Letter: Withdraw and Fight

by Arch Stanton

5 March 2005

You may suffer withdrawal from heroin . . .

. . . But there ain't no beatin' the Jew's economic joneses.


You wrote:

"We must withdraw from the system and fight it at the same time. We must stock up as much money as possible, for financial freedom is real freedom, not least in its avoiding us time to wage political war."

Ay, there's the rub. Historically, the most effective way to hit the Jews where it hurts has been to withdraw all support from their economic and political system. That is exactly why the Jews have manipulated the system to the point where it is no longer practical to withdraw from their system. Originally, my idea was to remove myself physically from the USSA by expatriating to another country, but for various reasons this is now no longer an option. Others who might never have considered expatriating, have come up with the idea to "live off the land." Randy Weaver was one such person.

Jesus preached to his followers to pay the Roman state its tribute, but personally led the revolt against the Hebrew's sacrificial system. It was different in those days, the Jews had far less power outside their closed community. While the Roman state actually demanded a very small and reasonable tribute from its citizens, the Hebrew high priest hood was milking the common Jew at every turn. During Jesus' times, Heebs were paying a sacrificial tax on almost everything they touched. Having a wine party? The first question the Heeb asked was: is the wine "clean" or "unclean?" Only a priest or rabbi could convert unclean wine into clean wine - for a sacrificial price of course. Did you suffer the loss of a loved one and touch the unclean corpse? Then you must atone for that sin immediately with a hefty sacrifice at the temple! Have you eaten an unclean animal, perhaps an animal that itself had not been properly sacrificed? Then report immediately to the temple for your sacrificial atonement. Have you touched an unclean person or woman with an issue of blood? Then you must sacrifice. Do you possess any unclean instruments such as knives; are there any unclean vessels, like an unbroken pot, in you house? Sacrifice! Is your house unclean from a growth of mold? God will take care of it - right after you sacrifice! Want to enter the temple to make a sacrifice? Then you must buy a token with a floating rate arbitrarily determined by the money lender. Oy Vey! Again with the sacrifice!

Sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, was the name of the game; sacrifice to the system until you scream in pain. Bury your loved ones alive don't risk a penalty, but look at the bright side - they won't reach senility. Volumes upon volumes of legal trivia were written to cover every conceivable legal situation. Where laws conflicted, one had to hire a rabbi to interpret the meaning of the law for their particular situation. The Hebrews were buried under a mountain of legal minutiae produced by their scribes and Pharisees. Does any of the preceding sound vaguely familiar? It should, take a look at the incredibly convoluted American legal system with its taxes and penalties. Today we have Jewish led high courts interpreting our laws for us. Not surprisingly these interpretations always seem to favor the chosen and their agendas.

Now wait a minute, you say, how would anyone know if a Jew drank unclean wine, ate an unclean animal or touched a dead body? And even more to the point why would anyone continue living under such an onerous and demanding system? Simple, to keep the Heebs down in the ghetto, the first step was to isolate the chosen ones from other people. The next step was to imbue them with their chosen status by repeatedly telling them in their religious ceremonies that they are special and above all other people. Then contrive events that lead to the persecution of these special people who live apart from all others; keep the "us against them" mentality at a high level by centering all holiday celebrations around such events of persecution. Make the system a closed system that excludes all non-Jews.

It was within this closed society the Hebrew priesthood maintained what they once referred to as "eyes all over the body." These were the same eyes all over the body the Jews would later use under their Communist regime in Russia. With Jew's eyes all over the body, you never know who's watching. Children report on parents, wives report on husbands, neighbors report on neighbors, friends report on friends. Does any of this sound vaguely familiar, somewhat like we are currently experiencing right here in the good ol' USSA?

Jews live for intelligence and the activities used to gather it, the more information they have, the more control they can exert. For this reason current technology is considered a godsend to modern Jews and that is why you will never ever see any real opposition to the increasing electronic invasion of privacy in your life. When your life is an open book, should the Jews ever consider you a threat, they will know exactly how, when and where to hit you where it hurts most. Just look at the all too common political scandals that permeate our government from the president on down.

