The Great Oil Lie

by Arch Stanton

13 March 2005


Of late I have been reading much the great oil shortage that is upon us. The oil golem is actually nothing more than another terror campaign waged by the Jews to further their agenda. I want to scream it to America: DO NOT BE DECEIVED OR DISTRACTED, KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL. Carefully monitor all the news that isn't, for that is where the truth is presently found. Watch all the news, not the high visibility terror issues promoted by the Jew's media.

The following letter was my response to a DR article that was vigorously stirring the pot. I have pretty much given up on letter writing campaigns, as I learned long ago, to a politician or media mogul you are either "with us or agin' us" and if your agin' us, then you will receive a polite form letter that indicates you really do not exist - at least politically. After all why would anybody pay attention to a bunch of letter writing, broke dick, working slobs when Maury Weinstein just contributed $750,000 to the last campaign? Jewspapers, magazines, propaganda movies and unwatched TV shows prove that money is not nearly so much the issue as indoctrination. If money of lesser importance in matters concerning Jews, than what might a letter mean form a disgruntled goyim who is not worth a Jewish fingernail?


Arch Stanton

* * *

The Great Oil Lie

Dear Daily Reckoning,

I keep hearing that oil is in short supply. I heard and experienced this same lie when I was living in Southern California in 1974, do we Americans really have such short memories? I well remember the alternate fueling days indicated by your vehicle tag. I also remember the frantic exhortations that we would run out of oil in five years or less. It did not matter if you rode a fifty CC motorcycle or a gas-guzzling Cadillac the same onerous restrictions for obtaining fuel were placed on all people and all types of vehicles.

Strangely enough there were no apparent immediate cutbacks by government agencies and no attempts by government to promote energy savings, it simply was a matter of rationing. Rationing meant long lines and short tempers, often resulting fist and knife fights at the pumps. Yet when I looked around the military bases, I found there was absolutely no attempt by the military at conserving the precious black stuff; for several years after the so-called energy crunch the government went on squandering energy like there was an endless supply. When they finally did get around to cutting back their fuel consumption the original oil crunch of '74 was all but forgotten.

Years later, in the mid-eighties, I was in North Texas visiting with a friend of mine who happened to be an offshore roustabout. A friend of his who worked on an exploratory drilling crew in Saudi Arabia came over to visit while I was in town. Naturally the subject of oil shortages came up. I was amazed when these guys started telling me about their experience with the oil crunch of the seventies. It seems Texas never experienced any severe shortage of oil, there were no lines, no alternate days, no fights, just the annoyance of higher prices. I wondered how this could possibly have been the case if it were a true shortage.

I noted that during WWII rationing went across the board for the entire nation, no one in any particular region had any more or less rigorous rationing than any other, but then again that era was perceived as a true crisis by the American government. Clearly the great oil shortage of the mid-seventies was simply another terrorist act on the part of a fascist America leadership where government and business are entwined in a perpetual embrace that benefits both at the expense of the great herd of bovina.

As the conversation progressed with the two oil men, I came directly to the point, asking my friend's friend just exactly what the situation was concerning the oil supply in the Middle East; he drew a deep breath and replied, "Let me put it this way, currently we have mapped oil reserves in levels that we label A though Z. We are now moving into mapping the layers with double letters like AA, BB, CC. At the present time we are actually pumping out from the B level and some of the C levels." That was explained to me in 1983.

Ten years ago I was living in Alaska. At that time I worked with various types of machinery of which a portion was closely aligned with oil production. I talked to a number of people that were actually doing the exploratory drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR) Their take on the oil of the ANWR? There is a greater oil reserve under the ANWR than in all of Saudi Arabia and it is of a lighter, sweeter grade. It was Billy Bob Clinton that stopped the exploration of ANWR and it is our favorite Bush boy that maintains the moratorium on drilling in the ANWR. Even the name ANWR is a deception, this region should be more accurately titled "Hell On Earth's Prime Breeding Ground for Mosquitoes" - HOEPBGM. (I gotta quite reading that damned Mogombo Guru) Have you heard anything about the ANWR oil reserves in the last few years? Ooooops another uncomfortable fact down the memory hole again!

A short while back an issue of the Rude Awakening referred to a professor "Goodstein" who authors a book that claims we are fast approaching a geologic "tipping point." Of course the good doctor has never actually had any of the black goo on his hands, so from a typical American viewpoint, he must be an eminently qualified authority for making such judgments. But the fact is, before you allow anyone to make such monumental assessments about your future you must first look at the source. At this point I will now risk joining the ranks of the much ballyhooed "anti-Semites" who dare look at Jewish involvement in these situation.

