The Watchmaker's Looking Glass

by Arch Stanton

13 March 2005

Dear Fred,

It's been a while, I hope you are doing well. I just thought I'd write and let you know your piece "The Metaphysics of Evolution" is your usual excellent analysis of what is but one incongruity to be found in our existence here on the dark side of the looking glass. Perhaps the pertinent question is not why do evolutionists believe as they do, but why do they exist at all? During his life Darwin was considered a quaint nutcase, stereotypical of the offbeat, colorful, English character. In his day, what Darwin wrote on the subject of evolution was generally dismissed as quackery.

By the turn of the 19th century, Darwin and his theories were fading from the scientific scene. So what happened between then and now? How could this quaint Englishman's daffy ideas about evolution suddenly become the basis of what is now taken by many (present company excluded of course) as scientific law? Note the word "law" used here as opposed to "fact"; this is because a legal standing has much more clout than mere fact and it is a legal standing that the true proponents of evolution strive to achieve. If a legal interpretation can be mandated for evolution then the writings and even thoughts by those who doubt this dogma can be effectively silenced.

You mention a corollary example in your piece referencing the racist. The racist is an excellent example of where the legal aspects of such questions might lead. While doubting the egalitarian dogma about the nonexistence of race will not yet land you in jail, practicing racial discrimination will. It may well be that sometime in the future it may not be against the law to doubt evolution, but espousing or practicing any form of creationism, like say Christianity, will land you in jail. Far fetched you say? No doubt our forefathers would have maintained much the same sentiment about what is now accepted legal fact about racism.

As you point out: "This tactical demonization is not unique to evolution. "Creationist" is to evolution what "racist" is to politics: A way of preventing discussion of what you do not want to discuss. Evolution is the political correctness of science."

Evolution is but one topic that is consistently viewed through the dark, distorted, looking glass of America's increasingly socialist government. Along with racism, or racialism as some call it, there is feminism that insists that there is no difference between men and women, egalitarianism that insists we are all the same under the skin and thus no discriminating considerations should be allowed among the human populace. In practice this is now physically projected on America by programs like the Fedgov's "no child left behind". The real meaning behind this newspeak is that all children should be lumped in the same institution where they will be forced to tailor their learning ability to the lowest denominator in the class.

On and on it goes, somehow though, the more it goes the more insane it gets. Instead of a call for reason or demanding rational discussion on these matters, the proponents shout down and obtain legal injunctions that prevent their opponents from exercising or even voicing their opinion on such matters. Fred have you noticed that whenever you happen to counter the adherents to any of these looking glass topics, the reaction is always the same? It's like giving a bobcat a prostate exam!

Perhaps the overriding question here is not about these matters in and of themselves, perhaps the real question that should be addressed is just how did we get into this mess in the first place? Just how is it that so many of these topics can only be viewed through the looking glass darkly? Just where did such wacky ideas and non-scientific concepts gain both scientific and legal standing? More important, exactly who is behind these ideas, where did they originate, who is responsible?

Like the evolutionist looking for primary evidence of some missing link that proves his theory, perhaps we might start such a quest for truth by searching for a primary link that will connect the various true believers of these looking glass theories cum fact. Then again we might simply use the watchmaker analogy to address this question of origin. Yes all the wheels do turn together, yes they all seem to be connected and yes they do all seem to contribute to a central plan that in this case is disintegrating the white western world and its civilization, but no this simply cannot be the work of some overall intelligence. Therefore it is nothing more than a cosmic coincidence that we come to find a completely assembled device ticking before us that just happens to be destroying our race, our country, our lives and our planet.

Unlike the Christian argument, which uses this faulty metaphorical logic to presuppose the existence of a God, there is ample evidence for the watchmaker schools that are the causative foundation for the social programs I referred to earlier. There are indisputable written records that identify the watchmakers who founded and supported these various dark, looking glass, movements. The Frankfurt school is just one such example. Franz Boas was one of the students of the Frankfurt school. Franz Boas is considered the "father of modern anthropology" for his pioneering work on race, culture and language. It was Boas who mentored the first generation of American anthropologists including Ruth Benedict, Alfred L. Kroeber, Robert Lowie, Margaret Mead, and Edward Sapir. (Normally I would include a few links here Fred, but somehow I don't think you need them.)

The most notable of these luminaries was of course Margaret Mead, whose work gave credence to the egalitarian, holistic vision of the human species. Never mind that it has now been proven that she altered much of her research to fit the egalitarian theory advanced by Boas. Evidently Franz Boas was more a cult leader than a true scientist. His pupils and supporters agreed fully that no idea was too harebrained if it fit with Boas's theories and no fact was relevant that disputed them. But no one speaks of such inconvenient facts, instead we ignore them and move right along believing as we did before, as if such evidence never existed in the first place.

