by The Shadow

25 March 2005

" Alliance member wasted his time committing such a childish prank [placing a help-wanted advertisement for a prison guard on a White Nationalist website]." So wrote the National Alliance in a recent NA story.

What I was pleased to see is that the National Alliance differentiates beteween childish pranks and adult pranks. What I was not so keen about was the negative attitude toward pranking in general that was conveyed by the story.

There are, indeed, two kinds of pranks. A childish prank would be calling up Ellen Lipschitz and asking her how it tastes. There would be no gain here but only an unhappy woman with increased hostility toward White people.

The adult prank is a different story. Melrose Larry Green used adult pranks to get Howard Stern publicity that the wealthy Stern couldn't buy. Stuttering John Melendez did the same thing for Howard, with even better results. Today, Stern could buy and sell every person active in the White Nationalist movement, and only his accountant would know for sure.

Pranking is a familiar vehicle for changing a system. The schoolboy pranks the headmaster. The headmaster doesn't prank the schoolboy.

But, you might reply, no schoolboy's prank every changed a school. Well, I wouldn't bet on that. What I would be willing to bet on is that if a number of boys in school were to prank the headmaster (even childishly), the headmaster would be gone. And once the press got hold of the story, the school would no longer be the same institution. It might not close its doors, but it's character would change to such an extent that it might just as well have.

Spontaneous, sporadic pranking is precisely what will change The System under which you and I suffer. Agreed, pranking to change this system should not be childish. Childish pranking will waste our time and makes enemies from us. Adult pranking, on the other hand, will awaken, inform, delight, energize, and perhaps most important, unnerve.

It doesn't make a hill of beans that the fockers know what we're up to. The citizens of Tyre knew what Alexander was up to, but that didn't mean that they could stop him, even though Tyre was protected by half a mile of sea.

Besides, what alternatives do we have? A $1 billion donation from a Great White Hope? And what would his donation buy us, anyhow, except a few politicians until the money ran out. Or maybe the Denny's chain of restaurants where we'd only serve White people.

I say, let the fockers know we're coming. There's nothing they can do about it, even if they keep passing more restrictive laws. After all, we're only making phone calls and writing letters -- helping the economy. We ain't saying nothing against nobody, at least in our calls to Talk Radio.

Our operatives may sometimes sound 'silly.' And they may even sound 'stupid' at times. But since when is silly or stupid behavior anti-American, or even un-American?

The fockers can go so far as to control the mail. But would this mean that I couldn't write a letter to my Congressindividual commending her for her splendid attendance record? Would this mean I couldn't send a letter to the president of my milk distributor requesting a picture of Jesus on the cartons during the "holidays" so as to calm people in these turbulent times? Would this mean I couldn't send an Easter card to Sumner Redstone and his young White wife?

Hey, the fockers might even restrict the Internet. But we could still meet in chat rooms, public and private, despite the government's chat monitors. We could ask directions and make comments on blogs, mail lists, and message boards. And, of course, we could continue to make our calls and send our letters. The only thing that can stop us, when you think about it, is focking inertia.


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