On the 60th Anniversary of the Auschwitz Liberation

by VNN Staff

30 January 2005

Most of you are aware that major world leaders just commemorated the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

There was apparently high drama at the commemoration as non-Jewish politicos wept and apologized again and again over all the 'innocent' Jews who died at Auschwitz.[1][2] Because of that, we enclose this link [the first link shown below] to an essay about the Nazi-run concentration camps of the WWII era.

The Jews - many of them at least - know that the people who died in the Nazi-run concentration camps died from either disease or lack of food, or, as we have said before, via some shootings and hangings, too.[3] But there was no systematic plan by the Nazis to exterminate Jews. As we have noted before, the "extermination" canisters found by the allies at the camps prove nothing. That type of material [i.e., pellets or disks that were used to create HCN, or cyanide, gas] was used all over Germany long before WWII. The Germans used that material to fumigate lice - vermin that often carried a disease called typhus.

And, how ironic that Auschwitz was liberated not by the 'democratic' Americans but by the totalitarian Soviets - who had already slaughtered 15 million people by 1945. That's like a rape victim being rescued by Ted Bundy. Yes, we know that your sandal-wearing history teacher never mentioned any of that above. Neither did ours.

We wonder if the Jewish race is ever going to apologize to the world for its blatant lying about the Holocaust during the past 60 years. And furthermore, we wonder if the Jews will ever repay the billions of dollars that they have scammed from innocent gentiles by means of their Holocaust lies.

Here on the liberation of the camps, facts vs. lies:


More on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz here:



[1] Jews made up only about half of the Auschwitz camp population.

[2] Most of the Jews in Europe during the WWII era were either 1) communists; 2) leftists; 3) sympathetic to the Soviet Union; 4) and/or working in some way to aid the Soviets via money, media, political activism, or some other means. In other words, Jews were serious security risks to Germany and were imprisoned by the Nazis due for that reason, just as Americans of Japanese descent were considered security risks in America and were imprisoned in America during WWII.

[3] A very interesting page about deaths at Auschwitz: http://www.tbrnews.org/Archives/a002.htm . Note that many people were transferred out of Auschwitz. Were "gassings" actually being carried out, the Nazis would not have allowed anyone to leave, lest he warn others, e.g. the Red Cross.

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