TV Review: The Office


11 April 2005

Big news! The ultimate antiWhite TV show is here. Yes, this program is almost unbelievable. If there is a White man alive who watches this monstrosity and doesn't 'get it,' then our race probably deserves the annihilation we're presently enduring.

The setting for the show is the branch office of a wholesale paper company located, I believe, somewhere in Pennsylvania. The central figure -- antihero? -- is the late-30s White man who is 'in charge of' the place.

Now, this medium-height, nicely built fellow is absolutely Caucasian, except for one prominent feature, namely, his very prominent nose. This schnoz of his isn't really big and it's definitely not hooked -- it's just way out there. The message I get from looking at the dude's profile, which we see regularly, is that it's not just the obnoxious Jew who has a nose preceding him. It's even a quintessential White guy -- and quintessentially obnoxious White guy, at that -- who also has a huge honker.

The problem that the Jew TV people have with this guy, though, is that he is pure caricature. You have to be a moron (like half of America, unfortunately) to take this would-be sitcom even halfway seriously.

What makes it really difficult for even a White-hating Hmong to watch is that there's no laughter coming out of your set, canned or otherwise. The Office seems to me to be a new genre, as the gew likes to put it. It's almost like one of those reality shows. It's not a set with a crowd of select imbeciles sitting there in the front.

The audience here is the people who work under this so-called manager. So, whenever he does something obnoxious, which is about every 15 seconds, no one is laughing. In fact, his outraged subordinates are clearly so outraged that even the homicidal Hmong watching at home wouldn't dare laugh.

The Jew who dreamt up this stinker had All in the Family in mind -- perhaps the first genu-ine-ly antiWhite television program. The problem is that this show doesn't have a star of race-traitor Caroll O'Connor's ability; there's no Edith, either; there's no audience laughing; and there's absolutely nothing funny going on.

Instead of an Edith, The Office has the perfect White girl of 50 years ago. [I mean, the cleverness of the Jew is sometimes preternatural.] This girl is clearly well built but always dressed modestly. She's very pretty but wears no makeup. And her hair is almost annoyingly undone. She clearly just rolls out of bed in the morning and drags her tired ass into work, where she's employed as the receptionist.

The only thing that isn't 1950s about this 19-year-old sweetie is that she's living with her fiance. Hey, we're dealing with Jews here. You didn't expect a morality play, did you?

The fiance is an angry-looking, body-shop White guy. When he drops by at 5:00 to pick up his little 'partner,' he orders her around even more coarsely than the office manager does. The sympathetic White viewer is intended to see her like she's a concubine in a North African pasha's cage. [Jew man, you so slick.]

Aside from a clean-cut young White guy who's clearly in love with Miss Postwar America, the rest of the office staff is a motley crew led off by a White male who's as obnoxious as the boss.

The show even encourages assaults on White men -- like we don't have enough of them already. In the second episode, the Gurka girl who works in the office hauls off and slaps the obnoxious manager. Very realistically, too, except that that side of his face doesn't redden.

Bad as all this crap is, it's really great for us, in my opinion. One reason I know it's great is that nobody's writing about it in th newspapers the next day. I predict the show is going to die more quickly than Terri or the pope.

So, exactly how is the show great for us, you might ask. It's great because we should urge all our dopey White friends and relatives to watch it before it goes off the air. When they ask what's so good about it, simply say, "You've got to see it. It's just an office, but it's like no office you've ever worked in, or even walked into. Absolutely hysterical." Then, if they do watch it and don't 'get it,' 1,000 years of talking up racialism to them wouldn't make a damn bit of difference.


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