Need to keep the goy politician down or have him change his mind? Why not have God talk to him about that prostitute he was seen with two years ago and mention that a certain phone conversation exists where he claims to his wife he had to work late that night. With no way to keep information from the ZOG, there is no way to do anything outside their control. Any time you see some law or movement to stop the technology invasion into our private lives, you can be sure it's a red herring. Such activities are simply a distraction designed to either accomplish the exact opposite of the stated purpose or to assuage the growing fears of the bovina about their loss of privacy.

By the time Jesus came strolling into their midst, the Jew priesthood already long maintained a highly developed system of public citizen spying. It was into this nightmare society that Jesus entered with the power of the Hebrew God on his side. That power enabled Jesus to forgive sins and thus extirpate required continual sacrificial atonement for those sins. To this end, his miracles (the term is actually defined by the Hebrews as an unexpected outcome in a legal matter or a reversal of a legal precedence) were actually refutations of the high priest's sacrificial laws.

Such spying meant that Jesus had to keep his personal life squeaky clean, that meant no vices of any kind and no political or economic entanglements. Such an ascetic lifestyle meant that the only method for control left open to the priesthood were outright lies and slander. But these lies and slander would not stick because everyone was aware of Jesus' asceticism. Interestingly, to this very day Jews are still using the same lies and slander in their continuing attempt to discredit Jesus. After two thousand years, such tenacity should give the outsider valuable insight into the Jews attitude about forgiveness for their enemies.

Jesus' cousin, John the Baptist, was a Jew who practiced withdrawal from the sacrificial system. He did so by living outside the community and dining on wild vegetation and other food like nuts and honey. John the Baptist's diet and lifestyle is noted in the New Testament to identify his non-participation in the sacrificial system. When John royally pissed off the priesthood by baptizing Jesus with the power of the priesthood's God, the high priests pulled their usual deceptive tricks and had his head delivered to Herod on a platter. Here is a description:

"John the Baptist - Prophet. Began his ministry around age 27, wearing a leather belt and a tunic of camel hair, living off locusts and wild honey, and preaching a message of repentance to the people of Jerusalem. He converted many, and prepared the way for the coming of Jesus. Baptized Christ, after which he stepped away and told his disciples to follow Jesus. Imprisoned by King Herod. Died a victim of the vengeance of a jealous woman. Beheaded, and his head brought to her on a platter. Saint Jerome says Herodias kept the head for a long time after, occasionally stabbing the tongue with his dagger." (Hasn't this scene been recreated in some Jew slasher movie?)

In the typical manner of the ancient Jewish patriarchy, the story was convoluted to lay blame on (what the Jews considered) a worthless woman, while holding the true perpetrator blameless. The story of jealousy clearly doesn't hold water, but when one considers the damage John did to the high priests sacrificial system by anointing Jesus with God's power to forgive sins, it is pretty obvious who had the real motivation to demand John's head on a platter. Such demands damn sure didn't originate from some love struck Jewess who John had snubbed.

The book of Revelation pretty well covers the subject of the Jews' ultimate solution to withdrawal from their system. By stipulating that none shall buy, nor sell, nor trade unless he takes the mark of the "beast" they assure economic participation of all citizens. Of course most bible believin' Christians do not realize that the "mark" of Revelation is in fact the old sacrificial system's blood mark. Under the sacrificial system the high priest were the only ones allowed to butcher an animal. That's right, Hebrew high priest = butcher.

After the high priest had sacrificed the sinner's animal, they had to have some way to mark the sinner as having made a sacrificial atonement to God. During the sacrificial ceremony, the high priest would slit the living animal's throat to ensure full blood flow from the animal unto the ground. This technique evolved to prevent the blood from being recovered and used to counterfeit the priest's official blood mark. However, the high priest would retain a small portion of the blood and mix it with some other fluid, often the animal's semen and then smear this uplifting mixture of atonement on the on either the forehead, back of the hand, or big toe of the sinner as an identifying mark. The mark of the beast was a simply a mark that identified you as a paid up member of the Jews sacrificial system.

