Better Neighborhoods Through Racial Diversity

by VNN Staff

1 January 2005

Hector: Hey, American gringos. My name is Hector. And this is one of my beetches, Cecilia, and her 17 kids. Cecilia doesn't speak English.

Cecilia and kids: Hola!*

Hector: Anyway, I want to talk to you about our new home, which is right next to yours.

Cecilia and kids: Hola!

Hector: Me an' my beetches couldn't live near you under normal circumstances. After all, your White neighborhood is nice, clean and safe - meaning that it's too expensive for us Mexicans to live in usually. But now, thanks to U.S. government housing programs -- such as Section 8[1] -- we live on your street! One of those programs is helping us pay for a nice house. Just think: me an' my beetches can bother you with funny-sounding music at 2:00 A.M. And we can invite all of our homies from the 'hood to come over and hang out with us at odd hours -- at least, the homies who aren't in prison. I'll bet you like seeing lowriders filled with Mexicans cruising down your nice, White street, eh? Don't worry, you'll get used to it, gringos. And if you complain about us living near you, that will be called 'racism' by most of your White friends. Pretty funny, huh? Especially since your White tax dollars will be allowing all of that to happen in the first place. Ha, ha.

Cecilia and kids: Ha, ha. Hola!

Racial diversity: it makes your White neighborhood better.


*Hola! = "hello" in Spanish

[1] Section 8 housing program mentioned here:


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