The Good Tiger

by The Shadow

22 May 2005

A television documentary on a tiger trainer was of particular interest to me some years back in that program focused largely on one particular tiger. It seems that although the trainer worked with as many as a dozen of the brawny beasts, he would allow only one of them to jump over his head. The others could climb onto barrels, leap through hoops, run into tunnels, and so forth, but could never go where they would be in a position to pounce on their trainer.

The sole tiger that the trainer trusted to soar up above him was a female that was about to be retired at the time the documentary was filmed. The television viewer could already see the effects of age on the big pussy's hindquarters.

Whenever an Internet viewer comes upon a White Nationalist website, what he typically encounters are two primary messages emanating from the site. The first message is that Jews and other nonwhites are dangerous to White people. The second message is that every nonwhite is dangerous to White people.

The website is sure to offer humongous evidence that Jews and other nonwhites are dangerous to people like the viewer. But while he is absorbing this testimony, his memory bank remains replete with recollections of nonwhites who did right by him. Also, while the viewer is trying to make sense of the overwhelming documentation right before his eyes, elsewhere there is equally overwhelming propaganda from the Jewish media and their Christian fellow-travelers claiming that White people have no right to defend their own race. The viewer processes all this input for a period of time and then, as often as not, decides that he cannot accept White Nationalism.

Now, we White Nationalists cannot eliminate the Jewish and pseudo-Christian propaganda with which the American public is inundated. We also cannot remove from their memory banks the recollections of some nonwhites having been kind to them. But there is something we can do. We can try to bear in mind the story of the good tiger.

Only a fool would claim that, on the basis of one tiger out of 12 being counted on not to rip its trainer's head off his shoulders at the first opportunity, we should allow tigers to walk among us. There are such fools, though. Many of us are familiar, I dare say, with another television documentary in which Buddhist priests are shown caring for orphaned tigers in a sanctuary in Asia, and walking with the tigers not only among themselves but even among local villagers and their livestock.

We have such fools here in America, also. They believe that even though Black people are responsible for the vast majority of assaults on White people, the fact that some of these Blacks are Jehovah's Witnesses means that we must continue to allow Blacks are Jehovah's Witnesses means that we must continue to allow Blacks to walk among us. Most of these White fools, of course, are not so balmy as to live in Black neighborhoods. And, I would imagine, those munificent Buddhist priests don't sleep with their carnivores, either.

The American Revolution, I'm told, never would have been fought (at least at that time) were it not for the convincing drivel of a no-good by the name of Tom Paine. But even after the War was underway, those on the side of independence from England did not believe, and certainly had no reason to believe, that their opposition was composed of the scum of the Earth. These colonists recognized that those who wished to remain English subjects were otherwise like themselves, often members of their own families.

We White Nationalists have much more to fight for than the American colonists did. They were ticked off about a six-percent tax. Six percent! Most modern Americans pay that much to their states just in income tax, never mind income tax to the Feds, sales taxes, estate taxes, telephone taxes, hotel taxes, ad nauseam. Thus, we Americans today would have much more to fight for even if there weren't a Jew or a Black in our country.

But there are Jews and Blacks in our country. And Mexicans. And Arabs. And Indians. And a whole host of others, all of whom are a direct threat to our very survival as White people, not to mention America's economic survival.

Nevertheless, there are good Jews and good Blacks and good Mexicans, just as there are good tigers. To deny this fact is, I submit, to harm our cause.

When contriubting to White Nationalist sites, are we not sometimes the reciprocal of the Buddhist priests? While those men apparently see all tigers as fundamentally lamb-like, do we not make the mistake of seeing all nonwhites as fundamentally tiger-like?

It seems to me that such an attitude on our part betrays doubt to as to the rightness of our cause. Are we so unsure of our position that, like the United States government during World War II, we have to portray everyone on the other side as the devil?

Were it not for the power of the Jews, that same World War II anti-German propaganda would have backfired on our government. I recently heard that over 70 percent of us wanted nothing to do with fighting Germany, even after the War was underway. So, Americans clearly questioned the all-Germans-are-savage nonsense of the American Jew.

Even if every Negro and Jew were a bloody saint and every White man a nasty bastard, we White Nationalists would still have a justifiable cause, the same way the American Indian had a justifiable cause vis-a-vis the White man. In other words, any race in peril is not only justified in fighting for its survival but is even obligated to do so, no matter what their own character or the character of their would-be oppressor is.

But most Jews and Negroes are not saints, and most Whites are civilized. And to admit even the small cadre of humanized Jews to remain in America would be like allowing a cadre of nonaggressive tigers to walk the streets. Everything might be fine for a while, given that the Jews had a ready supply of food. But what would happen when they started to produce little Jews? There would be no guarantee that these offspring would also be humanized. In fact, you could bet the farm that many of them wouldn't be.

Yet, let us not forget that even the arrogant Jew has a memorial somewhere to "righteous Gentiles." Surely, we White people don't want to be more arrogant than Jews, or even as arrogant -- assuming, as they do, that virtually everybody other than ourselves is garbage unless he proves otherwise. And we just as surely don't want to appear as arrogant, especially to those White people who otherwise might be willing to join us.


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