Book Review: Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace

Reviewed by VNN Staff

4 May 2005

[Edited by Harry Elmer Barnes, The Caxton Printers, Ltd., Caldwell, Idaho, 1953]

Admittedly, this book doesn't explicitly "name-the-Jew" - which is one of the reasons that it is ideal reading for your Uncle Dave. It paints World War II as a horror orchestrated largely by Franklin D. Roosevelt, but without offering up so-called 'anti-Semitic canards' that might cause him to put the book aside after perusing only 10 pages.

But make no mistake: Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace -- which was written by eight different authors including Barnes himself -- pulls no punches in either describing the needlessness of WWII or assigning blame for it, primarily to FDR. For example, in Perpetual War... the reader learns that not only did Roosevelt do his best to goad Japan into attacking America, but he was instrumental in ensuring that Britain didn't make a peaceful deal with Germany over Poland but instead had a showdown with Hitler over that country. That showdown, of course, led directly to WWII. Ironically, in Perpetual War... it appears that British leader Chamberlain didn't want to go to war over Poland, but Roosevelt insisted that Chamberlain play tough-guy with the Fuehrer, or else, as a consequence, Britain couldn't thereafter count on aid from America (see quotes below). In other words, Roosevelt more or less threatened England into becoming involved in WWII. What a guy, that FDR - crippled, a Marxist, and downright immoral, too!

Further concerning The Hobbled One, a sickening fact that emerges from the pages of Perpetual War... is that, while Roosevelt was telling America that he was doing everything he could to keep Americans out of foreign wars, he was, at the same time, secretly planning war with both Germany and Japan! (And yet Roosevelt's image still appears on a U.S. coin, which says many things about America, none of them good).

Some quotes from P.W.F.P.P.:

"While European statesmen were fumbling for some formula that would guarantee the peace of Europe, Mayor LaGuardia was doing his best to embitter German-American relations." - p. 137 (Note: Former New York City mayor Fiorello LaGuardia had a Jewish mother.)

"In the United States the press continued its unceasing attack upon the Nazi way of life and at times there were, in many parts of the country, strong evidences of contempt that were not overlooked by German officials. At certain amusement parks caricatures of Hitler were used at archery stands and in certain cities the Fuehrer was depicted on toilet paper and on other articles of toilet use." - on pre-war attitudes about Germany, p. 144

"'Chamberlain, he says, stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war.'" - p. 169, quoting James Forrestal's "Forrestal Diaries."

"After a lengthy and minute ransacking it transpired that nowhere in these papers was there to be found any evidence of any German plans to attack the United States. Quite to the contrary, the embarrassing fact developed from the secret papers that for many months prior to Pearl Harbor Chancellor Hitler was doing all that he could to avoid conflict with the United States!" - concerning seized German documents which were examined by the allies; p. 191-192. So much for Germany being a threat to America as FDR routinely claimed.

"On July 19, 1940, Chancellor Hitler appealed to Great Britain to make peace. His offer was serious, and competent observers believed that Britain would have been tempted to accept it, had it not been for Mr. Roosevelt's opposition." - p. 212. A powerful quote indeed - why would FDR object to peace between England and Germany? Guess, or rather guessberg and consider-it-witz.

"With the wretchedly weak British Army then in existence this obligation could not possibly be implemented and the treaty was merely a tragic farce." - on the British guarantee to protect Poland from a German attack, p. 164. So Britain made a guarantee that it couldn't even enforce - is that a Briddish thing?

If you have a "conservative" friend or relative who still believes that WWII "had to happen" or that Roosevelt was merely a reluctant actor in war against Germany and Japan, Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace is the book for him. Written in a clear, no-nonsense style, this book should be more popular than it seems to already be. In fact, due to its rather low price[1], White Nationalists might want to consider buying the book in bulk orders and distributing it with other books with the aim of turning "conservatives" into WNs, since this book will, by default, make the conservative much more sympathetic towards the Third Reich. Granted, it may not be possible to completely rehabilitate Hitler, but this book will surely help, and what's more, it's simply a good read for times when you're not up to socializing with your friends. It also makes a great reference book with which to counter Jewish/liberal claims about WWII.

Barnes' Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace deserves widespread recognition and a place on every nationalist's bookshelf.



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