Oh Them Negative Vibes

by Arch Stanton

18 February 2005

"There you go with those negative vibes again man." - Oddball in Kelly's Heroes

Perhaps it's been become a worn out, new-age, cliché, but I think too many White nationalist indulge in putting forth negative energy. I must admit that I too am often prone to take a negative approach when addressing my concerns, especially on the subject of Jews and their influence in the white world. This is only a natural reaction to the overwhelming amount of garbage dumped on our heads by the 'Kwa that Jews built.

I truly enjoy classical music, but when I turn on the classical station what do I hear? yet another stupendously whiney violin piece played by Itzhak Perlman (who else?) or a crying, sobbing clarinet piece. Why is it Jews ALWAYS make these instruments whine and sob like a Holocaust survivor recounting how they survived the ovens of Auschwitz? Perhaps the only thing I hate worse than a whining Jew is their whining instruments. Music should be uplifting and inspirational -- everything the vast majority of Jewish music is not.

Should I tire of such music (normally this takes about 10 to 15 seconds) and switch to a talk station, say NPR, then I will undoubtedly find a heartwarming piece about some idiot that converted to Judaism and moved to an "outpost" on the West bank of Israel. If I turn on the Televitz what do I see? I'll skip this one, the name pretty much says it all - wait - OK I can't resist, I'll see the incredible ugly and obnoxious, horse-faced, Jewess Joan Rivers running her horse-sized mouth about the clone who poses as her daughter.

Should I pick up a Jewspaper what do I read? Michael Chertoff has been appointed to head up America's largest security apparatus, known by its thoroughly Jewish-socialist inspired moniker - "Department of Homeland Security." Or perhaps I will skip that headline so I can read the all important article about how many poor Jews died in yet another senseless car bombing attack for which there is no apparent reason; after all the Jews are the peaceful people of the Middle East.

Jews! Jews! JeWs! JewS! JEws, JeWZ, Joos, JoOs, JeWS, JeWS! JEWs! JEWS! FUCKING JEWS! FUCKING GODAMN (SON OF A) BITCHIN' JEWS." They are everywhere and their obnoxious, dreck permeates and assaults my every waking moment! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH! JEEEEEWWWWWWWWS - GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY LIFE! PLEASE GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND LET ME LIVE IN PEACE. I do not want your stinking Tikkun Olam changing my world, I do not want to hear your whining about - ANYTHING, I do not care about your stupid Holocaust. Nor do I give a flyin' fuck about your shitty little country's problems. Look Jew, please don't go away mad - Just go the FUCK AWAY!

~ Ahem ~

Doesn't that pretty much sum up the way most of us folks wearing our Hoffman lens-equipped Foster Grants feel about the matter? Wait a moment wasn't that Foster Grant ad campaign developed by a Jewish ad agency? See what I mean? ARRRRRRRRGH! So this is how it goes day in and day out, Jew in and Jew out, it never ceases. Obviously we can find plenty of reasons to rant and rave and rail at the Jews, but there is a small problem - all this ranting and raving is beneficial to the Jews. How so? will be the question many bright whites will ask. How can my bitching, ranting and raving ever assist the Jews and their agenda?

Simple my fine, feathered, racist friend. The laws of energy and matter state that like solid objects, opposing forms of energy cannot occupy the same place at the same time. Therefore if you are creating negative energy towards the Jew, or Negro, or "towel head," you cannot be generating the positive energy that will help yourself and your race progress out of this fine mess we're in. In this regard, at least, the National Alliance's "love your race" program takes a more positive position.

Essentially the Jews use their positive energy, like their concept of Tikkun Olam" to achieve negative results among white people. Tikkun Olam is positive for Jews and negative for the white race. The Jews are even more effective at eliciting the white man's negative energy and then using it against him, a trick that makes the Jews laugh and giggle at how easily they manipulate us. Let us examine for a moment an example of a white man that actually made headway against the Jews energy use techniques, Lets look at - Adolph Hitler (come on, you really didn't think I was going to use FDR for my example did you?)

Did Hitler hate the Jews? - probably. Did Hitler want the Jews out of Germany? - yep. But what was Hitler's main focus, his vituperative hatred for the stinking Jew? - Nope. Hitler's main focus was on rebuilding Germany and making a better country for the German people. As much as the Jews will hate me for saying this, I'm going to say it anyways - the Jews were actually a very minor sideline in the Nazis' overall program for Germany. Jews were not nearly the immense problem to the Nazis they would have you believe. To the Nazis, Jews were nothing more a small problem that needed to be dealt with, but not at the expense of Germany's exceptional progress.

So how did the Nazis address their Jewish problem? First they put out a two-pronged propaganda campaign. The first prong of this campaign was to show the German people who the Jews were and what their presence actually meant to Germany's progress. The second prong of the campaign was to get the Jews themselves interested in leaving Germany. Initially the Nazi rounded up serious agitators, thieves and other criminals and put them into the concentration camps The Jews among these camp inmates were primarily of the same revolutionary spirit as Rosa Luxembourg and Kurt Eisner of the old Weimar Republic.

