Let's Learn from them Colored People

by The Shadow

16 April 2005

In the past I've said that we have to learn from the Jews. In other words, we have to fight fire with fire. We've got to mock Jews the way they mock us. We've got to write letters of complaint the way Jews write letters of complaint. We've got to always think of ourselves as White the way Jews always think of themselves as Jewish.

Well, you know what? I now think we have something to learn from the Africans, as well. Let me tell you a little story that I hope will make my point.

Not so long ago, I was taking a train ride from Peoria to Milwaukee. Now, this route goes through Chicago. In fact, there's a brief layover in Chicago while they pick up a number of big-city fares and change train crews.

Anyhow, after I get on in Peoria (where they don't sell tickets at the station), the nice colored man comes by to collect my ticket, which, of course, I don't have. But I do have a $100 bill. He doesn't have change for a hundred, so he tells me he'll be back later. Meanwhile, he sticks one of those little stubs (color-coded for Milwaukee) in that metal band that runs along the cars underneath the luggage racks.

After a while, I find the right side of the car too sunny for my taste, so I grab the little stub and go to a seat across the aisle and a few rows toward the rear. When my man passes by again about ten minutes later, I, like a good White boy, give him a wave to let him know I'm over here now. After all, I wouldn't want to be thought of as trying to cheat Mr. Railroad out of his fare. My African friend politely acknowledges me, but I never lay eyes on him again.

When the train pulls into Chicago, I'm expecting a train-crew change, so I'm not surprised when a White "lady" conductor strolls by. What does surprise me is that she ignores me. Well, since I'm not entirely stupid, I ignore her, too. After all, I had twice offered to pay.

Now, this Caucasian conductor has to walk past me a couple of more times before I finally get it. Her African predecessor had made no effort at all to get change of a hundred from one of his colleagues. He knew he was getting off the train in Chicago, so, shit man, what's the big deal. He also knew enough not to leave it to the next crew to collect my fare, which would have made it look like he couldn't do his job. So, obviously, (duh!) the color-coded stub meant I had paid my fare to Milwaukee.

A White conductor, in my experience, never would've been alert/aware enough to pull this caper off, just like I wasn't alert/aware enough to spot it. First, he would've made a face at me for offering him a $100 bill. Next, he would have bugged his coworkers for the change he needed. Failing that, he would've alerted the head of the next crew to be sure to collect my fare.

This colored guy, though, figured what the hell. Not collecting a fare certainly wouldn't hurt Amtrak (the train was going that way, anyhow). And even if it did hurt Amtrak, screw it. Besides, why make it look to his White co-workers like he went to work that morning without enough money in his pocket to make change.

I'm beginning to tihnk that we should take a hint from the jew movies about us having tight asses compared to the nigras. You know, those movies with Gene Wilder, the bright-eyed Jewboy. White people do, in fact, have tight asses compared to the nigra. And this means we're not as alert/aware as they are.

This characteristic of ours is a major reason those young White people in Europe are getting slapped in the face. When they see Africans approaching them, they should take defensive measures, such as getting the hell out of there, which is what an African would do if he saw a group of Whites approaching him.

Jews and negroes both function on two levels of awareness: the task level and the environment level. In addition to attending to the task at hand, they always know who they are and where they're at. We (not all of us, Tonto) function primarily on the task level. That's what the Jew TV ads are mocking us over when the cool African monkey shows the dopey White guy what's really going on (in the AOL commercial). And this is why White people at home don't even see that they're being mocked in these ads: in our minds, TV commercials are made in order to sell products, not to mock the people watching them.

The African is, in fact, cooler than we are. We better start getting this, and we better start teaching our kids to get it.


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