliefs.

The second principle the Jews follow is to always employ proven methods. Most of the methods used by the Jews to overcome other cultures are once again based on the ancient teachings of their Torah. Although these methods are continually modified to fit the occasion, the fundamental technique found in the original story is always evident. The Jews have concluded there is no need to change techniques that have been used successfully over the millennia.

The stories of the Torah have been used effectively to outwit and steal from the gullible goyim for centuries. From their earliest childhood, all core Jews are indoctrinated with the concepts of how to effectively utilize these lessons of envy, greed, hate and persecution. Even though the Jews have a self-admitted predilection towards genius, why not reduce the chosen methods of success to the point where even the lowest racial denominator in the society has been thoroughly indoctrinated? Today the goyim baby boomers are about to relearn the age old Torah lesson of Jacob and Esau.

Presently the Jews are using their banking system to leverage the major portion of this birthright theft. They are using the fiat money system they created to steal the birthright of wealth from white Americans. Already the Zionist banker's fiat money system has reduced the value of the dollar to about four cents of what it was at the turn of the nineteenth century, a time when the dollar was linked to gold and silver. What this actually means to the American worker is that they are putting out ever more effort to obtain an ever diminishing standard of living. For a practical example of how this theft is taking place let's look at two classic American investment vehicles, bonds and gold.

Many, many, people bought US savings bonds back in the forties and fifties. Such bonds were considered extremely safe investment especially from the standpoint of theft. At that time any substantial holding of gold was impossible because the American president F.D.R. outlawed the ownership of this precious metal. "Franklin Roosevelt's Presidential Executive Order 6102, issued on 5 April 1933, Presidential decree; (note that this was not an act of Congress) ...the possession of gold by American Citizens. American citizens were permitted to keep " an amount not exceeding...$100.00;" they were required to exchange all gold then in their possession for "an equivalent amount of any other form of coin or currency coined or issued." Monies that had been deposited in gold were simply confiscated, by U.S. Marshals, from the banks in which they'd been deposited and exchanged for Federal Reserve notes. Those who kept their gold stuffed into mattresses, buried under cellar floors, etc., were faced with the choice of either complying with the "law" or becoming felons if they were to spend their money. Gold was then valued at $20 a troy ounce, and the dollar was pegged to gold at that value.

Immediately after the confiscation, the dollar was devalued to $35 a troy ounce. In other words, American citizens who had exchanged their gold for "currency" saw their hard-earned wealth melt away to 57% of its original value." This confiscation of gold was the first major example of the forced, outright, theft of an American birthright by the international Zionist bankers headed and controlled by the house of Rothschild. The ZOG finally allowed Americans to own gold once again in 1974. "Many consumers who had grown accustomed to stable gold prices from 1933 to 1970 were not willing to pay the new higher prices of gold. From 1933 to 1970, the price of gold hovered at about $35 an ounce. The price of gold had remained constant for almost 40 years, while inflation had increased over three times during the same period. In 1974, the average price of gold had increased to over $150 per ounce. During most of the 1980s the price of gold continued to increase and reached an all-time high of $850 per ounce on January 21, 1980. Since then, the price of gold has largely remained in the $300 to $400 range." The tripling of inflation over those forty years was the second major outright theft of the American birthright of wealth that went virtually unnoticed. Today with gold floating around $430/oz., once again we see inflation eating up ever more of our remaining American birthright.

Now let's return to the savings bonds that were encouraged by the ZOG as a safe and profitable investment vehicle. Many of the boomers parents purchased series E and later the EE treasury bonds incrementally throughout their working life as this was the purchasing plan the treasury presented to the bovina. Many of these people have never bothered to cash their bonds out on maturity, but instead leave them in their safety deposit boxes as they are safely backed by the full support of the American government. For many, these long overdue, fully matured, bonds have not increased in value for many years. The financially astute boomers, who might soon inherit these bonds, will be very much chagrined at just how much of their inherited wealth has already been absorbed by the government due to the inaction of their parents to immediately turn these bonds over at maturity.