First off the name Goodstein pretty much points to the fact that the good doctor is a Jew. Secondly the collective nature of these people and their motivations for the racial support of their own kind is clearly laid out in Dr. Kevin MacDonald's trilogy. To make it a short story, the Jews are a people of collective racial consciousness, a concept so alien to white Europeans as to be unthinkable, yet Dr. MacDonald cites numerous reasons and examples for this being the case for the Jews. Let's examine Dr. Goodstein's claims from a Jewish perspective. It was Jews like Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, and Douglas Feith along with many others in the Clinton adminstration who wrote the present war scenario for Iraq. It was Jewish intelligence sources like the Mossad feeding their phony "intelligence" to our intelligence agencies that resulted in the totally false claim that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Today the Israelis are once again claiming that Iran must be attacked because it is developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction. This is a truly ludicrous accusation coming from a country that has been secretly developing nuclear weapons for over 40 years and now possesses in the neighborhood of 800 nuclear warheads. What's more, the Israelis have never ever allowed any inspection from any outside source of their nuclear research and development facilities at Dimona.

One of the constant cries resounding in the background of this soon to be expanded war is that this is a war for oil - really? Since when was Iraq ever a major player in the oil patch? Now that the Israelis are pushing for attacks on Iran and Syria, I suppose this will be to once again assure our continued oil supply. Yet from what I see, Iran and Syria are even less important in the oil picture than Iraq. The fact is there is a major push for war in the Middle East and the Jewish fomenters of this push are using psychological terrorism on the great masses of gullible American bovina to achieve their ends. This Jew-based terror comes in the cries of WMDS and nuclear weapons development and of course the old boogyman - oil shortages.

This Jewish terror campaign has been carefully and thoughtfully calculated to bring America into a war to dominate the Middle East and it is being waged on all fronts. Oil is but one of the chosen methods of attacks. So we see books from Jews that support this supposition of a terrifying oil crunch without any real validity, at least I have yet to see any real numbers from any valid source like an exploratory drilling crew. Of course since China and Russia are supporting Iran and Syria, this makes these bastard commies (remember how we viewed them in the last part of the twentieth century?) our enemy as well, but why make bones about such complex issues of military support when you can make it simple enough so even the stupid American goy can figure it out. Why not hit em' directly and where it hurts most - in the gas tank. See how much simpler that is than trying to explain why Russia and China might lend their military support to the Middle East Arab Countries.

To view this very same type of Jewish ploy from an historical perspective, one only has to look at how the Jew Franz Boas, lauded as the "father of modern anthropology," manipulated American racial concepts from his lofty position at Columbia University. Boas worked as a professor of the Anthropological Section at Columbia from 1899 to 1942. Some of his protégés included Ruth Benedict, Alfred L. Kroeber, Robert Lowie, Margaret Mead, and Edward Sapir. All of these people's works have now been discredited in some form or another, notably Margaret Mead was found to have simply made up much of her data regarding the pacific Islanders. Yet we still give the utmost credence to the egalitarian "proof" that race does not exist as presented by these bogus works of supposed scholars. Worse, these egalitarian racial beliefs founded on now discredited works, have become the foundation of the absolute dogma that is destroying America.

Once again if you whish to know the "why" of this Jewish program of racial equality and interbreeding, you need to consult Professor MacDonald's works. But like our beliefs about race, our beliefs about oil our increasingly founded on theoretical Jewish bullshit that has no empirical basis. The cry of an imminent oil shortage is just one of the Jew's methods for spurring a gullible America into fighting their war for dominance in the Middle East.

To recap: The 19th century Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer called the Jews "the great masters of the lie." (Surprise! And you thought that title belonged to Hitler.) Their lies about oil shortages and WMDs and Iranian nukes are simply nothing more than a terrorist ploys to motivate the American people into supporting their war in the Middle East. Consider for a moment exactly how countries like Iran, Iraq and Syria come into the oil picture: none of these countries are real power players in the oil cartels picture. Like the ethereal Osama Bin Laden, oil is simply another tenuous excuse to attack and dominate these countries,and like the phony WMDs and Saddam's non-existent link to the 9/11 attack, it is a ploy that will not bear serious scrutiny and investigation. (However it might prove to be a boon in selling financial reports.)

The men who actually work in the field claim we have plenty of oil, so there really must be some other reason for paying $1,100 a barrel. If you want to understand why most things happen on this globe of ours, you have only to ask one very simple question and the light of truth shall shine an obvious answer every time - Is it good for Jews?

So you see, itz really all a big Jewish plot, but for Yahweh sakes don't tell the Mogombo, he's got enough problems already.

Of course you realize that should you dare print this you, and whatever business you have developed up to this point, will instantly be Hitlerized. The Jews will quickly destroy you, your family and everything you touch by slander, defamation and boycott from every Jew throughout the financial sector. Remember what the good book says - Itz death to those who dare speak the name of the Lord!



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