Atheism and Christianity

by The Shadow

3 August 2005

Listen up. I'm tired of the stupidity. And I know thousands of other visitors to VNN have to feel the same way.

If a White Nationalist wants to believe that the world just showed up one day like the Mexican homeowner down the street, well, God bless him. A person shouldn't have to be intelligent to be a White nationalist.

The problem occurs when the same White Nationalist makes a public display of his foolishness by attacking the religion of 150 million other White people, who happen not to believe that the world just showed up one day or that it always existed, for that matter. It's like telling your neighbors that if it hadn't been for them, the block would be lily-white. You need those neighbors now more than ever. And we need those 150 million other White people, most of whom happen to be Christian, now more than ever.

Is organized Christianity opposed to the survival of the White man? Of course it is. But the vast majority of our brothers and sisters haven't figured this out yet. And calling them names, like xtians, certainly isn't going to convince them of it.

You don't have to be Christian to believe tha tthe world in all its amazing complexity was created instead of just happening or always being here. And you don't have to be a Jew to believe it either. Or a goddam Muslim. You don't have to have any religion at all to have a little common sense.

The way to convince White Christians that their religion is, unfortunately, their enemy is to give them the facts. Just inform them when, where, and how American cardinals are bringing more and more Mexicans into the country. Continue to give them the stories of the death and destruction wrought by the savage Africans imported into the country by the Lutheran Church. Detail for them how the Pat Robertsons and the Cal Thomases and the rest of them all play ball with the Jews. Expose Christianity, for Christ's sake. Don't attack her. And don't confuse being an atheist with not being a Christian.


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