by The Shadow

22 May 2005

An Israeli Jew has bought The Plaza in New York City -- the Western world's most noted hotel with the possible exception of the Waldorf-Astoria. He's now turning it into a condominium. Why? For the usual Jewish reason. He can make more money selling condos than he can renting hotel rooms.

Mary Matalin is going to publish "conservative" authors for Simon & Schuster. Has anyone ever seen Mary Matalin and Pat Buchanan in the same place at the same time?

"You fockers will never be Messerschmitts!", German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer addressing the Knesset in 1949.

Fundamentals are extremely important. Besides the Jews, America's major problem is arguably a total lack of awareness of fundamentals. Unfortunately, fundamentalists aren't nearly bright enough to identify fundamentals.

Augustus Sutter is right. A married man's first obligation is to his family. Now, some men see this obligation as best discharged by firing cannons from the ramparts. Other men believe their role is to keep the wolf from the door.

I recently heard Mark Levin on the radio giving 'what for' to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for treating the Constitution as a 'living document.' He said everything you could say about Ginsburg except that she is another Jew and that her being a Jew is at the root of her treasonous behavior on the bench. Michael Savage even went so far as to call her behavior treasonous but, like Levin, omitted the fact that she is treasonous because she is Jewish. Name the Jew, lads.

I'm afraid that white people won't take the VNNer up on his idea of buying farms as a group projects until the lifeboats are full, but the idea is still a great one. No doubt we would all become rich fast if we only had the guts and the foresight to take this man's advice. Nevertheless, this is exactly the kind of idea we need to kick around on the Forum.

That was a nice radio call to Jay Severin by another VNNer a couple of months back. Jay's reaction was a surprise, all right. I have to say that our caller won in two ways: Severin's candid response and them cutting him off at the end. They fear us, for sure.

When W first ran for president, I saw a picture of his father sitting in a bathtub with all the kids when they were toddlers. That's the kind of behavior I might have expected from a Puerto Rican.

Can anyone seriously imagine Black Africans cheering for Dr. Livingstone in a boxing match with Jack Johnson in Nijiji the way White Americans cheered for Joe Louis with Max Schmelling in New York City?


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