Understanding their history, is it any wonder the Jews still revel in this blood, gore and slime by producing one horror/slasher movie after another; movies that again and again feature the same legacy of blood lust originally practiced by their ancient priesthood? Later, as the Jews' population began to grow and they began living among other people in more urban locations, the use of the blood mark grew too unwieldy. There was simply too much opportunity for a Heeb counterfeiter to make his own blood marking, perhaps that is the historical behind the reason so many Jews led the way in counterfeiting anything and everything.

Eventually the blood mark was replaced by the phylactery, a small box containing a specific scroll that, like the blood mark, was worn on either the forehead or the back of the hand. I suppose the advent of covered footwear finally retired the big toe as a marking location. A tiny scroll was sealed into the phylactery by the priest. After sealing, the phylactery was not to be opened by anyone other than officers of the priesthood. Any officer of the temple might check the scroll for currency at any given time. This group of officials included the multitude of rabbi that roamed freely among Jewish society and woe unto any sinner who did not sport their phylactery or had the wrong scroll for the prescribed period. The system was somewhat like the military's use of a codebook system, where the code is changed regularly and anyone trying to gain access to the code without the current code will immediately be recognized as an outsider to the system.

Recently there has been much speculation, by ignorant xtians, on what the mark of the beast might be and what form it will eventually take. Many of these ignorant bovina actually believe the mark must contain the number "666." But the good book says that the mark will actually be representative of the beast's 666 system. I have covered the Jew's meaning of 666 in other posting so I will not repeat that history again. So far I have yet to find anyone clever enough to figure out that, from the Jews' standpoint, their federal reserve note is in fact this very mark. If you buy, sell, or trade using ZOG bucks then you have taken the mark of the beast by default; better yet, you did not even realize your complicity in the matter!

How can one live in this society completely free from the ZOG's toilet paper notes? What is the alternative to trading with the mark of the ZOG's beast? There really isn't any alternative. Now that the ZOG's system of micromanagement rules the land, there is no place left to pull a John the Baptist; there is no way to live outside the system by wearing hair shirts and eating nuts and berries. Every square inch of land is now carefully monitored and none of it is outside the ZOG's legal and economic system. Someone will have to buy the land and how can that be accomplished without entering the ZOG's sacrificial federal reserve system? Someone will have to pay property taxes in ZOG bucks on any land one chooses to live on, therefore under the ZOG system, simply existing on the planet requires tribute to the ZOG. In fact it is illegal to buy sell or trade using any instrument other than the ZOG's scrip - sez so right on the bill. "This note is (THE) legal tender for all debts, public and private." As a fallen fundamentalist xtian might say, Oh-My-God, I feel like I've been a behind!

Even while the ZOG demands participation of one and all in their inherently worthless system of ZOG scrip, they steal increasing amounts of our labor by artificially inflating the value of their worthless mark; thus it takes more and more ZOG scrip to buy less and less goods and services. It is truly unfortunate that our generation has the terrible misfortune of living under the perfected Jewish system, one that has taken the Jews thousands of years to develop. Basically they have fine tuned their control and now have any and all escape routes covered in America. With this incremental step accomplished, the Jews are now moving to implement this same totalitarian system throughout the entire planet.

Adolph Hitler's removal of Germany from the Jewish elite's economic tentacles alarmed the Jews into a frenzy. Hitler's ideas of self sufficiency for a country that operated outside of their emerging global system was terrifying to inheritors of the sacrificial system, an economic high priesthood known today as the "central bankers." These bankers were terrified that if Hitler's system actually caught on, it would spell the end for their future plans of Jewish supremacy, so the Jews went into overdrive, destroying Germany and erasing all traces of the Nazi's system. After ensuring Germany was physically ruined and the Nazis were totally destroyed, the Jews then proceeded to vilify German history to ensure that such a system would never again raise its head proud and free above the filthy, fetid, waters of the Jewish imposed economic cesspool.

