Faileoconservatism: Failure Posing As Success

by VNN Staff

14 March 2005

For five decades they uttered and pointed, they gurgled and gesticulated, they gasped and pantomimed. And they looked pretty good doing it. Folks in Iowa were impressed. With those fellows guarding America's traditional culture against the "liberals," all was well - or so some folks thought.

It's just too bad that those utterers and pointers -- known as paleonconservatives, aka faileoconservatives -- never got around to performing the most important task of modern cultural preservation: they never fingered the Jew as America's prime enemy.

And that's why VNN had to be created. VNN went to bat for the Whites of America because the faileoconservatives didn't kike-name - they were sitting over in the dugout instead, filing their nails, giggling and whispering about shadowy people doing shadowy things for reasons that they Couldn't Talk About in public. The faileocons knew they looked cute in their pigtails and knee-socks, they couldn't risk bespoiling their finery in anti-kike recreation. It was better to let the 'Nazis' handle the action - nevermind that the Nazis had no significant voice in America.

Yes, during all those years after WWII, instead of hive-naming, the faileocons did something else. They reported on a far safer substitute for the Jews: "liberals." The faileogals rattled about the "liberals" who were destroying Western culture, the "liberals" who were smoking marijuana and stumping for Marxism, the "liberals" who were pushing ugly art. Or, the faileosisters whined that "leftists" were supporting the UN and feminism and gun control. "Leftists" were destroying traditional family values. Yep, "liberals" and "leftists" were evil on two feet. Not the Jews. Nope. Never - unless the Jews were cleverly called "Likudniks," but even that word could be a career-ender, so it was used sparingly.

And now that the faileocons' girly-girl inaction has sunk America knee-deep in Leninism, feminism, multiculturalism and endless other kikeisms, and now that the faileocons know it, they still won't name the Jew! How can these slough-offs be called anything but faileocons? But maybe it doesn't matter now, because their jig is about up. Almost everyone can see now that their I-don't-see-any-schnozzim act has nearly shit-canned the republic.

The faileocon leaders could have passed out copies of The International Jew at church gatherings and bingo halls. And the faileocon writers could have gently hive-named in, say, 1957, before America's publishing world was Goldberged and Weinsteined. But they had better things to do - like criticize JFK for the Bay of Pigs. That was much more important, don't you know.

Even if they do fly the Johnny Reb on the 4th of July, the faileocons ain't heroes in any way, shape or form. On their decades-long watch, America was kiked, bageled, bar-mitzvahed and matzo-balled. Put another way, the faileogals were workin' upstairs while yidburglars were workin' downstairs. And when they finally called the police, the faileocons deliberately gave the cops a false description of the crooks! How does that make the faileocons heroes? All the faleocons can do these days is gesture towards the neo-Nazis and the Klan as the culprits who failed the U.S.-of-A. while they work up a better alibi (after all, neo-Nazis weren't exactly a force in the literary world during the 1950s, and someone just might notice that).

The faileoconservatives shirked their duty when America needed them most. And no amount of Johnny Rebin' and Sam Francisin' is gonna change that fact. The Tribe needs to be named with forthrightness and gusto. Code words like "amen corner" won't win America back. Only the word "Jew," used repeatedly until it sticks, will save America from Marxism, feminism and third-worldness.

If you want to take your culture back from Hymie, forget the faileosisters and their toy poodles. Follow VNN instead.


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