By the late 1930s things were going along swimmingly, then the British declared war on Germany. The onset of war meant all bets were off for the duration in matters concerning the "Jewish question" of expulsion from Germany. However, the Nazis well understood the hive-minded nature of the Jew that would make virtually every free Jew in wartime Germany a potential enemy. So the Nazis rounded up the majority of these potential agitators and revolutionaries and put them in concentration camps along with their brethren. In the camps the Jews of course could not work their Tikkun Olam magic against Nazi Germany during the time of war. From that point on it was pretty much a matter of out of sight out of mind for the German people regarding their Jewish problem. The Jews did not become the ultimate threat to the Nazis until long after the war was over and there were no Nazis to refute their bogus claim of being the center of Nazi attention.

The fact is Hitler's first and foremost concern was doing positive things for Germany and her people. Doing negative things to Jews was far far down on the Nazis list of priorities even though they no doubt maintained much the same overall sentiments I espoused earlier. After all doing negative things to Jews costs everyone time and effort. The typical Jewish solution of a bullet to the brain would have been far more cost effective then maintaining the concentration camps, yet the pragmatic Germans chose to spend the time and effort on the camps obviously in hopes that they could take a more positive role in dealing with the Jews after the war was over.

The point is people who make things happen, people who take meaningful action do so in a positive manner. Let's look for a moment at a more current example of positive white action versus negative action. In a positive role let's examine the efforts of Dr. Pierce and his organization, what did Dr. Pierce do to bring white people together and what gains were made in informing the people about who runs America and the true nature of race. I'll give you a few moments to review this on your own.

Now lets look at the example of negative action, the all too typical skinhead murder of some momentary encounter with a witless Negro. What is accomplished by this action? Sure the skinhead head eliminates a witless Negro, but he does so at the expense of becoming a permanent inmate in the ZOG's prison system forever. The white race loses a valuable white man who will not be replaced, while the Negroes just gave birth to a dozen more witless replacements for their racial loss. Let's see now who won that round? White race 0 - Negroes 11.

Dr. Pierce helped his race by furthering their knowledge and unifying the people. The skinhead did nothing but serve his own emotional interests for a few brief moments at the cost of permanently nullifying any further good he might accomplish. That is the difference in using positive energy versus negative energy.

Another very positive act, I just availed myself of, was Bruno's piece on Auschwitz. This is a sterling example of positive action relating to the Jew's negative actions, kind of like reverse Tikkun Olam. I copied this piece and sent it out to every Christian I know. The marvelous thing about Bruno's piece that is that is was written in a neutral manner. Bruno uses none of the biased, vitriolic verbiage that is all too commonly found in such writing, verbiage that touches the "anti-Semitic" hot buttons the Jews have craftily indoctrinated into goy American culture. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Bruno for his effort, and let him know I have put it to good use, and I would like to thank VNN for providing the forum that made accessing this work possible.

Admittedly I myself have problems maintaining such neutrality when I address such topics. Jews can yell anti-Semitism all they want about the information Bruno presents, but only rabid Zionist supporters will accept such claims. Common Christian volk will see this as fair and reasonable reporting, because of that they are far more likely to actually read what Bruno wrote. And that is what is ultimately so important, effectively reaching the uninformed masses. While it may provide a measure of self-satisfaction, preaching to the choir does little to advance the cause of the white race; it is the "heathen" masses that must be reached if a change is to be made. I well understand that sometimes it feels like we are replaying that incredibly long fight scene in the movie "They Live," but we must continue until the majority of whites all have access to a pair of Hoffman lenses, or in this case, letters.

When I see white volk indulging in useless, negative activities like talking and writing about Negroes it makes me wonder about my own actions; how many times I have indulged myself in a similar manner, thereby compromising the time I might have spent exerting a more positive effect on those around me? I ask myself of what use is it to spend effort writing about why Niggers stink and how to improve their odiferous condition. Perhaps it might be of some use to inform the affected Negro of this matter, but I doubt they really care to hear it from a white man and I doubt even more that they read VNN to avail themselves of such information. Frankly I do not associate with Negroes so I really do not care about the smell. In fact what do the Negroes matter at all? This race is only a problem because we allow the Jews to make them our problem; if the Jew problem goes away, the Negro problem will soon follow.

What ever happened to the strong silent white man? Where are the men who spoke little, but acted quickly and decisively? What have we become, a nation of children indulging our self-satisfaction at name calling and gossiping washer women? Today I passed a gaggle of young girls and heard them talking about Jon Bennet Ramsey. I thought, my god how can anyone possibly still waste any time or brain cells on such useless and trivial gossip? Even young women should have better things to occupy their time then talking about a long dead girl they never met and who had absolutely no importance in their young lives.