Like the Nazis, the Muslims also put forth numerous laws prohibiting Jewish economic tricks, most notably among these laws is one against usurious lending practices and the charging of outrageous interest rates on loans. Thanks to the Koran, Jews cannot live and prosper off host Arab cultures. Is it any wonder the Jews fear and hate Islam? Is it any wonder the Jews fear and hate Islamic religious practices in the same manner they hated Jesus and his principals of not leeching and sucking a living off your neighbor? Is it any wonder that the Jews hate Hitler and Nazi Germany for showing the world an effective way to neutralize Jewish economic power?

Removal of one's person from the Jewish economic system is the ultimate weapon against the Jew, that is why the Jews have made any attempt to do so illegal. That's why not paying your taxes has such onerous and unjust penalties that far outstrip any impact of the actual infraction committed. It's not the crime itself that matters, it is the fact that you have ignored and/or circumvented the great ZOG system. Observation will reveal that the closer one gets to impacting, or worse yet reversing, the ZOG's system, the more intense the penalties become. That is why a hate crime of spray painting a swastika carries far more penalty than the actual murder of a citizen. "Hate" crimes have a far greater impact on exposing and altering the ZOG's system than simple murder.

Mr. Linder is fond of quoting Thomas Jefferson's statement about race, to wit: "Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate, than that these people are to be free; nor is it less certain that the two races, equally free, cannot live in the same government. Nature, habit, opinion have drawn indelible lines of distinction between them." Today there is perhaps a far more pertinent statement to be made: As a people, Jews cannot peacefully live among the other races. Therefore, due to their fundamental nature, i.e. the proclivity towards domination and destruction of all host cultures, Jews cannot be permitted a continued existence that in any way allow them access to outside cultures and peoples.

Jews are a sick and deranged people. Their penchant for inbreeding has genetically set upon them a common racial characteristic of mental illness. Their mental state is typically that of a paranoid delusional schizophrenic. The Jews' penchant for guilt and their need for persecution from outsiders has given them a debased and lopsided view of the world. In the Jew's world everyone hates them and everyone wants to eliminate them. Ironically the very actions brought about by these delusional feelings of persecution actually make them a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Judaism has long been a death cult. Over the millennia Jews have gradually expanded their sacrificial bloodlust from the torturous murder of live animals to a sophisticated cult that revels in the death and destruction of other cultures and environments. One only has to look at the Jew's murder of millions of Russians and what their communist system did to Russia's eco-system to fully appreciate exactly what unbridled Jewish supremacy will mean for the entire planet. One only has to watch their movies for a chilling glimpse into the twisted mind and soul of the Jew; a mind and soul that, like their movies, becomes ever more bizarre and twisted as the Jew's feeling of power increases. Time and time again the Jews have demonstrated that when they gain the upper hand everyone and everything around them suffers and dies. Citizens of the various countries that surround Israel will fully attest to the murderous nature of the Jew unchained. The Bible confirms that confined to themselves, elite Jews will eventually begin to prey upon the lesser members of their own society.

Jesus was a Jew and he well understood the extortion, torture and murder the elite Jews of the priesthood were imposing on their own people. In his attempt to expose and dissolve the system that allowed Jews to prey upon their own kind, Jesus ironically became a prime example of the very murder and torture treatment he was exposing. From Jesus' teachings and the example of his crucifixion it can be clearly understood that Jews cannot even be trusted to fairly or justly govern themselves.

