Operation Congressmen

by The Shadow

8 May 2005

As of 2005, there are four possible outcomes for the White race. In order of probability, from the most probable to the least probable, they are:

1. Extermination through intermarriage and the failure to reproduce;
2. Survival through Balkanization of the United States;
3. Survival through revolution here and in Europe;
4. Survival through Congressional legislation.

The aforementioned possible outcomes for our peoples are listed not only in their order of probability but also in their order of undesirability. In other words, for us to survive via congressional legislation (and the signature of the president!) is, by far, the most desirable outcome but also the least probably, in my opinion.

The reason why this best possible outcome is the least likely has to do with the White mentality. White people are like zebras on the Serengeti -- strong enough and numerous enough to wipe out their predator but lacking the plan, the cohesion, and the courage to make it happen.

Truth be told, we White people have far less to lose against the fockers than do the zebras against the lions. The zebras would lose a number of animals, but we wouldn't have to lose anyone if we were to take the same action. The paradox is that we White people will wind up losers nevertheless.

My own mentality being what it is, namely, that I would try to push a string, humor me, if you will, by reading how we White people could, through Congressional legislation, survive the push to exterminate us. What I have to say on the subject may be as easy to laugh at as Raymond is, and no one has to even turn on the TV.

Recently I listed here a program of potential White Nationalist laws toward this very end, namely, racial salvation through Congressional legislation. At this point in time, however, little or none of my suggested program would be proposed in the House of Representatives, except perhaps by Ron Paul. And none of it would ever see the inside of the Senate. Yet, any of it would advance the cause of our survival, tentative as much of what I wrote might have appeared to the reader at first blush.

Let's just say that Ron Paul did bring one of those 99 planks to the floor of the House. Or Alex Linder, for that matter. Or Glenn Miller. What then?

For the answer to this question, one need only Google Ron Paul. Whatever Dr. Paul proposes on the floor of the House of Representatives -- and the amount is considerable -- goes from there to "committee." I don't know, but I somehow doubt, that any of it ever comes back out again. Such is the way a "democracy" works.

Prior to listing my 99 planks, I also outlined here what I see as the only strategy for the survival of the White race. To recapitulate, this strategy is a two-pronged one, the first part of which is intended to inform, agitate, and encourage the White American population by means of Operation Mock Attack. The reason for this first part of the strategy is that the White race simply cannot survive -- short of revolution or Balkanization -- without an emotion-driven metamorphosis of the psyches of the White man and the White woman. With out republican form of government, such a metamorphosis is our only hope for survival through legislation.

Once this metamorphosis has taken place -- because of Operation Mock Attack, because of The Aryan Alternative, because of the National Alliance's leaflets and billboards, becaues of the reality of a White Nationalist political party, or, hopefully, all of the above -- the people will make their will known to the Congress. Only then will the necessary legislation ever make it back out of committee. Only then will our best -- and currently least likely -- outcome prevail to stand in the way of our extermination through intermarriage and the failure to reproduce.

All this brings us now to the second prong of this two-pronged strategy, namely, softening up The System so that the will of the people is that much more likely to impose itself upon the will of the politicians.

We all know that there are many aspects to The System. Beyond politics, there is the military, there is education, there is the media, there is the church, there is entertainment, and there is the legal system -- to name only some of the more prominent areas to which we must begin to address our efforts. But politics is key, and getting Alex and Glenn elected will only be the beginning of the softening up of the political system.

If neither of these two men had decided to run for Congress, Operation Congressmen would have had to take place regardless -- unless, of course, you prefer attacking police stations, camping out wtih Humphrey Bogart and Walter Houston, or bouncing mulatto grandchildren on your knee as you realize that the jeans you're wearing are of more comfort to you than the genes they're carrying.

It cannot be said too often that what is key -- among their many other attributes -- to the survival of the Jewish people is their skill with words, not to mention their incredible and unbearable inclination to use them. Indeed, it seems to me that one reason we Whites never match the Jews' use of words is that from listening to them ad nauseam, many of us have, as our defense, turned against verbosity. We're like the combat veteran who jumps whenever he hears an automobile backfire. We shy away from wordiness.

Alas, we must overcome this phobia of ours if we're not to spend our old age jumping in the night at the cry of the panther out there in the Sierra Madres. If we're not to spend our old age as Poppy White and Mammy White. If we're not to spend our old age behind bolted doors and beneath empty tables. Yes, we have to start talking in the case of Operation Mock Attack and writing in the case of Operation Congressmen.

Ever since the Jew arrived on these shores, he's been bitching and complaining to those in charge. Why do you think he's where he is today? It's not just his money, it's not just his crooked dealings, and it's not just his determination; it's largely his big mouth and his even bigger pen.

It is not a waste of your precious time to call your Congressman, to write letters to your Congressman, to send e-mails to your Congressman, especially to your goyim Congressman. You think you hate Jews? He really hates them. You might work for a White man or work for yourself. But every last goy Congressman works for the Jew. He'll be glad to hear from a constituent who isn't one of them. Just be sure to do it by the book.

Show your Congressman that you're conscious. They assume, I assume, that every White person who isn't of below average intelligence (which is megamillions of us) is nevertheless comatose. And why shouldn't they? When was the last time you did anything to make your Congressman think otherwise?

Let me tell you, my friend, you can rant about halting immigration for 25 years, about repealing the Civil Rights Act, about bringing all the Jews to a Nuremberg near you. But unless you start letting your Congressman know that you aren't out cold in front of the telly with an empty bottle in your hand, you'll be stuck in committee to the day you die or until John Houston returns to give you a screen test, whichever comes first.


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