Michael Chertoff and Homeland Security

by VNN Staff

February 2005

Michael Chertoff has been confirmed by a Senate committee as America's new Department of Homeland Security chief. He replaces Tom Ridge in that ultrapowerful position.

VNN questions whether, before it conformed him, the committee even briefly considered these important facts: a) Chertoff is racially Jewish; b) the Jews, as a people, have a centuries-old reputation for being, among other things, less than trustworthy.

To highlight what we mean about Jews and trustworthiness, here is a collection of information about the shifty, squirrelly nature of God's Chosen People:

-- Of the American spies who were convicted of -- or at least suspected of -- spying for the Soviet Union from the 1940s onward, the majority were Jewish. Indeed, the largest spy ring ever discovered in the U.S was run by a Jew named Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, who was investigated by the federal government beginning in 1945. Silvermaster's group was filled with Jews, including the notorious Harry Dexter White. Another Jew, Victor Perlo, headed a spy ring that was more or less a 'sister' of the Silvermaster group, called the Perlo spy ring. The majority of the people in the latter group were Jewish as well.

-- In Egypt in 1954, Jews were caught trying to frame Arabs for acts of terrorism. The matter received worldwide press coverage and led to the resignation of Israel's minister of defense, Pinhas Lavon. (Makes you wonder about Sept. 11, 2001, doesn't it?)

-- Jews routinely lie about their domination of American culture. For example, when actor Marlon Brando complained that the Jews dominate Hollywood, they denied it and demanded that Brando apologize. Vhat chutzpah!

-- Jews regularly kvetch-up amazing whoppers about the Holocaust - among the most famous being that the Nazis made soap from Jewish corpses.

-- Many respected historians have questioned the honesty and/or loyalty of the Jewish people. For example, British author C. Northcote Parkinson wrote that the Jews have historically been "enemy agents" in the Western countries. Even Winston Churchill, a philo-Semite, referred to the "schemes" of the "international Jews" in his famous 1920 newspaper article.[1]

-- Scores of great men, ranging from Arthur Schopenhauer to Henry Ford, Sr., have maintained that the Jews have a cheating, dishonest nature.

-- Jews are often referred to in Western literature as being likelier to commit fraud or theft than gentiles.[2]

-- A U.S. Navy admiral who was also on the Joint Chiefs of Staff once complained that Israel spied on the American military so often that he stopped writing sensitive information on paper.

-- In late 1995, a U.S. Defense Department office circulated a memo warning that Israeli spies might try to steal secrets from U.S. defense-contracting companies through America's Jewish community. But the memo was later withdrawn -- of course -- after the usual hysterical complaints and cries of wounded innocence. Also, a report from the U.S. Army School of Advanced Military Studies, issued Sept. 10, 2001 - one day before the terrorist attacks upon America -- warned of possible Israeli false-flag operations against the U.S. (i.e., Israel committing acts of terror under Arab cover). (That also makes you wonder about Sept. 11, 2001, doesn't it?)

-- Jewish organizations have been vigorously trying to get convicted Jewish, American spy Jonathan Pollard released from prison. The fact that Pollard's spying did significant damage to the security of the United States doesn't matter to the Jews, and in fact Pollard is celebrated in Israel.

Michael Chertoff is also the son of a rabbi, meaning that he is likely to feel his Jewishness more deeply than genetically paranoid, xenophobic Jews usually do.[4]

And Chertoff, while he was the Assistant U.S. Attorney General, may have personally urged the criminal investigations into the actions of three White Nationalists David Duke, Matt Hale, and Chester Doles, resulting in charges that were either trivial or questionable.[5] Many nationalists believe that Chertoff, because he is Jewish, elected to pursue the men simply because they were "White racists" who threatened American Jewry.

Furthermore, if Congress passes a second, or amended, USA PATRIOT Act within the next four years, Chertoff might then have the power to declare White Nationalist and militia groups to be "domestic terrorist" organizations, since it has been suggested by some that a future USA PATRIOT act may very well contain a legal provision that could allow a ban on WN and similar groups. (If such a legal provision sounds impossible, just recall the passage of the first, quasi-legal USA PATRIOT Act, an event which would have been inconceivable to the majority of Americans just 20 years ago).

In summary, the Jews have a long and documented history of dishonesty and disloyalty. And America is still a gentile country. Given those two facts, we wonder how it is in America's best interests to have a Jewish Homeland Security chief - the son of a rabbi, no less.


1. East and West by historian C. Northcote Parkinson. New York, Mentor Books, 1965, page 104. Parkinson also notes in that book that Marxism was "derived ultimately from Judaism." Re: Winston Churchill, see his article "Zionism versus Bolshevism," Illustrated Sunday Herald, Feb. 8, 1920.

2. "The insurance companies scan a Jewish fire risk more closely than any other. Credit men say the Jewish merchant is often 'slippery' and will 'fail' in order to get rid of his debts." -- from the article "The East European Hebrews" by E. A. Ross, in the book The Old World In the New, Chapter 7. New York, 1914.

3. See the news article "Defense Memo Warned of Israeli Spying/'Ethnic Ties' Charge Draws ADL Rebuke," in The Washington Post, January 30, 1996.

4. About Chertoff: http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/biography/Chertoff.html

5. Chertoff, as Assistant Attorney General in the Criminal Division, no doubt had the ability to influence a variety of law-enforcement entities if he so desired, including possibly the various Joint Terrorism Task Forces, of which there were 66 located throughout America in 2002. It is widely believed that Chertoff was instrumental in the investigation/imprisonment of David Duke, Matt Hale, and Chester Doles. He was also a key author of the USA PATRIOT Act.

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