Tragically today the story of Jesus has once again been acted out. This time the name is Ernst Zundel. Like Jesus, Ernst Zundel is a man of peace. Like Jesus, Ernst Zundel has led a rather ascetic life. Like Jesus, Ernst Zundel has remained true to his mission. Like Jesus, Ernst Zundel did nothing more than expose the true nature of the Jew's system by exposing their lies. As with Jesus, the Jews once again used non-Jews for their proxy to persecute and condemn Ernst Zundel while they stood in the shadows and hooted insults. And like Jesus, I have no doubt that the Jews will gleefully murder Mr. Zundel in the most painful way imaginable if they can find any possible way to do so. There is one thing we can be assured of in the future, as in the past with Jesus, Hitler and now Ernst Zundel, there will be more people singled out to suffer the Jew's wrath for exposing their lies and deceptions. The following is a sneering quote from the modern Caiaphas, Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

"Let's give him another 15 minutes of fame, if the trial can expose how Holocaust denial comes about," said Cooper. "To cast the light of history and truth, and to be done so in a German court, is very important."

Perhaps the most twisted aspect of the Jew's persona is his own understanding of the problem he creates and his solution for that problem. Like many mentally ill criminals who willingly give clues that lead to their capture. The Jews have willingly given clues as to what they believe is the only real solution to their diseased presence. Down through history the Jews have repeatedly made false claims that other races have attempted the genocide of thier people. Time and time again the Jews have made up lies about having mass numbers of their people eliminated by outsiders who had full intent to wipe Jews off the planet. Yet none of these stories have ever been factually proven to be anything other then a product of the fevered imagination of mentally unbalanced brains. The latest of these lies of course is the so called "Holocaust."

The fact is these are cries for help from a people who among themselves, know exactly what kind of people they are; they feel the full force of the murderous malice and hatred that lies within them. Jews are a people who were it not for their murderous intent towards us, might evoke our sympathy and pity, but like the Jews, we fully understand they will joyfully kill, torture and destroy everyone and everything in their continuing pursuit for global supremacy. Who better than the Jew can appreciate what must be done to prevent the continuation and expansion of their malevolent designs. These are a people who, by their continuing accusations of attempted genocide, are in fact crying out for their own extermination.

Like a sick,serial murder who knows in his heart he will murder again if not stopped by force; the murder understands the only true relief his tortured soul will ever find will be in the sweet release of death. The Jew knows in his heart because of his fundamental nature, he will, he MUST, continue to murder and destroy everyone and everything on the planet until he is stopped. The Jew fully believes that the only way to positively stop his murderous and destructive ways is by a complete elimination of his kind; who could possibly have a better understanding of the solution?

There really is no way out, white Americans have been checkmated, yet there is no reason for non-Jews to hate Jews, just as there is no reason to hate any parasite. The Jews are subject to their inbred nature just as we are subject to ours. It is the nature of the leech to suck the blood from its host and it has no awareness or interest in any disease it might transfer in the process. The Leech needs a host's blood to survive and no matter how disgusting the leech, in the end one must admit that it is only doing what it must to ensure its survival. On the other hand when the body has a cancer it means certain early death for the body. The only possible assurance that the cancer will not continue to grow and metastasize is a total excision of the cancer. No matter how painful or debilitating the process, when considering the consequence of cancer, excision or complete elimination is the only choice between life and death.

It is with this understanding and with a true empathy, born by the knowledge that the biological organism called Jew is only doing what it must to ensure its own survival, that the Aryan people might quietly and without the slightest vindictiveness, proceed to methodically eliminate this pernicious parasite from the global body. Such an excision would be much like the elimination of a cancer from the individual body and would free everyone, including the Jew himself, from his destructive presence.

You cannot beat the Jew by playing his game using his rules. The Jew has been at it far too long and has now perfected this game to meet the needs for fulfilling his God's prophecy of his "rightful" inheritance of our entire planet. Even the Jew's Negro Golem admits "dat Jew got game." The Jews have backed the white race into a legal and economic corner. There is no way to duck or hide, there is no exit - save one. As Mr. Linder frequently says - "No way out, but through the Jew."

Alex, you could not be more accurate in your assessment.



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