Zionism Will Discard America the Minute our Military Isn't Needed

by Arch Stanton

14 January 2005


Thanks to VNN's book review, last night I was reading A.J.P. Taylor's book The Origins of the Second World War. As I read, a long understood theme kept reoccurring page after page, this theme was of the military weakness of both the allied axis powers prior to WWII. Anyone who has studied the political and economic situation of the world during the interwar years of 1919 to 1939 knows that Germany did not build its prewar economy on rearmament. In fact Germany did not seriously start to rearm its military until the war began in 1939. Until that point most of Germany's much vaunted military and weapons build up was mostly bluster and rhetoric.

A classic example of this situation was evident in Germany's Heinkel's He-100 fighter aircraft. The He-100 was built strictly to capture the world speed record; in the end the He-100 turned out to be an aerodynamic test bed instead of a production fighter. The He-100 was poorly armed and fell far too short in range to be a truly effective fighter, but worst of all it used an surface evaporative cooling system that would have been impossible to maintain in combat; in fact about all the He-100 really had was the speed and appearance of a greyhound. Shortly after this aircraft appeared, the Nazis began touting it as a formidable fighter that outclassed anything it might oppose. Propaganda minister Goebbels even went to the trouble of having the 23 existing examples of the He-100 repainted with different unit markings and photographed repeatedly giving the impression of large numbers of these aircraft being posted in various squadrons around Germany. Yet while the He-100 got tremendous press, Heinkel's newly developed and truly advanced jet fighter design was allowed to languish until the war was well under way. After the war began nothing was ever heard again about the He-100. Although no He-100s were ever encountered in aerial combat, so successful was the propaganda campaign many British fighter pilots reported not only seeing the aircraft in combat, but also claiming a number of them as victories!

In a similar manner, Germany's true military strength was evident when Admiral Donitz informed Hitler just prior to the beginning of the war that at the present rate of production, German U Boat strength would not be attain true wartime numbers until 1945. Hence Germany went to war with far fewer of these effective, submerging, vessels that Donitz felt would be adequate for a successful wartime naval campaign. Although these specific examples were not mentioned, the point of Germany's military weakness was highlighted in Mr. Taylor's book.

As I once again read of the military weakness of the various prewar nations, I suddenly had one of those flashes of insight, a sudden overall view, a glimpse of the grand plan. What I realized was that the lessons of this prewar weakness and its results were not lost on those who have held the power of the victors in their hidden hand since WWII. These power brokers had clearly resolved to never allow such weakness again in the countries in which they held the firm grip of power, primarily the US.

The main problem the various prewar powers faced in their military buildup is a problem that has long plagued leadership that wanted to build its military at the expense of peacetime prosperity; i.e. how do you convince the people to build for war when there isn't any war to fight? How do you put a nation on an economic wartime footing when there is no reason for people to spend their effort and wealth on an unneeded military? This is exactly the problem FDR faced in trying to fund a military buildup prior to WWII. Of course the depression made this problem all the more difficult to resolve, so the US trained with biplanes, wooden guns and autos made to resemble tanks until December 7th 1941.

It was the need for a truly overwhelming military power controlled by the Jews that gave America its reason to arm for a phony "cold" war. A "war" that would require forty five years of what was essentially a wartime economy and military buildup in the US. The paper tigers of the Soviet Union and Red China were used to justify continued horrendous weapons funding and development at the expense of the American taxpayer. The cold war sham existed for forty five years so that military weakness would never again allow another country to develop and exercise enough military power to counter Zionist global hegemony. The phony cold war resulted in the "military industrial complex" expansion that Eisenhower warned of in the 1950s.

At this point one must remember that like the US, the Soviet Union was funded and controlled by Jewish bankers and power brokers. When it was determined that the nuclear specter of a totalitarian military machine, as presented by the Soviet Union, was no longer required to further the advancement of the American military buildup it was quietly and peacefully dissolved. America was at that point, and remains, the premier military power on the planet.

