The Queer Agenda Faces a Rougher Course

by VNN Staff

11 January 2005

The Jews and their leftist waterboys are gloating over their social successes in America. After all, they have convinced a sizeable number of the public that Blacks are just as smart as Whites, that the U.S. was intended to be a democracy, that women are equal to men, and so forth. So why shouldn't they be pleased - a tiny minority's changing of so many White minds is cause for rejoicing, no? Oy vey.

But those gloaters will have far less success in convincing Americans that homosexuality is 'normal.' Sure, they will manage to trick some hapless citizens into believing that the anus is an entrance and not just an exit. But pro-homosexual activists have not truly considered the fact that hostility to queers runs very deep. In their chutzpah, they do not realize that American animosity towards homosexuality is a) nearly inborn; b) ultra-common, and c) difficult to obliterate.[1]

The rise of homeschooling in the U.S. coincides with the increased pushing of pro-homosexual ideas in public schools. Citizens are strongly reacting to the queer agenda. Books like Heather Has Two Mommies are key reasons why Joe Religious-Guy took his kids out of public school.[2][3]

But even secular Americans have an almost genetic aversion to pillow-biters. Most people simply view homosexuality as being against nature. After all, queers can't naturally produce children with their partners. And they often have unnatural habits as well, whether those habits include anal fisting, multiple sex partners, or just the obsessive desire to tell the public that they are homosexuals.

Only a small number of Americans will ever accept homosexuality as a normal lifestyle. Therefore, the queer agenda will eventually backfire in a couple of important ways. It will cause more people to take their kids out of public schools and begin homeschooling - which will benefit the WN movement, by the way. It will cause more social and political rifts between citizens. It will cause more people to feel alienated against popular culture and to rebel against that culture's increasingly-P.C. messages. When that happens, the queer advocates will push harder. And after that the anti-queer public will react again, and so on. A combative cycle will result, with each phase of the cycle building up more hostility on each side. It will be a long war that the queer lobby will never win. The lobby may win small battles in that war, but it won't win the war itself.

America's pro-homosexual movement faces much rougher waters than other leftist movements did. The public's natural, deep-seated animosity to queers will earn that movement more enemies than sympathizers in the long run. Once again, the Jews and their footmen are overreaching.

[1] Jews prominent in the pro-homosexual movement:

[2] homosexual topics in public schools:

[3] "Heather Has Two Mommies," by Jewish author Lesla Newman, is now found in public school curriculum:


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