Another member of the Frankfurt school was Theodore Adorno. Dr. Adrono wrote a fecund work titled The Authoritian Personality. The theories put forth in this marvelous volume have pretty much been taken to heart as indisputable fact by everyone outside the white male's sphere of existence. Dr. Adorno's work has been instrumental in proving to all the various peoples and races just what a bastard the white male truly is and how little he can be trusted. More important, this work is often held up to white females as proof of how inadequate the white male is as a loving, caring, partner in a relationship.

Adorno's book also added considerable fuel to the various factions of psychological practitioners who immediately decided there was a pressing need to find the source and possibly a cure for this horrible affliction peculiar to the white male. Alas it was discovered that the authoritarian personality is genetically hardwired into the white male; it is an ingrained mental illness that is the fundamental nature of the white beast for which there is no hope nor cure. But the psychologist did discover that they could effectively help anyone who was subjected to the cruel treatment of this wily, dominating, beast.

If perchance you have ever been to a certified marriage counselor you might have had the opportunity to personally benefit form Dr. Adorno's work. You might remember in counseling how, due to your genetic predisposition towards authoritarianism, you were always wrong and your non-authoritarian wife was always correct in her assumptions about how a man and his wife should conduct their marriage? It was probably a helpful marriage counselor who assisted your confused wife in finally understanding what type of controlling dominance you were trying to achieve in your marriage with your underhanded, manipulative and deceptive practices. Of course as a white male, with the evil authoritarian gene inextricably lodged in your DNA helix, it was obvious you were trying to control the marriage and dominate your poor oppressed wife. You wanted her to suffer so you could gloat over your victory; come on Fred you can be honest with me about this terrible secret, remember we're all in this together.

If you had not already separated from your wife by this point, the interim answer for your marital problem was to be found in the creation of "boundaries." Ahhhh yes, boundaries, that wonderful new psycho-babble concept put forth by the society of psychiatric watchmakers. The idea is that erecting firm boundaries in a marriage ensures the insulation of your wife from your innately evil and predatory authoritarian personality. No doubt as an authoritarian you might have wrongly thought that a marriage should be a loving relationship that involved a melding of two people into one supportive unit that would then produce and nurture its racial offspring. Even more wrongly, you believed that this combining of personalities would then result in a lasting intimate, supportive, bonding relationship that could never occur between normal males. See how wrong you were Fred? I'll be back to finish this as soon as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy is over.

Ok I'm back, strange I feel the urge to shop with a male friend, care to join me at the mall? You know Fred, I haven't felt such a warmth and affection for a male buddy since the Marines made us all shit in the same hole. Fred how could you have been so foolish? Any credible psychologist understands the concept that boundaries actually improve relationships, the more boundaries a relationship has the more healthy it is, its that simple! Fences make good neighbors doncha know? Just ask the Israelis how effective boundaries are at bringing people together and improving racial harmony, especially when those boundaries are constructed from cement. Boundaries are the answer to all of our problems! Except for the one that should exist on America's southern border, that's an entirely different matter.

Finally, one day you discovered that your wife now had a firm understanding that there is no effective treatment, no cure, for your terminal, white-male condition. Your wife could only hope you gave silent thanks to Dr. Adorno for helping her to finally understand that there was in fact no possible help for the white-male authoritarian personality. Divorce was now the only answer for any hope of her regaining happiness and a fulfilling life.

Perhaps now you have a complete understanding of exactly how these watchmakers have personally touched your life. If it were not for a better understanding of the white male's authoritarian personality, your wife might never have seen the light of truth about what a real bastard you were then and still are to this day. (I assume here that you are still a white male.) For god's sake Fred, consider for a moment that if it were not for men like Adorno and their helpful theories, you might even still be married to the bitch! Like your wife, you can thank Dr. Adorno for helping you out of your predicament.

Oh, did I forget to mention that virtually all the members of the original Frankfurt school were Jews? It seems that the rabid "anti-Semite" Adolph Hitler did not cotton well to the school's charter and even less to the direction its members were heading with their studies. Evidently Hitler felt that the Frankfurt school might have some sort of negative impact on German society. HA! That Hitler what a what a loon! Can we use his "anti-Semitism" as proof that Hitler was truly insane? No matter his sanity, one damming fact we can all be sure of is that Adolph Hitler exhibited that incurable sickness inherent in all white males - without question Hitler had an authoritarian personality.

Hitler's AP notwithstanding, lets review the evidence at hand for Hitler's insanity. Hitler chased the members of the Frankfurt school out of Germany. The school reformed itself - guess where? "In 1933-1935 the Institute was located in Geneva, Switzerland. By 1935 it had been relocated to New York. In 1941, the Institute relocated to California." Strange this almost reads like an institutional Diaspora, then again considering the ethnicity of its membership roles, this concept might not seem so unreasonable. So thanks to that insane anti-Semite, Adolph Hitler, the Frankfurt school's major impact has been on American society! How fortunate we Americans are that Hitler was such a loon! Let's look around us and ask ourselves this question: Do I think America is a better place to live today than it was in my youth?

