In Response to the Review of "Passion"

by The Shadow

25 March 2005

Mr. Linder:

Unfortunately, the complete Jesus doesn't come across in this movie, as the movie is limited in scope. It treats only his arrest, prosecution, and punishment. And so I can see why he might come across as feminine.

It's been my impression that there was, in fact, nothing womanly about Christ, contrary to all the (Jew) movies made about him, including this one, and the interpretation of his life by those who came after him. The record shows that he was a rock-hard individual. Let's just look at that record for a moment, please:

- started a major organization from scratch (and with no scratch, at that)
- attracted a variety of followers, from fishermen to physicians
- always lived simply
- worked for the benefit of others
- never cheated anyone
- named the jew
- never went off message
- could see right through people
- had great energy
- was easily pissed off but quick to regain serenity
- dreamed the impossible dream
- gave hope to the hopeless, and, like John Wesley Hardin
- wouldn't run.

I realize it's almost impossible to believe that such a man could have come out of the Jews. Maybe that's the real reason they say his birth was miraculous;-)

I'd like to switch gears now and address the main complaint of your review: the movie left out the reasons why Christ received such horrendous treatment from the Jews. The reasons for his severe punishment are contained in an examination of his ministry and were not, as far as I myself recall, mentioned during his prosecution, real or filmed.

As we here know, Jews are notorious for prosecuting people for reasons unrelated to the reason they are being punished. Ernst Zundel, for example, was prosecuted in Canada for being a threat to national security. Bobby Fischer is being prosecuted by American Jews on the same trumped-up charge. So it was for Jesus Christ.

The real reasons that the Jews went after Christ with such viciousness were:

1. He was a major threat to their power. On Palm Sunday, the people followed him right into Jerusalem and down Main Street. The final straw!

2. He was always challenging the authority of the big machers. Just for starters, bursting into the Temple with a goddam whip in his hand and beating the crap out of the paying customers had to have given them shit-fits.

3. He was constantly after the Jews about S-E-X. He called them an adulterous generation. We call them sex fiends.

You'll never hear a Christian shepherd mention this last reason for Christ's vicious punishment, or even the first two reasons, for that matter. Ye olde bishops are always blaming our sins for Christ's death. That's as crazy as blaming Ross's oral surgeons for the deaths of Lefkow and his mother-in-law.

The more I think about it, the more I think Mel screwed up. Mary Magdalene certainly did come across to me, as well, as Christ's girlfriend. The Gospels actually report that there were four or five women under the Cross and not just the two Marys in the movie.

We also know that the condemned man only had to pull the top piece of his cross (cross bar) up to Calvary. The huge cross that the actor pulled was clearly made out of papier maché. Goldberg on a steroid IV couldn't have dragged the real McCoy ten yards, especially after a beating from Lou Ferrigno and Gorilla Monsoon. Mel must have watched one too many Highland Games when he was over there in Scotland.

But, as you say, he surely deserves credit for beating off that modern mob of crazed Jews to produce this movie, and then beating them at the box office, too. More power to him.


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