If an individual had gone to work in the mid-fifties and purchased say $1000 worth of $100 Series E bonds, today these fully matured bonds would be worth approximately $7500 in value. On the other hand, had these investors been allowed to purchase $1000 worth of gold at $35/oz (about 28.5 oz.) that gold today would be worth approximately $12,255 at $430/oz (?) At the height of the gold mania in 1980 it would have been worth approximately $24,225 at its low of around $150 it would have been worth around $4,275, but this $150/oz price was very short lived indeed.

It is easy to see that on average there has been a far greater return on gold as an investment. But there is one minor problem with this golden "investment": there is no actual increase in the return on an investment in gold, which is why gold is considered a "hedge." Gold simply marks time with currency; it is somewhat like a place holder that allows the owner to maintain the value of his wealth most of the time against any given currency. As G. Edward Griffin points out, one once of gold in ancient Rome would have bought a man a complete, moderately priced, outfit, including sandals, belt, toga and minor accoutrements. Today that same ounce of gold will buy the possessor that same, complete, moderate suit of clothing. While banker's currencies have caromed up and down over the centuries, causing societies to move from rags to riches, gold still essentially maintains the relative same value. So as an investment vehicle for increasing wealth, gold is a poor choice indeed.

While gold retains its value against inflation by more or less "floating" with the rising and falling value of currency, bonds remain fixed in their value in relation to currency. American bonds are pegged to the phony coin of the realm known as the "Federal Reserve Note." Because of this fixed relationship, inflation has caused bonds to lose a considerable portion of their value over the years. Many authorities on the subject say the dollar is currently worth approximately four cents of its value in 1900! Inflation is in fact the biggest tax on our society and it is a tax that no one can realistically avoid. It is easy to see how the Jew bankers have used their system to steal the white Americans birthright. Once again G. Edward Griffin pointed out in his book The Creature From Jekyll Island, the government could be easily run off inflation alone and further intimates that taxes are simply a cover to keep the bovina from seeing the real theft of inflation.

The majority of baby boomers' parents were children during the depression era and the depression left its indelible mark on that entire generation. If we use Aesop's fable of the ant and the grasshopper as a parallel to these two generations, we find the boomer's parents are the quintessential ants, saving for the hard winter ahead, while their children are the grasshoppers living for the moment while be-damning the possibility of any and all potential catastrophes. Hence there is a most visible difference in attitudes and habits between the boomers and their parents. The boomer's parent's lived in continual fear of being in need of not having enough, while the boomers themselves have no fear; boomers generally exhibit beliefs that the stock market and the value of real-estate can only go up.

This is understandable considering the almost continual prosperity boomers have experienced throughout their lifetime. Boomers have never experienced a panic or depression or any serious economic or societal calamity. Most of the boomer's parents are savers; they have worked hard and put their savings into various investments. They do not live beyond their means and generally refuse to believe the Jew's lie about the benefits of living on extended credit. This generation understands that to be in debt is to be enslaved, yet why this critical information was not passed on to their children remains a mystery. Perhaps the indoctrination provided by the Jew's media has overridden the parent's teachings in this matter.

Many people of the depression/WWII generation are outright packrats that loath throwing anything out, so when you visit their homes you tend to find tons of junk they have saved over the years. By contrast their children do not try and save or repair anything; they simply throw the old into the trash and buy the new and improved model; the boomers are of the "Use credit to own it now" mentality, or "By all means, live beyond your means." I once had a business partner who prided himself on being the consummate "economic man." He believed that this Jewish assigned psychobabble label of a theoretical personality type was actually the highest level of development a human could achieve. After all what is there to dispute when everything is reduced to a mathematical certainty represented by numerical values, especially when those values are preceded by dollar signs?

For this man everything had a price, everything was to be used and discarded, he disdained all that was not shiny and new. After he had gained enough wealth from his first business, I never saw my partner drive another used car. He never bought a pre-owned home. Although he used his credit judiciously, he was basically a wasteful person by nature. He saw himself as the being at the front of the line; everyone else could take his leftovers after he was finished with them. Yet other baby boomers are far worse in that every time they make another dollar, they view it as an increase in their credit rating and promptly ratchet up their expenditures to accommodate their increased ability to borrow. The result of this philosophy is that the vast majority of American adults depends on its paychecks to allow it to keep up its inflated standard of living. These baby boomers are about to experience the very ugly results of this mistaken belief.