But there was a problem, if a country like America is allowed to arm to the point of true global, military supremacy, then there is a danger that a successful internal takeover will place that immense power outside Jewish/Zionist control. This long standing fear was actually articulated a few years a go when a prominent Jew voiced his glee that the US was now past the point where a Nazi regime could ever hope to take power in America. For the Jew/Zionists, a monolithic and self sustaining super power has always been an unacceptable situation. However the clever Jew/Zionist had an answer to this thorny problem, break up the power structure by making the super power dependant on outside sources. Essentially the answer was to arm America to the teeth at the expense of other countries, thereby building the economic dependence of the US even as the military and technological buildup advanced.

Today America holds a massive weapons and technological lead over every other country on the earth and yet it cannot function without the tremendous amount of imported goods required to sustain its weapons technology and military buildup. Currently, America cannot even clothe its soldiers without importing fabrics and shoes and even some of its smaller weapons, like the now ubiquitous 9mm the military uses for its sidearm. Without the chip and board production of Asia, the complex weapons systems of the modern American military would instantly cease to function - Checkmate.

This checkmate has now been taken to its final measure by depleting the stored resources the military has historically relied on to sustain its misson-ready status. Today there is little backup in the supply area of the military. No doubt this lesson was taken from the "just-in-time" method of supply management. The military and its domestic military weapons developers and suppliers are almost fully dependant on a continuing stream of finished goods imported from various countries around the world. So the Jews now have a true military superpower firmly in its grip with the "dead man" lever of dependency on importation to insure that such power will cannot fall into the "wrong hands."

If any power outside the Jews' Zionist power sphere attempt to take control of the American superpower, the Jews can and undoubtedly will instantly create economic chaos stopping the importation of goods and effectively neutralizing America's military might. Thus it is that America has been played for the biggest fool in history by the usual Jewish/Zionist suspects. The US has given up its independence and prosperity so that it could become the global "mailed fist" of the Zionist.

There is one problem that remains for the American people: when a people or country has fulfilled the required demands of Jewish Zionist power, in true parasitical form, such countries are usually depleted and discarded. This is exactly what has happened to Britain, France, Africa and many other countries. Today most of these countries are entering into the final stages of dissolution and soon will sink into complete chaos; and with the "mailed fist" of America firmly in their control, the Jews have little to worry about from any of these once preeminent powers. As Israel rises to the pinnacle of global power, there will soon be no need for the American mailed fist to impose Jewish global demands. Already Israel has boasted that it is the second largest nuclear power in the world. There are only fourteen million Jews in the world and they would all easily fit into Israel and as Israel expands its territory in the Middle East, there will be ever increasing territory for all those who "suffered" the Diaspora.

It is very likely that America is entering the final phase of the Zionist agenda. As the Jews play their hand ever more openly the resistance from all quarters is growing. Already the Jews are complaining that fewer and fewer people around the globe are bowing in fealty to their sacred linchpin of guilt, the Holocaust. So in readiness for a power grab, the Jewish Zionist are consolidating their American power by installing their people either directly in, or as a shadow to, all of the highest positions of American government. The Zionist recently managed to have congress very quietly pass legislation that, in the "event of a crisis," will allow as few as twelve congressmen to make the critical decisions of government. It takes little imagination to extrapolate how many Jewish congressmen hold office and it can be immediately seen who will have the ability to wield full power in the US should a "crisis" occur. (http://news.bostonherald.com/politics/view.bg?articleid=62564)

It takes no imagination to understand that with such legislation in place, all the Jews have to do is have is create a domestic "crises" as a cover for their American based "Sayanim" or even "Mistaravim" agents to restrict the movement of various congressmen and they will immediately and totally hold the reins of American power. At that point you can bet the Zionist will move very quickly to implement full totalitarian, martial control over America. However I believe that such a plan is probably at most a contingency plan. What the Jews would prefer to do is continue to use America to destroy the various Middle East countries that surround Israel. This will require attacks in the near future on Iran and Syria as well as Egypt and Saudi Arabia as time is running out for the Jews. All the signs are in place that the Jewish Zionists are rapidly moving beyond their need for an "America" as Euro-American whites knew it, no doubt there are major changes looming in our future and none of these changes will benefit anyone outside the Jewish Zionist sphere of power.


Arch Stanton

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