Correct me if I'm wrong here, Fred, but didn't you already cast your vote with your feet, haven't you already abandoned the socialist republic of the USSA? And what about all those nostalgic glimpses of idyllic days gone by where freedom for young white males was found in powerful cars driven on the back roads of your youth? Obviously you do not agree that the rough and tumble motoring America of your youth has now been supplanted by a kinder, gentler, feminized world of mandated safety vests, crash helmets and ecologically friendly, fully insured, hybrid vehicles that require an advanced technical degree to work on and at best only allow for modification of the sound system. See how wrong you are, Fred? Perhaps you might consider yet more counseling to help your tragic, mentally ill, condition.

Yep, it's a better world out here Fred and they hate us cause of all our freedoms. As a white man with an incurable authoritarian personality I have now learned to accept that I will never really be able to fully embrace what the watchmakers have planned for America. Like you, I can fully appreciate the world will be a better place without the likes of us polluting the environment and hating other races, yet somehow I just cannot seem to agree with my extinction being necessary to achieve that utopia, but I'm diligently working on my problem - are you?

Before I close there is one other matter I might mention. You seem to like taking on the various, vapid, true believers of myths and hoaxes. You evidently derive some enjoyment from punching holes in the over-inflated egos that put forth erroneous, quasi-scientific, arguments. You seem to have a tremendous intellect and ability to dissect the fallacious arguments of those who harangue for their chosen cause, despite all existing factual evidence. Well I gots de mother-load for you Fred.

Take some time and do a little search on the empirical evidence those authoritarian Nazi guys exterminated six million of God's chosen race, see if you can argue against the evidence, or lack thereof, with the true believers. Personally I always had a bit of trouble understanding why the Jews maintain the developers of the most toxic nerve agents ever produced, like Sarin gas and various binary nerve agents, would actually use a delousing agent to exterminate six million of their kin, from my way of thinking the justice in this claim just seems a bit too poetic.

Then again what do I know? Unlike Elie Wiesel, I wasn't present at the Holocaust to witness the geysers of blood from my murdered kinsmen spurting up from the earth. In any event be aware that you have yet to experience real shrieking and hate until you have questioned the Holocaust. What you have experienced in arguing against evolution won't even serve as a warm up to what you will experience should you try and argue the existing facts, or lack thereof, that surround the Holocaust. I guess it was a German judge who summed the situation up best when he stated: "the truth is no defense in this case."

The following is a short transcript from an individual who asked authorities for evidence of the fabled Holocaust. See if the methods employed in the response are similar to what you encountered in your arguments with evolutionists.

"Instead of solid evidence, I was deluged with personal attacks. My position was egregiously misstated and mischaracterized. I was offered any number of "testimonies," most of which have no basis in fact. But I was offered no solid evidence to support the existence of what would have to be the world's most horrific device of mass murder, the Nazi gas chamber.

I waited for months for this evidence to be provided me. It has yet to appear. Typical of the response that I have received, however, is a post by Harmon, Keren, McCarthy, McVay, and Stein (sometimes collectively known as Nizkor) that claimed substantively to establish once and for all that there were Nazi gas chambers.

Throughout the discussion, the anti-revisionists in alt.revisionism refused to understand my question in spite of my repeated explanations, it really is quite simple.

I am not asking for evidence of any or all Nazi wrongdoing. For the purposes of this discussion, I am specifically interested in the gas chambers. If there were Nazi gas chambers for the purposes of mass executions of Jews, this fact alone would indicate that the Nazis meant to kill many, if not all, of the Jews they could.

Therefore, it is of no use to talk about "eyewitnesses," chemical properties of the insecticide supposedly used in the mass exterminations, or anything else. First, we must locate and/or define a Nazi gas chamber. Everything else comes second.

With this in mind, let us now turn to the post I received, supposedly in response to my simple challenge of months before. Instead of one or two best pieces of evidence, the anti-revisionists have provided ten pieces of non-evidence."

Of course before you take on questioning this subject matter, before you gird your intellectual loins to do battle with the keepers of the Holocaust flame, you might want to take a look at what the Jews have done to others who have questioned their sacred Holocaust. You might want to consider what men like Ernst Zundel, Professor Fredrick Tobin, Professor Robert Farrusion, Germar Rudolph, and the man who actually went to Auschwitz to collect chemical evidence from the gas chambers Fred Leuchter, went through in their quest to obtain substantive evidence of the Holocaust.

After reviewing what happened to these modern day anti-Watchmakers, you may just want to stick to questioning the evidence for evolution, at this point this seems to be a far safer subject to have doubts about. One final comment, never forget this important fact in spite of any and all evidence to the contrary - Jews DO NOT RUN THE WORLD! I'm sure you'll agree with me that anyone who believes differently, even in the slightest, should held illegally, without charges or bail, in solitary confinement, tried by a star-chamber, deported form country to country until a venue can be found that holds such views are punishable by long term imprisonment and hopefully be burned at the stake or crucified!



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