Accompanying this American standard of living high off the goodwill of creditors is a rapidly increasing death rate among the parents generation of the boomers. This natural increase in deaths is experienced by every generation as a collective majority reaches the end of their lives at approximately the same time. The vast numbers of the WWII/Depression era generation and the even larger population of their children assures that this die off will have a far different impact on the lives of the boomers than it did on previous generations. As the parents of the boomers are about to die off, there is the prospect of a huge, corresponding bulge of inheritance wealth being bequeathed to their children.

This immense amount of wealth transference to the baby boomers has not gone unnoticed by the Jews, especially the banking elite. The tantalizing prospect of stealing this inheritance, this birthright, of the gullible goyim, already has the Jews licking their lips like a vampire bat about to gorge itself on a feast of blood. Like any experienced thief, Jews have long understood the best time to steal anything is before the victim can actually take possession.

Essentially, people will never miss what they never had so the Jews are setting up the entire American economy up to absorb the boomers' inheritance before they have the chance to fully appreciate what they are losing. They have practiced the necessary legal and political manipulations required for this theft with their experiment at wealth transference to the Negro. The welfare system was set up to transfer the white man's wealth to the Negro and guess what group of astute business men were immediately standing at the other end of the cash flow, ready to sell the Negroes drugs, alcohol, and trinkets at grossly inflated prices? The Jews will steal the white man's remaining birthright for little or nothing. A mess of red pottage, as it is written in their Torah. Thus the boomers will lose their birthright while gaining almost nothing in return.

The boomer's birthright will be numbered in the trillions of dollars and the Jews have America's economic system set up to suck out almost every last penny of this inheritance windfall. Once again the Jews are about to employ the lessons of their Torah to steal an entire nation's birthright and no doubt they will write this into their books as a great achievement and crow about their grand theft forever. Who knows, they may even make it an official holiday for all Jews or even incorporate it into their flag. Perhaps the new Israeli flag will be a background of red and white stars and bars with the golden, interlocking symbols of the pyramid, known as the "Star of David", resting on the traditional light blue field set in the middle of the flag.

What we are presently seeing in the American economy is the devaluation of the dollar (read inflation) that has resulted from insanely low interest rates. These unsustainably low rates are of actual economic benefit only to large business concerns, but for the spendthrift boomer generation, it means they can continue to borrow against their home equity to continue their profligate spending. The banks have loaned all this money with nary the slightest consideration for the qualifications of the borrower. With the impending bursting of the housing bubble, the banks have set themselves at risk for assuming trillions of dollars of horrendously devalued real estate at a devastating loss. So we must ask ourselves, how could the banks be so stupid? As the Jews might say, the bankers are as stupid as a fox!

Let's see examine the potential results from this dollar devaluation and easy credit under practical application; we'll take a hypothetical couple who I will call Edward and Kathryn Soccorsuv. Let's pay a visit to Mr. and Mrs. Soccorsuv and take a look at their situation. Edward met Kathryn at a corporate meeting in 1980 and they married the following year. Edward had originally started as a programmer with the company and had eventually worked his way up to a position as senior systems analyst. Kathryn's MBA combined with her innovative style soon led to her appointment as a vice president of marketing. At the time the Soccorsuvs were the very embodiment of the people for which the term "DINK," Double Income No Kids, was coined.

By the late 1980s the Soccorsuvs had a mortgage on a 2.5 million dollar home and all the things the good life could provide. They had a private airplane and a yacht along with a second home. Their portfolio bulged with profitable investment and stock options from their corporation along with real-estate like various timeshare condos. They frequently took vacations to exotic locations overseas and spent lavishly during these vacations. Life could hardily have been any better for the Soccorsuvs. But things began to change in the mid 1990s. First both Edward and Kathryn had to take a downgrade in their positions along with a substantial reduction in salary, they found themselves working longer and longer for less money; then came the stock market crash at the beginning of Dubya's first term.

The Soccorsuvs soon found their portfolio accounts were hemorrhaging. Then the sell off began, the couple had to divest themselves of their airplane yacht and various real-estate holdings so they could continue to meet their monthly bills. The real disaster for the Soccorsuvs came when the corporation they worked for moved its entire operation overseas. The company made no offer for continued employment to either Edward or Kathryn.