The Jew's book says that thou shalt have no other Gods before me, but it occurs to me that is exactly what they provide for us, one idol after another. Every time we turn around the Jews have placed yet another media idol before us to worship. Who will be our God this month, yet another O.J. Simpson, Jon Bennet Ramsey or Christina Aguilera? And at what Jew appointed alter will we worship at these idols, Tolerance, Equality? Diversity? What does such activity achieve for the Jews? It keeps us occupied on their deceptive movements while they perform their Tikkun Olam outside our race's view. These idols serve to distract and occupy the minds that need to be fully occupied with the reality of their present situation and the horror of what their future might hold if the present course is held.

Due to the legal impact the Jews have had on America, there is little left for white men to do but write and talk to others about the present conditions; everything else is now pretty much against the law. Even so called legal demonstrations (is there any other kind tolerated anymore) have been carefully castrated so they are completely ineffective at their purpose. I well remember the knock down drag out anti-war demonstrations of my youth. I remember cities being burned and people being shot. I remember busted heads and bleeding bodies and these were peace demonstrations! I remember a fire team of five men setting up a machine gun on a bridge outside of Chicago. These men were preparaing for the Negro rioters who were expected to attempt crossing that bridge into the white neighborhoods to continue the looting and burning they had begun earlier in their own neighborhoods.

I remember those days well because I was politically active at the time. I thought I was doing something positive, I thought I was helping to save livesand create peace. To that end, I found myself standing at the front of a throng of demonstrators. There I stood, replete with long hair and peace symbols about the neck, shouting slogans that had been carefully prepared by others who remained unknown to me. (My favorite was the raunchy "fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity" Now who do you suppose might come up with such a sex-charged, moronic slogan like that - Beaver Cleaver?) I was not aware who phrased these slogans, nor did I question why, or even if I believed them; I simply felt I was doing the right thing at the time.

A few, short, years later, once again I stood in front of a mass of demonstrators. This time the demonstration was in Washington D.C. and I stood on the opposite side of the line. This time I was unconvinced my actions were positive, this time I was confused. This time instead of long hair and peace symbols I found myself with a buzz cut, dressed in a military uniform with rifle in hand and gas mask at the ready. This time the protestors threw rocks and bottles at ME! Curiously though they shouted many of the same anti-war slogans I had shouted in the past. This time the demonstrators called ME "murderer," "war monger," "baby killer" and other, less polite, names. I was suddenly puzzled at what I was doing there ready to unsheathe my bayonet on command, after all these were my brethren.

And what did these demonstrations accomplish for the Jews? Well they profoundly changed the legal and conceptual interpretations of our civil rights and they served to prolong the war in Vietnam costing thousands more American lives. (I once heard an interview with a leading NVA general who said that after Operation Linebacker, the communists were on the ropes. They were going to the peace table for surrender, but then the photo of Jane Fonda in the NVA antiaircraft gun emplacement appeared in American Jewspapers. The NVA intelligently assessed the reaction of the American people to Jane and the accompanying increase in American anti-war demonstrations. The general said he, along with the entire NVA high command, immediately recognized the impact this had on America. On this information the NVA high command correctly concluded that they would win if they held out long enough, so they went back to pursuing the war. - Thanks Jane, thanks to your thoughtless efforts there are 10,000 more dead from that war.)

More importantly the demonstrations of the sixties and seventies set the government's precedent for all future demonstrations. Thanks to those violent, uncontrolled, demonstrations of the sixties and seventies, today demonstrators are corralled in an officially sanctioned playpen where they can be carefully monitored for any sign of violence. At the first sign of violence the protestors can be immediately throttled by overwhelming police force. Also the demonstrators' playpen is carefully positioned in an area where it will have the least visibility and therefore the least effect. So what did I accomplish in the time I spent on both sides of the demonstration line? What did my negative efforts in these demonstrations contribute to my race? Look around you and you can see what I demonstrated and fought for, look at what I accomplished with my thoughtless actions.

Today I take my own path, standing beside no one but those of my race who understand and appreciate why we do not allow others to think or speak for us. We must inform our people of the problems we as a race face and this must be done in terms they can understand and to which they can relate. We must inform the uninformed and discuss these problem in the positive light of what the future might hold if we take back our country. We must also propose positive effective solutions to achieve that future. We must collar our young people and tell them of our past mistakes in committing acts that work against their future and their heritage. Above all we must be positive in our approach for our negative thoughts and actions simply allow the Jews another weapon to use against us.

It has been said before and it bears repeating there is no communication unless a desired result is achieved. Talk is cheap, but words can be a highly effective weapon and frankly words are about the only weapon we have left. The Jews are rapidly closing in on our ability to use this weapon, so let us not waste our words and actions, but use them wisely in what time is left.



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