Mocking & Miscellany

by The Shadow

11 April 2005

[Following is "The Shadow Collection" for April 11, including a brief article, miscellany, and a response-to-response re Jesus.]

A Little Mocking Goes a Long Way

On the morning of St. Patrick's Day, I tuned into an oldies radio station only to hear a brain-dead Jew "interviewing" two other Jews about Israel. [Interviewing is jewish for propagandizing.] He allowed that although some Americans were being killed or seriously injured in "the Middle East," the Iraq War is a war for freedom blah blah blah. I describe this guy as brain-dead because not only did he have a voice fit only for newspapers, but he-also-spoke-like-this.

After I finished breakfast, I got the phone number of the station off the Internet and gave them a call. A sweet-sounding 'shiksa' picked up and said, "Good morning, KJEW." To which I answered, "I-love-your-program. [Even by this point I could hear her stifling a giggle.] I-love-Israel-very-much. I-would-die-for-Israel. Thank-you." To which she replied, "Thank you," with a lilt in her voice, and we both hung up.

Not only did I please myself, but I gave this girl a good laugh to start off her day slaving for the hebala-jebalas. Better yet, that night she told her parents or her boyfriend or her husband (maybe all three) about the call. And they could be counted on to tell a few more people the next day.

We can do the most damage when we have a little fun doing it. Our having fun hurts the enemy and helps us to do more damage the next time an occasion arises. Just sitting at a computer and hating the enemy doesn't hurt him, but it does hurt us. Hate no good, Kemo Sabe.

Enjoy, already.


Yes, naming the Jews at UCLA Law School certainly turned out to be a monster hit. When the Jews feel obliged to write about it, we win. (And they think they're so smart.)...

Mr. Rumsfeld. Please call your office. Even your wife has no idea where you've gone off to....

All Jews sing the same tune -- and without having to be told! The day after the congressional baseball hearing, I heard a Jew radio M.D. picking on Mark McGwire. Audrey Hepburn, why can't a Christian be like a Jew?...

Perhaps our English brothers could fill us in on that Simon fellow who drowned in the tsunami. He was the photographer on vacation with the gorgeous model from Eastern Europe. Just wondering.

When those Jews send those emails, you just know you're reaching them. Keep those cards and letters coming, boys and girls...

Am I the only one who still remembers Y2K? Am I the only one who still remembers that picture of Clinton's Cabinet? I do know I wasn't the only "wing nut" who expected the sky to fall on January 1, 2000, but I also know that if I had gotten even a gander at the White guy Clinton had assigned to fix the problem, my worries would've been over. What ever happened to that unmasked (White) man?...
It was quite a few years ago that I saw a newspaper ad warning Jews not only of Tay-Sachs disease but of four or five other inherited Jewish illnesses as well. I never saw the ad again....

You gotta love those National Alliance billboards....

Jewish joke. Heard on the radio: "I ate at a real Mexican restaurant last night. You couldn't drink the water."...

Speaking of jokes, they tell us that UFOs are big joke, while, at the same time, they spend millions listening for radio signals from outer space. Is there something I'm missing?...

Hear! Hear! to "Africans." They hate that term worse than "niggers." It's like the Jews with "Jews."...

Could it be that we're all living in Oz? That there's an old White guy behind a curtain somewhere pulling all the strings? That Chertoff and Rice and Wolfowitz are just make-believe characters?

Africans (except for the rich ballplayers) marry ugly White women. And Jews marry beautiful White women. Are we going to settle for Mr. In-Between?...

Response to Linder's Response

We look at these things you mention from completely different standpoints. You see a human family created by a loving God. I see no evidence of god. I've never truly understood what people mean when they use that term. I think it's something they picked up from others without pausing to bother about meaning or proof. Whether or not a god exists and whether or not God is loving are, I submit, two different questions. The first is philosophical, the second theological.

There is no proof of a god, but there is evidence. However, we don't even have to go there. Either the 'world' always existed or it was created by a non-physical being. Since my wiring leaves me unable to accept the concept of a world that always existed, I'm left with no option but to accept the existence of a creator.

In any case, I start not with the Grand but the humble: evidence. Races of men are essentially subspecies. They struggle for space and resources. They always have. All parts of nature do. Agreed on all counts.

Science makes two claims. As far as I know, both are true, at least I've never seen them refuted. These claims are: 1) 99% of all species that ever existed are extinct; 2) subspecies cannot occupy the same area at the same time. Agreed.

The conception that God is a Divine Daddy who wants all his happy chilluns to get along is a fiction. I would say that this point is arguable. But I also believe that the notion of morality between groups is a false one, and I've often thought about it. (Let's see if I can be clearer about this.)

Theoretically, if, for the last 5,000 years (let's say), people all across the world just stayed where they had grown up and lived as best they could (which most people, if left alone by the greedy bastards among them, would have done), our various sub-species would have gotten along.

The theoretical problem occurs when an English ship with exiles aboard and a Portugese ship with exiles aboard land on different sides of a deserted island and each claim it for themselves. When they fight it out, no morality is involved, since each has a worthy claim to the island.

It's a fairy tale for whites concocted by their biological enemy. That's the ultimate irony. Christianity itself was set up by jews as the reverse of their own racist particularlism. Even as we are closed to you, you shall be open to us -- and our predation.

Well, on the face of it, it sure looks that way. But the fact is that Jews today and for the past 2,000 years hate Christ like he had raped their sister and cleaned out their bank account. OK. Just cleaned out their bank account.

The recent form of this foolishness is the belief that "red, brown, black, white, they are all precious in His sight."

Recent it is. Christian theology does not claim anywhere that humans are all God's children [perhaps I should have mentioned this point earlier], contrary to what most Christians today seem to believe. Without baptism, humans are only God's property, which is the way Jews have traditionally looked at themselevs. Jews do not subscribe to the notion of God as Father.

As for your claim that blacks are wiping themselves out with AIDS.

Not really sure I claimed this. I believe it was more a hope.

A final point is that from a rhetorical standpoint, some things simply can't be beat; equal in God's eyes is one of them. You can explain all you want, but no one will believe you. It's an impregnable fortress, just like Jefferson's "all men are equal." You are correct, that it doesn't stand against racism -- neither did Jeffeson -- but from a rhetorical point it might as well. The bottom line is that you say we're the brothas' keeper, but I say no, we're no the brothers' zookeeper.

I believe I said the opposite, or at least I wanted to.

Biology is real. God is an opinion. Biology says you shove or you get trampled. I'm shoving. I want all the niggers and jews who uncaged them out of my space. Count me in.


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