Edward and Kathryn both began working two jobs to maintain their considerably lowered standard of living. For non-essential expenditures like vacations and new cars, they began to borrow against the equity on their house. Every time the value of the Soccorsuv's house increased with a rise in housing prices, they believed themselves to have obtained a corresponding increase in their wealth. The bank did nothing to correct this erroneous belief; instead their banker simply wrote another mortgage at a higher rate.

Never mind the fact there was no possible reason why the Soccorsuv's house should have assumed more real value than its original purchase price, and never mind that the price of their house had now risen beyond any level affordable to an average homebuyer. Never mind that the exorbitant price increases were driven not by any real increase in value, but by speculative fever and damn sure never mind taking a close look as to who might be driving that speculative fever.

The Soccorsuv's grasshopper mentality said, don't be absurd! It's there for the taking, so take advantage of it! At some point, the effluence from the Jew's Tikkun Olam hit the fan and suddenly Edward and Kathryn found their money was worth considerably less, gas and food prices began to rapidly rise though the roof. As the prices rose to excruciatingly unaffordable levels, the Soccorsuvs soon found their combined paychecks from their four service sector jobs were no longer making ends meet!

Worse yet, the bottom had recently dropped out of the housing market and the mortgage on their house was suddenly upside down. Edward and Kathryn now found they owed far more on their mortgage loan than the actual market value of their home. The Soccorsuvs now found themselves in an economic crunch, if they could not make their house payments, they stood to lose everything and they could not even begin to hope to sell their house for anything close to its current mortgage value. Predictably, the bankruptcy laws had recently been revised in such a way that Edward and Kathryn were prevented from taking the usual way out by declaring chapter seven bankruptcy where they could essentially lock the door and walk away. Thanks to the new laws, even if they gave the house back to the bank, their debt would still follow them wherever they went.

The Soccorsuv's were at their wits end on that fateful day when the phone call came. "Edward we're sorry to inform you that father has died yesterday, you will need to come and settle his estate." Edward was stunned, he cared a great deal for his father and now, on top of all his other troubles, his father was dead. Edward's father had helped him out of a few jams before and Edward was on the verge of asking his dad for help again, but now this sad news has closed that option forever.

After visiting his lawyer to establish his executorship for his father's estate, Edward found that his dad was worth over 1.5 million dollars. His father had stipulated that the 1.5 million was to be evenly distributed among the three children in the family. This meant that Edward's share would be worth around 500k. For a moment Edward was ecstatic, this money would allow him to comfortably continue his mortgage payments and he and Kathryn would finally be able to take that vacation they had been putting off over three years - thanks dad.

And that is exactly what Edward did. A few years later though, all of Edward's inheritance was gone and there was still a considerable amount remaining on their mortgage. Due to the cutbacks from the economic downturn, Kathryn lost both her jobs and Edward was now reduced to delivering papers and working as a convenience store clerk. What Edward presently earns barely covers the cost of food.

These days Edward often thinks back to when he was a senior systems analyst earning a six figure salary, but that was before they outsourced his job to India, or maybe it was China. Over the years Edward's memory has dimmed on the subject. Then came the day Edward lost his job at the convenience store and the Soccorsuv's began finding it difficult to even buy food. It was a sad day indeed when the bank finally foreclosed on their house. Stunned, Edward and Kathryn found their only option was to move into their aging Volvo, hoping against all odds that one of them would be able to find a job, any job; God forbid the Volvo should need any repairs.

Edward and Kathryn's banker, Sheila Danvers, sat at her desk musing over the Soccorsuv foreclosure. She briefly glanced up at the stack of recent foreclosures piled on the corner of her desk and wondered how far and how deep the collapse might go; for a moment she even briefly entertained the idea of what effect the collapse might have on her and her family, but she quickly chased such thoughts from her mind. Personally, Sheila had liked the Soccorsuvs; she even had them over for dinner on occasion. She figured Edward was a smart guy, he would find some way to make it back to the top of the ladder.

As for the foreclosure, well as the bank's owner Maury Weinstein always said, "Business is business." Shelia read over the details of Edward's mortgage, apparently the bank had done pretty well on this one and would not be losing a cent. In fact they would actually make money, just not as much as they would have if Edward had paid off the mortgage. Had that been the case the bank would have really cleaned up, but still the bank would probably make a tidy profit from the sale of the Soccorsuv's home.

Apparently Edward had used up almost his entire inheritance to pay off the actual purchase price of the house along with a substantial amount of the remaining loan value. After the collapse of the housing bubble, the market value of the Soccorsuv's house turned out to be less than half of the bank's mortgage value. Still the only loss on the bank's books would be as a paper loss of unearned interest. From the point of view of actual value, the bank has taken all of Edward's birthright, while retaining his original property to boot!

What's more with the new bankruptcy laws, should Edward and Kathryn ever again become gainfully employed, the bank will be able to garnish their wages to cover the remainder of the mortgage, such a deal itz! Whatever the bank can get for the property will still be counted as profit and some lucky Jew slumlord will be able to snatch up Edwards's old home for pennies on the dollar. After a bit of minor remodeling, it will be rented it out as a multi-family dwelling to Edward and Kathryn's recently dispossessed neighbors for the maximum rental amount the local market will allow. Oy Vey, vat a lesson that Torah teaches!

Along with the housing bubble, we find the central bankers still managing to pump up an increasingly worthless stock market. When the housing bubble collapses, as it most assuredly will, the phony stock market will quickly follow. The result of this combined failure will be a global depression that one man recently termed the "greater depression." Personally, I think this term will quickly fade from use as it will be considered a vast understatement by those who are about to suffer the consequences.

What is most interesting about this entire scenario is that the Jews have boxed every avenue; there really is no escape for the common man. Unless you're one of the really big players like Buffet or Soros there is no place to run or hide from the coming destruction. Where does one put their money today as a safe investment, Real-estate? Gold? Silver? Stocks? Bonds? Commodities? Other hard assets? Every one of these investment vehicles have very real shortcomings built into them by the Rothschild's global banking system. Gold and silver would seem to be a good bet, yet laws remain on the books that allow for the ZOGs confiscation of these metals and frankly, even if that were not the case, the Rothschild's have more than ample economic ability to destroy the purchasing power of these metals.

All the investments I mentioned are subject to manipulation and speculation by the major players which means that the little guy really has no effective means to make an informed decision for a safe choice that will ensure his economic survival. The common man is basically rolling the dice, hoping that he will pick the same successful stock or commodity as one of the big players. These "lumpeninvestorate" might just as well go to Vegas and "invest" their money on a rigged the roulette wheel. Even a rigged wheel has to pay off sometime to keep the suckers playing the game.

There really is no solid answer to the question of protecting your wealth. Gold and silver are favored by many, but the government may decide to confiscate such metals again and even if the government does not take such action the only thing owing gold and silver may ensure is that you have something of greater value than the completely worthless Federal Reserve notes. But how much actual value these metals will have remains to be seen as these markets are obviously controlled by factors not dependant on a free market. Those who doubt this claim only have to review the Hunt brothers bid to control the silver market in the seventies. There are far, far, bigger economic players on this planet than the Hunt brothers, which is why they were stomped on for their efforts at controlling the silver market.

Obviously, for these global players controlling the price of gold is, and has been, no great achievement. The international Jew bankers, led by the house of Rothschild, have most of the globe in an economic stranglehold and they are apparently about to make their final move to change the planet into their global "plantation." On the this new plantation all those deemed worthy of a continued existence will be economic slaves paid in Jew script that can only be redeemed at the Jew's company store.

Currently, real-estate and stocks are so insanely overvalued that unless one is prepared to sell in the very short term, they are likely to be caught holding either a grotesquely upside down mortgage or worthless stock certificates. This will be a Tsunami of economic destruction. By contrast, other great bubbles in history, like the "tulip mania" bubble of 17th century Holland or England's "South Sea" bubble of the 18th century, will seem like mere ripples on history's pond.

While this economic theft is a major aspect of the Jew's overall theft of white America's birthright, the money is but one of the stolen birthrights. For years the Jews have been stealing the white man's racial and genetic heritage through their programs of historical revision and miscegenation. Along with these somewhat less tangible thefts is the physical theft of a white homeland. The standard methods employed for achieving this theft can be found in the Torah's stories of the Tower of Babel and Cain and Able. These lessons teach the way to conquering a people and their land is to divide them and destroy their homogeneity.

Take time to read these stories again. Like the Jew, carefully study the details of the story of the tower of Babel. In this story God (actually the Hebrew's priesthood) introduces alien cultures into the midst of a homogenous community to break down and destroy the cultural homogeneity of the culture. When the people of Babel can no longer effectively communicate, they give up their communal project to build a towering Ziggurat that will symbolize THEIR god and THEIR way of life and drift away. The next time you take a trip through Southern California look around and see how many billboards you can read in the urban areas. What's more try counting the different languages on these billboards. Is not the obvious lesson of the tower of Babel evident for all to see throughout many of our major cities?

The essential idea behind the story of the Tower of Babel is that it is untenable for God to allow any cultural sovereignty outside its own. Any homogenous culture that gains enough power represents a threat to the Jewish God's power and therefore must be destroyed! Let's think about this for a moment, what remaining superpower are the Jews presently destroying and what homogenous race of people is being diluted because the Jews fear that these people, their country and culture, are the only remaining threat to their full ascendancy as God over the entire planet? Does anyone see a parallel between the story of Babel and America or is this just my imagination?

What about the story of Cain and Abel? In this lesson the priesthood, once again referred to as "God" favors one son (a euphemism for nation, race or tribe) over another. The end result is an enmity by the less favored son that leads to his murdering the favored son. What parallel racial lesson do we see at work today in America? What do the schools teach children about the privilege of America's white founders? Whom do the schools teach is the most favored race in America? What race in America has the most favored culture? What race is thought to have an unfair advantage in American society simply because of their skin color? What races are indoctrinated with hatred, envy and greed toward this favored race? And due to these accusatory teachings, what race has become targeted for theft and murder for this perceived unfair advantage? Can anyone besides me see the Torah's lesson of Cain and Abel at work here?

The Jews are in fact temporarily delivering the white American's birthright of our land to lesser alien cultures. These lesser cultures will later be easily manipulated and controlled by the ZOGs economic and military forces to relinquish their "gains" to their new Jew masters. The ultimate outcome of this agenda can clearly be seen at work with the Palestinians and we are witnessing the transitional phase of this plan in Africa. Now that white Africans have been deposed, the Jews will allow the stupid Negroes to play for a while at destroying whatever remains of the civilizing influences of the soon to be extinct white culture.

After these various black African "nations" have been reduced to their original Negro native culture of starving savages, the international Jew bankers will step in and use the "donated" western wealth of the dumb, white, goyim to their advantage by delivering basic survival supplies to these starving countries. This ability to manipulate the Negro at his most savage level will soon allow the international Jew bankers and buy up the Negro, his land and resources for the price of a few bushels of wheat, slaves, trinkets and baubles. Before long the stupid Negro "master" of Africa will once again find himself enslaved to a new "white" massah, the international Jew!

Understanding all this, it any wonder why the Jew Paul Wolfowitz, with zero banking experience, has been "chosen" to lead the world bank? After all, who needs experience when you are operating under the direct guidance of the modern Jew God known has Rothschild? If these dense Negroes think they had it bad under the rule of the evil, blue-eyed, European debbil, just wait until their new massah steps out onto the porch of the big house and begins barking orders. If the Negroes had the slightest clue, they would look to the Palestinians for a glimpse of their future in a thoroughly Judaized Africa, likewise for other third world cultures like the Mexicans. You will never, ever, see or experience the true Jew until he no longer has any use for you.

During the cold war it was said that the Communist plan for a world dictatorship was clearly laid out in their manifesto. For years the Jews screamed that their sacred Holocaust might never had happened if only people had paid attention to what Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf, yet no one pays the slightest attention to the lessons of what the Jews have written in their Torah. For millennia upon millennia the Jews have used these lessons to work their destruction upon all mankind; one only has to examine the historical evidence to see the see the Jew's success at conquering other cultures.

Read the biblical stories about Egypt and then look at the evidence of what remains of one of history's earliest and most advanced culture. And what remains of the other cultures referred to in the Bible? Only the Jew's culture remains intact, all others have been destroyed. There is one paramount lesson to be learned from the Torah and while this lesson is perhaps the most ignored, it is ultimately the most important lesson of all - what the Jew destroys - is destroyed forever. History teaches us there is no recovery from the successfully applied lessons of the Torah.



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